Historic Grants Pass
and Other Southern Oregon Sites

January 2013

Grants Pass is located in Southern Oregon about  60 miles north of the California border. It is a town filled with beauty, history and  scenic attractions.
 Downtown Grants Pass has earned the distinction of a National  Historic District because of its historic buildings and homes.
Downtown is filled with antique and collectible shops, ice cream parlors, and sidewalk espresso stands. Be sure to stroll through downtown and enjoy the beautifully restored historical buildings.

Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley are  famous for the wonderful climate!

The highlight of Grants Pass is  the mighty Rogue River flowing through  town. Riverside Park is located right on the Rogue River and is a wonderful place to picnic and walk along the Rogue. The city is often referred to the "whitewater  rafting capital" of Oregon and over 25 outfitters offer rafting adventures in Grants  Pass and nearby Merlin.
 There are jet boats that leave from Grants Pass and take visitors on a tour through Hellgate Canyon. Be sure to bring your cameras to catch the extensive wildlife on film. In  1968 the Rogue River was designated by Congress as a National Wild and Scenic river. This  means that visitors have access to an unspoiled wilderness world.
Grants Pass abounds with modern campgrounds and RV facilities, many with boat ramps and  riverside campsites. Josephine County has an extensive system of parks, and many of these  are on the Rogue River. As far as overnight accommodations, you will find everything from motels to elegant bed and breakfast inns.
At the end of May in Grants Pass is the world famous Boatnik festival at Riverside Park.  It lasts four days and the main event is a thrilling hydro boat race. Grants Pass is also host to southern Oregon's largest outdoor "Growers Market". In the spring and fall,  Grants Pass is awash in color with the new blooms or the fall turning of the trees,  but anytime of year at all, Grants Pass is an exceptionally beautiful town.

Grants Pass, Oregon: Home of the Oregon Caveman

(1) Caveman Bridge Over Rogue River  (2) "The Tragedy of Cavewoman" --As a child growing up in Grants Pass,
I saw the Oregon Cavemen in many holiday parades. They had a jail float, and would take women from the crowd
and put them inside that cage-contraption. I don't know if the adults thought it was funny, but to a young
girl it was quite scarey. Since the feminist movement, I do hope the cavemen aren't beating up on the women!
Grants Pass Photos Courtesy of Julie Hendricks

                          Grants Pass, Oregon 1910                                                            Grants Pass City Park 1918

                         Grants Pass, Oregon                                                Redwood Hotel, Grants Pass, Oregon

                         Grants Pass on Rogue River 1936                                Rogue River Bridge, Grants Pass, Oregon

                                                                 Jacksonville Gold Miner     Chinese Gold Miner Toy Kee

                              Historic Jacksonville Church                                             Myrtle Creek, Oregon 1950

Oregon Caves 1940   Barbara Guardino, Harriet Smith Guardino,
Patricia Guardino Cummings, John Guardino 2005

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