Sovereigns of Themselves:
A Liberating History of Oregon and Its Coast
Chapter XII
Compiled By M. Constance Guardino III
With Rev. Marilyn A. Riedel
January 2013 Maracon Productions

Historians M. Constance Guardino III and Rev. Marilyn A. Riedel

I offer thanks to my friends, relatives, and ancestors whose strength
of purpose led me to my own. A special thanks to my co-author,
Rev. Marilyn A. Riedel, for her deep love and dedication to me and this
project. Without her tireless effort and selfless interest,
this liberating history of Oregon would never have been written.

Lincoln County Cemeteries

Salmon River Cemetery

Ackerman, Alice (?-?); Bowman, August (?-?); John, Salmon River (?-?) f/o Louis Lawrence Fuller (1866-1958); Johnson, Susan (?-May 6, 1899) m/o Rev Jacob “Jakie” Johnson [see Taft Cemetery]; Kangiser, Theron Q (1921-1921) s/o Mabel; Michelson, Marvin (?-1943 Otis); Maninen, — (?-1913 male) f/o Elsie Maninen Trask; homesteaded Rose Lodge area 1913; committed suicide; Plowman, — (?-? female); Plowman, — (?-? male); Reed, Wm Albert (1925-1926) s/o Carolyn Marske & Tony A Reed of Rose Lodge; Reid, Baby (?-1922); Reid, Carrie Marske (?-1923) w/o Tony; Ruitengar, Geert (c1863-1934 Holland) h/o Dora; Sax, John Jos (1857-1934 Switzerland); Tulane (?-? female); Woody, — (?-? female); Woody, — (?-? twins).

Burton Family Cemetery

Burton, Eliza Frances (1873-1878 diphtheria); Burton, Ernest Orvel (1915-1915) s/o Lucinda Ann & John May; Burton, Jesse Richmond (1893-1944) s/o Lucinda Ann & John May; Burton, John May (1861-1937) s/o Mary Ann & Richmond Cailing; Burton, Lucinda Ann (1868-1902) w/o John May; Burton, Mansel Gilleck (1869-1978 diphtheria); Burton, Mary Ann (1839-1916) w/o Richmond Cailing; Burton, Olive Ellen (1878-1878 diphtheria); Burton, Richmond Cailing (1829-1898); Burton, Sarah Bartheny (1867-1878 diphtheria); Burton, Sarah Evaline (1890-1902) d/o Lucinda Ann & John May; Burton, Thms Melvin (1865-1941) s/o Mary Ann & Richmond Cailing; Burton, Vilena Elizabeth (1871-1878 diphtheria).

Curl Family Cemetery

Curl, Henry (c1900-1924); Curl, Henry (?-1962); Curl, Henry Thms (1858-1930) h/o Agnes; Curl, Kenneth (1912-1931) s/o Agnes & Henry Thms; Curl, Warren, Kenneth Eugene (1955-1955) s/o Henrietta & Eugene; Wilson, Chas (1888-1895) s/o Mary & Edw; Wilson, Edw (?-1893) s/o Mary & Edw.

Curl Indian Cemetery

Baxter, Andrew (?-1911); Baxter, Harry (?-1907 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Baxter, Wm (?-1907 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Bobb, Louisa (?-1901) w/o Peter Bobb; Brady, Marguerite May Curl (c1900-1951) w/o Raymond; Curl, Agnes (?-?) w/o Henry Thms; Curl, Alfred Martin (1848-1901); Curl, Henry (?-?); Curl, Marion (1896-1953) s/o Agnes & Henry Thms; DVT Btry A 346 Field Arty WWI; Thms Henry (c1913-1962); Lay, Morgan Preston (?-1961).

Highland Estates Cemetery

Karen Vandermyn of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, located two stones and recalls more now lost on her property in Highland Estates near Otis on Highway 101: Dickens, Jehu (1824-1908); Oviatt, Baby (1910-1910).

Logan Family Cemetery

Butler, Allen Elmer (c1958-1958); Butler, Edith Lorraine (c1936-1963); Easter, Jack (?-1937); Easter, Ralph (?-1937) killed in car accident; Flores, Eleanor Logan (?-1971) w/o Raul C “Rudy”; sis/o Jas F Logan and Agnes Logan Flaunery; Flores, Raul C “Rudy” (1927-1975 Siletz); Logan, Abram (1852-1939) w/o Louisa; Logan, Augustin (1909-1937); Logan, Baby I (1931-1931) infant of Louise Curl & Jas; Logan, Baby II (?-1932) infant of Jennie Curl & Jas F; Logan, Baby III (?-1938) infant of Jennie Curl & Jas; Logan, Baby IV (?-1943 female); Logan, Baby V (?-1944); Logan, Barbara Jean (1955-1955) d/o Marie Vivette & Elmer; Logan, Elmer Leonard (?-1931) s/o Marie Vivette & Elmer; Logan, Florence Adaline (1923-1924) d/o Gertrude Curl & Jas; Logan, Gertrude Curl (c1900-1930) w/o Jas; Logan, Jack (1900-1930) twin b/o John; Logan, Pvt Jas (1896-1962); Logan, Jas F (c1919-1969 Otis) Pvt OR US Marine Corp WWI; b/o Eleanor Logan Flores; Logan, Jaraldine (1930-1935); Logan, Leonard K (1920-1945) OR 28 Marines, 5 Marine Div WWII; Logan, Louisa Woodman (?-1944); Logan, Louise Curl (1909-1954) 2nd w/o Jas Logan; Logan, Pengra [see Confederated Cemeteries of Siletz] (1865-1899); Logan, Ralph Gus (c1930-1937); Logan, Rose Marie (c1913-c1935); Rolfson, Ralph Clifton (c1949-1957).

Taft Pioneer Cemetery

Abrams, Abraham (1860-1948) f/o Rose Abrams?; Abrams, Anna C (1868-1935) m/o Rose Abrams?; Aho, Matt (1882-1971); Albert, Christie Sue (?-1958); Andersen, Niels (1861-1906) f/o Maurice; drowned; Anderson, A G (1882-1957); Anderson, Einar Mike (1901-1930) s/o Avaar M “Iver” Saarenpaa; Anderson, Eugene (1908-1932); Anderson, Minor Mike (c1901-1930); Anderson, Jas F (1855-1939); Anderson, Laura A (1861-1938); Andrews, Cutler M (1910-1948); Andrews, Warren Hugh (1933-1935); Appling, Frank C (1885-1962); Alinger, Andrew (1876-1918 died Taft); Alinger, Amelia (1859-1940); Alinger, Arvi (1857-1936); Alinger, John (1890-1958); Asper, Geo Washington (1881-1956); Baardsen, Iver Andreas (1858-1936); Baardsen, Wilhemine K (1861-1940); Baldwin, Wm F (1903-1959); Barr, Arthur W (1881-1951); Barrigar, Maude Ellis (1870-1950); Bartow, Benj Franklin (1896-1969); Bartow, Delores M (?-1932); Beers, Henry G (c1906-1960); Beggal, Aate (1920-1926); Beggal, Armos E (c1918-1978 Taft) b/o Oliver Beggal; Pvt US Army WWII; Bishop, Chester Wade (1896-1947); Bolton, John R (1911-1962); Bones, Alice M (1892-1976); Bones, Ammon N I (1894-1963); Bones, Ammon N II (?-1929); Bones, John H (1884-1970); Bones, Julia A (1902-?); Bones, Kenneth M (1921-1929); Bones, Marion Keith II (1927-1928); Bones, Walter (1874-1951); Bounds, Dr John Lane (1869-1942) h/o Bell Williams; Brink, Ada L (1909-?); Brink, Clifford A (1898-1967); Brink, Jas M (1860-1977); Brink, Jonilyn (1961-1968); Brown, John L (1864-1942); Brown, Lulu (1888-1956); Brown, Phineas Murphy (1896-1966); Bush, Christopher Columbus II (1912-1928) s/o Christopher Columbus I; drowned; Butterfield, Roy (1880-1943); Cain, Margaret L Brown (1897-1921); Calkins, Jeremiah (c1975-1975) Infant s/o Michael Calkins; Carter, Elizabeth (1884-1960); Chapman, Darryl D (c1948-c1976); Cheney, Grafton B (1874-1959); Cooper, Lulu E (1881-1956); Cornagey, Gladys G (1896-1964) WI; Crawford, Gertrude R Muir (c1899-1997); Crawford, Rbt A (1888-1951) s/o Rbt (1840-? Ireland)?; Cummings, Louis L (1878-1959); Davy, Roland A (1884-1964); Davy, Susie (1889-1969 England); DeForest, Emma Sylvia Liswig (1908-2000);164 w/o Thurlough; d/o Ida S Tokoi & Jacob W Liswig; Doke, Albert E (1858-1938); Dupee, Cora B (1870-1953); Dupee, Jos (1862-1945); Easter, Edw Lavern (1924-1947) OR AMM 1C US Navy WWII; s/o Alfred & Bessie; Ebberts, Leonard H (1892-1942); Ehlers, LeRoy (1912-1973); Erickson, Abraham (1862-1933); Erickson, Bertha (1862-1933); Erickson, Bertha (1870-1931); Eskola, Matt J (1885-1965); Farrance, Harry Thms (c1872-1936) h/o Sarah D; Finnell, Helen Nelson (1922-1940); Fitzsimmons, Effie May (1885-1975); Fitzsimmons, Walter T (1877-1969); Forrester, Frank (1865-1947); Forrester, Geo (c1881-1951); Forrester, Mary (1872-1948); Frantz, Mary Ellen (c1868-c1940); Frantz, Wm (1876-1936); Fulgium, Mildred E (1915-1965); Gardinier, Irene Doty (?-?); Gardinier, Willie (1883-1908); Gilligan, Dorothy (1909-1975); Glenn, Theo (c1904-1976); Godsey, Frederick A (1911-1976); Godsey, Laura F (1914-1974); Goober, Stella Jagmin (1873-1956); Goodall, John S (1876-1945 England) h/o Hester Ann; Goodman, Geo Washington (1861-1945); Goodman, Marion B (1866-?); Gorton, Chas (1856-1946); Gorton, Wm (1858-1912); Grimm, Susan F (1860-1942); Gunordahl, Ruth Cranston (1892-1961); Haight, Mortimer G (1881-1960); Hannala, Nathan (?-1913 MN); Hannawell, Freeman Ross (1924-1966); Hansen, Matilda Jane (1884-1966); Hanson, Hursine (c1867-1958); Hanson, Chris Martin (c1889-1965); Hanson, John L (1880-1935); Hendrickson, Fred (1895-1962) Canadian Railway Troops CEF; Hespack, Albert (1905-1970); Hespack, Alex (18640-1928); Hibbard, Chas M (1874-1954); Hibbard, Harriet M (1875-1952); Harris, Lillian G (1900-1964); Harris, Ross A (1907-1965); Hawkins, Walter (1875-1945); Hill, Amelia (1876-1960); Hill, Ernest H (1929-1935); Hill, Fred Victor (1902-1917); Hill, Harvey T (1898-1970); Hill, John R (1915-1946); Hill, Thms (1873-1930); Hill, Victor (1873-1934); Hinsley, Roy E I (1905-1965); Hinsley, Roy E II (1926-1961) pfc OR Co C 11 Eng BSM WWII; Hodges, Frank M (1882-1968); Hoeck, Edna Hawkins (1879-1963); Hoffos, Elmer Jos (1911-1964); Hoffos, Ruth Emma (1912-1965); Holland, Faye (1907-1943); Holland, John Ira (1897-1974); Honka, Anton N (1889-1936); Honka, Sylvia Marie (1930-1947); Horner, Carol Corrinne (c1924-1976); Horner, Wesley D (1878-1948); Pvt OR Lt Arty Spanish-American-War (1898-1899); Howes, Floyd F (1915-1964); Huard, Geo R (1886-1964); Hunt, Rbt F (1884-1934); Hurst, Anna (1911-1944); Hutchinson, Sam D (1887-1966); Hyde, Chas Lewis “Charley” (1880-?); Hyde, Nora Elizabeth Warnock (1882-1966 Eddyville); Immonen, Amanda F (1875-1962); Immonen, Andrew (1878-1950); Immonen, Annie (1880-1941); Immonen, Chas (1906-1957); Ingram, Benj Olney (c1875-1945) h/o Lorraine; Jellison, Edwin J (1861-1937) s/o Eliza (1844-? IL) & Edwin M (1838-? PA)?; Jellison, Grace E (1861-1945); John, Steven (?-1923); Johnson, Clinton H (1924-1964); Johnson, Henry (1893-1967); Johnson, John (1866-1940); Johnson, Maria G (1871-1948); Johnson, Orval J (1911-1971) OR Tech 7 Eng US Army WWII; Johnson, Susan? (?-1910) m/o Rev Jacob “Jakie” Johnson; bur J W Bones residence; [see Salmon River Cemetery Rose Lodge]; Jones, — (?-?); Jones, Claire L (1884-1973); Kangas, Edw W (1910-1953) s/o Lizzie Sulkko Kangas Ojalla & Matt?; Kangas, Helga A (1910-1974); Kangas, Matt (1874-1943) 1st h/o Lizzie Sulkko Ojalla?; Kautto, Henry (1872-1947); Kautto, Karin (1870-1953); Kay, Orson Ross (1907-1944); Kellner, Ida J Hill (1900-1916); Kellner, Milo C (1897-1970); Ketola, Gustaf Ivar (1886-1963); Ketola, Mary E (1888-1965); Kimball, Geo F (1888-1975); Kingston, Glen (c1909-1976); Kirkley, Roy (?-1946) h/o Alta; f/o Philip; Kirkpatrick, Nora (1879-1956); Kirkpatrick, Volney Wilson (c1876-1943 Kernville); Kirkpatrick, Willis (1868-1939); Kitchen, Ada LeMay Brink (c1909-1978); Kobel, Thms (1864-1931); Koskela, Anna K (1879-1925); Koskela, Elma N (1922-1922); Koskela, Fred O (1918-1923); Koskela, Henry W Koski (1873-1939); Koski, Elmer W (1903-1946); Koski, John H (1901-1964); Larson, Angeline M (1893-1963); Larson, Barney (1869-1935); Lieberman, Harriet (?-1942); Leth, Rbt Gene (c1935-1943); Lewin, Gertrude E (1886-1959); Lindberg, Hilmer (1887-1963); Linberg, Oliver Howard (1919-1941); Lindberg, Otelia (1893-1976); Liswig, Jacob W (1876-1942); Liswig, Ida S Tokoi (1877-?); m/o Emma Sylvia Liswig DeForest (1908-2000); Logan, Annie (1857-1922); Logan, Thms (?-?); Lucas, Reginald (1882-1969); Luse, Mary Mercier (1866-1932); Lyda, Goldy Bell (1931-1951); Lyda, Harold Jos (1906-1956) Pvt OR Btry A 205 C C (AA); Maguire, Jacqueline Petree (1892-1952); Mann, Frank (1863-1956 bur Dallas); Mann, Nevada (1869-1938); Mann, Ovid (?-?); Marcie, Jos (1888-1964 Yugoslavia); McIver, Katherine (1907-1953); McKinney, Len N (1885-1956); McKinney, Warren W (1925-1948); McLaughlin, John T (1864-1948); Reinman, Greta Sophia (1859-1931); Maenpaa, Arvo J (1905-1924); Maenpaa, Maria (1874-1944); Marple, Frieda C (1879-1937); Marple, John C (1882-1940); Miller, Levitt M (1887-1961); Minsky, Jos C (1887-1975); Mitchell, Lillian K (1872-1960); Morkert, Theo R I (1910-1971); Morris, Siletz (1854-?); Morrison, Englander W (1861-1947); Morrow, Mathieu Ray (1879-1956); Mukkala, Frank W (1879-1965); Nelson, Mae (1894-?); Nelson, Nels (1870-1918); Nelson, Oscar (1894-1957) Cpl Co A 14 Inf WWI; Nelson, Senia (c1893-1978 Finland; lived at Schooner Creek); Nelson, Serapia (1865-1938); Nelson, Wm A (1875-1960); Niemi, Anna M (1881-1942) w/o Matt W?; Niemi, Matt W (1877-1958) h/o Anna M?; Nott, Claude (1882-1975); Nott, Ethel (1896-1965); Nybye, Helen Fritz (?-1976); Ojalla, Lizzie Sulkko Kangas (1882-1969) w/o (1) Matt? Kangas (2) Ojalla; sis/o John Sulkko?; Ormiston, John (1900-1974); Ormiston, Pat (1911-1976); Pace, E Frank (?-1952); Parmele, Clarence S (1881-1913); Parmele, Edgar C (1885-1973); Parmele, Geo S (1853-1930); Parmele, Hoyt F (1878-1919); Parmele, Myrtle M (1880-1958); Parmele, Nannie J Ball (1856-1919); Parmele, Ruby L (1893-1977); Pangrac, Geo H (1916-1950); Pearson, Olaf Albert (1883-1964 Sweden); Pereira, Annie L (1890-1961); Phelps, Jas B (1881-1939); Phillips, Chas (c1876-1943 Cougar Mountain); Phillips, Mattie Foster (1885-1939); Pool, Anna P (1884-1966); Pool, Wm C (1880-?); Prosser, — (?-?); Prosser, David E (1895-1945); Resch, Anton (?-1905); Rodich, Gladys (1903-1968); Rowe, Lilly (1888-1967) w/o Jack; Rowe, S E J “Jack”? (c1890-1970) h/o Lilly?; Rush, Benj A (c1900-1971) h/o Vashti; Rush, Florence (c1888-1962); Russ, Harry A (1878-1962); Russell, Edw (?-?); Russell, Charley (1907-1934); Russell, Faye (1915-1937) d/o Harry & Nellie of Otis; Russell, Nellie C Bartow (1833-1942) w/o Henry V of Otis; d/o C & Horace Loon; Russell, Liz (?-?); Saarenpaa, Avaar M “Iver” (1873-1959) f/o Einar Mike Anderson; Sawyer, Louie Mae (1891-1939); Schmidt, Don Rbt (1918-1965); Scott, Carl F (1907-1976); Seder, Ida (1875-1948); Severson, Philip Alfred II (c1969-1972); Sexton, Wm (1846-1934); Shaffer, Alvah E (1885-1964); Shaffer, Ellen G (1889-1973); Sherman, Mildred A (1905-1961); Slater, Jas G (1910-1934); Smietana, Jack (?-1930) h/o Kacek?; Snider, Francis Fremont (1886-1958); Stance, Lewis Wallace (1925-1952) CA Inf US Army WWII; Starkey, Annie Bell (1871-1956); Starkey, Clarence E (1875-1963); Steele, Maude (1879-1967); Stemple, Minnie (1868-1917); Stone, Rich F (1898-1962); Straight, Blanche N (1893-1969); Strauzer, Jake W (c1828-1908); Sulkko, John (1887-1977) b/o Lillie Sulkko Kangas Ojalla?; Terrell, Frank J (1878-1943); Thomas, Agnes Knobel (1882-1960); Thomas, Jos C (1885-1943); Thomas, Stella (1886-1965); Thomason, Albert W (1930-1951); Thomason, Archibald (1870-1940); Thomason, Frank W (1920-1941); Thomason, Joanna (1871-1959); Thomason, Winford A (1894-1955); Thompson, Rbt O (1875-1963); Thompson, Roger J (1915-1974) Ssgt Army Air Forces; Thorpe, Katie R (1888-1942 TN; died Delake); Tobiaison, Christian T (1889-1968); Tobiaison, Ethel May (1889-1966); Todd, Fred E (1864-1960); Tooley, Esther E (1902-1960) w/o John?; Tooley, John (c1880-1960) h/o Esther E?; Trengove, Ada (1880-1960); Trengove, Chas Thms (1876-1945); Tweedy, Edwin (c1885-1934); Ulrich, Rbt John (1930-1962) Cpt OR US Air Force; Weaver, Carrie (c1880-1963); Westfall, Maude M (1893-1960); Williams, Belle (1877-1961); Williams, Blanche (1893-1967); Williams, Frank M (1885-1962); Willis, Lois E (1895-1944); Willis, Rbt R (1917-1940); Wood, Floyd (1895-1958); Wood, Geo I (c1828-1911) fr Geo II; bur J W Bones residence; Wood, Lawrence R (1920-1968); Woody, Elijah (c1880-1945); Woody, Gra[ce?] (?-?); Woody, Symantha C (1856-1938); Woody, Jas Dempsey (?-1937 TN) s/o Jas R; Young, Harriet (1900-1957); Young, Ross (c1887-1958); Zerman, Catherine Elmira (1904-1962 Lincoln Beach).

Taft Area Burials

Butterfield, John I (?-1913) s/o Jakie of Newport; Pvt Civil War; Deuel, Emma (?-1932 Oceanlake) w/o Arthur C; Dodson, Grace Cook (1889-1917 bur Willamina) d/o Flora H Hayworth & Siegel Frank; Dodson, Ralph (?-1930) shot to death by accident; Haacke, Lydia Belle (c1908-1929 bur Delake) d/o Geo; Horton, Eugene B (c1884-1978) Pvt WWI; Marsh, Avri (c1890-1966); McMullen, Guida (?-1933) drowned at Taft; Nelson, Homer Earl (c1882-1975) author of Delake: Pioneer History of North Lincoln County, Oregon 1951; and Taft: Pioneer History of North Lincoln County, Oregon 1951?; Pearmine, Geo Washington (?-1914 Taft; bur Salem); Phillips, J H (c1865-1943); Rauto, Bertha (c1878-1967); Rummell, Geo E (c1883-1967); Schaffer, Arthur Franklin (1910-1967 Oceanlake) drowned in Salmon River; Scharfe, John (?-1930) shot to death at Taft; Schlier, Jerome J (c1907-1977); Sherman, Geo A (?-1969); Shinor, Lorance (c1866-1908 Poland; bur mouth Siletz River); Silver, Esther (?-1931) killed on Devils Lake beach; w/o J A?; Simonson, John C (c1906-1968); Simpson, Ray (c1878-1967); Spence, Geo H F (c1868-1964); Spence, Geo Washington (c1888-1966); Spiker, Mary Estella (c1889-1965); Stambaugh, Mary Ethel (c1888-1966); Stewart, Loy E (?-? Civil War); Thompson, Rbt O (c1875-1963); Wallers, Edw (1879-1964); Wallace, Margaretta H (c1913-1964); Ware, Nella Newell (1887-1968); Whitehead, Alta (c1902-1968).

Schooner Creek Cemeteries

Hill, — (after 1913) Child of Thms Hill; Parenpaa, — (after 1913) Child of Ira Parenpaa; Parenpaa, — (after 1913) wife of Ira Parenpaa; Robertson, — (after 1913) Child of Chas Robertson bur on the De Forest place; Robertson, — (after 1913) Child of Chas Robertson bur on the De Forest place. There are also Native American burials above the highway at Wecoma near the early Taft store and at D River.

Pacific View Memorial Gardens

Affolter, Clara M (1896-?); Affolter, John (1889-1973); Affolter, Katherine (1896-?); Affolter, Lee F (1893-1970); Affolter, Lora M (1919-1973); Anderson, Edith G (1902-1973); Andersen, Walter H (1919-?); Allen, Betty (1896-1974); Avery, Lottie L (1890-1974); Bagby, Karen (c1961-1978); Ball, Ted M (c1898-1978); Barber, Geneva Francis (1925-1974); Bassett, Geo (1902-1976); Beck, Allen (1911-1977); Benedict, Ezra B (c1889-1977); Benedict, Hattie T (1885-1970); Bogeart, Donnice Elizabeth (1955-1972); Bowman, Iryl D (1903-1977); Bray, Beulah C (1914-1975); Bray, Roy C (1918-?); Burton, Estaline (1913-?); Burton, Fred (1907-1976); Carlson, Otto E (1900-1973); Carmody, Michael J (1940-1975) Pfc US Army; Cheney, Herbert Wm (?-1976); Clevenger, Greta B (1896-?); Clevenger, Herbert C (1897-1972); Cooper, Floyd E (1887-1970) Pfc OR 603rd Eng Bn WWI; Craton, Harold E (1902-1973); Cushing, Anna F (1906-1977); Davis, Chas G (1888-1972) Cpl OR US Army WWI; Davis, Jos W (1904-1969); Davis, Theresa A (1906-1972); Dean, Erma Crawford (1903-1975); Dean, Walter Judson (1906-?); DeBrettville, Edris M (1889-1970); Dill, Clara O (1895-1977); Dill, Coleman O (1895-?); Divilbiss, Harry E (1891-1969); Divilbiss, Malinda A (1911-?); Doty, Stella M (1895-1976); Dugger, Fred B (1897-?); Dugger, Nina P (1894-1974); Durham, Wm L (1901-1977); Ehrenberg, Audrey Zara (1912-1972); Elo, Alvar H (1909-1975); Elwell, Bertha (1897-?); Elwell, Verna (1902-1976); Emery, Frank Gilbert (1904-1973); Englert, Geo (1907-1977); Evans, Cecilia K (1907-1972); Evans, Milford L (1907-1971); Fenske, Adolph E (1900-1976); Fenske, Anna M (1900-?); Ferguson, Ethel C (1900-1974); Ferguson, Jas A (1896-1977); France, Philip L (1906-1971); Fraser, Guy C (1905-1976); Glenn, Blanche (c1907-1972); Glenn, Delbert G (1903-1971); Glenn, Mary Ellen (1906-?); Golly, Loran Jas II (1951-1974); Gorman, Edw Jos (c1890-1976); Grabenhorst, A D (1898-?); Grabenhorst, Letty L (1892-1970); Grahn, David A (1953-1977); Green, Achsa (1908-1975); Green, Merit (1908-1973); Griffith, Arthur L (1903-1976); Gutza, John G (1888-1973); Hageman, Garrett (1900-1977); Hanson, Hazel Hill (c1908-1977) w/o Ernest E Hanson; Hatal, Frank (1902-1974) Cpl US Army; Heater, Jas Donald (1901-1974); Hamel, Albert O (1881-?); Hamel, Annie (1886-1973); Heald, Jos (c1900-1978) Pvt WWI; Heck, Gail Sue (1952-1975); Hibbs, Lorna Mary (1916-?); Hibbs, Wm Dale (1916-1968); Hill, Einar A (1892-1974); Hill, Tyyne M (1906-?); Hickman, Mary (1914-1974); Hoffman, Fred P (1898-1977); Holmes, Jesse “Railroad Man” (1885-1970); Holton, Hilda (1893-1974); Holton, Louis (1888-1971); Hooker, Chas W (1887-1973); Hooker, Veola B (1900-?); Hornback, Ada G (1909-1975); Hornback, Howard H (1910-1976); Howenstine, Bessie (1886-1968); Huggins, Mabel E (1901-1974); Huggins, Wm E (1911-?); Hulse, Herman L (1899-1974); Hulse, Wilma L (1907-?); Hults, Michael Earl (1944-1971); Hussoch, Mary E (c1898-1977); Hydinger, Jessie M (1896-1976); Hyer, Jos A (1919-1974) 1st Lt US Air Force; Inman, Daisy (1882-1977); Jagow, M H “Mike” (1919-1975) Pvt US Army WWII; Jellison, Frank Edw (1902-1971); Johann, Edw F 1898-?); Johann, Ruth M (1897-1974); Johnson, Anna L (1896-?); Johnson, Crystal J (1907-?); Johnson, Floyd L (1894-1973); Johnson, Jas M (1917-1973) OR SI US Navy WWII; Johnson, Jerry (1972-1972); Johnson, Norah Pearl (1897-1973); Johnson, Pfc Orval J (1911-1971); Johnson, Paul R (1935-1972) Pvt OR US Army Korean War (1950-1953); Kenaston, Josephine M (?-?); Kenaston, Rbt G (1909-1977); King, Stephen Kenneth (1919-1974) Tech 5 US Army; Kirtley, Delia Dee (1899-1970); Kirtley, Jas O (1891-1974) Pfc OR Medical Corp WWI; Kivett, Chester W (1896-?); Kivett, Evaline M (1913-1971); Kivett, Rosa Ella (1875-1969); Koski, Chas Orval (1918-1973) OR BM 2 US Navy WWII; Landreth, Maxine B (1915-?); Landreth, Merle C (1905-1977); Lee, Darla Jo (1870-1950); Lenz, Alfred (c1907-1970); Leute, Rbt Allen (1912-1975) Pfc US Marine Corp WWII; Linden, Lennie (1901-?); Linden, Thorwald “Thor” (1900-1968); Mœnpaa, Sarah E (c1907-1978); Mason, Olga (1894-1968); McCoy, Kathleen Reta (1903-?); McCoy, Wade Jack (1904-1974); McDaniel, Kathleen B (c1913-1976); McDougall, Edna (1892-1974); McDougall, Merle (1912-1969); McDougall, Roy L (1891-1972); McKibbins, Estell O (1891-1976); McKibbins, Ivan R (1895-?); McKinney, Omar R (1899-1978); Miller, Delores C (1906-1972); Miller, Jas V (1896-1976); Moller, Yorgen (c1884-1978 Denmark); Mooney, Marie Evelyn (1903-1971); Morton, Chas B (1888-1974); Morton, Frances D (1899-?); Muir, Bessie A (1895-1976); Muir, Wm (1890-1972); Mumpower, Jas E (1969-1970); Munce, Loyd (1905-1974); Munce, Minnie (1898-1976); Nelson, Philip N (1904-1972); O’Brien, Clara M (1890-1973); O’Brien, Patrick B (1891-1969); Olson, Jas B (1915-?); Olson, June C (1919-1978); Olson, Martha M (c1916-1978); Paivanen, Katarina (1900-1976); Paivanen, V Henry (1893-1969); Palmer, Everett I (c1906-1978); Palmer, Rachel M (c1918-1971) died car accident; Paouette, Rich F (1892-1973) Pfc OR US Army WWI; Peters, Geo M (1895-1974); Pickens, Wm E (1922-1970) Cpl OR 216 Base Unit AAF WWII; Piuva, Paul Edw (1904-1975); Plummer, Walter W (1906-1973); Pompel, Aarne (c1909-1978); Prewitt, Clarence M (1919-?); Prewitt, Louise O (1917-1973); Quinlan, Chas J (1890-1969); Quinlan, Lillian E (1902-1976); Reiling, Geo E (1913-1977); Reiling, Lillian (1908-?); Reischman, Laurence (1916-1974) Pfc US Army; Richey, Mary E “Grammy” (1911-1975); Robben, Patricia Lee (1935-1973); Robeson, Harold (1900-1973) Pvt OR US Army WWII; Rodriguez, Abraham L (1903-1974); Roy, Eliezer J (1900-1971); Roy, Ruth M (1908-?); Salo, Senja (1893-1968); Salo, Victor (1883-?); Samuel, Rick Evan (1965-1972); Scott, Louise “Zoe” (1909-1977); Scott, Mildred F “Scotty” (1898-1974); Shumway, Lyle F (1898-1976); Shumway, M Maurine (1902-?); Sires, Valerie M (1953-1976); Skinner, Francis R (1901-1972) Pvt OR US Army WWII; Smith, Emery D (1901-1975) Seaman 2 US Navy; Smith, Ethel (1889-1973); Smith, Jas P (1933-1976); Smith, Josephine (1894-1973); Smith, Lionel Leon (1907-1975); Smith, Lucy Ann (1915-1973); Smith, Rich C “Dick” (1937-1975); Stayer, Ernest W (1923-1971); Steinbock, Jos W (1895-1969) Pvt OR Inf WWI; Steinbock, Marjorie (1904-1970: SST 78 WAC Hospital WWII; Stevens, Doris C (1907-1976); Stevens, Geo E (1908-?); Stille, Clara B (1894-?); Stille, Harry H (1892-1971); Stoltz, Agnew M (1894-1970); Sullivan, Francis E (1908-1972); Sweitz, Randy S (c1958-1978); Thomas, Andrew (?-1973); Vanderzanden, Randy (1963-1977); Van Rhienen, Fred W (c1901-1977); Viegas, Antonio R (1887-1970); Viegas, Golda M (1899-?); Waldrew, John J (1895-1973); Wells, Walter Lee (1912-1974); Whalen, John B (1890-1977); Whalen, Thelma E (1896-1973); Williams, John W (1922-1973) OR MUS 2 US Navy WWII; Williams, Norman E (c1912-1978); Williamson, Grace (1901-1970); Wood, Laura M (1907-?); Wood, Raymond G (1906-1971); Young, Anna H (1886-1975); Young, Archie R (1886-1972); Young, Harold G (1905-1973); Young, Josephine (1902-1974); Zerzan, Frances B (1909-1976); Zingelhofer, Frank P (1911-1978); Zingelhofer, Grete (1917-1967).

Cape Foulweather Cemetery

Cape Foulweather on the Oregon Coast

Briggs, Alice B Saunders (1875-1908); Briggs, Dorothy (1898-1908); Briggs, Jos O (1871-1914);176 Briggs, Lucy Jack (?-1873); Briggs, Thms (1829-1896 England); Cahill, Elizabeth Ann Briggs (1869-1894 OR) d/o Louisa A (1864-? OR) & Thms (1829-1896 England); sis/o Ellen (1866-? OR); Cahill, John T (1855-1915) h/o Elizabeth Ann Briggs; Dundon, Caroline Holtz (1822-1914 OH); Dundon, Wm (1826-1902) IL) h/o Julia?; Lower Farm farmer (c1862); Meggison, Jeff D (1862-1887) s/o Julia & Geo R?; Meggison, Julia (1838-1930) w/o Geo R?; Meggison, Geo R (?-?); Meggison, Wm R (1870-1894 IL) s/o Julia & Geo R?; Wilson, Jane Meggison (1872-1908) d/o Julia & Geo R?

Eureka Cemetery

Newport, Oregon 1947

Abbey, Cerina (1848-1916 Canada) w/o Peter M; Abbey, Edwin J (1865-1937 OH) s/o Cerina & Peter M; Abbey, Martha (1872-1918); Abbey, Morton F (1869-1933 OR) s/o Cerina & Peter M; Abbey, Peter M (1837-1916 OH) h/o Cerina; Abbey, Rena (1871-1873) d/o Cerina & Peter M; drowned; Adams, John Quincy (?-1937) Inf Spanish-American War (1898-1899);  — (?-? female; Allen, Emery Jas (1861-1943); Allen, Frances E (1897-1940); Allen, John D (1882-1974); Allen, Mary Delphinia (1864-1939); Allen, Helen K (1832-1887) w/o B H; Allen, Wm F (1869-1942); Allik, — (?-?); Allphin, W T (1883-1940) h/o Nettie; Anderson, Alex H (1857-1932); Anderson, Alvin A (1901-1930); Anderson, Carl A (1849-1936); Anderson, Emma A (1874-1955); Anderson, Ernest E (1894-1953); Anderson, Hester E Peterson (1904-1928); Anderson, Hillard (1916-1936); Anderson, Lillie A (1885-1959); Anderson, Svend A (1905-?); Anderson, Walter E (1873-1940); Andrew, Ruth (1845-1927); Annon, J S (?-?); Aplet, A S (1871-1939); Aplet, Chas F (1899-1968) Pvt OR Btry C 52 Field Arty WWII; Aplet, Owen E (1901-1950); Aplet, Raleigh E (1869-1969) OR SQ US Navy WWI; Aplet, Verona Eva (1900-1930); Applegate, Rbt J (1914-1952); Ayres, Nora E (1865-1888) d/o Monterey & John; Babcock, Pauline A (1941-1943); Back, Elmer (1906-2000 Sweden) s/o Beda Stronberg and Elmer Kallback; Bailey, Alfred (86 yr); Bain, Almira J (1860-1948); Bain, Seneca W (1854-1922); Bain, Wm (1880-1948); Baird, Edw L (1907-1974); Baird, Frank L (1841-1967); Baird, Ella Hubbard (1860-1940); Baird, David (1858-1929) s/o Chas S Baird (1828-?)?; Baird, Paul H (1887-1952) s/o Chas S Baird (1828-?)?; Babbidge, Stephen R (1831-1896); Baker, — (?-?); Baker, Bertha L (1883-1951); Baker, Celia M (1877-1958); Baker, Chas L (1882-1934); Baker, Jas (1904-1935); Baker, Mary (1864-1913) w/o Noah; Baker, Nettie J (1862-1936); Baker, Noah (1857-1938) h/o Mary; Baker, Ralph W (1887-1956); Baker, Royal F (1845-1929 Civil War); Baker, Wm B (1874-1942); Balderee, Irving D (1898-1954); Baldwin, Calvin N (1880-1936); Baldwin, Mary (1881-1951); Baldwin, Roy Elwood (1905-1951) Pvt OR US Army WWII; Ball, Jas W (1841-1907); Ball, J T (1886-1940); Ball, Nancy (1846-1898); Balzhiser, Wm (1880-1945); Banker, Gilbert T (1883-1964); Banker, Mae L (1889-1950); Bartow, Horace B (1849-1917); Barzee, — (?-?); Bateman, C Sherman (1890-1933); Bateman, Olga L Peterson (1890-1927); Bayn, Geo Luckey (1894-1943); Bayn, Vesta I (1901-1946); Beach, Jas (?-?) Btry B I MI Lt Arty; Beaty, Baby (?-?); Bell, Arthur W (1863-1946); Bell, Louise E (1865-1948); Bennett, Mary A (1867-1951); Bennett, W T (1863-1933); Bensell, Mary Ellen Hall Sturdevant (1846-1931 Cassville, WI) d/o Juliet Cottle (m 1837 Cassville, WI or Belmont, WI; (?-1849) & Chas E Bensell MD (Jul 4, 1800-1875 Germantown, PA); Siletz Agency physician 1869-1872; Bensell, Royal Augustus (1838-1920 Cassville, WI) Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Cpl Civil War; s/o Juliet Cottle & Chas E Bensell MD; Bentley, Baby (?-?); Bentley, Ellen S (1892-1919); Berthelsen, Hans Chris (1886-1956); Berthelsen, Leona L (1885-?); Bickford, Alice (1852-1932); Bickford, B (1845-1932); Bickford, Elizabeth M (1893-?); Bickford, Chas A (1875-1969); Bickford, Wm Henry (1888-1950); Bills, Amos Z (1887-1939); Bills, Rena A (1881-1939); Black, Boswell C (1861-1937); Black, Mary Fritts (1879-1960); Blackman, Everett M (1902-1975); Blackman, Laura A (1908-1962); Blackman, Lester E (1855-1935); Blackman, Lottie D (1870-19533); Blaco, Della (1885-1976); Blaco, Walter (1882-1960); Blanchard, — (?-?); Blanchard, Hunking (1908-1936); Blair, Jas Holmes (1836-1924 IL) h/o Rebecca C Montgomery; stepu/o Ms Franklin Marion Carter MD; Blair, Rebecca C Montgomery (1833-1917 IN) w/o Jas Holmes; Blattner, August (1884-1972); Blattner, Geo (1847-1935); Blattner, Grace (1849-1945); Blattner, Hilda (1892-1939); Bloch, Ernest179 (1880-1959 Geneva, Switzerland); Blood, Harrison D (1893-1955); Blower, Cecil (1883-1970); Blower, Joe I (1876-1918); Blower, Nancy P (1890-1937); Bogert, Clara (1868-1946); Bogert, Eugene (1863-1940); Boland, — (?-?); Bones, Anne (1862-1943); Bones, Josephine (1881-1968); Boone, Albert P (1872-1955); Boone, Dale (1914-1936); Boone, Emma Jane Ferr (1869-1930) d/o Jane Craigie & Thms Ferr; grandd/o Princess Mary Anne & Jas Craigie; Boone, Geo Luther (1910-1941); Boone, Grace L (1882-1961); Boone, Theo G (1854-1884); Boone, Van Daniel (1859-1943); Boone, Victor (1881-1921); Booth, John (1836-1907); Booth, Marion Todd (1841-1914); Borden, Wm (1858-1928); Bobell, Hugh (1860-1935); Bowdre, R M (1932-1935); Bowdre, Lloyd Arthur (1924-1941); Bowdre, Judson (1880-1950); Bower, Esther (1866-1948); Bower, Frank N (1870-1926); Bower, Gertrude (1867-1929); Bower, Thms (1870-1935); Bower, Wm (1862-?); Bowers, Dora E (1862-c1900 North Beaver Creek); Bowers, John M (1847-1936); Boyles, Edw Bid (1881-1960); Boyles, Nina A (1883-1944); Bradbury, Anna (1866-1950); Bradbury, John F (1861-1925); Bradbury, Nellie (1890-1932); Bradshaw, Chas H (1867-1933); Bradway, Edwin (?-?) Co B 26 IA Inf; Brady, Chas A (1862-1956); Brady, Wm S (1860-1933); Bragg, Elsie (1891-?); Bragg, John S (1884-1957); Branch, Ira (1884-1975); Branch, Luther (?-?) Co B 3 MI Cavalry; Branch, Mary Jane (1880-1946); Brandt, — (?-?); Branson, Beauford F (1888-1959); Branson, Fanny (1881-1965); Branson, Ben Franklin (1916-1940); Branson, Jay S (1878-1951); Brassfield, Jessie M (1869-1950); Brassfield, Sam C (1867-1938); Bridges, Elizabeth E (1853-1912); Bridges, Veva Leola (1902-1966); Bridges, Wm A (1845-1909) Co L [or I] 5 KS Cavalry; Bray, Dexter G (?-1930); Broadwell, Silas R (1870-1942); Brooks, — (?-?); Brown, Andrew Jackson (1863-1943); Brown, Cora I (1909-1910); Brown, Eliza E (1872-1945); Brown, Fred C (1897-1970); Brown, Harold McDonald (1895-1931); Brown, Laura Whitford (1866-1942); Brown, Louella A (1897-1916); Brown, Peggy (1910-1916) d/o T O?; Brown, Rbt E (1911-1952); Brown, Theodosia L (1859-1925); Brown, Thms (1849-1915); Brown, Wm (1858-1921); Brownley, Mabel C (1908-1966); Brumbaugh, Barbara (1890-1960); Brumbaugh, Jas F (1888-1942); Bryant, Anna Laura Wright (1880-1965); Bryant, Clarence LeRoy (?-1937); Bryant, Elmer (1906-1972); Bryant, Everett Perrin (1873-1956); Bryant, Isabel Brown (1908-1978); Bryant, Marjorie Anne (1928-1931); Buckner, A (?-?) m/o Lloyd B Bradshaw?; Bump, Walter (1944-1976) Bump’s Garage; s/o Clare E. Gumelius and V L Bump (1900-? OR)? Bunnell, — (?-?); Bunnell, Arthur M (1877-1965); Bunnell, Sarah (1850-1932); Burke, Jessie A (1872-1936); Butch, Leona M (1854-1940); Butch, Martin (1856-1936); Butterfield, Fred M (1872-1960); Butterfield, Len I (1871-1938); Butterfield, Leo V (1904-1969) OR EM USNR WWII; Butterfield, May L (1880-1937); Butterfield, Wm L (1865-1889) s/o E C & S A; Burch, Albert (1871-1945); Burch, Bertha A (1883-1967); Burch, Chas (1888-1926); Burch, Geo Rbt (1868-1942); Burch, Myra Elizabeth (1869-1929); Burgess, Craig J (1950-1957) grands/o R D Burgess, MD?; Burr, Maxine (1933-1948); Burr, Nora B (1903-1971); Burroughs, Catherine (1841-1925); Burrows, Sarah E (1829-1892); Butts, Alvy E (1894-1967); Butts, Anna L (1896-1967); Byerley, Dell (1877-1914); Byerley, Emily F (1849-1927); Byerley, Jefferson H (1840-1918); Byerley, John (1952-1956) twin? b/o Sally; Byerley, LeRoy II (1935-1941) s/o LeRoy (1861-? OR)?; Byerley, Oscar (1862-1888) s/o H & M E; Byerley, Sally (1952-1956) Twin? sis/o John; On March 28, 2006, Bonnie Byerley Ellis wrote:  "On Eureka Pioneer Cemetery website it says last updated in 2006. If so why are my mother's name and my grandmother's name not included in the list i.e. Charlotte Byerley and Clara Wolf both are Byerleys and buried in the Byerley plot along with Martin, Emily and Dell.  Martin and Emily are the parents of Clara, grandparents of Charlotte. Dell is Clara's brother.
Both passed away before the year 2000 yet neither is listed." She further wrote: "I put down the wrong name for Clara's father; his name was Jefferson and he was the marshall or sheriff of Newport  for a while. Martin Byerley bought the plots but is not buried there; he is buried somewhere in the Bend/Redmond area. Caleen, Leslie A (1924-1948); Callister, Asa (1874-1964) sgt OR Co M 2 Regt Inf Spanish American War & WWI; Callister, Henry I (1903-1950); Callister, Sadie R (1882-1966); Cannon, Arthur M I (1877-1958 IL) h/o Olive M Pfiffner; f/o Arthur M II, Stewart C, Julia E, Kessler R, & Mary Louise; Cannon, Augustus (1846-1926 Isle of Man, United Kingdom) h/o Lillian; Co K IA; Cannon, Olive M Pfiffner (1884-1957 MN) w/o Arthur M I; m/o Arthur M II, Stewart C, Julia E, Kessler R & Mary Louise; Cantonwine, Royal S (1857-1933); Carlson, Consta (1878-1955); Carlson, Emilia (1887-1953); Carlson, Levi (1884-1957); Campbell, Don D (1956-1957); Carpenter, E (?-?); Carpenter, Gordon (1932-1961) Pfc OR 590 Eng Utilities Co; Carper, — (1901-1955); Carter, Franklin Marion MD (1843-1937 Civil War) Siletz Reservation physician; Case, Dorothy (1910-1911); Case, Edmund W (1907-1963); Case, Frank R (1930-1931); Case, Mary Craigie (1848-1933 OR) w/o Sam; m/o Nellie L (1869-? OR) & Ida L Case Ingalls (1871-1960); Case, Sam (1831-1904 ME) h/o Mary; f/o Nellie L (1869-? OR) & Ida L Case Ingalls (1871-1960); Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Casper, Nan (1909-1936); Castle, Dorothy Aileen (1923-1936); Castle, Ola Ellen Bryant (1893-1929); Castle, Paula Fay (1944-1944); Chambers, May R (1861-1910); Chambers, Rbt A (1915-?); Chambers, Saml (1857-1939) s/o Lovisa King & Rowland Chambers; Chance, Ida (1865-1913); Chandler, Edna Luella (1878-?); Chandler, Ernest (1873-1952); Chapin, Jas G (1882-1942); Chase, Mable (1892-1958); Chatterton, Chas L (1846-1931); Chatterton, Lloyd P (1892-1915); Chatterton, Olive M (1851-1944); Chatterton, Paul C (1881-1936); Chatterton, Thms G (1895-1971) Pfc OR US Army WWI; Christian, G R? (1914-? SD?) Pvt US Army WWII; Christiansen, Alice Huntsucker (1900-1970); Christiansen, Chris (1868-1953); Christiansen, John A (1912-1942); Christiansen, Mamie (1869-1939); Christensen, Sam (1887-1967); Christiansen, Thms (1892-1960) Pvt OR US Army WWI; Church, Barbara J (1927-1928); Cissler, Mildred (1852-1933); Clark, — (1888-1970); Clark, Bessie E (1897-1932); Clark, Edwin T (1860-1924); Clark, Emily F (1884-1961); Clark, Harry F (1881-1939); Clark, Ire L (?-1930) Pvt OR US Army WWI; Clark, Nora (1881-1940); Clark, Wm (1876-1945); Cleveland, Anna L (1881-1940); Cleveland, Baker (1884-1950); Cleveland, Chas E (1881-1961); Cleveland, Earl E (1907-1925); Cobb, Emily J (1847-1931); Cobb, Emery W (1842-1931); Cobb, Ralph (?-1899) OR Inf Spanish-American War (1898-1899); Cockerell, Edw D (1878-1964); Cockerell, Lucy D (1882-1950); Coleman, Frances E (1895-1955) OR GMI US Navy WWI; Coleman, Marie K (1899-1965); Coleman, Phillip Louis (1869-1927); Collins, John W (1872-1941); Conger, Lynn B (1870-1954); Conklin, Mary Cristel (1901-1975); Connell, Iva Mae Wagner (1861-1938); Cook, Clarence L (1903-1958); Cook, Sam P (1910-1955); Cooper, Mary (1909-1929); Copeland, Clarinda Kisor Chambers (1852-1929 OR) d/o Sarah A (1828-? IN) & Geo Washington (1823-? OH); w/o (1) Chambers; (2) Wm Clarke Copeland; Cornwell, Drew (1886-1920) s/o Carrie B Zevely; Coulthard, Thms (1873-1938); Coville, Enos E (1890-1954); Coxen, Glenda Jean (1947-1947); Craigie, Jas I (1813-1895 Scotland) only Hudson’s Bay Company employee bur Lincoln County; Crain, Eugene Leander (90 yr); Craft, Wm A (1869-1935); Crawford, Jeanette Rae (1956-1956); Crews, Carol Lee (1931-1937); d/o Georgia Prather & AC Crews?; sis/o Gaydon, Lucille, Dorothy, Nelda & Wayne?; Cure, Benj A (1872-1960); Cure, Olive M (?-?); Currier, John M (c1823-1907 Winant, PA) Co E 99th Inf Regt PA Vol Civil War; Curry, Harold H (1925-1955) OR Tech 4 Co B 78 Eng Cbt Bn US Army WWII; Curry, Harvey W (1896-1977); Curry, Jas V (1883-1940); Curry, Mae K (1902-1967); Cushman, Nancy Alice (1875-1970); Dahl, Delbert D (1918-1969) Sgt OR 413 Base Unit AAF WWII; Dahl, Lena (1883-1968); Dahl, Lloyd Oliver (1916-1972) OR EMI US Army WWII; Dahl, Ole (1869-1941); Dahlmer, Christian (1844-1921); Dahlmer, Johanna 91848-1922); Dalton, Gail LaVerne (1915-1935); Darcey, Merrick H (1838-1940); Darneal, — (?-?); Davenport, Ella L (1874-?); Davenport, Geo C (1878-1943); Davenport, Gloria E (1937-1938); Davidson, — (?-?); Davidson, Olive B Boone (1903-1970); Davis, Ebenezer (1864-1942); Davis, Edna (1904-1929); Davis, Jas H (1869-c1946); Davis, Katherine (1864-1950); Davis, Ollie (1885-1937); Day, Emma Blower (1874-1936); Day, Floyd Eldon (1897-1915); Delashmutt, C Elmer (1883-1888); Delashmutt, Mary (1827-1888); Derrick, Ida Leona (1874-1954); Derrick, Zachariah M (1870-1943); De Marce, Ellis (1874-1942); De Marce, Nora (1875-1960); De Vaux, Clement F (1895-1952) OR Sweden US Navy WWI; Dickason, Loretta Lois (1927-1942); Dickerson, F Palmer (1912-1934); Dickinson, Mary Ellen (1852-1925); Dippold, H J (1875-1954); Dixon, Chester O (1886-1942); Dixon, Lawrence Sinclair (?-1931) OR Pharmacist’s Mate C1 NRF US; Dixon, Rbt H (1915-1973); Dodd, Florence M (1903-1903); Dohse, Henry M (1850-1920); Donovan, Charlotte (1905-1958); Donovan, Dennis A (1895-1935); Doty, Jas H (1843-1916) Pvt Co B 1st Regt OR Cavalry Civil War; Dowling, Gertrude (1878-1957); Dowling, Harry A (1901-1918); Dowling, Timothy (1868-1942); Drips, L Jeff (1900-1943); Dudley, Clarence A (1882-1957); Dubrez, Ralph (1873-1945); Dunn, Eva (1876-1936); Dunn, Helen (1891-1968); Dunn, Jay W (1872-1964); Dunn, Wm P (1953-1957); Dye, Alex B (1883-1942) MI Bosn Mate 2 C1 US Navy; Dye, Florence L (1889-1964); Dye, Jas W (1882-1944); Earl, JoAnna Young Parks (1892-1956); Easter, Ellen (1866-1932); Easter, Frank W (1886-1933); Easter, Wm Henry (1861-1953); Easton, Howard (1899-1972); Easton, Louis G (1865-1933); Easton, Olive J (1870-1931); Edinfield, Gladys Violet (1897-1953); Edwards, Hattie H Phelps Coovert (1891-1944) w/o Clarence Edwards?; Edwards, John E (1897-1975) Cpl US Army WWI; Edwards, June R (1881-1956); Edwards, Mildred Lister (1881-1976); Eggert, John (1887-1904); Ehrlich, — (1892-1942); Elder, John (1875-1938 Canada) Spr 1st Batt CEFLPF of Canada; Ellsworth, C R (1838-1922); Elting, Estella G (1874-1946); Elting, Philip (1873-1938);181 Emick, Chas E (1876-1939); Emick, Wm C (1904-1929); Epperson, Hattie M (1885-1952); Erickson, Carl H (1883-1959); Erickson, Elizabeth A (1885-1955); Evans, Dr. John C (1881-1971); Everson, Even (1905-1951); Ewing, Catherine M (1846-1923); Ewing, Chas A (1885-1961); Ewing, Cora A (1893-1940); Ewing, Ernest T (1890-1964); Ewing, Rbt S (1840-1923); Fair, Bert Ray (1921-1938); Fair, Roy C (1881-1937); Fairfield, Kenneth S (1901-1945); Fairfield, Minnie S (1873-1955); Fairfield, Wm (1871-1938); Farrell, Pfc Wm C (1888-1957); Faulknew, Alex A (1896-1975) Cpl US Army; Faulknew, Chas J (1890-1936); Ferguson, Edith M Baird (1869-1976) (1) Paul H Baird?; (2) Arthur Ferguson; Proprietor Depoe Bay Aquarium; Ferguson, John (1830-1915); Ferguson, John C (1886-1970); Ferguson, Lydia B (1891-?); Ferguson, Mary (1846-1923); Ferguson, N E (1884-1950); Ferr, Daisy D (1874-1952); Ferr, Jane Craigie (1850-1936); Ferr, Margaret (?-1950) d/o Jane Craigie & Thms; Ferr, Royal (1887-1924); Ferr, Thms (1839-1917 Italy); Ferrell, Wm C (1888-1957) Pfc OR 12 Co Coast Arty WWI; Finor, — (?-?); Fish, — (?-?); Fish, Cleveland L (1886-1951) Pvt OR 77 Spruce SQ WWI; Fish, Wm L (?-?) Pfc OR Marine Div WWII; grands/o Thms P Fish (1845-? Portugal); Fisher, Geo Washington (1866-1951); Fitzgibbons, John (1919-1928); Fitzpatrick, Sarah Sophia (1886-1912); Flaningam, Wm (1848-1925); Fleming, Alice (1896-1943); Fleming, Mary Coleman (1879-1955); Fleming, Michael (1881-?); Flesher, Wilbur Emmett (1882-1952); Flood, Lydia Jane (1856-1944); Fogarty, Jack Jos (1878-1966); Fogarty, John (1853-1922); Fogarty, Susan Maria (1890-1973); Foote, — (?-?); Ford, Adrian C (1862-1936); Ford, Blanche M (1872-1933); Ford, John Rbt (1895-1942); Ford, Wm P (1868-1945); Forshay, — (?-?); Foss, Jack E (1930-1936); Foss, Lester (1904-1954); Foster, Fred N (1887-1972); Foster, Mabel G (1894-?); Foster, Mayse Merle (1908-1910) grandd/o F M Carter MD; Fowler, Edw J (1873-1953); Fowler, Mary Ellen (1882-1945); Fowler, Walter A (1908-1952); Frame, Beecher (1903-1928); Frame, Vivian (1904-1924); Franklin, Vernon B (1924-1953); Frederick, Hugo (?-?) Cpt Co A 13 IL Cavalry; Frederick, Peter (1863-1938); Freeman, Mary Josephine (1886-1939); French, Della L (1914-1941); Frey, Emil L (1890-1908) s/o Mary Ellen & Lorenz; Frey, Lorenz (1842-1922); Frey, Mary Ellen (1861-1938); Fry, Chas H (1871-1942) b/o Rbt Fry, MD; Fry, Forrest (1903-1959); Fry, Roy A (1896-1943) Pvt ID US Army; Fry, Tina D (1874-1955); Fuller, Thms Tracy (1880-1954); Gain, Russell (1880-1953); Gallagher, Alex (1875-1926); Gallagher, Anne B (1872-1960); Gallagher, Francis (1845-1916); Ganoung, Simeon O (1859-1946); Gardinier, Carl Edwin (1900-1973) cpl OR US Army WWI; Gardinier, Jacqueline (1925-?); Gardinier, Lillie A (1896-?); Gardinier, Sarah M M (c1890-1890) d/o B E & J M; Geil, Russell (1906-1955); Gernandt, Louis (?-1915); Gillette, — (?-?) seaman; Gilmore, Cecile G (1883-1962); Gilmore, Peter G (1877-1929); Glineske, Elmer F (1904-1944); Goin, Martha A Kent (1882-1964); Goin, Mary B (1885-1943); Goin, Rich Palestine (1875-1954); Goodspeed, Luna O (1868-1950); Goodspeed, Matt A (1870-1942); Gorman, J (?-?); Gorman, Louisa Matilda (1854-1898 CA) w/o Thms; Grant, Eugene D (1935-1939); Greason, Isabella B (1911-?); Greason, Kenneth F (1908-1953); Greenbrook, Fred (1844-1921); Greenbrook, Harold J (1886-1932); Greenbrook, Mary L (1855-1939); Gregory, Chas (1887-1940); Gregory, Marshall A (1879-1951); Gregory, Nellie E (1881-1966); Griffin, Baby (?-?); Grigsby, Cheryl June (1955-1956); Grigsby, Coral L (1893-1967); Grishaber, — (?-?); Grishaber, Geo II (1939-1939); Gumelius, Axel (1859-1942); Gumelius, Lillian (1874-1939); Grund, Zilpha (1862-1929); Gustafson, Anton S (1871-1958) OR CBM US Coast Guard WWI; Gustafson, Jennie (1879-1972); Hall, Abraham I (1918-1941); Hall, Abraham II (?-1939) WA US Navy Apprentice 1 C1; Hall, Emily E (1811-1893); Hall, Gertrude L (1893-1939); Hall, H H (1811-1902); Hall, John H (1897-1952); Halleck, Daisy E (1882-1944) d/o Mary Ellen (1840-? IL) & Ezra Y (1830-? NY)?; Halleck, Lillie M (1875-1909) d/o Mary Ellen (1840-? IL) & Ezra Y (1830-? NY)?; Halleck, Taylor (1870-1953) s/o Mary Ellen (1840-? IL) & Ezra Y (1830-? NY)?; Hamlin, Florence (1894-1969); Hamlin, Geo (?-1954); Hammer, Elmer (1883-1943); Harell, David H (1875-1943); Harell, Maude (1876-1965); Harvey, Geo (1864-1951) s/o Hester (1847-? IL) & Geo (1837-? NY)?; Harvey, Martha (1872-1939) d/o Hester (1847-? IL) & Geo (1837-? NY)?; Hayes, Earl W (1906-1941); Hayes, Herbert L (1873-1940); Hayes, Lydia J (1891-1976); Hallowell, Della A (1881-1960); Hallowell, Henry E (1873-1958); Hallowell, Oscar (1919-1939); Hallowell, Suzanne (1956-1956); Halverson, Emil (1878-1967); Halverson, Grace (?-1887); Hamilton, Della Rosette (1889-1944); Hamilton, Wm A (1886-1970); Hammond, Jas G (1873-1944) h/o Della Paine; Spanish-American War (1898-1899); Hammond, Maude F (1865-1935); Hammond, Minnie L (1871-1938); Hammond, Wm Henry (1832-1893 NY) h/o Kitty; f/o Jane, John & Wm II; Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Hammond, Wm T (1858-1949); Hampton, Ira C (1874-1916); Hampton, Olive (1878-1940); Hand, Wm Henry (1854-1912); Hansen, Henry R (1881-1936); Hansen, Theo S (?-1943) Pvt MT 12 Inf 8 Div; Hansen, Woodrow J (1912-1952); Hanson, Oscar (1878-1957); Harding, Anthony J (1850-1927); Harding, David T (1879-1940); Harding, Martha M (1878-1952); Harding, C Walter (1866-1948); Harding, Myrtle M (1878-1951); Harding, Sophia J (1857-1937); Harkleroad, Mary Jane (1835-1925); Harkleroad, Sam (1826-1902); Harlan, Ralph H (?-1934); Harlan, Virgil LeRoy (?-1928) Pvt OR US Marines; Harmon, — (?-?); Harmon, Jack (1894-1964); Harmon, Mae L (1899-1965); Harrington, F E (?-1892); Harrington, Jane (1834-1919); Harris, John A. I (1874-1962); Harris, Louis Donald I (1898-1948); Harris, Louis Donald II (1926-1955) Pfc OR 264 Trans Co 6 Armed Div; Harris, Lydia M (1878-1956); Harrison, Wm Henry (1850-1936); Hart, Grant? (?-?); s/o Ulysses Grant Hart (1869-1925) Co L 5th IL Spanish-American War?; Agatha (1878-1971 Czechoslovakia); Hart, David A (1868-1940); Harvig, Geo (1878-?); Hawkins, Alvin N (?-1938); Hayden, Anne M Pulver (1855-1925); Hayden, Wm B (1850-1935) h/o Anne M Pulver; f/o K H; Hayes, G (?-?); Hayman, Edith Bernice (1911-1932); Hebestreit, Anna M Reaume (1858-1931) sis/o Alexander S Reaume; Hefty, Caroline (1844-1934); Heimsoch, Leonard H (1909-1953); Hendrickson, — (?-?); Hendrickson, Emma (1859-1943); Hendrickson, Isaac (1862-1949); Hiatt, Mary Jane (1862-1941) d/o Sarah (1841-? IN & David M (1843-? IN)?; Higinbothom, Eileen (1918-1950); Higinbothom, Fred (6 yr); Higinbothom, Michael (1 yr); Hindman, Eugene (1895-1964); Hindman, Grace I (1897-1943); Heinen, Effie (1889-1966); Heinen, Wm (1890-1957); Hill, Danl B (1892-1936); Hill, Luella E (1881-1960); Hill, Margaret S (1897-1975); Hill, Otto (1879-1956); Hines, Ethylene L (1906-1975); Hines, Toby E (1876-1945); Hines, Veneta L (1881-1966); Hines, Wm Edgar (?-1922) Seaman 1 C1 OR US Navy; Hoeflien, Edith E (1880-1903) w/o Wm G; Hoeflien,? Miriam? (?-?); Hoffman, — (1934-1934 male) Infant s/o Verna J Anderson & Lemuel L; Hoffman, Edith (?-?); Hoffman, Jessie Julia (1867-1943); Hoffman, Lemuel L (1898-1956 OR) s/o Rosa H Bly & Frederick C; h/o Verna J Anderson; f/o Warren F;183 Hoffman, Rosa H Bly (1866-1945) w/o Frederick C; m/o Lemuel L.; Holcomb, Dorothy (1911-1915); Holland, G L (1838-? WV)?; Holmden, Bernice Helen Maude (1881-1911) d/o Thms & Elizabeth; Holmden, Elizabeth (c1821-1910) m/o Beatrice Helen Maude; w/o Thms; Holmgren, Marion Ellen (1896-1952); Holmes, Nancy Fogarty (1851-1928); Holmgren, Arthur (1890-1944) s/o Christina & Swan A; Pvt WWI; Holmgren, Christina (1858-1938) w/o Swan A; m/o Arthur; Holmgren, Jennie E Hassman (1902-1972); Holmgren, Swan A (1850-1937) f/o Arthur; h/o Christina; Holt, Elmer J (1896-1972) Pvt US Army WWI; Holt, Elvie Elton (1899-1957); Holt, Neva C (1873-1945); Holt, Wm R (1865-1950); Hoover, Marjorie Pruner (1917-1936); Hopper, Glen W (1943-1950); Howell, Greta (1879-1950); Howell, Lewis G (1872-1944); Howry, Chas (1871-1954); Hoyt, — (?-?); Huckabey, — I (?-?); Huckabey, — II (?-?); Huckler, Matt Jas (1897-1953) Cpl OR US Marine Corp WWI & WWII; Hudson, Amanda (1906-1934); Hunt, — I (?-?); Hunt, — II (?-?); Hunt, Christopher (1866-1956) OR Bosn US Coast Guard SQ & WWI; Hunt, Iva (?-?); Hunt, Wm L (1860-1940); Hunter, Catherine (1871-1943); Hunter, Margaret (1876-1937); Hunter, Wm (1868-1935 OR); s/o Mary (1834-? Ireland) & Peter (1831-? Scotland)?; Hurst, Frederick (1950-?); Hutchinson, Thms (1886-1941); Ingalls, Ida L Case (1871-1960) d/o Sam Case; Ingalls, Winfield (1895-1963) Sfc OR US Army WWI; Ingles, B L (1882-1941); Ingles, L Earl (1902-1956); Inman, Clinton (1879-1942); Irvin, Saml G (1854-1922 OR); s/o Julia Anne (1813-? OH) & David (1810-? Ireland); Irwin, Laud H (?-1939) Pvt NB 355 Inf 89 Div; Irwin, Sarah Laudett (1860-1933); Jack, M W Cure (1895-1955); Jackson, Helen L (1851-1919); Jackson, Herbert Wesley (1890-1946); Jackson, John A (1873-1952); Jacobson, John E (1911-1935); Jacobson, Julia Fogarty (1879-1918); Jacobson, Michael E (1907-1943); Jacobson, Oscar F (1864-1935); James, John F (1853-1929); Jameson, Alvord M (1923-1928); Jameson, Effie (1897-1937); Jarvis, Beulah May (1884-1963); Jarvis, Jas H (1871-1949); Jefferson, Myrtle (1903-1953); Jenkins, Baby (?-1907); Jenkins, Maude L (1891-1956); Jenkins, Roscoe (1883-1972); Jensen, Audie I (1884-1944); Jerome, Clarence G (1908-1954) Pvt Co E 125 Armed Eng Bn US Army WWII; Jerome, Rich Boyd (1932-1951) OR SA US Army; Jessup, John (1818-1879 OH); h/o Nancy A (1826-? NC); f/o Wm Henry (1861-? IA) & Libby Bell (1863-? IA); Johansen, Johanna C (1882-1939); Johnson, — I (?-?); Johnson, — II (?-?); Johnson, Audress (1910-1955); Johnson, Henry C (1856-1934); Johnson, Melvin (1880-1939); Johnson, Nancy Blower (1870-1954); Johnson, Raymond F (1928-1934); Jones, Ben R (1909-1953); Jones, Edw B (1867-1934); Jones, Jesse M (1895-?) Sgt US Army; Joseph, Emil (1858-1950); Joseph, Frieda (1854-1933); Kaupwi, — (?-?); Kay, Theo (1912-1933); Kearns, Edna P Miller (1882-1943); Kearns, Frank L (1885-1956); Keefover, Evelyn I (1901-1956); Keefover, Rexford E (1892-1955); Keffer, Fred (1880-1939); Keffer, Harrison E (1877-1953); Keffer, Lillian M (1883-1940); Kelly, H L (1875-1954); Killian, Calvin (1901-1967); Killian, John W (1872-1957); Killian, Minnie E (1880-1943); Kimball, — (?-?); Kimball, Matt A (1956-1956); Kimber, Candice L (1958-1958); King, Elmer W (1918-1939); King, Geo (1844-1916); King, John (1839-1894 Knuresboro, Yorkshire, England) b/o Geo King; u/o Nellie Violet King Updike (1893-1980); King, Rachel Craigie (1859-1954) d/o Mary Anne & Jas; m/o Nellie Violet King Updike; Kenion, Columbus L (1894-1955); Kirkpatrick, — (?-? female I) Mo; Kirkpatrick, — ?-? female II) dau; Kirkpatrick, — (?-? male I) fr; Kirkpatrick, — (?-? male II) sn; Kirkpatrick, J B (?-?); Kistler, Anne (1870-1938); Kisor, Pvt Amos E (1846-1930) Co A 1st Regt OR Vol Inf; Klenke, Edw (1908-1933); Knauf, Ida Ruth (1861-1934); Knauf, Michael (1857-1927); Knudson, Karl (1864-1928); Knudson, Maren (1864-1923); Knudson, Roy (1892-1908); Koehler, Harold J (1915-1936); Koepp, Don (1935-1936); Koogler, Mary Catherine (1870-1956); Koogler, M Noah (1865-1953); Krisich, Jos (1890-1955); Krocker, Cornelius H (1890-1969); Krocker, Mary (1886-1942); Krogstad, Ralph Glenn (1932-1999 ND) s/o Alma Rudland & Martin; Kubler, Christopher (?-?) Co B 41 OH Inf; Kuhlenbeck, Lloyd L (1917-1952); Kyniston, Ivan E M (1880-1939); Kyniston, Lettie A (1878-1964); La Bean, P (?-?); Labit, F S (1842-?); Lacoursiere, John Louis (1849-1926); La Chere, — (?-?); Lambert, Emily (1857-1933); Lampert, Lydia (1854-1941); Lampert, Wakeman (1863-1940); Lander, — (1874-1944); Lander, Ruth M (1887-1973); Landess, Anna M (1846-1892) w/o Geo A; Landess, Maude L (1887-1970); Landess, Wm P (1870-1952); Landreth, Ada P (1859-1903) w/o Geo A (1856-? OR); Laine, Reinhold N (?-1955) Pvt OR 308 Inf 77 Div; Lane, J (1842-1908); Lange, — (?-?); Lapine, — (?-?) Seaman; Larsen, Fanny (1882-1952); Larsen, John B (1888-1957); Larson, Hans L (1855-1924); Larson, Sophia (1860-1941); Lawson, John B (1892-1956) Pvt OR Field Hosp 41 WWI; Leather, Ben D (1867-1941); Leather, Louise J (1870-1972); Lee, Ole Larson (1881-1940); Lehman, — (1873-1945); Leighty, Barney C (1896-1974) Pvt US Army WWI; Lester, June L (1922-1944); Lester, Thms L (1895-1954); Leurs, Melvin Ray (c1931-1934); Lewis, Alpha Rhoades (1907-?); Lewis, Frances H (1907-1951); Lewis, Geo (1871-1956); Lewis, Guy E (1873-1957) Spanish-American War (1898-1899); Lewis, Lloyd (1902-1971) s/o Geo; Lewis, Lloyd M (1926-1942); Lewis, Mary A (1871-1951); Lewis, Stella A (1885-1955); Lex, Wm J (1874-1950); Liggett, Elijah (1827-? AK) h/o Mary Ellen (1831-? MO); f/o Louisa (1851-? OR), Jas (1855-? OR), Wesley (1859-? OR), & Emma (1861-? OR) Seaman; Limbocker, A H (?-?) Co B 44th Inf Regt IL Vol Civil War; Lind, Theo L (1895-1954); Lindbo, Helge (1878-1965); Lindbo, Ingebord (1884-1956); Lindsley, Bert (1879-1959); Lipscomb, Alvy (1882-1949); Lister, John B (1854-1927); Lister, Mary S (1860-1932); Lockrem, L C (1869-1943); Logan, Worth H (?-1940) Pvt IN US Vol Inf; Lollis, Ben (1834-1879) h/o Mary; Lollis, Mary (1833-1895) w/o Ben; Lollis, Mortimer (1864-1914); Longyear, Chas (1927-1949) Pvt OR 1530 Area SVC Unit; Longyear, Melvin C (1922-1949) Pfc CA 201 Station Hosp US Army WWII; Loomis, Clara Leonard (1885-1911); Loomis, Ira E (1874-1891); Loomis, John Louis (1876-1964); Loomis, John P (1832-1901); Loomis, Martha A (1842-1905); Ludahl, Laura W (1916-1972); Lukins, Clara (1894-?); Lukins, Frank (1889-1954); Lytle, Effie (1877-1929); Lytle, Jessie (1909-1929); Mabe, Delbert J (1926-2000); b/o Johnny, Clarence & Chuck; h/o Laberta Gano; MacDuffee, Bessie W (1880-1952); MacDuffee, Rbt J (1879-1960); Mack, Agnes (1876-1951); Mackan, Glen (1893-1950); Maddux, Florence B (1885-1899) d/o E H & L E; Magee, Lillian D (1908-1944); Maley, Monta (1835-1924); Maley, Silas (1832-1922); Mannon, Eva V (1860-1948); Mannon, Jas M (1858-1922); Markley, Frances L (1886-1852); Markley, Harry B (1888-1967); Marsh, T F (1856-1891); Marshall, Wm E (1883-1932); Martin, Baby (?-?); Martin, Bertha Mae (1917-1935); Martin, Edith Grant (1893-1971); Martin, F E (1884-1943); Martin, Don A (1935-1970); Martin, H W (1891-1943); Martin, Lela (1893-?); Martin, Lester (1879-1931); Mason, Verne (1879-1891) s/o J & M; Matson, J Geo (1893-1943); Matteucci, Veda L (1909-1967); Matthews, Anne M (1857-1918); Matthews, John E I (?-1909 England) HRH14 Buckinghamshire Regt Crimea War Service 1854-1855; Matthews, John E II (1853-1935); Matthews, Rbt (1925-1972) I Phm 2 US Navy; Matthews, Wm (1870-1941); Maxwell, Lottie (1897-1966); May, Clara H (1884-1948); May, Geo Washington (1877-1942); McAdams, Jas (1870-1920); McCaffery, Wm P (1874-1886); McCall, — (?-?); McCaskey, Albert M (1855-1934); McCaskey, Mary A (1857-1916); McCaulou, Geo Linden (1873-1939); McCaulou, Alma C (1876-1960); McClaughry, Alex (1854-1919); McClaughry, Isabella Logan (1859-1938) d/o Mary A Barnes Logan & Wm Henry; McClellan, R Dwaine (1924-1924); McClure, Minnie Stuivenga Pollard Payne (1887-1975 Poland) m/o Evelyn Payne Parry; Laverna Payne Holt Bell & Florence Payne Howell; w/o (1) Irvin Ross Payne (2) Pollard (3) McClure; McCormick, Olive O (1886-1969); McCoy, Teresa E (1872-1965); McDermed, Bertha J (1874-1963); McDermed, Isaiah M (1869-1949); McDonald, Alex (1838-1908); McDonald, Bridgett A (1840-1905) w/o Alex; McDonald, Rbt A (?-?) Co C 14 MN Inf Spanish-American War; McDonald, Wm (1873-1956); McDougall, Chas (1901-1960); McDowell, Wilma W (1911-1973); McEwen, Isabella (1881-1967); McEwen, Wm McKenzie (1879-1956); McKevitt, Lennie R R (1892-1972 CA)186 d/o Amanda DeJarnett & Thms J McKevitt; w/o Wm A; m/o Wm J & Rbt A; McKevitt, Wm A (1893-1943) h/o Len RR McKevitt; f/o Wm J & Rbt A; McLaughlin, — (?-?); McLaughlin, Chas (1891-1935); McLaughlin, Geo H (?-?); McLemon, — (?-?); McNeal, Christina C (1876-1942); McNeal, David J (1884-1965); Meadows, — (?-?); Meaker, Edgar (1870-1947) 2nd h/o Lula E Dixon Casteel?; Meaker, Lola E Dixon Casteel (1870-1941) w/o (1) Louis? Casteel of Elk City (2) Edgar Meaker?; Mehl, Emil (1885-1959); Mehl, Herman (1887-1948); Meidell, John R (1898-1945); Meshley, Francis K A (1860-1923); Metcher, Mary Jane (1848-1929); Miles, Minnie B (1868-1933); Miller, Delbert C (1878-1957); Miller, Ida L (1886-1971); Miller, Mary (1849-1942); Miller, Ira A (1843-1925); Millhouse, Reba (1888-1926); Mills, Phoebe A (1846-1928); Mills, Thms T (1838-1926); Mink, Hezekiah M (1867-1947); Mink, Margaret E (1866-1955); Minkler, Roy (?-?); Mitchell, Chas (1832-1922); Mitchell, David Parley (1873-1962); Mitchell, Lucinda (1880-1953); Mitchell, Marlene F (1940-1956); Mitchell, Pamela (1839-1921); Moffit, Anna A (1862-1924); Moffit, Wanda Lee (1937-1938); Montgomery, Anna (1880-1952); Montgomery, Edw E (1877-1955); Moore, Clifford E (1907-1962); Moore, Dean M (1926-1935); Moore, Edw A (1854-1930); Moore, Geo Washington (1849-1920); Moore, John H (1880-1943); Moore, Jno (1855-1939 Civil War); Moore, Lydia T (1887-1953); Morgan, T (?-?); Morris, Edna M (1881-?); Morris, John E (1875-1957); Morris, Orion (1896-1952); Morris, Sarah Tamm (1876-1957); Moraves, Mina A (1882-1887) d/o C A & L; Mort, — (?-?); Moulett, Arlene L (?-1935); Mulkey, Attaberry (1893-1950); Muno, Annette I (1871-1946); Muno, Paul P (1888-1959); Muno, Peter (1864-1937); Murphy, K Aleser (1884-1956); Murray, E (?-?); Murray, Hugh? (?-?); Murray, Minnie Odum (1868-1939); Murray, Nell G (1881-1933); Murty, Billy, (1907-1998 KS);188 Murty, Gertrude B Baird (1891-1967); Murty, Ralph (1894-c1967); Nashif, Anna (1897-1963); Nashif, Geo J (1885-1950); Neal, — (?-?); Neal, Fred M (1878-1955); Neal, Virginia (1881-?); Neal, Patricia Kane (1849-1957); Neal, Wm (1831-1908); Needles, Jesse LeRoy (1879-1948); Needles, Verne A (1905-1938); Nelson, Carl Johann (1866-1954); Nelson, Gilford D (1878-1939); Nelson, Herman M (1897-1974); Nelson, Miles Carl (1898-1965); Nelson, Minnie (1877-1966); Nelson, Neil E (1895-1974); Nelson, Neva (1905-1976); Nelson, W J (1881-1940); Newman, Amelia P (1874-1955); Newman, Wm S (1873-1964); Nice, Capt Henry “Harry” (1837-1921); Nice, Jessie L (1864-1922); Niemeyer, August (1866-1937); Niemeyer, Julia (1866-1935); Nix, — (?-?); Nix, Alice L Denny (1893-1955); Nix, Alma M Denny (1883-1972); Nix, Wm M (1888-1959); Nolin, Clarence E (1883-1958); Norquist, Ida M (1890-1942); Norquist, Lars (1890-1972) Pvt OR Spruce SQ AS WWI; Norton, Alvin Lane (1957-1958); Norton, Clinton E (1889-1939); Norton, Jennie A (1888-1947); Nydigger, — (?-?); Nye, Alice J Kyniston (1886-1958); Nye, Andrew L (1877-1950); Nye, Arloa Nadine (1928-1930); Nye, Baby (?-1917); Nye, Jay (1912-1913); Nye, John J (1832-1911 OH) Co A 1st Inf Regt OR Vol Civil War; Nye, John R (1887-1961); Nye, Lulu M Miller (1869-1957); Nye, Olive J (1849-1936); Nye, Zoa (1872-1960); Nygard, Jack E (1886-1932); O’Brien, Emma (1893-1930); O’Brien, Joe J (1890-1971) Pvt OR US Army WWI; Oden, Louise (1912-1939); Oglesbee, Alma Barber (1883-1978); Oglesbee, Asa L (1881-1965); O’Hara, Alex (1873-1960); O’Hara, Emily (1841-1920); O’Hara, Frances Moffit (1880-1935); O’Hara, Wm (1869-1963); Ohlfs, Rose Morris (1900-1969); Oleman, Gary L (1956-1956); Oliver, Clara Cunigunda (?-1895) w/o Palmer; Olsen, Geo A (1861-1931); Olsen, Louis (1879-1934); Olsen, Norman (1886-1953); Olson, — (?-?); Olson, Alfred (1870-1946) Pvt 1 NB Inf Spanish-American War (1898-1899); Olson, Anne (1850-1936); Olson, Anna K (1879-1962); Olson, Barbro (1853-1944); Olson, Danl (1844-1939); Olson, Hans G? (1893-? OR?) s/o Sophia Thompson & Hans Peter?; Olson, Hans Peter (1850-1929) h/o Sophia Thompson?; Olson, Matilda (1853-1936); Olson, Ole (1882-1940); Olson, Olaf (1855-1941); Olson, Ralph C (1893-1953); Omlid, Henry D (1895-1965) Pvt ND 88 Spruce SQ WWI; h/o Elsie Omlid?; Oray, Royal (1819-1938) s/o Wm?; Oray, Wm (1831-1920) f/o Royal?; Oswalt, Gladys E (1903-1961); Ott, Mary Willis (1889-1973); Overholster, Christine Lynn (1952-1954); Overton, Ms J C (1862-1936); Owen, Augusta E (1902-1963); Palmer, Abana C (1845-1930); Pankey, Anne E (1881-1962); Pankey, Thms T (1873-1955); Parker, — (?-?); Parker, Geo Washington (1858-1921); Parker, Pearl I (1878-1922); Parker, Lyle O (1894-1968); Parsons, Clarence W (1898-1966) Pfc WA US Army WWI; Parthemer, Eva C (1879-1936); Parthemer, Rbt G (1898-1922); Patterson, Ada (1887-1941); Patterson, Amy (1888-1925); Patterson, Blanche L (1889-?); Patterson, John N (1884-1953); Patterson, Wilbur R (1841-1940); Payne, Grace V Fish (1902-1938); Payne, Irvin Ross (1878-1955) f/o Evelyn Payne Parry; Payne, L H (1859-1939); Payne, Marie (1860-1932) w/o Neils; m/o Maurice Andersen; Payton, Chas A (1884-1935); Payton, Margaret (1883-1966); Pearson, Louis (1862-1942); Pearson, Roscoe (1898-1944) Pvt AK 331 Inf 83 Div; Piper, Anna G (1885-1951); Piper, Chas J (1885-1972); Penn, Bertha M (1903-1935); Penny, Hattie M (1883-1973); Penny, Saml B (1879-1942); Peoples, Alice Payne (1881-1964); Perrin, Edw Chas (1894-1956) Pvt OR 64 Spruce SQ WWI; Perrin, Laura F (1901-1973); Perrin, Marcus C (?-?) Surgeon’s Steward US Navy Civil War; Perry, N E (1888-1944); Persson, Ernest (1885-1953); Persson, Sylvia (1886-1959); Peterson, Albert T (1859-1943) Peterson Garage & Peterson Hotel, Toledo; Peterson, Eva I Hall (1864-1953); Peterson, John A (1869-1952); Peterson, Mary (1851-1929); Peterson, Nettie A Gault (1877-1970); Peterson, Peter C (1845-1920); Phelps, Lucius W (1808-1887 NH) h/o Louisa V (1809-? NH); f/o Ralph C (1861-? OR); Phelps, Marie H (1873-1940) d/o Louisa V & Lucius W?; Phillips, Albert E (1888-1951); Phillips, Ella J (1899-1975); Place, Delmer (1902-1967); Plunkett, Elizabeth (1888-1958); Porter, Mary A (1880-1938); Portwood, Hanna (1870-1919); Potter, Lillian Derrick (1879-1953); Potter, Palmer G (1852-1925); Potwin, Carl B (1883-1952); Potwin, Elizabeth (1887-1937); Potwora, Gertrude (1893-1950); Potwora, John (1867-1943); Potwora, Nellie (1873-1950); Potwora, Paul (1927-1939); Powell, Chas E (1888-1969); Powell, Hazel B (1899-1930); Powers, — (?-?); Pratt, O C? (?-?); Priest, Frank L (1864-? OR) s/o J W (1828-? MO)?; h/o Lela B; Priest, Lela B (1863-1937) w/o Frank L?; Prince, Nelson O (1922-1935); Pritchett, Fae E (1894-?); Pritchett, Phyllis (1939-1939); Pritchett, Sidney E (1883-1955); Prosser, Horace (1865-?) h/o Minnie R; Prosser, Minnie R (1873-1941) w/o Horace; Pruner, Vesta M (1900-1949); Pugh, Viola J (1865-1942); Pye, Inez L (1908-1912); Quail, Agnes L (1915-1941); Quinn, Wm Henry (1894-1919); Rae, Jas I (1848-1945 Civil War); Rae, Jas II (?-?); Rae, Janet (1853-1921) OR Cook 146 M G Bn 41 Div WWI; Rae, Rbt (1844-1913); Rainwater, Andrew A (1886-1937); Rainwater, Nellie (1889-1950); Randall, Cora May (1885-1974); Randle, Frances D (1867-1941); Randolph, — (?-?); Rassmussen, H P (1848-1919); Rassmussen, Jos (1866-1935); Rayburn, Harry (?-1942) Pvt 1st IL Cavalry; Raymond, — (1917-1919); Read, Adell Gochnour (1870-1937); Read, Edw Vernon (1917-1965) OR Phm US Navy WWII; Read, Gilbert (1869-1937); Read, Gustavus C (1886-1967); Read, Mabel (1888-1940); Reaume, Alex S (1863-1934) b/o Anna M Reaume Hebestreit; Reed, Elmer A (1897-1954) Pvt OR 319 Inf WWI; Reilly, — (?-?); Reinert, Florence E (1876-1937); Remington, Bernice De Vaney (1924-1943); Remington, Chas C (1879-1955) sgt OR 15 Btry Field Arty; Remington, Mattie (1885-1934); Rhoades, Henry G (1878-1965); Rhoades, Ida (?-?); Rhoades, Louis Neal (?-?); Rhoades, Oda (?-?) Infant d/o Eleazer & Harriet?; Rhoades, Susan G Logan (1882-1977); Rice, Edw (?-1865) Co I 147th Inf Regt IL Vol Civil War; Rich, Marguerite S Bensell Dunn (1844-1942) d/o Juliet Cottle (m 1837 Cassville, WI or Belmont, WI;190 ?-1849) & Chas E Bensell MD (Jul 4, 1800-1875 Germantown, PA); Siletz Agency physician 1869-1872; Richardson, Rbt Paul (1888-1951); Richmond, Cecil (1891-1917); Richmond, John O (1851-1926); Rickard, Medora (1854-1936); Ridenour, Jas Harold (1905-1953); Ridenour, Norma Edwards (1910-1954); Ridgeway, Clarence H (1893-1962) Pvt OR Btry F 346 Arty WWI; Robinson, Geo A (1889-1945); Robinson, Silva R (1893-1960); Roberson, Wm A (1881-1938); Robertson, Henry C (1870-1941); Robinette, Fred (1869-1953); Rodli, Wendell (1929-1940); Rodli, Wilna G (1924-1954); Rogers, Chas J (1920-1944) Sgt OR Inf Abn Div US Army WWII; Rohrer, — (?-? 1868-1931); Rood, G (?-?); Rose, L F (?-?); Rosouist, — (?-?) Seaman; Rouse, Gilbert E (1919-1973); Rouse, Marjorie M (?-1924); Rowin, Mark (1869-1927); Rowley, Cecil M (?-1908); Rumiser, Chas (1868-1941); Runion, Abraham (?-?) 2 AK Cavalry Co E; Russell, J H (1837-1895 Bath, England?) h/o Susan E; Russell, Mary (1820-1889 Weston, Somerset, England) w/o Thms; m/o Orlena Ruble; Russell, Susan E (1843-1916) w/o J H; Russell, Thms (1819-1894 Weston, Somerset, England) h/o Mary; f/o Orlena Ruble; Ryan, Louise E (1895-?); Ryan, Thms B (1893-1953); Rydzeski, Antone (1866-1928); Rydzeski, Frances (1868-1935); Rydzeski, John (1896-1917); Ryman, Rbt Dent (1885-1956); Safley, Emma (1894-1969); Safley, Ida M (1869-1941); Safley, John F (1874-1943); Salisbury, Vernon (1929-?); Sanders, Jas E (1913-1973); Sanders, John E (1885-1956); Saxton, Esmer M (1882-?); Saxton, Hiram H (1879-1954); Schirmer, Leo W (1888-1971) Pvt Co F 162 Inf WWI; Scharpe, John Ellis (?-1930) OR Mach Mate 1 C1; Scamer, Lester A (1890-1954); Schollenburg, Adolphus 91853-1939); Shollenburg, Elizabeth (1851-1938); Scott, Baby (?-1908); Scott, Eliza J (1941-1912); Schmidt, Mary Ellen Roberts 91859-1920) sis/o Delilah Roberts Sook; Schroeder, Thms E (?-?); Scripture, Albert M (1890-1959) Cpl OR 642 Aero SQ WWI; Schuler, Mae Tobin (1907-1970); Sergeant, Mary Ellen (1911-1969); Seidler, Edw F (1881-1912); Seller, John F (1859-1938); Shaffer, Juanita B Jack? (1907-1955) d/o M W Core Jack; Shane, Madeline B (1904-1953) w/o Wm A?; Shane, Wm A (1898-1959 CO) s/o Mary Croke & Geo H; h/o Madeline B?; f/o LeNae (Havliesk) and Elaine (Uhlenhake); Sharman, Elizabeth (1857-?); Sharman, Isabelle (1819-1911 Scotland); Sharman, Jean I (1890-1914) drown in Siuslaw River; Sharman, Walter G (1854-1925); Shaver, Byron C (1888-1952); Sheets, Sarah Anne (1864-1944); Sheppard, Fred (1859-1926); Sherwood, Jas A (1876-1930); Sherwood, Margaret (1859-1928); Sherwood, Mary (?-?); Sherwood, Norman H (1872-1944); Sherwood, Winifred E Hayden (1875-1960); Shoemaker, A M (1853-1929); Shoemaker, O P (1862-1931); Shumway, Lillian Christie (1862-1924) w/o E B; Sharpe, John Ellis (?-1930); Shaw, Louise Frances (1909-1940); Shaw, Phyllis Hancock (1910-1937); Sheffield, Chas Fred I (1864-1949); Sheffield, Chas Fred II (1899-1911); Sheffield, Josephine B (1861-1939); Sheffield, Leona G (1930-1963); Sheltus, Nancy (1882-1946); Sheltus, Wm Vere (1886-1943); Shermer, Anna Irene (1886-1937); Shermer, John A (1878-1947); Shermer, Pvt Leo W (1888-1971); Shermer, Dorothy Agnes (1909-1925); Shermer, Elizabeth Craigie King (1882-1920) d/o Rachel Craigie & Geo King; sis/o Nellie Violet King Updike (1893-1980); Shermer, John Cedric (1904-1968); Shermer, Magdalena (1849-1939); Shermer, Peter (1844-1917); Shermer, Rachel Magdalena (?-?); Shermer, Rbt D (1902-1973); Shiere, Dawn E (1939-1939); Shiere, Tessa A (1890-1958); Shimeleen, — (?-?); Shogren, Clifford L (1910-1956); Sijota, Albert (1868-1953); Sijota, John (1875-1947); Sijota, John M (1889-1948); Sijota, Jos (1854-1932); Sijota, Josephine (1903-1960); Sijota, Mary (1867-1955);  On June 11, 2008, Mary A. Fryer wrote: "I was just looking at the website that contains the names of persons buried at Eureka Cemetery in Newport, Oregon and discovered that my mother's name is missing.  Her name is Alyce Mary Bielman, and she would have been buried there in 1986 I believe.  I was able to find my maternal grandparents, John and Mary Sijota, however.  Thank you for your work;" Simon, John (1866-1940); Simon, Sarah (1865-1947); Sixberry, Geo E (1880-1958); Sixberry, Lillian B (1887-1949); Slater, Jos (?-1941) Pvt CO 1 341 Field Arty 89 D; Slocum, Georgia Anne (1932-1944); Slosses, — (?-?); Slyker, Edith C (1881-1950); Small, Gwendolyn M (1941-1943); Smietana, Kacek (1859-1930) w/o Jack?; Smith, Dr C A (1875-1961); Smith, Gertrude (1890-1951); Smith, Hugh L (1894-1972) Pfc OR US Army WWI; Smith, Jas (?-1935); Smith, Jane Reel (1872-1952); Smith, Jenelle (?-?); Smith, J B (1886-1938); Smith, Jim (?-1935) Pvt Co 58 Inf 4 Div; Smith, Jesse E (1907-1936); Smith, Lester L (1889-1952) homesteaded Alsea River area; Smith, Margaret L (1872-1945); Smith, Martha M (1837-1922); Smith, Martin (1856-1933); Smith, Pearl E Carlisle (1889-1975); Smith, Percy H (1866-1939); Smith, Ransom (1844-1915); Smith, Rbt L (1867-1950); Smith, Saml H (1873-1948); Smith, Thms C (1850-1916); Smith, Wm (1859-1950); Smouse, Adam Scott (1861-1933); Snyder, — I (?-?); Snyder, — II (?-?); Sook, Delia Roberts (1858-1934) sis/o Mary Ellen Roberts Schmidt; Southwell, Winnifred M (1877-1954); Sowa, John Herald (1924-1924) s/o John & Bernice; Sowa, John (1955-1955); Sprague, Anna (1877-1971); Sprague, Gustavus C (1862-1936); Sprague, Harley Jesse (1894-1956) Pvt OR Btry E 48 Arty Cavalry WWI; Stapleton, Clarence LeRoy (?-1937); Stapleton, Edna M (1906-1931); Stapleton, Emma G (1870-1932); Starks, Frank R (?-1939) Pvt MO Inf; Steele, Isabelle Allen (1860-1917); Steele, Theo (?-1935) Cpl OR Corp 29 Inf; Steensen, Louis M (1875-1928); Steinhaus, Alice (1887-1941); Stemple, John (1880-1968); Stemple, Mary (1880-1968); Stephenson, Ruel N (1881-1945); Stevens, Ernest (1880-1969); Stevens, Jane E (1890-1963); Stewart, — (?-?); Stillwell, Alma Ingles (1908-1966); Stimpson, J S (1848-1908 Northampton, England); Stockdale, Claude J (1903-1968); Stockdale, Harold (1901-1963); Stockdale, Lola V (?-1901); Stockdale, Rosalie J (1882-1962); Stockdale, Roy Rbt (1872-1942); Stocker, Edw P I (1858-1918); Stocker, Edw P II (1888-1947) OR Co D MRU US Army; Stocker, Emma (1890-1911) w/o Geo Pye; Stocker, Katherine (1863-1936); Stocker, Nicholas (1861-1941); Stocker, Wm M (1899-1934); Stout, Alonzo E (1860-1905); Stout, Andrew Jackson (1837-1905); Stout, Mary Ellen (1909-1940); Styepcich, Clara Phillips (1894-1934); Strawn, — (?-?); Sullivan, Alma G (1898-1964); Sullivan, Marl C (1918-1918); Svenson, Edna (1912-1955); Svenson, Katherine Anderson (1878-1965 Denmark); Svenson, Martin (1880-1936 Denmark); Swaney, Sylvia Luella (1918-1924); Sweazey, — (1878-1956); Tamm, Carl (1857-1929); Tangermann, Anna W (1874-1961); Tangermann, Otto A (1874-1938); Tavenor, Edison (?-? Civil War); Teeters, Helen H (1875-1954); Teeters, Jessie L (1881-1934); Teeters, Melvin (1878-1952); Tellefson, Anna (c1862-1888) w/o Peter T; Tellefson, Baby (1888-1888 Femelle) Infant d/o Anna & Peter T; Tellefson, Paul A (1869-1912); Tellefson, Peter T (1865-1923) h/o Anna; Tellefson, Tarald (1888-1912 Arendal, Norway) f/o Tellef; Terrill, Irene (1879-1937); Thompson, — (?-?); Thompson, — (1897-1940); Thompson, Chas Nelson (1838-1912 Fulton Co, IL); Thompson, Cora B (1870-1939); Thompson, Eugene C (1901-1956) Pfc OR US Army WWI; Thomas, Eliza (1852-1944); Thomas, John L (1851-1925); Threadgould, Ada (1871-1950); Threadgould, Archer (1901-1951); Threadgould, Arthur B (1860-1935); Threadgould, Lloyd (1906-1951); Threadgould, Ralph (1889-1940); Thurtell, Florence S (1891-1942); Thurtell, dr. W S (1889-1975); Tiffney, Frank (?-1910) drowned Briggs Bay; Tindall, Ivor (1874-1931); Tindall, Kate (1875-1937); Tindsted, Niels P (1878-1951); Toberer, Chas H (1874-1938); Toberer, Eloise B (1877-1937); Tobin, Jennie M (1883-1937); Tobin, John J (1878-1945); Toms, Hattie (1864-1939); Toms, M (1907-1925); Towns, Addie (1865-1958); Towns, C A (1874-1951); Townsend, Laura E (1877-1935); Townsley, Irvin T (1895-1956); Townsley, Zelma H (1891-1975); Trowbridge, Jas E (1886-1941); Trowbridge, Laura B (1888-1932); Tucker, Albert (?-?) bro of John (1838-?) Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol 1862? h/o Marie; Co D 43 Inf Regt MO Vol Civil War; Tucker, Marie (1838-1910) w/o Albert; Tuddenham, Constance (1889-1946); Turnbull, Jas (1848-1918); Turner, Idyll (1868-1930); Turner, R Marvin (1868-1933); Turner, Raymond (1905-1935); Turner, Vida T (1884-1947); Twidt, Vernon W (1912-1940) s/o Alma M Denny Nix; Ulery, Danl (1878-1962); Ulery, Nettie (1886-1941); Updike, Benj Franklin (1888-1956) h/o Nellie Violet King; Pvt Co B 43 Bn US Guards WWI; Updike, Nellie Violet King (1893-1980); Unidentified Soldier (?-? Civil War); Van Haverbeke, Adolph (1884-1954); Van Velsor, Ida H (1865-1958); Van Velsor, Willis B (1867-1941); Vaughters, Glen (1886-1954); Vincent, Crystal Wilkes (1906-1933); Voigt, Alvin A (1879-1939); Voigt, Grover C (1889-1943); Volgamore, Mary L (1903-1943); Volgamore, Thms (1889-?); Volland, Rich (1885-?); Volland, Tillie (1881-1952); Wade, Ira (1875-1940); Waggoner, Emma B (1850-1927); Waggoner, Willis (1845-1917) Co L 9th IA Cavalry Civil War; Wagner, Iva Mae (1861-1938); Wagner, Marion F (1859-1937); Walker, L C[lairbourne]? (1819-? WV?) Siletz Agency teacher (1891-1892)?; Wallace, Carrie E (1875-1951); Wallace, Gideon P (1850-1927); Wallace, G Isaac (1872-1940); Wallace, Louella (1868-1954); Wallace, Marvin Lee (1929-1944); Ward, Gloria Jean (1942-1970); Warren, Wayne Harold (1879-1958); Waterbury, Ethel M (1891-1969); Watkins, August (1906-1940); Weaver, Jas Randolph (1914-1935); Weaver, Ora Belle (1899-1934); Weber, Herman (1886-1926); Webster, Silas H (1887-1934); Weddle, A G (1898-1941); Weeks, Wm (1858-1940); Welch, Lewis D (1900-1936); Wellman, Kenneth C (1909-1945); Wenner, Chris D (1890-1935); Wenner, Rich (1868-1948); Wessell, August F M (1849-1926); Wessell, Jas (1909-1911); Wessell, Myrtle (1881-1941); Wessell, Willamina (1903-1905); West, Harry L (1893-1950); Whitford, Jesse (1860-1943); Whitford, John B (1915-1926) adopted s/o Julia Handeland & Jesse; Whitford, Julia Handeland (1866-1942); Whitford, Mary Pitts (1832-1916); Whitney, G A (?-?) Co K 182 OH Inf; Whitney, Mary (?-?); Wicks, — (?-?); Wiles, Clarence E (1896-1957) Pfc OR Co D 318 Eng WWI; Wilkins, Addie A (1872-1943); Wilkins, Albert (1862-1930); Wilkins, Frank (1866-1946); Wilkins, Mary (1857-1937); Wilkins, Wayne (1907-1971); Williams, Birdie Rhoades? (1868-1949); Williams, Catherine? (1826-1897) w/o Chas Howard?; Williams, Chas Howard (1828-1914 NY); s/o David; h/o Catherine?, David H (1851-1929); Williams, Geo E (1879-1950); Williams, Grace Victoria (1890-1964); Williams, Lee Ward (1866-1944); Williams, Lester E (1888-1953) Sgt Co H 147 Eng WWI; Williams, Mary Little (1855-1939); Williams, Maude L (1879-1945); Williams, Naomi (1881-1963); Williams, Rbt (1875-1934); Willis, Geo E (1882-1956); Wills, Edw F (1863-1954); Wills, Mary Jane (1871-1956); Wilson, Enos (1886-1956); Wilson, Evelyn S (1895-1972); Wilson, Harry D (1904-1938); Wilson, Ida E (1873-1935); Wilson, Katherine D (1954-1968); Wilson, Marie (1885-1963); Wilson, bro Reino W (1921-1950); Wilson, Wm R (1925-1954); Wiltse, Alice (1914-1923); Wiltse, Frances (1918-1943); Wiltse, Fred Bahne (?-?); Wiltse, Isabelle (1881-?); Winant, Chas Mark (?-? South Beach) b/o Jas J Winant (1838-1895) & cofounder of Winant & Company?; Winant, Elma (1879-1902 South Beach); Winchester, Rebecca Catherine (1858-1938); Wiser, John (1799-1882 PA) f/o Elias (1840-? IL); Wisniewski, Andrew (1864-1936); Wisniewski, Julius (1894-1911); Woldman, Henry A (1887-1944); Wolfe, Esther M (1923-1924); Wolfe, Luke (1876-1939); Wolkau, Mamie Wilson (1878-1954); Wolkau, Wm C I (1862-1937); Wonsyld, Katherine B (1910-1942); Wood, Sarah E (1856-1934); Wood, T A (1919-1941); Woodford, K D (1880-1912); Woodward, Betty (1900-1949); Woodward, Frank B (1864-1948); Woodward, Joanna Varley (1869-1944); Wright, Frank R (1878-1954); Wright, Grace (1878-1964); Wright, John M (1828-? VA) Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol 1862; Co G 2nd Inf Regt IA Vol Civil War; Wright, Maude Ursula (1881-1955); Wright, Wm Henry (1882-1960); Yeoman, Janice (1932-1967); York, Andrew (1864-1928); York, Mary H (1870-1959); Young, — I (?-?); Young, — II (?-?); Young, Clarence L (1892-1971) Pvt OR Co M 13 Inf WWI; Young, Dora C (1841-1914); Young, D S (1852-1938); Young, Fred G (1894-1911); Young, Harley M (1910-1973); Young, Isadora C Edwards (1841-1914 NY); Young, Jerome P (1850-1937); Zeek, Chas (1842-1914 MO); Zeek, D A (?-?); Zeek, Isabelle (1855-1912); Zenor, Arminta R (1871-1963); Zenor, David C (1861-1942); Zenor, Wilhelmina D (1901-1950); Zevely, Carrie B (1865-1932) m/o Drew Cornwell; Zieser, John Ernest (1899-1922).

Newport Cemetery of Yaquina

Yaquina Bay Bridge

Brown, Jas (c1832-1884) Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Copeland, Mary Esther (1879-1881) d/o Rebecca Catherine Davis Copeland Winant; Davis, Fanny Ann (1867-1871) d/o Mary Jane Webster Davis; Davis, Lemuel E (1832-1917) bro of M M Davis MD; Davis, Mary Jane Webster (1831-1913); Davis, Tracy W (1857-1938); Davis, Zenas C (1861-1907) s/o Mary Jane Webster Davis; Depew, Hiram B (?-1895 W VA) Pvt Baty B 1st Inf Regt WV Vol Civil War; Ewing, Elizabeth (?-1930) w/o Wm; Felton, Adelbert S (1851-1924) grandfr/o Ewing and Pruner; Felton, Margaret Ellen (1847-1929) w/o Adelbert S; Girl, — (?-?) bur near Thiel Creek; Goebel, Frank (1862-1933 Germany); Heinke, — (?-1939); Huffman, Michael (?-1934); Huntsucker, Jas C (1819-1893 McCaffrey Slough); Huntsucker, John (1838-1875) Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Lawrence Emerson "Squeak" Huntsucker, 88, of Toledo died May 6, 2006 of heart failure. He was born February 1, 1918 in Oysterville, Ore. to James and Lyda (Emerson) Huntsucker. He attended Sunnyridge School in Toledo through the 8th grade. His parents were among the first settlers in Toledo. He started working at the CD Johnson mill in Toledo 1942. He later worked for Georgia-Pacific as a tug boat operator for 38 years, until he retired in 1980. He married Irene Aplet on March 15, 1942. He was a former member of the Toledo Elks and liked to fish, hunt, camp and clam dig. He enjoyed his family. He was preceded in death by parents J.C. "Tee" and Lyda Belle Huntsucker; also by 3 sisters and 4 brothers. He is survived by his wife Irene Huntsucker of Toledo; son Don and his wife Penny Huntsucker of Toledo; daughter Judy and her husband Tom Baron of Redmond, Ore.; daughter Tami and her husband Robert Smith of Toledo; brothers Clifford Huntsucker of Coos Bay and Vernon Huntsucker of Toledo; seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Per his request no services will be held. Memorial contributions may be made to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospice in Newport. Bateman Funeral Home is handling arrangements. Jaguan, Celestine (c1830-1872 France) Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Johnson, Lorraine (?-1936); Kenion, Kenneth Lawrence (1937-1937); Lynn, Lucy (1898-1919) d/o Jas Lynn (1847-? MO)?; Native Americans (?-?) bur near Thiel Creek; Omlid, Ruby (1919-1921); Peterson, — (?-? male); Plowman, — (?-? female); Plowman, — (?-? male); Plowman, Chas Noah (1850-1932 PA); Plowman, Jennie M (?-?); Sherf, Wm (?-1930); Schmidt (Smith), Martha (?-?) grandmo/o Edw Smith; bur near Thiel Creek; Smith (Schmidt), Jerry (?-?) bur near Thiel Creek; u/o Edw Smith; Smith (Schmidt, — ?-? male) u/o Edw Smith; Tamm, Carl (1856-1929 Russia); Unknown, — (?-1930); Unknown, Elizabeth (?-?); Unknown Seaman I (?-1881); Unknown Seaman II (?-1881); Winant, Rebecca Catherine Davis Copeland (1854-1936); Winant, W D (1850-1902).

Schoolhouse Cemetery

Cook, Truth Young Trevillian (1899-1972); Cox, Nellie Huntsucker (?-1905) childbirth; Edwards, Clarence (c1890-1909) h/o Hattie H Coovert Phelps?; Knutson, Carl (?-?); Lissy, Baby (?-1914 male) s/o Joe; Markham, Irvin (?-1921); McKinney, Burt (?-?); Phelps, Henry Martin (?-1917 CN) f/o Asa; Shaver, Rhoda Marie Hudson (1831-1926); Webber, August “Gus” (?-1923 Germany) h/o (1) Ellen E Warfield; (2) Alzina Hulse; Webber, Ellen E Warfield (c1865-c1900 OR); Young, Ella May Shaver (1858-1944 Morton County, WI); Young, Fenimore Fremont (1857-1936); Zeek, Pauline Edith (1929-1930) d/o Pear & Archibald.

Fern Ridge Cemetery

Collins, Ann Clark (1875-1974); Collins, Geo Washington (1823-1891 KY) Alsea Indian agent (c1864); Collins, Thelma (?-? Twin); Collins, Wilbur (?-1942) died logging accident; Collins, Wilma (?-?/twin); Doty, Henry Clarence (1880-1964); Dowell, Walter C (1927-1972); Evans, Victor (?-?); Gallagher, Andrew (?-1916 Ireland); Garrett, Sarah V Simonson (1882-1914) w/o “Speed” Garrett; Gatens, Bernice (1956-1956) Inf d/o Jimalee & Wm; Gatens, Jas F (?-?) Infant s/o Jimalee & Wm; Gatens, Jas J (1850-1938) s/o Patrick; Gatens, John A (1890-1910) s/o Lena & Jas; Gatens, John Marcus (?-?) Infant s/o Jimalee & Wm; Gatens, Lena M Guilliams (1868-1940) w/o Jas J; Gatens, Patrick (1787-1894 Siletz Indian) f/o Jas J; Gray, John (?-?) owned Grays Lake at Waldport; Gray, Mary F (1824-1916 Lutgens); Grubbs, John R (1894-1971); Guilliams, Baby (1882-1882); Guilliams, Elgene (1874-1879); Guilliams, Eugene (1874-1879); Guilliams, Irene F (1876-c1917); Guilliams, John L (1833-1917) h/o Rachel; f/o Newton L; Co D 2nd Inf Regt IA Vol Civil War; Guilliams, John Mason (?-?); Guilliams, Marcus J (1880-1932); Guilliams, Martin (1828-1896); Guilliams, Martin A (1870-1875); Guilliams, Newton L (1866-1932) s/o Rachel Evelyn Barnes & John L; Guilliams, Rachel Evelyn Barnes (1840-1932 TN); Guilliams, Rufus F (1862-1894) s/o Rachel Evelyn Barnes & John L; Guilliams, Sophia L (?-1860 IA); Haddock, Baby (1920-1920); Haddock, Martha Cecilia (1882-1920); Hall, Belle (c1870-1913 OR) d/o Frances (1854-? OR) & Reuben (1846-? NE)?; Hall, Jesse (?-1917) s/o Belle & John; Hall, John W (1872-1913 Corvallis) s/o Wm; Hall, Viola Belle Miller (?-1913) d/o Jack Miller of Mill Four; Hall, Wm (1844-1913 NE) b/o Lawrence (1840-? IL)?; Hanlon, Gracia E (1896-1918) w/o John Thms II; Hanlon, John Thms I (1888-1950); Hanlon, John Thms II (?-?) s/o John Thms I; Hanlon, Rebecca J (1844-1896) w/o John Thms; Hanlon, Wm F (1906-1910) s/o Effie Harrison & W E; Hammond, Catherine (1801-1895) sis/o Ms Manning; Hansen, Theo Roosevelt (1908-1974); Hill, Harriet E Patterson (1847-1931) d/o Arseneon P Tureman & Cabell Adair Breckenridge Patterson; Hill, Saml (1839-1916); Howe, L Ellen (?-?); Hubble, Mamie (1915-1916) d/o Norma Sloper & Carmine of Kentucky; Hunter, Kathleen (?-?) d/o Ilene Gatens & Geo; Jensen, Albert E (1889-1952); Linder, Evalena (1894-?); Linder, Floyd C (1894-1958) sgt ID 146 Field Arty WWI; Lyons, Baby (?-? female), d/o Hattie & General Patterson; Lyons, Bessie (?-?) d/o Hattie & General Patterson; Lyons, General Patterson (1861-1951); Lyons, Hattie Hanlon (1869-1933); Olson, Edwin Jas [see Confederated Cemeteries of Siletz] (1962-1999 Fern Ridge) s/o Ada Nancy Service & Ocie Willard Olson.

Eckman Creek Cemetery

Bacon, Virgil Calvin (1911-1972); Bacon, Wm E (1935-1974); Berry, Esther I (1888-1914); Berry, Esther II (1912-1931); Berry, J Kenneth (1905-1931); Bobell, Marie G (1856-1915); Bobell, Rbt A (1814-1902); Brooks, Archibald W (1881-1921); Brooks, Elizabeth R (1854-1927); Brooks, Wm M (1853-1933); Buker, Cora Elizabeth (1868-1966); Buker, Frank Lee (1860-1931 Alder Grove); Cantril, Brenda May (?-1940); Conrad, Jesse H (1839-1918) Co M Ist NY Prov Cavalry Civil War; Crocker, Mary C (1882-1895); Crocker, Mary F (1858-1917); Crocker, Wm T (1857-1943); Diven, Baby (?-1902); Doty, Baby (c1945-1945); Doty, John Peden (1878-1940) Lifesaving Service 1903-1918; Doty, John W (c1940-1940); Doty, Laura Jane (1885-?); Doty, Willard Mitchell (1881-1918) h/o Bessie Buker; Doyle, Adaline (1868-1941); Doyle, Hallie V (?-1900); Doyle, John F (1873-1919); Doyle, Nuggett (1906-1917); Doyle, Sterling (1894-1977); Doyle, Woodson T (1908-1977); Everson, Ernest E (1879-1937); Everson, Hattie C (1884-1977) w/o Ira Isaac; Everson, Ira Isaac (1881-1947); h/o Hattie C; Everson, Isaac B (1856-1930 bur Corvallis); Everson, Lucinda J (1856-1934); Ewing, Juanita (1890-1968); Faulkner, Marvin Wilbur (1936-1955) s/o Paul F; Faulkner, Paul F (1908-1939); Glines, Elwin (1895-1897); Graff, Danl Woodruff (1836-1906); Graff, — (?-? female); Harrison, Rbt (1865-1902); Helms, Clara (1868-1907); w/o Marion Ruble; Helms, Clifford Geer (1901-1925); Helms, Furnia A (1893-1911); Helms, Mary Ann (1857-1943); Helms, Wm Geer (1836-1922 PA) Co F 169th Inf Regt PA Vol Civil War; Helms, Wm McKinley (1897-1979 Waldport) Pvt US Army WWI; Howell, Austin (?-?); Howell, Carrie McGee (1866-1960); Howell, Jane (?-?); Howell, Myron Albert (1904-1976); Howell, Rev Virgil (1880-1943) s/o Jane & Austin; Hunter, Andrew C (1855-1920); Hunter, Eliza J (1882-1970); Hunter, Geo Price (1881-1956); Hurt, Frank C (1882-1920); Hurt, Lillian Clara (?-1915); Hurt, Mollie (1880-1959); Hurt, Orlando Victor (c1858-1943); Hurt, Sarah M Starr (1862-? OR?); Jensen, Christen (1859-1931); Jensen, Marie (1903-1918) d/o Christen; Johnson, Beulah Alsea Wolfe (1894-1916); Johnson, Deborah M (1911-1931); Johnson, Merle (?-?) s/o Irene Doty; Kent, Andrew Dixon (1884-1953); Kent, Eliza D (1852-1932); Kent, Eliza J (1862-1929); Kent, Jas D (1852-1932); Kent, Myrtle Gay (1893-1955); Kocher, Harrison L (1860-1946); Lee, Edith (1879-1953); Martinson, Baby (?-1938); Martinson, Clifford H “Count” (1900-1970); McCleary, Rbt A (1866-1951); O’Donnell, Vera Weist (1916-1973); Ostling, Hazel R (1910-1965); Palmer, Elton (1931-1937); Reynolds, Baby Boy (?-?); Reynolds, Clyde (?-?); Reynolds, Della (?-?); Reynolds, Hazel (c1910-1965); Reynolds, Mary Myrtle (1889-1966 Yachats); Reynolds, Wm “Bill” (c1887-1937); Reeder, Harriet I Palmer (1883-1952) m/o Elton Palmer; Rose, John (1832-1914); Rose, Mary Ann (1831-1909); Ruble, Clara  Helms (1868-1907 OR); w/o Marion Ruble, Marion (1855-1935 OR); h/o Clara; Ruble, Marshall W (1862-1955 OR); s/o Orlena & David; Ruble, Mary Lavina (1870-1959 OR); d/o Orlena & David; Ruble, Orlena Russell (1834-1911 IN); w/o David; m/o Marion, Victoria, Arizona, Orange Judd, Marshall W, Eldorado, Arsina, Mary Lavina & Martha; Simmons, Wm H (?-1934); Thomas, Adrian O (1903-1930); Vader, Alice Mildred Reeder (1907-1936) d/o Harriet I Palmer Reeder; Wagner, Gus (c1910-1971 bur Waldport) h/o Evelyn Buker; Wakefield, Hannah J Rose (1864-1942); Wakefield, Capt Wm R (1847-1916); Webb, Chas H (1900-1901); Webb, Mary Ellen (1849-1919); Webb, Saml D (?-?); Weisenbeck, Frank T (1870-1939); Weisenbeck, Marion A (1874-1937); Weist, Gertrude Buker (1886-1970) sis/o Clifford Buker; Weist, Wm Byrd (1879-1941); Wolfe, Elizabeth Virginia (1867-1947); Wolfe, Jas J (1888-1955); Wolfe, Jas P (1864-1912); Wolfe, Ruth L (1897-1962).

Tidewater Cemetery

 Bales, C W (1867-1927); Barclay, Andrew F (1886-1968); Barclay, Charlotte M (?-1924); Barclay, Danl Albert (1877-1929); Barclay, Edw E (?-?); Barclay, Jas Carrel (1883-1975); Barclay, Jas R (1844-1950 MO) s/o Jas R; Barclay, Jessie G (1885-1956); Barclay, Lester (?-?); Barclay, Martha J (1850-? MO) d/o Jas E; Barclay, Nancy E (1851-1897 OR) d/o Wm Thms I; Barclay, Rbt S (1842-? MO) s/o Jas E; Barclay, Wm Thms I (1805-1889 MO); Barclay, Wm Thms II (1876-1962) s/o Wm Thms I; Beem, Rhoda Ann (?-?) d/o Mary A Peek Beem Smith Gault?; Bobell, Henry R (1853-1932); Chaffin, Anne E (1875-1940); Chaffin, J W (1867-1933); Chaffin, Levi H (1848-?) f/o J W?; Co C IA Inf; Colvin, Geo E (1880-1930); Colvin, Mildred F (1915-1933); Council, Danl Webster (1820-1906 PA); Council, F E (1861-1895); Curtis, Bruce J (1866-1927); Curtis, Sarah J (1886-1940); Davis, Grover O (?-1918); Day, Anita Marie (1945-1945); Day, Helen (1882-1910); Dyer, E E (1861-1925); Early, John H (c1857-1929) f/o Anna Early Hughs; h/o May; Flescher, Berthel (1908-1908); French, Allen T (1818-1888); French, Martha G (1822-1905); Gault, Mary A Peek Beem Smith (1836-1927 IL?) sis/o Ellen E Peek?; w/o (1) Beem (2) Smith (3) I R Gault; migrated West 1847 Mr. Beem “disappeared” on trip; nurse & midwife; Goin, Elijah (1853-1931); Goin, Fielding (1882-1930); Goin, John Preston (1873-1945) h/o Lillie Brundridge (?-1942); Goin, Sarah Rainey (1853-1942); Goodman, Alonzo T (1862-1910); Goodman, Leo (1897-1965); Goodman, May (?-1912); Goodman, Opal (?-1959); Goodman, Rosa May (1868-1912); Goodman, Verne (1900-1975); Green, — (?-?) Child of Francis L?; Green, Francis L (1857-1932); Grout, Catherine C Bush (1827-1905) w/o Willard; m/o Frank Colwell of Tidewater; Grogan, Johanna (1847-1940); Grogan, Rich (1837-1926 NY) lived with Mary L & John Crobacker Nye; Hall, Bobbie Florence L (1907-1946); Harrison, Pearl I (1897-1941); Hendrickson, Kund (1855-1932); Holgate, Mary E (1872-1946); Hoover, Dolly M (1862-1895); Hoover, Stephen (1868-1888); Hosford, — (?-1923); Hosford, — (?-1926); Hosford, Ann May Bales (1886-1967 Alsea) d/o Ethel Kidd of Toledo); Hosford, Martha Ruble (1872-1965) w/o Walter Scott; Hosford, R W (1906-1924); Hosford, Walter Scott (1862-1931 Salem) h/o Martha Ruble; Hosford, Wm E (1868-1949); Kent, Verlie D (c1893-1912) s/o Russell & Nora; Keys, Marcus S (?-?) TN Co B 3 Mtd Inf; Loudon, — (?-?); Loudon, Austinna S (?-?) w/o Beck Chas H?; Loudon, Beck Chas H (1877-1948) h/o Austinna S?; Loudon, — (?-?) Child of Austinna S & Beck Chas H?; Ludeman, Augusta Bobell (1850-1931); Ludeman, Claus (1852-1927); Ludeman, Dollie M Bobell (1888-1965); Ludeman, Elna (?-?); Ludeman, Nicholas A (1881-1963); Martinson, Anton (1869-1925); McMillin, Anna Ludeman (1887-1978; McMillin, Andrew S (1842-1914) Co E 123rd Inf Regt NY Vol Civil War; McMillin, Earl (1883-1995); McMillin, Edith Meradell (1847-1932) homesteaded Alsea area 1887; McMillin, Ona Leon Goin (1888-1944); McMillin, Roy (1880-1954); McMillin, Wm J (1885-1906); McWillis, Lydia May (1906-1936); McWillis, Mary Elizabeth (1881-1950); m/o Oren Custer; McWillis, Oren Custer (1878-1931 s/o Mary Elizabeth & Wm; Myers, Jas (1870-1933); Myers, Louise (1880-1957); Nye, John Crobacker (1849-1936 OH); Nye, Mary L (1856-?) w/o John Crobacker Nye; Nyhus, Chas Edw (1926-1926); Nyhus, Chas H (1848-1922); Nyhus, Gilbert W (1881-1944); Nyhus, Herman O (1877-1936); Nyhus, Margaret E (1857-1935); Nyhus, Pearl A (1894-1970); Oakland, Albert (1897-1942) Pvt US Army; Oakland, Aslaug (1866-1945) m/o Josephine Oakland Olson?; Oakland, Conley (1862-1949); Oakland, Danl M (1890-1929) first Bayview postmaster; Oakland, Endre S (1865-1959 Bayview); Olson, Josephine Oakland (1895-1935) d/o Aslaug?; Peterson, Genevieve (1887-1942); Poage, Jessie May Whitney (1870-1933) w/o Wm Delbert; Poage, Wm Delbert (1886-1936 Alsea) h/o Jessie May Whitney; Pulse, G N (?-?) spouse of H E?; Pulse, H E (?-?) spouse of G N?; Quigley, Jas M (1870-1934); Ragsdale, Audrey (1914-1918) s/o Jesse & Ida; Risley, — (?-?) child of W D & M E?; Risley, — (?-1899 male) s/o W D & M E; Risley, Lois (1897-1902) d/o W D & M E; Sasse, Henry G (1868-1941); Sasse, Sarah N (1873-1958); Shelby, C R (c1851-1914 VA) burned to death; Shelley, Howard E (1917-1945); Stouder, Chester (c1898-1976); h/o Myrtle; Smith, Thms C (1831-1873 MS); Thissell, A C (c1877-1931) stepson/o A G McMillin; Thissell, Austin Ott (1878-1934); Thissell, Cecil Gene (c1951-1976) s/o Laurence J; Thissell, Clarence (1909-1937); Thissell, Ethel (1880-1941); Thissell, Fay (c1873-1891) s/o A C & E M; Thissell, Harold (1869-1946); Thissell, Jennie (1871-1936); Thissell, John (1874-1935); Thissell, Kitty (1894-1922); Thissell, Laurence J (1912-1961); Thissell, Loren (1917-1941); Thissell, Rena (?-?) d/o A C & E M; Thissell?, S (c1871-1894); Thissell, Vivienne M (1914-?); Vanderpool, Henry T (c1861-1936); Wagner, H D (c1907-1966); Wagner, Marilla M (1877-1921); Wagner, Perry (1853-1933); Wagner, Rollo A (1974-1960); Wagner, Rose (1866-1935); Walter, Frank E (c1757-1839); Ward, — (?-?); Ward, T A (1930-1950); Webb, — (?-? male) Infant s/o Gladys Smith Webb Huddelson; Webb, Bernice (1877-1927); Webb, Nathan (1867-1944); Webb, Saml (1873-c1950); Wood, Martha Coquille (1853-1931).

Bayview Cemetery

 Briggs, — (?-?); Briggs, John Jas (c1844-1914 KY) s/o Mahata Collins of Kansas and Benj Briggs.

Yachats Cemetery

Ona Beach on the Oregon Coast

Baker, John L (c 1868-1939); Becktell, Chester A (1882-1953); Bennett, — W (1876-1943); Brooks, Lester Lynn (c1881-1956); Bunnell, Estella A (1933-1934); Canfield, Clark Ray (1935-1952); Carpenter, Arthur R (1867-1946); Carpenter, Olive F (1877-1956); Carpenter, Vernon Marshall (1934-1953); Clements, H D (1879-1954); Combs, Minnie Violet (?-1935); Conner, Mabel M (1894-1946); Conner, Ralph E (1890-1941); Crane, Essie Maude Demarest (1877-1952); Delger, Clayton Dennis (1901-1954); Dupere, Frank (1889-1953); Hargrove, Wesley Ray (1921-1944) OR US Navy WWII; Hartley, Cora Alice (1859-1945); Hartley, Jas L (1853-1937); Heidenreich, Paul (1888-1951); Huffman, Danl D (1877-1948); Huffman, Nettie (1882-1971); Hughs, Geo Roy (1892-1954) IA SFI USNRF WWI; Hughs, Mary Ruth (1890-1956); Kempf, Lean M (1830-1933); King, Norman (?-1940) Sgt ND 21 Eng US Army; Kowitz, Herman Hubert (c1889-1956); Kowitz, Margaret Marie (?-1958); Lamb, Sharon Rae (1934-1938); Laurent, Anna M (1862-1949); Linville, Ross H (1893-1970); Mitchell, Perry (1885-1961); Mitchell, Sophie (1883-1970); Murray, Harold Eugene (?-1918) OK SI USNR WWII; O’Neil, Chas E (c1901-1972) h/o Esther E; O’Neill, Esther E (c1905-1978); Peil, Geo G (1874-1954); Peil, Irene M (1886-1968); Pykonene, Wm J (1902-1964); Rainey, E E (1891-1962); Raymond, Frederick I (c1929-1940); Raymond, Miranda (?-?); Redell, Hattie M (1881-1967); Redell, Rbt A (1878-1951) Pvt I WI Inf Spanish American War (1898-1899); Riggs, David L (1894-1957) s/o Tyee Solomon Riggs?; Riggs, Dora E (1898-1965); Sanders, Hazel B (1901-1955); Schmidt, Carolyn Gohl (c1888-1964); Smith, Eleanor S (52 yr); Smith, Katherine (1865-1956); Spletstoeser, Otto (1877-1966); Starr, Clarence M (1867-1939 OR); Starr, Edgar K (1894-1956); Starr, Oscar M (1863-1939 Idaho Territory); Starr, Winniford (1877-1939); Trowbridge, Gilbert D (1935-1935); Taylor, John Kenneth (1935-1950).

New Home Cemetery

Anderson, — I (?-1949); Anderson, — II (?-1949); Anderson, Geo Eldon (1884-1960); Anderson, Hattie Ellen (1882-1961); Bathurst, Georgia L (1874-1958); Bathurst, Wm Lloyd (1885-1951); Blanchard, Frank B (1888-1953) MA SFI USNRF WWI; Blanchard, Rbt (c1935-1967 MA) h/o Marquette; drowned; Blanchard, Thelma Janet (c1934-1939); Colvin, Lewis Vincent (1882-1952); Follett, Chas D (1884-1969); Follett, Violet (c1913-1956); Gansz, Adam W (1868-1955); Gansz, Dora M (1872-1950); Gregory, Alfred N (1880-1947); Gregory, Anna E (1886-?); Hillman, Frederick (1885-1957); Hillman, Lucy (1893-1960); Hoffman, Edw (?-?); Hunter, Lennie Senger (1887-1977); Kontzi, Frederick B (c1886-1940); Mann, Noah Arlington (1890-1951); Morris, Elaine Viola (c1918-1976) w/o Jas; Murphy, Patricia Bee (?-?); Parsons, Lydia (1871-1960); Ridgeway, Arnold Lewis (?-?); Rose, Amanda Moulton (1878-1954); Schilling, Arthur E (?-?); Senger, Danl Preston (1860-1952); Shores, Ernest L (?-?); Vanstrum, Alexie (c1967-1978) d/o Carolyn & Steve; burned to death; Vanstrum, Ben (c1973-1978) s/o Carolyn & Steve; burned to death; Vanstrum, Daphne (c1965-1978) d/o Carolyn & Steve; burned to death; Vanstrum, Juris (c1969-1978) s/o Carolyn & Steve; burned to death; Wangell, Jas (1836-1949).

Yaquina John Point Cemetery

Buoy, Harmon (1838-1903); Doty, — (?-? Child); Doty, — (?-? Femelle); Doty, John (?-?); Doty, Lucy Mitchell (?-1891); Glines, Baby (?-?); Glines, Arizona Ruble (1858-1918); d/o Orlena Russell & David Ruble; w/o John Glines; Graff, Danl Woodruff (1836-1906 Otsego County, NY); Gwynn, Albert (?-1903); Imgrim, Jas (?-?); Johnson, Chester (?-1912) drowned from Osprey; Leeper, Cora (c1846-1912); Lovell, Hollie (?-?); Lutjens, Albert (?-?); Lutjens, Rich (?-?); Mayborn, Fred T (?-?); Mitchell, Rbt (?-1891); Monkhaus, J G (?-1930); Monroe, W C (c1827-1906); Powell, L C (c1846-1926) surveyor; drowned; Reynolds, — (?-? Child); Reynolds, — (?-? female); Reynolds, — (?-? male); Smith, J H (?-1908 PA) killed by tree; Splawn, Francis M (c1833-1910 Waldport); Swatman, — (?-?) f/o Eliza White, Mt. Union Cemetery; Taylor, Bobby Wade (?-1936) s/o Harry & Martha; Tharratt, Edw J (?-1905); Wiedman, Ellen (?-?); White, Vernita (1898-1902) d/o Effie Lincoln & Geo H; Wolfe, Jas Prentiss (c1865-1912) u/o Grace W. Wolfe; Welp, Yaquina John (1835-?).

Yachats Community Cemetery

Anderson, Mary E (1892-1960); Bray, — (?-? female) w/o Ira Bray; Bray, Baby (?-?) Child of Ira Bray; Brown, Ray (?-?) h/o Lucille Palmer; Carson, Jos Clair (1882-1935); Carson, Laura Hannah Hanson (1884-1968) sis/o Erastus Hanson; Cartensen, Jens (?-?); Clarno, Perry (1881-1934); Clarno, Zenata E D (1882-1950) s/o E Callahan, MD; Cooper, Alma (?-?) d/o Adelaide Parrott, Portland; Cooper, Rbt (?-?); Craig, Chas W (c1853-1940); Dawson, Etta (1864-1941); Dawson, Jerome (1853-1930); Edgar, Alvin B (c1905-1913); Edgar, Eston J (6 yr); Edgar?, G O (?-?); Edgar, John Edw (c1864-1926 MO) mail carrier accident; Edgar, Rosa May (c1876-1944); Edgar, Wesley (?-1971 Salem) b/o Emma Huffman of Toledo; Jesse Edgar of Coos Bay; Pvt WWI; Hays, Alonzo E (1895-1933) s/o J R; h/o Bernice Harrison (1895-?); Hayes, Howard (c1905-1973); Hayes, Matt S (?-1938); Howell, — (7 yr female); Huffman, Evelyn E (1885-1922); Huffman, Jesse E (1882-1945); Kocher, Frances A (1862-1940); Kocher, Harrison L (1861-1945); Lockwood, Zelma Carson (1916-1971 Malott, WI); Lyman, Lee (?-?); May, Brice L (1899-1928); May, Edw E (1894-1949) Pfc OR 162 Inf 41 Div WWI; May, Elizabeth (1866-1931); May, John H (1860-1944); Meliza, Ali M (1911-1941); Meliza, Barbara J (1953-1953); Meliza, Earl R (1906-1978); Meliza, Effie M (1910-1955); Meliza, Jas G (1935-1962); Meliza, Leota E (1906-?); Meliza, Raymond Jay (1961-1961); Meliza, Rbt A (1900-1953); Murry, Oscar (1937-1937); Palmer, Mary E (1916-1932); Schimelpfenig, — (?-? male); Unidentified Seaman (?-Nov 17, 1898 African American male) washed ashore from Atalanta on Big Creek; Unidentified (?-Nov 17, 1898 anglo male) washed ashore from Atalanta on Big Creek; Unidentified Seaman (?-Nov 17, 1898 anglo male) washed ashore from Atalanta on Big Creek; Van Vlack, Steven C (1949-1950); Wren, — (c1895-c1897 male) scalded to death.

Yachats Memorial Park Cemetery

Allen, Sheri Ann (?-1960); Anderson, Lawrence (c1898-1967); Asbury, Adella Dorothy Zeige (1900-1972) m/o Dean Davis; Asbury, Fuhrman (1897-1963); Axley, Harold M D (1893-1951); Axley, Nora (1897-1960); Baker, Raymond A (1900-1966) Pvt CA STU Army Tng Corp WWI; Baker, Zelma Eva (c1919-1967); Baldwin, Austin W (1919-1964) h/o Claudine; Ballhorn, Otto Earl (c1905-1950); Barnes, Calvin M (1887-1973 Drift Creek) b/o Shirl & Lula; Barnes, Dora (?-1889); Benson, Jesse Harold (c1902-1972) b/o Lila Benson Wessell; Bartlett, Elva Marie (1897-1972) died car accident; Bartlett, Wm E (1897-1972) Pvt WWI; Berg, Fred J (1915-?); Berg, Olga E (1909-1972); Blain, Elam (1904-1968 WY) h/o Ruth; Bolinger, Benj (1892-1963) Sgt OR Air Service WWI; Bones, Gladys C (1924-?); Bones, Jos J (1918-1969); Booth, John Bernard (1894-1965 VA); Booth, Nellie (b1904); Boyd, Henry E (1891-1969) h/o Essa; OR Cook Sup Co 139 Inf WWI; Bradshaw, Lloyd B “Ted” (1908-1969) h/o Marie; s/o A? Buckner; Bray, Jos T (1893-1967) Pfc OR Med Dept WWI; Briggs, Jas B (1887-1970) Pvt Co A I Inf WWI; Briggs, Sarina M Hendrickson (c1886-1970 Bayview); Brown, Kenneth W (1903-1962); Brown, Warena (1911-?); Burgoyne, Bess L (?-1888); Burgoyne, Oscar (1885-1971); Burke, Eleanor M (1895-1971); Burke, Jos E (1896-1966); Butz, Phyllis F (1923-1977); Calvert, Jas Henry (1913-1965) f/o Minnie McMahan; Cherry, Ada B (1894-1961); Cole, Harvey Loyd (1890-1958); Cole, Valdia S (1901-1971); Connolly, Jack S (1883-1970) h/o Fanny, Waldport; Coolidge, Wm (1900-1968) pvt OR Marine Corp WWI; Counterman, Sarah Minerva (1870-1967 IA) m/o Dora Counterman Wimer; Corwin, Vance Gerald (1919-1965) h/o Mildred; OR Cox USNR WWII; Cox, Nellie M (1901-1968); Crane, Acie Frank (1895-1963) Pvt OR Btry 37 Field Arty WWI; Curl, Harley J (1896-?); Curl, Mayree Snyder? (1896-1967) sis/o E R & W Snyder; Darold, Thurman L (c1939-1971); Douville, Archie L (c1882-1963); Drummond, Lansing A (1880-1962); Dutcher, Raymond (1894-1971) Pfc NJ 114 Inf 29 Div WWI; s/o Josephine Dutcher?; Erb, Kathleen Gaily (?-1891); Erb, Lynn David (?-1890); Evans, Theo J (1898-1968); Flescher, Benj (1905-1959); Flescher, Paul A II (1963-1963); Fogg, Jas Homer II (1869-1969); Fry, Chas R (1903-1971); Gainer, Willard D (1910-1972); Goodwin, Jack L (1945-1968 Morton, WI) Pvt US Army Vietnam War; Grant, Roland (1899-1963); Gray, Noble W (1897-1958); Griffith, Virginia A (1898-1966); Hanson, Eugene K (1918-1965) h/o Jacqueline, Waldport; Hargrove, Baby (?-?); Harley, Clarence H (1895-1969); Hiller, Renald “Sarge” (1900-1968) Sgt OR M US Army WWII; Honeyman, Neil B (?-1885); Hurt, Orlando V (1858-1944) Pvt Mexican American War; Siletz Agency teacher (c1893); Hurt, Sarah M Starr (1862-1946 OR) d/o Geo M Starr (1817-? OH)?; Hutchins, Abraham (1901-1968); Jacobson, Redford Jas (c1939-1967); Janssens, A Grace (1902-1971 OH) w/o Jos; Jensen, Harriet Beecher Martin (1886-1973) m/o Betty Harvey; Johnson, Frank O (1879-1950); Johnson, Swan P (1872-1960); Johnson, Vernon M (1904-1953); Johnson, Willis Kirkland (1914-1966 Yachats); Jones, Amy (?-1885); Jones, Rena M (1875-1962); Jones, Watkins W (1886-1963); Jones, Wm W (1870-1961); Keeler, John Howard (c1929-1972); King, Claire (1895-1972); King, Dale R (1893-1968) Sgt CA US Army WWI; Kramer, Mae G (1913-1971) w/o Edw; Landis, Rev Clifford Edgar (1907-1964 SD) h/o Lola; Lansbery, Mark David (1890-1971) Cpl US Army WWI; Larson, Albert Walter (1902-1964) h/o Mary; Larson, Kathleen R (c1897-1968 Ireland); Leach, Floyd E (1881-1962); Levins, Attie Irena (1881-1967 Yachats); Levins, Sampson (1868-1957) Pvt Btry A OR Lt Arty Spanish-American War; Loesel, Arnold Christ (1895-1971); Lough, Thelma M (1903-?); Lough, Wm B (1900-1962); Lumm, Oliver Porter (c1885-1966) u/o Harriet; Pvt US Army WWI; May, Laura Amanda (c1907-1972); McDowell, Norman A (1901-1970); McDulin, Lorena Marie (c1897-1967); McMahan, Clark R (1916-1962) OR Tech 4 959 Field Arty Bn WWII; McMahan, John M (1915-1963); McMahan, Max Everetts (1892-1959); McMahan, Nina May (1894-?); McMullen, Rbt B (1917-1967 Mist) h/o Mildred; US Army WWII; Meindel, Basil (c1908-1965 Oregon City); Meindel, Steven Roy (?-1960); Mix, Bernice V (1901-1955); d/o Chas Mix? Moore, Ethyl M (1900-1967); Moore, John J II (1906-1962); Morgan, Merle E (1884-1959) Pvt WI Chauffeur Air Service WWI; Morgan, Nancy R (1893-1972) m/o R Le Gault; Morgan, Ray A (1915-1971) Pvt 1322 SVC Comd Unit US Army WWII; Mosher, Howard P (1901-1971) h/o Clara E; Nagel, Alfred C (1898-1970); Nagel, Ruth L (1902-?); Nash, Norman W (1904-1957) TX Maint Bn 13 Armed Div US Army WWII; Nelson, Dorothy Maxine Corwin? (c1913-1968) sis/o K & B Corwin; Nelson, Edwin Ben (c1911-1972) h/o Ethel; Pvt US Army WWII; Nelson, Tawnnie M (1963-1964) d/o Eugene; Newland, Danl (1880-1959); Novak, Steven D (1905-1973); Novak, Teresa M Stasik? (1903-1971) sis/o Edw Stasik; Olsen, John B (1893-1967 Norway); O’Neil, Chas E Buck (c1901-1972); Otter, Henry John (c1907-1970); Owen, Roy Almon (c1898-1972) US Navy WWI; Pederson, Harold T (1903-1968); Perlich, Beryl (1901-1970 Salem) w/o Benj; Peterson, Anna M (1879-1963); Petrick, Andrew K (1906-1965); Powers, Howard L (1892-1965) OR Engineer 2 US Navy WWI; Powers, Sadie (c1875-1962); Press, Fay Ray (1894-1966) Sgt OR Co M 125 Inf WWI; Pruitt, John E (1884-1958); Railsback, Frank O (1884-1964) h/o Sarah; Raymond, Alice I (1897-1955); Reed, Helen Mary (c1889-1970) w/o B B Reed; Rogers, Albert LeRoy (1918-1957) Co FCQ USNR WWII; Rudisell, Albert R II (1944-1962); Rust, Melva (c1909-1966 CA) w/o David; Ryff, Carrie (c1895-1973); Saver, Edw (c1874-c1960); Saver, Henry Benton (1904-1968); Scherer, Alma H (1900-1964) m/o Kay & Rbt Clements; Scherer, Sylvia Mitchell (1914-1969); Seiman, Lilly Esther King? (1899-1973) sis/o H & E King, Portland; Seiman, Wm F (1888-1971 PA) h/o Lilly Esther; Shelton, Earl M (1892-1962); Sills, Guy Edwin (1892-1969) h/o Eva; Pfc OR Co I 63 Inf WWI; Smalley, Odessa J (1903-?); Smalley, Willis Russell (1905-1971); Smith, Lillian G Fry? (1884-?) aunt/o Fry boys; Smith, Winifred L (1900-1961); Spring, Dorothy M (1907-1971); Spring, Merle F (1913-1970); Southmayd, Leslie E (1905-1970); Stokes, Lola Bester (1874-1966 Brush Creek, IA) d/o Pederson; Stotz, Marvin M (1913-1970); Strake, Norma L Reynolds (1877-1963 MN) m/o Peterson; Stubbs, Ruby Alta (c1911-1971) w/o W T; Sullivan, Dennis R (c1901-1971); Taylor, Marshall L (1927-1971) IN CSQ US Navy WWII & Korean War; Teeters, D’Burl (1906-?); Teeters, Anna O (1909-1972); Terhaggen, — (?-?); Terhaggen, Bernard J (1888-1970); Thompson, Alice M (1902-1971) sis/o Edw Sullivan; Thompson, Chas Gabriel (c1906-1972) h/o Mary Francis; Thompson, Chas H (1898-?); Tibbetts, Harry A (1895-1964); Tibbetts, Purnell E (1889-?); Tupper, Jas Henry (1932-1969) h/o Etta Sue; Tyron, Wm Jennings (1897-1967) h/o Nellie; Waldron, Harold V (1889-1960); Wagner, Dolores M (1933-1960); Wallbrecht, Gus M (1883-1963); Wallbrecht, Myrtle (1883-?); Ward, — (?-?); Ward, David Henry (1916-1971) h/o Laura Estelle; Warren, Ruth A (1872-1963); Watson, Eleazer B (1901-1969); Watson, Sarah B Darby? (1901-1973); Weston, Charley (c1936-1963 NB); Weston, Evan (1885-1957); Wiedman, Ervin (1892-1960); Wiley, Grant M (1908-1967); Williamson, Etta B (1893-?); Williamson, Homer I (1894-1969); Wilson, Albert L (c1896-1966) b/o Harry; Wimer, Dora Counterman (1905-1970) m/o Howard Meek; Wimer, Lewis C (1902-1971); Wimer, Lewis O (1920-1960); Wolff, Boyd L (1884-1957); Wolff, Eva C (1891-?); Wooldridge, Ralph H “Cap” (1905-1968) h/o Vivian; Wyatt, Hattie Eldred (1886-1966); Wyatt, Wm A (1888-1966 Baker); Wynn, Fannie Connally (1896-1972) sis/o Frank Butler of Amity; Yates, Carolyn V (1905-1966 MO) w/o Harvey.

Confederated Cemeteries Of Siletz

Annie Rock Siletz Tribe

Adams, Adelaide [see Karnowsky] (1901-1985); d/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Adams, Andrew (1892-1901 Riverside) s/o Ella & David; Adams, Ann (?-? bur Grand Ronde?) mo-in-law/o Anetta Gilat; Adams, Belle (1871-1885 Paul Washington) d/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; Adams, Blossom (1884-1893 Paul Washington) d/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; Adams, Chauncy (1870-1933 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & David; Adams, David (?-? Logsden); Adams, Douglas (1886-? Paul Washington) s/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; Adams, Rev John (1847-1928 Paul Washington) 5th h/o Martha Jane Hunsucker; Adams, John II (1894-? bur Siletz?); s/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Adams, John Victor (1894-1958); s/o Martha Jane Hunsucker and John Adams; Adams, Jos F (1874-1898) s/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; graduate of Chemawa Indian School, Salem, OR & Carlisle Indian School, PA; Adams, Jos L (1903-1903 Paul Washington); s/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Adams, Lee (?-? Paul Washington) s/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; Adams, Lucy (?-? bur Grand Ronde?); 1st w/o John Adams; Adams, Mae Florence [see Downey] d/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Adams, Martha Jane Hunsucker Muggins (1855-1930 Paul Washington) 3rd w/o John Adams; Adams, Nettie Newton (1855-1889 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o John Adams; Adams, Nora B (1899-1899 Riverside) d/o Ella & David; Adams, Roy (1887-1890 Paul Washington) s/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; Adams, Russell (1896-1990); s/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Adams, Sarah Mattie (1904-1920 Paul Washington) d/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Adams, Wilbur (1879-1885 Paul Washington) s/o Nettie Newton & John Adams; Aiken, John (?-? Logsden); Albert, — (?-? Logsden) 1st w/o John; Albert, Alsea [see Alsea] (1793-1895 Paul Washington) f/o John?; Albert, Alvina Brown (1868-1945 Paul Washington) 3rd w/o John; Albert, Eliza Ross (1859-1929 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o John; Albert, John (1852-1949 Paul Washington) s/o Alsea Albert?; h/o (1) Unknown (2) Eliza Ross (3) Alvina Brown; Alexander, Catfish [see Catfish] (1864-1925 Paul Washington) h/o Eliza; Alpine, Ella [see Spencer] (1858-1934 Paul Washington) m/o Curtis J, Ralph & Rbt Spencer?; Alsea, Albert [see Albert] (1793-1895 Paul Washington) f/o John?; Alsea, Ben [see Ben] (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Rich & Villa Ben; Alsea, Bill [see Bill] (?-?) f/o Daniel & Frederick; Alsea, Mack, [see Mack] (?-1894 Siletz Valley) s/o Jacob?; Alsea, Peter, [see Peters] (?-1895 Siletz Valley) f/o Sarah Peters?; Anderson, Chas F C (1879-1947 Riverside) b/o Maxwell; Anderson, Elizabeth E [see Benton] (1850-1920 Riverside) m/o Minnie Benton Shatto; Anderson, Maxwell (1867-1950 Webster, IA; Riverside) b/o Chas F C; Applegate, Johnny [see Johnny] (?-? Logsden) f/o Archie P Johnson; Arden, Ada DePoe (1844-1916) w/o Brown; Arden, Adalbert (?-1897 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Arden, Agnes “Angeline?” (1899-1905? Paul Washington) d/o Jessie Louise Goodell & Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Angeline (1899-1905 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Arden, Chas Willis (1920-1921 Riverside) s/o Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Clayborne Willard I (1882-1964 Riverside) s/o Ada DePoe & Brown; Arden, Claybourne Willard II (1927-1944 Riverside) s/o Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Brown (1829-1909 Paul Washington) w/o Ada DePoe; Arden, Enoch (1860-1905 Paul Washington) s/o Claybourne Willard I?; Arden, Enoch (1861-1901 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Arden, Geo Lincoln (?-1922 Paul Washington) s/o Jessie Louise Goodell & Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Jas R (1892-1900 Paul Washington) b/o Claybourne Willard I?; Arden, Jessie Louise Goodell (1891-1966 Riverside) w/o Claybourne Willard I; Arden, June (?-? Paul Washington) d/o Jessie Louise Goodell & Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Odil (1898-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Arden, Stephen (1879-1895 Paul Washington) s/o Ada DePoe & Brown; Arden, Stephen (1879-1895 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Arden, Wm (1868-1924 Riverside) f/o Claybourne Willard I?; Austin, Tracy Kay (1963-1964 Paul Washington) d/o June & Wm; Baker, Baby Boy (?-? Logsden) s/o Evaline Harney & Geo; Baker, Evaline Harney (1889-1941 Logsden) w/o Geo; Baker, Geo. (?-? Logsden) h/o Elaine Harney; Baker, Gloria Lavelle (1930-1930 Logsden) d/o Evaline Harney & Geo; Baker, Helen (1893-1896 Logsden) d/o Mary & Wm; Baker, Kelsey (1878-1903 Logsden) s/o Mary & Wm; Baker, Mary (1854-1895 Logsden) w/o Wm; Baker, Wm (1838-1895 Logsden) h/o Mary; Battise, Baby Girl (?-1904 Logsden); Battise, Anna Bell (1852-1924 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Jas B; Battise, Clara [see Evans] (1862-1929 Logsden) w/o Edw Evans I; Battise (Batees), Elisabeth Jessie (1878-1896 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Battise, Eva (1851-1932 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Jas B; Battise, Jas II (1919-1935 Paul Washington) s/o Jas I; Battise, Jas B (1849-1931 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Battise, Julia (?-? after 1902); Battise, Lucilla Bensell (1896-1934 Paul Washington) w/o Perry; Battise, Mary [see Callahan] (?-? Logsden) w/o Henry Callahan; Battise, Perry (1893-1964 Paul Washington) s/o Jas I; Battise, Wm (?-? after 1902); Battise, Wm A “Bill Buck” (1918-1970 Paul Washington) s/o Lucilla Bensell & Perry; Cpl US Air Force WWII; Battise, Winifred R [see Pacleb] (1923-1964 Paul Washington); Bell, Angeline Louise Rippon (1900-1974 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Anna [see Battise] (1852-1924 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Jas B Battise; Bell, Arthur Lincoln II (1935-1935 Paul Washington) s/o Angeline Louise Rippon & Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Arthur A (?-? Paul Washington); Bell, Arthur Lincoln I “Jug” (1888-1962 Paul Washington); Bell, Calvin (1924-1948 Riverside) s/o Angeline Louise Rippon & Arthur Lincoln I; OR Tec 5 1932 Service Cmd Unit WWII; Bell, Chester (?-1903 Logsden) s/o Henry; Bell, Edna [see Winston] (1898-? Riverside) w/o John Roy Winston; Bell, Eldon (?-1895 Logsden) s/o Henry; Bell, Henry (1843-1924 Logsden); Bell, Henry Herman (1922-1976 Riverside) SI US Navy WWII; grands/o Henry?; Bell, Lena May I (1877-1890 Logsden) d/o Aba; Bell, Lena May II (1919-1941 Logsden) d/o Angeline Louise Rippon & Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Raymond Paul (1942-1943 Logsden) s/o Angeline Louise Rippon & Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Violet Myrtle (1929-1929 Paul Washington) d/o Angeline Louise Rippon & Arthur Lincoln I; Bellinger, Minnie R [see Simmons] (1907-1936 Paul Washington) w/o Lester Simmons; Bemrose, Anna Gertrude Johnson (1881-1950 Riverside) w/o Rbt C; Bemrose, Arthur Jas (1917-1929 bur Nortons) s/o Anna Gertrude Johnson & Rbt; Bemrose, Rbt C (1866-1945 Riverside) h/o Anna Gertrude Johnson; Ben, Agatha (1898-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Ben, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Rich & Villa; Ben, Bennett “Benno?” (1887-1899 Paul Washington); Ben, Benj (?-1898 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Chetco; Ben, Benno “Bennett?” (1887-1899) Fr Felix’s List of Burials; Ben, Chetco “Shorty” (1854-? Paul Washington) s/o Kitty Ben; Ben, Claybourne (?-1899 Paul Washington); Ben, Edmund (1892-1904 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Chetco Ben; Ben, Edmund (1890-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Ben, Ella (1854-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Chetco Ben; Athabascan Weaver; Ben, Harrison (1891-1973 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Chetco Ben; Ben, Kitty (?-1899 Paul Washington) m/o Chetco Ben; Ben, Lola (?-1899 Paul Washington); Ben, Patrick (1896-1974 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Chetco Ben; Ben, Margaret [see Brown] (1885-1920 Paul Washington) d/o Ella Simmons & Chetco Ben; Ben, Rich Lloyd (1935-1956 Paul Washington) s/o Victoria & Archie; Ben, Virginia (?-1937 Paul Washington); Benjamin, Julia [see Johnson] (?-? Lower Siletz) w/o Henry Johnson; Benjamin, Silas (?-1896 Lower Siletz) s/o Alsea Ben; Benjamin, Villa (?-1900 Lower Siletz) d/o Alsea Ben; Bensell, Arthur (1880-1941 Siletz Valley) s/o Edw; h/o Stella Rose; Bensell, Carrie [see Streets] (1898-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Dorsey Streets; Bensell, David Jesse (?-1927 Paul Washington) s/o Ida Bensell & Jas; Bensell, Edw (1845-1933 Siletz Valley) f/o Arthur; h/o Susan Jordan; Bensell, Edwin (?-? Paul Washington); Bensell (Bensel), Elisabeth (1891-1896 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Bensell, Geo 1857-1904 Paul Washington); Bensell (Bensel), Geo (1869-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Bensell, Georgena Mabel [see Woods] (1917-1968 Paul Washington) w/o Raymond Woods; Bensell, Jack (?-? Paul Washington); Bensell, Jas (1860-1948 Paul Washington) h/o Ida; Bensell, Jane (96 yr 2 mo) Paul Washington; Bensell, Lucilla [see Battise] (1896-1934 Paul Washington) w/o Perry Battise; Bensell, Margaret Egbert (1900-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur S; Bensell, Nina (?-1925 Paul Washington) d/o Ida & Jas; Bensell, Orville (1907-1946 Paul Washington) s/o Ida & Jas; Bensell, Polly Jack (1816-1911 Paul Washington); Bensell, Stella Rose (1881-1959 Siletz Valley) w/o Arthur; Bensell, Susan Jordan (?-1897 Paul Washington) w/o Edw; Bensell, Vincent (?-? Paul Washington); Bentley, Alexander (1859-1921 Riverside) h/o Amanda Huhtala; Bentley, Ernest (1909-1942 Riverside) s/o Amanda Huhtala & Alexander; Bentley, Amanda Huhtala (1881-1943 Riverside) w/o Alexander; Benton, Elizabeth E Anderson (1850-1920 Riverside) m/o Minnie Benton Shatto; Benton, Minnie [see Downey & Shatto] (1869-1954 Riverside) m/o Roy, Geo, Albert, Charley & Henry Downey; Betzell, — (?-1947 Riverside); Bill, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-?) f/o Danl & Frederick; Bill, Daniel (1884-1887 Siletz Valley) s/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Bill, Evans [see Evans] (?-? Logsden) h/o Kitty Evans; Bill, Frederick (1886-1888 Siletz Valley) s/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Bill, Kitty [see Evans] (1837-? Logsden) w/o Evans (Coquille?) Bill; Grgndm/o Edw Fry; Bill, Mary Ann (1880-1888 Siletz Valley) d/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Bill, Sixes [see Sixes & Williams] (?-1894 Siletz Valley); Bill, Umatata [see Umatata] (1848-1933 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Bill, Wm Norbett (1889-1891 Siletz Valley) s/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Billy, Klamath [see Klamath] (1849-1918 Paul Washington) h/o Hattie; Billy, Simpson [see Simpson] (?-? Siletz Valley); Blacketer, Baby (?-? Riverside) Child of Mildred & Jas; Blacketer, Baby Boy (1948-1948 Riverside) s/o Mildred & Jas; Blacketer, Chas (?-1918 Paul Washington) h/o Laura; Blacketer, Elizabeth Tole Harney (1870-1958 Riverside) w/o (1) Chief Geo Harney (2) Jas Blacketer; Blacketer, Elizabeth Olson (?-1905 Logsden) d/o Elizabeth Tole & Jas; Blacketer, Jas (?-1934 Logsden) h/o Elizabeth Tole; Blacketer, Laura Louise (1913-1915 Logsden) d/o Elizabeth Tole & Jas; Blacketer, Lola A “Midge” [see Goodell] (1912-1975) Paul Washington) w/o David W Goodell; Blacketer, Lorraine (1947-1947 Riverside) d/o Mildred & Jas; Blacketer, Rena Catherine [see McCoy] (1902-1931 Logsden) w/o Jos McCoy; Bones, Chelsey (?-? after 1902); Bowman, Walter G (1901-1971 Riverside) h/o Harriet Southwell; Bowman, Harriet Southwell (?-? Riverside) w/o Walter G; Bradford, Emma John (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Chas; Bradford, Chas (1835-? Paul Washington) h/o Emma John; Breon, Lewis Eugene (1911-1943 Siletz Valley) h/o Mary Alice Bensell; Brown, Agatha [see Williams] (1901-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Matthew Williams I; Brown, Anna [see Fleming] (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Henry Fleming; Brown, Baby (?-? Paul Washington); Brown, Baby Boy (1918-1918 Riverside) Child of Anna & Frederick; Brown, Alvina [see Albert] (1868-1945 Paul Washington) 3rd w/o John Albert; Brown, Delia DePoe (1872-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Oscar; Brown, Edwina Ann Simmons “Tinker” (1940-1968 Paul Washington) w/o Ben II; Brown, Ella [see Simmons] (1912-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Calvin Simmons I; Brown, Ellen Nora Watts (1869-1955 Paul Washington); Brown, Eugene Raymond (1917-1975 Riverside) OR Tec 4 WWII; Brown, Harriet Hunsucker (?-1919 Paul Washington); Brown, Jas (?-? Paul Washington); Brown, Joshley (John?) (1877-1930 Paul Washington); Brown, Margaret Ben (1885-1920 Paul Washington) d/o Ella Simmons & Chetco; Brown, Lucy (?-1906 Paul Washington) w/o Jas; Brown, Mary [see Washington] (1825-1919 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Washington; Brown, Mary Ann Butler (1914-1956 Paul Washington) w/o Ben I; Brown, Matilda (1899-190 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Brown, Oscar I (?-1935 Paul Washington); Brown, Oscar II (1896-1899 Paul Washington); Brown, Rachel Mabel [see Carson] (1876-1940 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Franklin Willard Carson I; Brown, Rebecca (1895-1896 Paul Washington) d/o Delia DePoe & Oscar I; Brown, Wm (?-? Paul Washington) f/o Rachel Brown; Butler, Bernard Rich I (1939-1952 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Alton; Butler, Bernard Rich II (?-? Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Alton; Butler, Bruce II (1916-1971 Paul Washington) s/o Jane Hollis & Bruce I; Butler, Bruce I (?-1881 Paul Washington) h/o Jane Hollis; f/o Bruce II; Butler, Everett V[alentine?] “Gabby” (1922-1967 Paul Washington) SST US Army PH WWII; Butler, Jane Hollis (18888-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Bruce I; Butler, Mary [see Catfish] (1874-1929 Paul Washington) m/o Mamie Mabel McDonald Strong; grandm/o Stanley Wm Strong (1908-?); 2nd w/o Alexander; Butler, Mary Ann [see Brown] (1914-1956 Paul Washington) w/o Ben Brown I; Butler, Wm (1880-1906 Paul Washington); Bryant, Brinton W (?-1918 Riverside) s/o Jos; Bryant, Jos F (1897-1910 P. Washington); Callahan (Calahan), Georgia (1899-190 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Callahan, Henry C (?-? Logsden); h/o Mary Battise; Callahan, Mary Battise (?-? Logsden) w/o Henry; Callahan (Calahan), Peter (1860-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Callahan, Sarah (1834-1904 Logsden); Callahan (Calahan), Sarah (1834-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Carlberg, Eva Alice Hubbard (1903-1970 Riverside) w/o Arthur; Captain, Sarah (?-1906 Logsden) w/o Captain Jack?; Captain, White [see White] (?-1898 Logsden) h/o Polly; Carlson, Eric S (?-1977 Riverside) h/o Etta Wilcox; pfc US Army WWI; Carmichael, Chas II (1881-? Paul Washington) s/o Molly Foster?; Carmichael, Molly [Catfish?] Foster (1858-1928 Paul Washington) d/o Yannah Catfish; w/o Chas I?; m/o Chas II? Carson, Esther M (1918-? Paul Washington); Carson, Franklin Willard I (1865-1931 Paul Washington); blacksmith; attended Carlisle Indian School, PA; Carson, Franklin Willard II (1911-1975 Paul Washington) s/o Rachel Mabel Brown & Franklin Willard I; Carson, Louisa Towner (1871-1893 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Franklin Willard I; Carson, Rachel Mabel Brown (1876-1940 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Franklin Willard I; m/o Franklin Willard II; Carson, Willard Franklin (1896-1931 Paul Washington) s/o Rachel Mabel Brown & Franklin Willard I; Sgt OR ICI Co Abrg SQ WWI; Carvinen, Anna M [see Huhtala] (1869-1953 Riverside) w/o Oscar Huhtala?; Case, Edwin I (1888-1945 Paul Washington); Case, Edwin II (1943-1944 Paul Washington) s/o Martha & Edwin I; Case, Ada Mildred [see Warren] (1913-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Wm Warren; Cass, Grant (?-1893 Paul Washington) s/o Jerry Cass; Catfish, Alexander Dewey I [see Alexander] (1864-1925 Paul Washington) h/o Eliza; Catfish, Alexander Dewey II (1904-1945 Paul Washington) s/o Alexander I; Catfish, Bernard (1900-1903 Paul Washington) s/o Alexander Dewey I?; Catfish, Corbett O (1907-1908 Paul Washington) s/o Alexander Dewey I?; Catfish, Eliza (1857-1899 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Alexander Dewey I; Catfish, Eric (Ms.) (1853-1898 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Catfish, Flora E (1903-1916 Paul Washington) d/o Alexander Dewey I?; Catfish, Hawley Edgar (1906-1948 Paul Washington) s/o Alexander Dewey I; 1st h/o Carrie Bensell; Catfish, Mary Butler (1874-1929 Paul Washington) m/o Mamie Mabel McDonald Strong; w/o Norman; Grandm/o Stanley Wm Strong (1908-?); 2nd w/o Alexander; Catfish, Molly [see Carmichael] (1858-1928); d/o Yannah Catfish; Catfish, Molly M (1909-1911); d/o Mary Yannah; Catfish, Yannah (?-?), m/o Molly Carmichael; Chandler, — (?-1918 Siletz Valley); Chantille, Catherine (1830-1938 Paul Washington) w/o Louie; Chantille, Louie [see Louie] (1857-1938 Paul Washington) h/o Catherine; Chapman, Clara [see Jordan] (1854-1939 Paul Washington); Chapman, Clara Ella (1909-1909 Logsden) d/o Floy Evans & Louis; Chapman, Claudius (1885-1889 Paul Washington); Chapman, Ernest “Fatty” (1906-1956 Logsden) Pfc FC HQ Co WWII; Chapman, Guy (1890-1910 Paul Washington); Chapman, Harry (1855-1907 Paul Washington) h/o Clara; Chapman, Henry (1864-1881 Riverside) h/o (1) Nettie Newton & (2) Martha Jane Hunsucker; Chapman, Inez “Ina” [see Larsen] (1881-1953 Paul Washington) stepd/o John Adams; w/o Chas Larsen; Chapman, Lena [see Tronson] (1876-1961 Paul Washington); stepd/o John Adams; Chapman, Kitty (1871-1900 Paul Washington); Chapman, Ruth Mary [see Myers] (1911-1955 Paul Washington); Chapman, Nora H (1894-1898 Paul Washington); Chapman, Nora H (1896-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Chapman, Norman M (1896-1899 Paul Washington) s/o Kitty?; Chapman, Rosalia “Rosella?” (1899-1902 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Chapman, Rosella “Rosalia?” I (1899-1901 Paul Washington) d/o Kitty?; Chapman, Sadie (1901-1910 Paul Washington) d/o Kitty; Chapman, Walter D (1916-1962 Logsden) s/o Floy Evans & Louis; Chapman, Wm (1890-1899 Paul Washington) s/o Kitty?; Charley, Catherine I (c1839-c1939 Riverside?); Charley, Catherine II (1839-1939 Paul Washington) w/o Chetco; Charley, Chetco [see Chetco] (1849-1925 Riverside) h/o Catherine II; Charley, Child (c1935-1940 Paul Washington); Charley, Clara May (1926-1963 Paul Washington) d/o Sarah Sophronia Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, D (?-? Riverside); Charley, DePoe [see DePoe] (1831-1906 Paul Washington) h/o Minnie DePoe; Charley, Edw Franklin (1890-1940 Paul Washington) h/o Sarah Sophronia Wilbur; Pvt OR 44 Inf 13 Div WWI; Charley, Edw V[alentine?] “Bootie” (1922-1948 Paul Washington) Pfc OR 1327 AAF Base Unit; Charley, Emily [see Washington] (?-1927 Paul Washington) w/o Isaac Washington I; Charley, F[ranklin?] I (?-? Riverside); Charley, Franklin LeRoy (1946-1998) s/o Marie Charley & Everett Butler; Charley, Francis II (1928-1939 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah Sophronia Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, Julia (1891-1898 Riverside); Charley, Kitty (?-? Riverside) w/o Tenas; Charley, Klamath [see Charley] (?-? Paul Washington) f/o Louis Chas; grands/o Klamath Charley; Charley, Lawrence Vernon (1932-1955 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah Sophronia Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, Lena [see Martin] (1881-1920 Paul Washington) w/o Albert Martin; Charley, Long Prairie [see Long Prairie] (?-? Logsden); Charley, Mary (?-1894 Paul Washington); Charley, Maude (1890-1898 Riverside); Charley, Sarah Sophronia Wilbur (1892-1964) w/o Edw Franklin; Charley, Shellhead [see Shellhead] (1852-1887 Paul Washington) b/o Tipton Shellhead?; Charley, Tenas [see Tenas] (?-? Riverside) h/o Kitty; Charley, Thms Chetco (1930-1968 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah Sophronia Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, Wm (?-1860 Paul Washington); Chastacosta, Sam [see Sam] (?-? Logsden) h/o Nancy; Chetco, Ben [see Ben] (1854-? Paul Washington) s/o Kitty Ben; Chetco, Charley, [see Charley] (1849-1925 Riverside) h/o Catherine Charley II; Chetco, Chas (1882-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Clay, Cecelia (?-?) stepd/o John Adams; Clay, Henry (1851-1886 Paul Washington) h/o Martha; government teamster; Clay, Raymond (1884-1904 Paul Washington) steps/o John Adams; s/o Martha & Henry; Colby, Elizabeth Louanna (1937-1937 Logsden) d/o Marian & Reuben; Collins, Ada Payne (1870-1959 Paul Washington) d/o Sarah & Peter?; Collins, Alvina M (?-1885 Paul Washington); Collins, Andrew (?-1886 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Peter; Collins, Daisy Catherine [see Fuller] (1899-1970 Paul Washington) d/o Sarah & Peter?; w/o Louis Lawrence Fuller; dau-in-law/o Peter?; Collins, Geo Washington (1823-1891 KY; Paul Washington) Alsea Indian agent (c1864) f/o Peter?; Collins, Homer (1890-1891 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Peter; Collins, Jas (1865-? Paul Washington) bro of Peter?; Collins, Maxwell R (1914-1945 Paul Washington) Pfc OR 138 Fld Arty Bn 38 II Div WWII; s/o Sarah & Peter?; Collins, Melinda [see Collins] (1887-1908 Paul Washington) w/o Wm Towner; Collins, Millard (1884-1964) Paul Washington s/o Sarah & Peter?; Collins, Peter (1857-1940 Paul Washington) s/o Geo?; h/o S; Conn, Argyle Terrand (1949-1949 Paul Washington) s/o Ellen & Jas; Cook, Edna (1889-1907 Paul Washington) d/o Lettice & Jos; Cook, Jacob “Jack?” (1818-1904 Paul Washington) s/o Lettice & Jos?; Cook, Jack “Jacob?” (1820-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Cook, Jos (1848-1916 Paul Washington) h/o Lettice; Cook, Judy (?-? after 1902); Cook, Mary (?-1900 Paul Washington) d/o Lettice & Jos?; Cook, Martha [see Grant & Johnson] (1850-1963 Paul Washington); Cook, Maxfield (?-1898 Paul Washington) s/o Lettice & Jos?; Cook, Oscar (?-1898 Paul Washington) s/o Lettice & Jos?; Coquille, Charley [see Johnson & Siwash] (1886-1912 Logsden) s/o Coquille; Coquille, Hunter [see Hunter] (1807-1909 Paul Washington) h/o Polly?; Coquille, Jim [see Jim] (1816-1903 Paul Washington) f/o Nina Jim; Coquille, Johnson [see Johnson] (?-1900 Logsden); Coquille, Martha [see Wood] (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Oscar Wood; Coquille, Mildred (1889-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Coquille, Phoebe (1882-1889 Siletz Valley); Cunningham, Andrew Wm (1911-1930 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Cutlip, Anna (?-1906 Siletz Valley) w/o Chief Geo; Cutlip, Chief Geo (?-1895 Siletz Valley) Coos; h/o Anna; Daniel, Mary [see Hill] (1879-1931 Riverside) w/o Ralph Jos?; Daniel, Ralph Jos (?-1899 Riverside) h/o Mary Hill?; Spanish-American War (1898-1899); Daniel, Wade H (1851-1939 Riverside) f/o Ralph Jos; Davenport, Calousa [see Williams] (1865-1930 Paul Washington) w/o John W Williams; Davenport, Flickenger (1884-1889 Siletz Valley); Davenport, Henry (1888-1908 Paul Washington) s/o L; Davenport, Lillie (1892-1906 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Day, Jos Floyd (1921-1971 Paul Washington); Day (Daly), Wendeline (1893-1897 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); DePoe, Ada [see Arden] (1844-1916) w/o Brown Arden; DePoe, Charley [see Charley] (1831-1906 Paul Washington) h/o Minnie; Depoe Bay named for him; DePoe, Ella [see Selsic] (?-1902 Siletz Valley); DePoe, Delia [see Brown] (1872-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Oscar Brown; DePoe, Minnie (?-? Siletz Valley) w/o Charley; Dick, Jos A (1882-1941 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Lincoln?; Dick, Mary Lincoln (1863-1943 Paul Washington); Dick, Toby (?-1898 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Lincoln?; Dillon, Thms (1859-1913 Siletz Valley); Ditolla, Anna Harding (?-1848 Paul Washington) w/o Rocco; Ditolla, Rocco (1850-1930 Paul Washington) h/o Anna Harding; Dowd, Emily Logsden (?-? after 1902 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Rich?; Dowd, Irene Elizabeth [see Smith] (1895-1973 Paul Washington); Dowd, Jos Rich (1872-1948 Paul Washington) h/o Emily Logsden?; Downey, Baby Girl (1961-1961 Paul Washington) Child of Lorraine & Peter; Downey, Chas (1905-1941 Riverside) s/o Minnie Benton Shatto; Downey, Earl Steven (1921-1926 Logsden) s/o Margaret & Geo Marvin I; Downey, Geo Marvin II (1925-1925 Riverside) s/o Margaret & Geo Marvin I; Downey, Jas Lee (1935-1935 Logsden) s/o Margaret & Geo Marvin I; Downey, Mae Florence Adams (1898-1985); d/o Martha Jane Hunsucker & John Adams; Downey, Minnie Benton Shatto (1869-1954 Riverside) m/o Roy, Geo, Albert, Chas & Henry Downey; Downey, Rose Marie (1953-1953 Paul Washington) d/o Jean & Roy; Dummey, Julia [see Martin] (?-1898 Siletz Valley) w/o Isaac Martin; Egbert, Jas Edw (c1909-1909 Paul Washington) Child of K C Egbert; Egbert (Egger), John (1854-1904) Fr Felix’ List of Burials); Egbert, Margaret [see Bensell] (1900-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur S Bensell; Elliott, Baby Boy (1859-? Logsden); Elting, Jas Everett (1909-1970 Riverside) Sgt OR Tro Carr SQ AAF WWII; Erickson, Rbt LeRoy (1936-1967 Riverside) Pvt US Army WWII; Evans, Bill [see Bill] (?-? Logsden) h/o Kitty; Evans, Clara Battise (1862-1929 Logsden) w/o Edw I; Galice Creek Athabascan Weaver Evans, Dolly (1906-1910 Logsden) d/o Clara Battise & Edw; Evans, Edw I “Ned” (1857-1936 Logsden); Evans, Edw II (1892-1915 Logsden) s/o Clara Battise & Edw I; Evans, Floy [see Ryland] (1890-1964 Paul Washington) w/o Louis Ryland; Evans, Geo (1916-1925 Logsden) s/o Lena Wilbur & Homer; Evans, Homer (1884-1945 Logsden) s/o Clara Battise & Edw I; Evans, Jeanette (1901-1922 Logsden) d/o Clara Battise & Edw I; Evans, Kitty [see Bill] (1837-? Logsden) grandm/o Edw Fry; Evans, Lee (1888-1951 Logsden) s/o Clara Battise & Edw I; known as Big Chief Oosh-La-Le (Sly Fox) in vaudeville & motion pictures; Evans, Lena Wilbur (1883-1919 Logsden) w/o Homer; Evans, Leonard (1895-1930 Logsden) s/o Clara Battise & Edw I; Evans, Mary (1909-1910 Paul Washington) d/o Lena Wilbur & Homer; Evans, Ruth (1896-1936 Logsden) d/o Clara Battise & Edw I; Evans, Thms V[alentine?] (1911-1912 Paul Washington) s/o Lena Wilbur & Homer; Evans, Valentine (?-? Logsden) s/o Lena Wilbur & Homer; Everett, A B (1914-1915 Logsden) s/o Bell White; Fairchild, Ann Smith (1849-1939 Paul Washington) 4th w/o Baldwin; Fairchild, Baldwin (1850-? Paul Washington); Fairchild, Ben (1876-1894 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Wm; Fairchild, Blanche Rebecca (1924-1924); Fairchild, Butler (?-1910 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Charles (1810-1910 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Chauncy (?-1898 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Lottie (1866-1911 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Mabel [see Washington] (1907-1933 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Polly Johnson (?-1900 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Baldwin; Fairchild, Wm (1900-1904 Paul Washington) s/o Polly & Baldwin?; Felix, August Noble (1892-1938 Paul Washington) s/o Lavina & Rbt; h/o Esther; Felix, Esther (?-? Paul Washington) w/o August Noble; Felix, Gwylene R (1920-1935 Paul Washington) d/o Esther & August Noble; Felix, Pelletan (1866-1898 Paul Washington) h/o Margaret; Felix, Pelletan (1866-1898 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Felix, Margaret (?-? after1902) w/o Pelletan; Felix, Morgan II [see Phelix] (1892-1893 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Felix, Rbt (1867-1910 Paul Washington); Felix, Rudolph [see Phelix] (1891-1892 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Fisher, Helen M (1906-? Paul Washington); Fisher, Kelly Anthony (1953-1953 Paul Washington) s/o Mary & Danil Fisher, Rbt Andrew II (1965-1965 Paul Washington) s/o Barbara & Rbt; Fisher, Walter J (1903-1964 Paul Washington) h/o Helen M; Fitzpatrick, Calvin W (1916-1941 Paul Washington) s/o Fay Klamath & Geo Starr?; Fitzpatrick, Fay Klamath [see Klamath] (1882-1945 Paul Washington) w/o Geo Starr; Fitzpatrick, Faye Chas (1908-1975 Paul Washington) s/o Fay Klamath & Geo Starr; Fitzpatrick, Geo Starr (1882-1941 Paul Washington) h/o Fay Klamath; Fleming, Anna (1900-1936 Paul Washington) d/o Anna Brown & Henry; Fleming, Anna Brown (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Henry; Fleming, Ben (1927-1930 Paul Washington) s/o Anna Brown & Henry?; Fleming, Callista May (1925-1944 Paul Washington) d/o Anna Brown & Henry?; Fleming, Ella D [see Jones] (?-1934 Paul Washington) w/o Harry Jones; Fleming, David (?-? Paul Washington) s/o Anna Brown & Henry; Fleming, Henry (?-? Paul Washington) h/o Anna Brown; Fleming, Leona (?-? Paul Washington) d/o Anna Brown & Henry?; Fleming, Margaret (2 yr 6 mo Paul Washington) d/o Anna Brown & Henry?; Foster, Molly [see Carmichael] (1858-1928 Paul Washington) w/o Chas Carmichael; Frances (Government School) (1891-1901 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Freeman, Frederick (1876-1927 Paul Washington) h/o Anna B[rown?]; Freitas, Delbert Elwood (?-1923 Riverside) s/o Jos; Freitas, Gerald (c1925-1925 Riverside) s/o Jos; Fry, Arthur (?-1923 Logsden) s/o Edw; Fry, Ellen (?-? Logsden) m/o Edw; Fry, Rbt (?-? Logsden) s/o Edw; Fuller, Daisy Catherine Collins (1899-1970 Paul Washington) w/o Louis Lawrence; Siletz Weaver; Fuller, John (1801-1903 Paul Washington) s/o Daisy Catherine Collins & Louis Lawrence?; grands/o Salmon River John; Fuller, John (1801-1903 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Fuller, Lois Jean (1928-1928) d/o Daisy Catherine Collins & Louis Lawrence; grandd/o Salmon River John; Fuller, Louis Lawrence (1866-1958 Paul Washington) s/o Salmon River John; h/o Daisy Catherine Collins; Fuller, Salmon River John [see John & Salmon River] (?-? Salmon River Cemetery) f/o Louis Lawrence Fuller; Fuller, Susan (Sissy?) (?-1919 Paul Washington) d/o Daisy Catherine Collins & Louis Lawrence?; grandd/o Salmon River John?; Gallemore, Harold Ray (1906-1977 Paul Washington) h/o Ruth Gallemore (Siletz Weaver); Gardner, Chas H “Judge” (1855-1920 Riverside) h/o Virginia; Gatens, Patrick (1787-1894 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Gay, Mary E [see Goodell] (1866-1933 Riverside) w/o John Lincoln Goodell; George, Calousa (1832-1911 Paul Washington); Gehrig, Melissa (1968-1971 Logsden) d/o Barbara Tedesco; Gilliam, F F (?-1895 Paul Washington); Gilliam, Louisa Wilson (1853-1909 Paul Washington) w/o Moses; Gilliam, Moses (?-? after 1902) h/o Louisa Wilson; Goodell, Andrew Jay (1911-1968 Paul Washington) h/o Verna Elsie Strong; Goodell, Chas Lincoln (1895-1970 Champoeg; Riverside) Pvt OR Co B 306 Inf WWI; s/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; Goodell, David W (1905-?) s/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; Goodell, Jessie Louise [see Arden] (1891-1966 Riverside) w/o Claybourne Willard Arden I; Goodell, John Jos (1885-1966 Riverside) s/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; OR Fireman 1st Cl US Navy WWI; Goodell, John Lincoln (1860-1944 born Champoeg; Riverside) h/o Mary E Gay; Goodell, Jos R (1925-1969 Riverside) s/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; h/o Helen Fisher; OR WT2 US Navy WWII; Goodell, Lola A “Midge” Blacketer (1912-1975) Paul Washington) w/o David W; Goodell, Mary E Gay “Margaret” (1866-1933 Riverside) w/o John Lincoln; Goodell, Onie G (1903-1939 Riverside) d/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; Goodell, Roy Clifford (1915-1977 Riverside) s/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; h/o Lola A “Midge” Blacketer; Goodell, Verna Elsie Strong (1910-1974 Paul Washington) w/o Andrew Jay; Granier, Ripman (22 yr Logsden) s/o A Granier; Grant, Eva (1890-1895 Paul Washington) d/o Sandy & Ulysses Simpson Grant?; Grant, Martha [see Cook & Johnson] (1850-1963 Paul Washington); Grant, Sandy (1854-? Paul Washington) w/o Ulysses Simpson Grant?; Grant, Rev Ulysses Simpson (1860-1903 Paul Washington) h/o Sandy?; Siletz Reservation policeman, judge & lay Methodist minister; Griggs, Amanda (?-1929 Paul Washington); Halogluse, Alexander (1809-1905 Paul Washington) h/o Lydia O’Wathle?; Halogluse, Lydia O’Wathle (1818-1902 Paul Washington) w/o Alexander?; Halverson, Chas (1860-1948 Riverside); Hammer, Albert Leo (?-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Hammer, Baby (?-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Hammer, Hedwig Helen (?-1903 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Hammer, Martin (?-1897 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Harding, Anna [see Ditolla] (?-1848 Paul Washington) w/o Rocco Ditolla; Harding, Ellen [see Watts] (1870-? Paul Washington); Harding, Mary (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Saml; Harding, Saml (1830-1906 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Harney, Agnes I [see Howard] (1852-1883 Logsden) w/o Jos Howard; Harney, Agnes II [see Isaacson] (1889-1961 Riverside) w/o John Isaacson; Harney, Anthony “Anton?” (?-1906 Logsden) s/o Elizabeth Tole & Chief Geo; Harney, Anton “Anthony?” (?-1906 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Harney, Adelia “Odelia?” (1891-1895 Logsden) d/o Elizabeth Tole & Chief Geo; Harney, Odelia “Adelia?” (1892-1895 Fr Felix’ List of Burials); Harney, Daniel (1900-1901 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Harney, Evaline [see Baker] (1889-1941 Logsden) w/o Geo Baker; Harney, Frances [see Johnson] (1836-1934 Logsden) w/o Coquille Charley Johnson; Harney, Frederick (?-1899 Logsden) h/o Jennie; Harney, Geo I (1847-1909 Logsden) h/o Elizabeth; Harney, Geo (1850-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Harney, Geo II (?-? Logsden); Harney, Geo II (1898-1899 Fr Felix’ List of Burials); Harney, Ida Margaret (?-? Logsden); Harney, Margaret (Marguerite?) (1806-? Logsden) m/o Grand Chief Geo; Harney, Indian (?-? Logsden) h/o Margaret; f/o Grand Chief Geo; Harney, Wm (1830-? Logsden); Harrington, Ella [see Southwell] (1867-1929 Riverside) w/o Wm J Southwell; Harris, Gertrude (?-? Paul Washington) d/o Harriet Louise Klamath & Geo Rufus II; Harris, Harriet Louise Klamath (1919-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Geo Rufus II; Harris, Leva Bell (?-1897 Paul Washington); d/o Geo Rufus Harris I; Harris, Nettie [see McDonald] (1857-1901 Siletz Valley); Hatfield, Nomah (1914-1925 Riverside) w/o Walter C?; Hatfield, Walter C “Chug” (1910-1941 Riverside) h/o Nomah?; Hausa, Mary (1848-1898 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Hausa, Wm (1830-1895 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Henry, Bertha Evelyn [see Johnson] (?-? Riverside); Hill, Emma Klamath (?-1914 Paul Washington) 7th w/o “Citizen John”?; Hill, John “Citizen John” (1828-1910 Paul Washington) 1st h/o Emma Klamath; Hill, Mary Daniel (1879-1931 Riverside); Holland, Marie Stella Shellhead (1906-1919 Siletz Valley) d/o Tipton Shellhead; Hollis, Jane [see Butler] (18888-1931 Paul Washington); Horsfall, Jack G (1911-1966 Riverside) OR Tec 4 Co B 1290 4th Eng Bn WWII; Hostettler, Laurette (1922-1923 Siletz Valley) d/o Frederick; Howell, Twins (?-? Logsden); Howard, Agnes Harney I (1852-1883 Logsden) w/o Jos Howard; Howard, Charley (1858-1896 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Hubbard, Eva Alice [see Carlberg] (1903-1970 Riverside) w/o Arthur Carlberg; Hudson, Karen Rose (1960-1961 Paul Washington) d/o Rose & John I; Hugh, Lottie (?-1902 Logsden) w/o Thms; Hugh, Thms (?-? 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A homestead steeped in family tradition drew relatives, friends, and neighbors to an Aug. 19 celebration in the Siletz valley. More than 200 folks converged on the Kosydar Ranch about 4-1/2 miles north of Siletz to honor the legacy established by Polish immigrants Joseph and Anna (Karolska) Kosydar.

Jerry Kosydar is the latest in the family line to assume stewardship responsibility for the 100-year-old homestead carved from the wilderness in the early years of the 20th century.

"Hands and horses cleared this valley," said Jerry, indicating the broad sweep of land nestled among the surrounding hills.
"There's so much history here, I don't know where to begin," Kosydar added as he attempted to piece together a synopsis of the rich heritage his grandfather and grandmother created for them.

When climbing a family tree, he decided, the best place to start is the roots. While the Kosydar family's history intertwines with that of Siletz and Lincoln County, its roots are in Poland and an agricultural tradition Joseph Kosydar brought with him when he arrived on Ellis Island aboard the USS Bremen at the beginning of September 1898. After obtaining his citizenship, he migrated to Oregon in 1900, and settled in the Siletz area, where he landed a job with the United States Postal Service.

"He was earning $1 per day for toting the mail from Siletz to Kernville," said Jerry. "He was so excited, he wrote to his girlfriend in Poland, asking her to join him."

Anna Karolska, whom Joseph had met in Krakow, Poland, made the journey. They married in August 1902 at the Little Mission Church in Siletz. Both brought a strong work ethic and Old World religious values derived from traditional Catholicism to forge a new life in their adopted country.

As far as their faith goes, "grandma and grandpa lived it," said Jerry.

Children were at the core of their tradition-rich Polish heritage, and they took to heart the biblical principle to "be fruitful and multiply." To trace the entire ancestry of Joseph and Anna would require a list of "begats" rivaling anything found in the book of Genesis. Living during an era when farming and ranching was a way of life, their children numbered an even dozen. Of those 12, pneumonia claimed two of them as infants, and a ranch-related accident took one daughter at age 10. Three of the remaining nine never married, but the others did, adding more branches to the family tree's ever-widening crown.

As they grew up, the children became an integral part of the diverse agricultural enterprise Joseph built, relying on experience gleaned from working on a 160-hectare (equivalent to about 400 acres) family ranch operation in Poland.

In 1904, Joseph bought 80 acres of land (half of the original ranch), including "a little cabin on the Siletz River near what was called Canoe Landing," Jerry noted. They used the cabin as "a home away from home to start working the farm."

After planting an orchard - apple, pear, and cherry trees - near the river in 1905, Joseph added another 80 acres to the homestead in 1906 when a neighboring family opted to sell out. That purchase marked the beginning of an earnest agricultural enterprise, which grew by leaps and bounds.

Joseph extended the Siletz homestead to 216 acres, established another 160-acre homestead on Euchre Mountain covered by prime old growth timber that today "would be worth millions," and began developing another 315-acre site near Cedar Creek (three miles north along the Siletz River). They added 80 more acres in what is now the town of Siletz just prior to World War I.

"They quickly went from self-sustaining to marketing produce and livestock," said Jerry.

His grandfather's experience as wholesale commercial buyer in Poland translated into successful peripheral businesses, including a hotel in Siletz and a meat market in Toledo.

Joseph died in August 1951; Anna died two days after Christmas in 1959. They left their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other extended family members a rich heritage carefully preserved in the land, house, barn, photographs, letters, books, family traditions, and - most of all - the collective memories of their descendants.

Jerry, the sixth of 11 children born to Joseph and Anna's son Ted and his wife Iris Joy (Pearce), accepted stewardship of the family's legacy in 1976.

He maintains the agricultural heritage with a beef cow-calf and hay operation on the main homestead's 95 remaining acres, and along with it, the family's cultural heritage.

Heritage is defined three ways: The status, condition, or character acquired by being born into a particular family or social class; a country's or area's history and historical buildings or sites considered of interest and value to present generations; and something, such as a way of life or traditional culture, passed on from one generation to the next in a social group.

All three were evident at the Kosydar centennial fete.

The ghosts of the past linger in the ranch's prim, well-preserved buildings and fields, and those faded genes became vivid again as living descendants shared their recollections.

One of the most poignant appeared in a written description next to Joseph's old accordion, which was on display with other family artifacts. "He would sit in the living room of the ranch home and play it, and his children and nieces (the Yasek girls) would dance to his music," Joseph and Anna's granddaughter Marilyn Swayze reminisced. "As a very young child, I remember him playing while sitting in the large chair next to the wood stove. He would close his eyes and play."

Swayze wondered whether Joseph was - as his descendants did during their centennial gathering - remembering days past, creating a treasured memory for her as others had done for him.

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Logsden-Rock Creek?); Niemi, Selma Julianna [see Kentta] (1875-1912 Riverside) w/o John Kentta; Niemi, Victor (1889-1937 Riverside) s/o Elsie Evaline Logsden?; Nilsen, Peder Frederick (1931-1951 Logsden) s/o Sarah & Peder; Olin, Giles Amos (1884-1958 Riverside) s/o Marie Jane White & Wm Henry?; Olin, Wm Henry (1856-1925 Riverside) h/o Marie Jane White; Ojalla, Mathias (1858-1928 Riverside) h/o Aliina; f/o Alma, Lila & Martin; Olson, Elizabeth [see Blacketer] (?-1905 Logsden) d/o Elizabeth & Jas Olson; w/o Jas Blacketer; Olson, Edwin Jas [see Fern Ridge] (1962-1999) s/o Ada Nancy Service & Ocie Willard Olson; Orton, — (?-?; Logsden) w/o Chas; Orton, Bensell (1873-1936 Paul Washington) cousin/o Wolverton C; Orton, Catherine McMann (1873-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Wolverton C; Orton, Chas (?-? Logsden); Orton, Clarence C (1911-1963 Paul Washington) h/o Patricia Wilburma; Orton, Edw (?-? Logsden) h/o Emma White; Orton, Emma White (?-1901 Logsden) w/o Edw; Orton, Geo (1870-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials) h/o Louisa; Orton, Jacob (1866-1932 Paul Washington); Orton, Jane (?-? Logsden); Orton, Catherine Jane (1914-1924 Paul Washington) d/o Catherine McMann & Wolverton C; Orton, Molly Pierce (1842-1939 Paul Washington) w/o or d/o [Rev?] Jacob Pierce; Orton, Patricia Wilburma (1963-1963 Paul Washington) d/o Louisa & Clarence; Orton, Randolph G (1900-1919 Paul Washington) s/o Louisa & Geo; Orton, Rosa (?-? Logsden); Orton, Stanley (1904-1925 Logsden) graduate of Chemawa Indian School, Salem; Orton, Thms (?-? Logsden); Orton, Wolverton C (1874-1963 Paul Washington) h/o Catherine McMann; cousin/o Bensell; O’Wathle, Jos (?-1856); O’Wathle, Lydia [see Halogluse] (1818-1902 Paul Washington) w/o Alexander Halogluse?; Paananen, Franklin Oscar (1875-1963 Riverside); Pacleb, Winifred R Battise (1923-1964 Paul Washington); Payne, Ada [see Collins] (1870-1959 Paul Washington) d/o Sarah & Peter Collins?; Payne, Chas R (1853-1898 Siletz Valley) h/o Jane; Payne (Pain), Chas R (1853-1898 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Payne (Pain), Clara (1888-1905 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Payne (Pain), Owen (1896-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Payne (Pain), Roy (1890-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Peters, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-1895 Siletz Valley) f/o Sarah?; Petite, Rose (?-? after 1902); Phelix, Morgan II [see Felix] (1892-1893 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Phelix, Rudolph [see Felix] (1891-1892 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Pierce, Molly [see Orton] (1842-1939 Paul Washington) w/o or d/o [Rev?] Jacob Pierce; Pierre, Ann [see Morrison] (1870-1897 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Morrison; Pierre, Sarah (1869-1942 Paul Washington) d/o Alsea Peters?; attended Carlisle Indian School; Pike, Cora [see Samuels (1894-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Whitney Samuels; Pike, Edw I (?-? after 1902); Pike, Edw II (1891-1908 Paul Washington) s/o Ada & Frederick; Pike, Frederick (1854-1899 Paul Washington) h/o Ada; Plakio, Dino Geo (1961-1961 Paul Washington); Pompel, Mauno (1904-1918 Paul Washington) s/o Anna A & Matthew; Pompel, Anna A (1884-1959 Riverside) w/o Matthew; m/o Mauno; Pond, Clayton Clair (1875-1938 Paul Washington); Poney [see Porter], Charley (?-1894 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy; Poney [see Porter], Lucy (?-1894 Paul Washington) w/o Charley; Ponzee, John (1844-1932 Paul Washington) h/o Lillie Tyee; Ponzee, Lillie Tyee (1858-1932 Paul Washington) w/o John; Porter [see Poney], Charley (?-1894 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy; Porter [see Poney], Lucy (?-1894 Paul Washington) w/o Charley; Post, John J (1855-1921 Riverside); Pyle, Jeffrey Lee (?-1971 Paul Washington); Rabbi, Baby I (?-? Logsden); Rabbi, Baby Girl II (?-? Logsden); Reed, Agnes (1900-1903 Paul Washington) d/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Jos (1895-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); s/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Lawrence (1900-1901 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); s/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Leo (1902-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); s/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Mary “Minnie?” (1872-1904 Paul Washington) w/o Albert; Reed, Minnie “Mary?” (1864-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Ricketts, Sidney Allan (1960-1961 Paul Washington); Ricketts, Stewart (?-1926 Paul Washington); Rilatos, Catherine Elizabeth (1937-1938 Paul Washington) d/o Pearl S Simmons & Rishuto Tuton; Rilatos, Daniel Tuton (1931-1931 Paul Washington) s/o Pearl S Simmons & Rishuto Tuton; Rilatos, Mary [see Mazan] (1927-2000 Paul Washington) d/o Pear S Simmons & Rishuto Tuton; w/o John Marzan I; Randy Lee (1959-1960 Paul Washington) s/o Maxine & Rbt; Rilatos, Rishuto Tuton (1895-1967 Paul Washington) OR FI US Navy WWI; h/o Pearl S Simmons; f/o Catherine Elizabeth Rippon & Daniel Tuton, Rippon, Angeline Louise [see Bell] (1900-1974 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur Lincoln Bell I; Rippon, Caroline Johnson (1878-1946 Logsden) w/o Isaac; Rippon, Isaac (1897-1955 Paul Washington) h/o Caroline Johnson; Rippon, King (1857-1933 Logsden) h/o Lena; Rippon, Lena (1860-1930 Logsden) w/o King; Rippon, Mary (1896-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Rippon, Phillip (1902-1905 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); s/o Lena & King?; Rippon, Raymond (1890-1906 Logsden) s/o Lena & King; Rippon, Raymond (1890-1906 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Rippon, Rose (1892-1906 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Robinson, Merlin I (1915-1975 Riverside) Pfc US Army WWII; Robinson, Rich J (1860-1936 Logsden) h/o Nancy Jarnigan; carried mail from Rocca (Polk County) to Nortons; Rooney, Emily (?-1895 Siletz Valley); 1st w/o Stewart; Rooney, Jane (?-? after 1902; Rooney, Mary Warner (?-1896 Paul Washington) m/o Stewart; Rooney, Mary Werner (1843-1928 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Stewart; Rooney, Stewart (?-1926 Paul Washington) h/o (1) Emily (2) Mary Warner II; Ross, Ann (1844-1908 Paul Washington) m/o David Martin; Ross, David Martin (1879-1897 Siletz Valley) s/o Ann; Ross, David Roy (1956-1965 Riverside) s/o Roy David; Ross, Elijah (?-1898 Siletz Valley); Ross, Eliza [see Albert] (1859-1929 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o John Albert; Ross, Jas (1838-1908 Paul Washington); Ross, Jack (John?” (1860-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Ross, John “Jack?” (1860-1900 Siletz Valley); Ross, Jos Eric (1887-1898 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Ryland, Floy Evans (1890-1964 Paul Washington) w/o Louis; Sam, Tyee? Geo [see Sands] (1837-1899 Logsden); Sam, Jim (?-? Logsden) h/o Betsy Sam;264 Sam, Long Prairie [see Long Prairie] (?-? Logsden); Sam, Matches [see Matches] (?-? Logsden) h/o Hannah Matches; Sam, Nancy (1838-1895 Logsden) w/o Shasta Costa Sam; Sam, Chasta Costa [see Chastacosta] (?-? Logsden) h/o Nancy; Samuels, Cora Pike (1894-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Whitney; Samuels (Samil), M (1891-1903 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Athabascan Weaver; Samuels, Whitney (1903-1967 Paul Washington) h/o Cora Pike; Sands, Geo [see Sam] (1837-1899 Logsden); Salmon River, John [see Fuller & John] (?-? Salmon River Cemetery) f/o Louis Lawrence Fuller (1866-1958); Scott, Baby (?-?) child/o John?; Scott, John (?-1895 Siletz Valley); Scott, Leona M (1912-1976 Riverside) w/o Wallace B; Scott, Norma Etta Strong (1922-1974 Paul Washington); Scott, Wallace B (1911-1975 Riverside) h/o Leona M; Sgt US Army WWII; Sealy, John (1833-1903 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Selsic, Antone (?-1899 Paul Washington); h/o Aurelia; Selsic, Aurelia (?-? after 1902); Selsic, Christine [see Martin] (1891-1971 Paul Washington) w/o Wilbur Martin; Selsic, Ella DePoe (?-1902 Siletz Valley); Selsic, Irene (1891-1892 Paul Washington) d/o A & M; Selsic, Josephine (1888-1892 Paul Washington) d/o A & M; Selsic, Kafer (1882-1890 Paul Washington) child/o A & M; Selsic, Wilbur (?-? Paul Washington) s/o A & M; Service, Rbt N II (1921-1963 Paul Washington) OR AMM 3 USNR WWII; Shatto, Minnie Benton Downey (1869-1954 Riverside) m/o Roy, Geo, Albert, Charley & Henry Downey; Shellhead, Charley [see Charley] (1852-1887 Paul Washington) b/o Tipton?; Shellhead, Marie Stella [see Holland] (1906-1919 Siletz Valley) d/o Tipton; Shellhead, Tipton (?-? after 1902 Siletz Valley) b/o Charley?; h/o Sophia Dick; Sheridan, Chas (?-1894 Siletz Valley); Sherman, Patricia Warren (1968-1968 Riverside); Short, Jos (1865-1927 Paul Washington); Sied, Roy W (1905-1972 Riverside) h/o Julia Welter; Cpl Co A MP Bn WWII; Simmons, Alice May Logan (1927-1972 Riverside) w/o Harding; Simmons, Augusta M Smith (1900-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Frederick Hoxie; Simmons, Baby (1930-1930 Paul Washington) child/o Augusta M Smith & Frederick Hoxie; Simmons, Edwin (I?) (?-1899 Logsden) half b/o Frederick Hoxie; Simmons, Edwina Ann “Tinker” [see Brown] (1940-1968 Paul Washington) w/o Ben Brown II; Simmons, Ella Brown (1912-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Calvin I; Simmons, Ezra Ernest (1900-1944 Paul Washington) s/o Elizabeth Smith & Hoxie Augustus; Simmons, Frederick Hoxie “Fritz” (1898-1969 Paul Washington) h/o Augusta M Smith; Pfc OR HQ & MP Co 2 Div WWI; Simmons, Grace Elizabeth (1932-1934 Paul Washington) d/o Minnie R Bellinger & Lester; Simmons, Harry (1936-1936 Paul Washington) child/o Minnie R Bellinger & Lester; Simmons, Chief Hoxie Augustus (1872-1963 Kings Valley; Paul Washington) h/o Elizabeth Smith; Simmons, Elizabeth Smith (1879-1952 Paul Washington) w/o Hoxie Augustus; Simmons, May Agnes (?-1945 Paul Washington) d/o Sophie & Jos; Simmons, Minnie R Bellinger (1907-1936 Paul Washington) w/o Lester; Simmons, Sharon Rose (1946-1948 Paul Washington) d/o Clarinda & Edwin; Simmons, Thms (?-1896 Logsden) f/o Edw; Simpson, Billy [see Billy] (?-? Siletz Valley); Siwash, Charley [see Coquille & Johnson] (1886-1912 Logsden) s/o Coquille; Siwash, Harney (?-? Logsden) h/o Margaret; f/o Geo?; Sixes, Wm [see Bill] (?-1894 Siletz Valley); Skelly, Julia (1810-1905 Paul Washington) grandm/o Rachel Brown & Oscar Brown; Skelly, Mary (1815-1905 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Smith, Ann [see Fairchild] (1849-1939 Paul Washington) 4th w/o Baldwin Fairchild; Smith, Arthur (1896-1902 Paul Washington); Smith, Arthur (1896-1902 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Smith, Augusta M [see Simmons] (1900-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Frederick Hoxie Simmons; Smith, Clark (?-1900 Siletz Valley); attended Carlisle Indian School; Smith, Elizabeth [see Simmons] (1879-1952 Paul Washington) w/o Hoxie Augustus Simmons; Smith, Irene Elizabeth Dowd (1895-1973 Paul Washington); Smith, Kenneth Jas (1957-1968 Riverside) s/o Sharon & Jas; Smith, Louis M II (1906-1908 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Louisa & Louis M I?; Smith, Mary Louisa (1804-1904 Logsden); w/o Louis M; Smith, Mary Louisa (1804-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Smith, Oliver (1903-1923 Paul Washington); Smith, Mildred Rachel [see Kobielski] (1900-1960 Riverside) w/o Gideon Eugene Kobielski; Smith, Thms (1855-1900 Riverside) h/o Lucy Watts; Smith, Wm (1834-1919 Logsden? Paul Washington?) Alsea; Siletz Reservation policeman; Solomon, Franklin (1858-1900 Logsden) f/o Mildred; Solomon (Salamon), Franklin (1858-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Solomon, Mildred (?-1904 Logsden) d/o Franklin; Sommers, Twins (?-? males; Logsden); s/o Calvin Sommers; Southwell, — (86 yr Riverside); Southwell, — (1925-1925 Riverside) child/o Thelma & Clinton; Southwell, Clyde G (1894-1975 Riverside) s/o Ella & Wm J; Pvt US Army WWI; Southwell, Ella Harrington (1867-1929 Riverside) w/o Wm J; Southwell, Harriet [see Bowman] (?-? Riverside) w/o Walter G Bowman; Southwell, Wm Howard (1924-1924 Riverside) s/o Sina Howard; Southwell, Wm J (1866-1953 Riverside) h/o Ella Harrington; Spencer, Curtis J (1900-1928 Paul Washington) s/o Ella Alpine?; Spencer, DePoe (?-? after 1902); Spencer, Ella Alpine (1858-1934 Paul Washington) m/o Curtis J, Ralph & Rbt?; Spencer, Ralph (1899-1919 died Bremerton, WA; Paul Washington) s/o Ella Alpine?; 1st Cl Seaman US Navy WWI; Spencer, Rbt (1894-1923 Paul Washington) s/o Ella Alpine?; Sroufe, Elmer L (1902-1971 Riverside); Stannard, Betty Lou [see Laub] (1929-1976 Riverside) w/o Albert Laub; Stanton, Geo (?-1896 Siletz Valley) h/o Sarah Jackson; Stanton, Sarah Jackson (1821-? Siletz Valley) w/o Geo; Starr, Gertrude I [see Storm] (1901-1967 Riverside) w/o Larry Storm; Stemple, Nicholas (1873-1933 Riverside) h/o Mary; Storm, Gertrude I Starr (1901-1967 Riverside) w/o Larry; Streets, Carrie Bensell Catfish? (1898-1976 Paul Washington) (1) w/o Hawley Edgar Catfish?; (2) w/o Dorsey Streets; Siletz Weaver; Strickler, Randall J (1955-1975 Paul Washington) s/o Shirley & Rich; Stromer, Jacob (1828-1908 Siletz Valley); Strong, Almeda May (1926-1945 Paul Washington) d/o Mamie Mabel McDonald & Norman?; Strong, Byron Willis (1924-1961 Paul Washington) s/o Mamie Mabel McDonald & Norman?; Pvt OR Btry F 81 AABN PH WWII; Strong, Gayle Nadine (1951-1951 Paul Washington) d/o Wilma & Stanley Wm I;270 Strong, Ira (?-1921) s/o Mamie Mabel McDonald & Norman?; Strong, Mamie Mabel McDonald (1891-1973 Paul Washington) m/o Stanley Wm I; w/o Norman; Strong, Norma Etta [see Scott] (1922-1974 Paul Washington); Strong, Norman (1864-1899 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Strong, Norman Randall I (1888-1942 Paul Washington) s/o Norman; Strong, Norman Randall II (1920-1942 Paul Washington) Pvt OR 58 Inf WWII; s/o Norman Randall I; Strong, Stanley Wm II (1950-1955 Paul Washington) s/o Wilma & Stanley Wm I; Strong, Verna Elsie [see Goodell] (1910-1974 Paul Washington) w/o Andrew Jay Goodell; Strong, Yvonne Joyce (1941-1941 Paul Washington) d/o Wilma & Stanley Wm I?; Sutton, Charley (1839-1922 Paul Washington) f/o Newton W?; Sutton, Newton W (1891-1932 Paul Washington) s/o Charley?; Szelaskiewicz, Metcalf (?-? after 1902); Taylor, Emma [see John] (30 yr Riverside) w/o David John; Tecumseh [see Tecumseh] (?-? Logsden) h/o Anna Tecumseh; Tecumseh, Anna (1814-1908 Logsden) w/o Tyee; Tecumseh, Tyee (?-? Logsden) h/o Anna; Tenas, Charley, [see Charley] (?-? Logsden); Tenas, Tyee [see Tom & Tyee] (?-? Logsden); Thompson, Agnes Newberry (1878-1965 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Coquille; Thompson, Blanche (1907-1909 Paul Washington); Thompson, Tyee Coquille (1839-1946 Paul Washington) f/o Coquille Gene I;274 Thompson, Coquille Gene I “Tom” (1905-1974 Paul Washington) h/o Emma; Thompson, Coquille Gene II “Snooks” (1940-1964 Paul Washington) s/o Emma & Coquille Gene I; Thompson, Elisabeth, 1854-1894 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Thompson, Emma (1863-1908 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Tyee Coquille; Thompson, Emma (1861-1903 Fr Felix's’ List of Burials); Thompson, Felix Washington (1895-1896 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Thompson, Geo E (1914-1933) s/o Tyee Coquille?; Thompson, Jas II (?-1899 Siletz Valley) s/o Jas I?; Tice, “Heavy” (?-? Riverside) Tole, Elizabeth [see Blacketer & Harney] (1870-1958 Riverside) d/o Elizabeth & Jas; w/o (1) Chief Geo Harney (2) Jas Blacketer; Tom, Christine May (1923-1938 Paul Washington) d/o Aurilla & Abram; Tom, Eleanor Bernice (1920-1938 Paul Washington) d/o Aurilla & Abram; Tom, Ella Arlene (1924-1925); Tom, Emma (1873-1893 Paul Washington) w/o Wm; Tom, Jim I (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Jas; Tom, Joshua “Old Joshua?” (?-? Siletz Valley); Tom, Lonnie (?-? Paul Washington) f/o of Abram; Tom, Lucy [see Watts] (1862-1946 Paul Washington) w/o Jas Watts?; Tom, Tyee Tenas [see Tenas & Tyee] (?-? Logsden); Tom, Wm (?-1895 Siletz Valley); Tomelo, Thms (1832-1862 Siletz Valley); Tompson, Sina (?-1898 Paul Washington); Tompson, Walker (?-1899 Paul Washington); Tompson, Washington (?-1896 Paul Washington); Towner, Clara (1880-1904 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Wm I; Towner, Jas Lawrence (?-1927 Paul Washington) s/o Clara & Wm I?; Towner, Julia (1915-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Leslie Gilbert; Towner, Leslie Gilbert (1900-1973 Paul Washington) h/o Julia; Towner, Louisa [see Carson] (1871-1893 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Franklin Willard Carson I; Towner, Melinda Collins (1887-1908 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Wm I; Towner, Wm I (1872-1959 Paul Washington) h/o (1) Clara (2) Melinda Collins; Towner, Wm II (1899-1900 Paul Washington) s/o Clara & Wm I; Tronson, Elmer Louis (1936-1941 Paul Washington) s/o Jack; Tronson, Eva [see Jackson] (1909-1945 Paul Washington); Tronson, Henry (?-? Siletz Valley); Tronson, Jack (1902-1972 Paul Washington) s/o Olive James & Rbt; f/o Elmer Louis; Tronson, Lena Chapman (1876-1961 Paul Washington); Stepd/o John Adams; Tronson, Nelly (1899-1919 Paul Washington); Tronson, Olive James [see James] (1878-1930 Paul Washington) w/o Rbt; Tronson, Rbt (1868-1947 Paul Washington) h/o Olive James; Tronson, Rbt James (1944-1945 Paul Washington) s/o Adolph & Ethel; Tronson, Ruth Gertrude (1905-1925 Paul Washington); Tronson, Sharon Arlene (1941-1951 Paul Washington); Tyee, Geo Harney [see Harney] (?-? Logsden); u/o Geo Harney; Tyee, Joe [see Klamath] (92 yr Riverside); Tyee, John [see John] (?-1904 Logsden) h/o Mary Mack; Tyee, Johanna (1827-1897 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Tyee, Lillie [see Ponzee] (1858-1932 Paul Washington) w/o John Ponzee; Tyee, Mary Mack (1897 Logsden) w/o Tyee John; Tyee, Tyee, Tenas Tom [see Tenas & Tom] (?-? Logsden); Umatata, Bill [see Bill] (1848-1933 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Umatata, Rosa (1890-1898) Riverside) d/o Mary & Umatata Bill?; Umatata (Matate), Rosa (1890-1898) Fr Felix’s List of Burials; Umatata, Leo (1896-1957 Paul Washington) s/o Mary & Umatata Bill?; Pvt OR 53 Spruce SQ WWI; Umatata, Mary (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Umatata Bill?; Umatata, Wm Foster (1890-1899 Riverside) s/o Mary & Umatata Bill?; Umatata (Matate), Wm Foster (1890-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Valet (Veniat), Agnes (1875-1896 Fr Felix’s List of Burials);Valet, Edna M “Kathy” (1913-1971 Riverside) w/o Thms R; Valet, Thms R (1913-1978 Riverside) h/o Edna M; Wainyo, Baby Boy (?-? Siletz Valley) s/o John Wainyo; Wallace, Jas W (?-1910 Siletz Valley); Wallace, John (?-1902 Siletz Valley); Ward, Frederick (1910-1962 Paul Washington); Warner, Jas? II? (?-1918 Paul Washington) s/o Jas I?; Warner, Jas I? (1818-c1909 Siletz Valley) f/o Jas? II?; Warren, Ada Mildred Case (1913-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Wm; Warren, Patricia (1968-1968 Riverside);  Waltman, Frieda L [see Miller] (1926-1974 Riverside) w/o Ross Miller; Washington, Andrew (1896-1919 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Pvt OR 308 Inf 77 Div WWI; Washington, Caroline (1890-1903 Paul Washington) d/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Washington, “Caroline?” (1890-1903 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Washington, Dewey (1897-1954 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I?; Washington, Emily Charley (?-1927 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Isaac I; Washington, Geo I (1937-1938 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Brown & Jos; Washington, Geo II (?-1925 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Brown & Jos; Washington, Gilbert Owen (1931-1953 Paul Washington); Washington, Hattie II (?-? Paul Washington) d/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Washington, Hattie I (1903-1936 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Isaac I; Washington, Isaac I (1862-1932 Paul Washington); Washington, Isaac II (1904-1955 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Washington, John (?-? Siletz Valley); Washington, Jos (1902-1963 Paul Washington) h/o Mary Brown; Washington, Catherine Ludson (1910-1942 Paul Washington) w/o Dewey; Washington, Mabel Fairchild (1907-1933 Paul Washington); Washington, Madina (?-1937 Paul Washington); Washington, Margaret (?-? Siletz Valley); Washington, Mary Brown (1825-1919 Paul Washington) w/o Jos; Washington, Paul I (1894-1918 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Pfc Co G 361 Inf 91 Div WWI; Washington, Paul II (1930-1930 Paul Washington) s/o Catherine & Dewey; Washington, Percy “Pius Person?” (1899-1904? Siletz Valley); Washington, Pius Person “Percy?” (1899-1904 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Washington, Timothy (?-? Siletz Valley); Washington, Wm (1866-1888 Siletz Valley); Washington, Wilverna Dorene (1941-1970 Paul Washington) d/o Mary Brown & Jos; Watson, John (?-1900 Siletz Valley) s/o Mary Wilbur; Watson, Lucy Wilbur (?-1902 Siletz Valley); Watson, Mary [see Wilbur] (1867-1907 Paul Washington); Watson, Nancy (?-1898 Siletz Valley) d/o Lucy Wilbur?; Watts, Aga (1893-1902 Siletz Valley) s/o Lucy Tom & Jas?; Watts, Darvon J (1896-1942 Paul Washington) s/o Lucy Tom & Jas?; Cpl OR 363 Inf 91 Div WWI; Watts, Ellen Harding (1870-? Paul Washington); Watts, Ellen Nora [see Brown] (1869-1955 Paul Washington); Watts, Jas (1857-1928 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy Tom? f/o Darvon Jas; Watts, Lucy Tom (1862-1946 Paul Washington) w/o Jas?; Watts, Titus Ellen (1891-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Werner, Mary [see Rooney] II (1843-1928 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Stewart Rooney; West, Jack II (1856-1956 Paul Washington) s/o Nettie Jim & Jack West I?; West, Ellen (1892-1899 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); West, Josephine (?-? Logsden) d/o Nettie Jim & Jack I; West, Stella (1892-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials) d/o Nettie Jim & Jack West I?; White, Amelia (d1901 Logsden); White, Bede (?-1900 Logsden) w/o Jas; White, Bertha [see Wilbur] (?-? Lower Siletz); White, Captain [see Captain] (?-1898 Logsden) h/o Polly; White, Chester (?-1899 Logsden) s/o Nelly & Captain; White, Clarinda (?-? Logsden) d/o Bede & Jas; White, Claybourne (1844-1908 Logsden) f/o Captain & Jas?; White, Emma [see Orton] (?-1901 Logsden) w/o Edw Orton; White, Grover (1896-? Logsden) s/o Nelly & Captain; White, Hazel (1898-1916 Logsden) d/o Bede & Jas; White, Jas (?-1902 Logsden) h/o Bede; White, Nelly (?-? Logsden) 1st w/o Captain; White, Paul (1886-1903 Logsden) s/o Bede & Jas; White, Polly (?-1899 Logsden) 2nd w/o Captain; White, Wm Martin (?-? Logsden) h/o Neely; Wigle, Solomon (?-1911 Logsden) h/o Theresa; Wilbur, Bertha White (?-? Lower Siletz); Wilbur, Geo (1856-1923 Lower Siletz) s/o Jane; Wilbur, Jane (1835-1910 Lower Siletz) m/o Geo; Wilbur, Lucy [see Watson] (?-1902 Siletz Valley); Wilbur, Mary Watson (1867-1907 Paul Washington); Wilbur, Sarah Sophronia [see Charley] (1892-1964) w/o Edw Franklin Charley; Wilbur, Thms (1883-1900 Paul Washington); Wilbur (Wilburt), Thms? (1883-1898 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Williams, Agatha Brown (1901-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Matthew I; Williams, Andrew (1902-1930 Paul Washington) s/o Calousa Davenport & John W; Williams, Baby Boy (1955-1955 Paul Washington) s/o Verdi & Jos; Williams, Barney (1838-1902 Paul Washington) h/o Mary?; Williams, Barney (1836-1902 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Williams, Calousa Davenport (1865-1930 Paul Washington) w/o John W; Williams, Claudy "Claude" (?-1902 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Williams, Edgar Geo (1924-1977 Paul Washington) s/o Agatha Brown & Matthew I; pfc US Army WWII; Williams, Emma (?-1895 Paul Washington); Williams, Eugene I (1935-1977 Paul Washington) h/o Carol; Williams, John W (?-? Paul Washington) h/o Calousa Davenport; Williams, Jos (1920-1972 Paul Washington) h/o Verdi; SI US Navy; Williams, Mary (1848-1902 Paul Washington) w/o Barney?; Williams Matthew I “Skinner” (1896-1977 Paul Washington) h/o Agatha Brown; Williams, Nora (1892-1902 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Williams, Olivia (?-1903 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Williams, Patricia Ann (1941-1943 Paul Washington) d/o Agatha Brown & Matthew; Williams, Thecla (?-1900 Fr Felix’s List of Burials); Williams, Sixes [see Bill & Sixes] (?-1894 Siletz Valley); Williams, Wm (1922-1948 Paul Washington) Pfc US Army WWII; Wilson, Harry (?-? Logsden) h/o Ida; Wilson, Louisa [see Gilliam] (1853-1909 Paul Washington) w/o Moses Gilliam; Wilson, Mary (?-1896 Paul Washington)277 m/o Whitney Samuels [Lucy & Julia?]; Winkler, Andrew (?-1942 Siletz Valley) s/o Ann C Logan & John J?; Winkler, Ann C Logan (1869-1953 Paul Washington) w/o John J; Winkler, John J (1872-1948 Paul Washington) h/o Ann C Logan; s/o Joel; Winston, Edna Bell (1898-? Riverside) w/o John Roy; Winston, John Roy (1866-1962 Riverside) h/o Edna Bell; Wittenstrom, Frederick (1851-1916 Logsden);  Wood, Martha Coquille (1853-1931) Paul Washington) w/o Oscar; Wood, Oscar (c1853-c1931 Paul Washington) h/o Martha Coquille; Wood, Sarah [or Sally] Ann (1827-1931 Paul Washington) m/o Oscar?; Woodman, John (1832-1919 Paul Washington) h/o Peggy; Woodman, Peggy (1844-1879 Paul Washington) w/o John; oldest grave on Government Hill; Woodman, Wm P (1871-1887 Paul Washington) s/o Peggy & John?; Woods, Georgena Mabel Bensell (1917-1968 Paul Washington) w/o Raymond; Yannah, Chas (?-? Paul Washington) h/o Mary?; Yannah, Mary (?-? Paul Washington)279 w/o Chas?; m/o Molly Catfish; Youngman, Paul A (1948-1968 Paul Washington) s/o June & Louis; OR Pfc Co B 5 Mar I Mar Div PH Vietnam War (1950-1975); Zibinden, “Spindle” (?-? Logsden).


The Authors, M. Constance Guardino III and Rev. Marilyn A. Riedel
At Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Displaying Copies of
L:ords of Themselves by M. Constance Hodges (Guardino) and
At Rest In Lincoln County by Evelyn Payne Parry.

Toledo Cemetery

Akin, Eunice M Alexander (1872-1959); Akin, John S (1871-1946); Aleckson, Alfred S (1892-1972) Pvt WI US Army WWI; Aleckson, Walter Scott (1962-1976); Aleckson, Olga M Waller (1903-1979); Alexander, Dora Irene (1870-1871); Alexander, Maurice Leland (1953-1962); Alexander, Wm H I (1840-1904); Alexander, Wm H II (1881-1937); Allen, Chas (1849-1934 England); h/o Margaret Lillard; Allen, Clara D (1917-1920); Allen, Margaret Lillard (1866-1939) d/o Nancy L Mulkey & Morgan; w/o Chas; Allen, Morgan (?-1948); Altree, Alma (1903-1904) d/o J E & A; Altree, Austin Edw (1862-1920); Altree, Chas F (1875-1932); Altree, Clarence (1872-1928); Altree, Edna May (1879-1938) w/o Oliver R; Altree, Edw (1886-1938); Altree, Imogene I (1896-1918); Altree, Jos Edw (1883-1943) h/o Alma Bradeson; Altree, Lavina Graham (1845-1926); Altree, Oliver R (1869-1932) s/o E S & Lavinia; h/o Edna May; Altree, Sarah Ann (1874-1962 Nortons); Altree, Sary Jane Bryant (1863-1932); Alvarado, Jesse F (1881-1961); Alvarado, Micaela S (1887-?); Andersen, Ann T Peterson (1878-1951); Andersen, Caspara S (1890-1973); Anderson, Hazel (1903-1914) twin d/o Ann T Peterson & Rasmus A; Andersen, John C (1903-1970); Andersen, Nels (1883-1967); Andersen, N M (?-?); Andersen, Rachel (1903-1903) twin d/o Ann T Peterson & Rasmus A; Andersen, Rasmus A (1874-1955 Norway) s/o Rachel A Henna & Anton; h/o Ann T Peterson; f/o Alvina, Raymond & Kenneth; Andersen Ruby McElwain (1874-1932); Andrews, Anna (1899-1901) d/o John; Andrews, Elizabeth Warren (1864-1919); Andrews, Geo Washington (1900-1954); Andrews, Winnifred Swearingen (1899-1929) 1st w/o A McMillan; Apell (?-?); Armstrong, Arthur L (1875-1956); Arnold, Jennie Alexander (1875-1963); Arnold, Job N (1836-1919 MN) Sgt Co F 4th Inf Regt MN Vol Civil War; Arnold, Marjorie E Graham (1848-1936) Arnold, Mary A Card (1851-1926); Arnold, Ray (?-1894; born Shelby, County, MN) s/o Job N; Arnold, Renus A (1868-1936) s/o Job N & Mary A Card; Aronson, Anna E (1887-1968); Aronson, Carl A (1872-1961); Arthur, Charlie B (1874-1940) PA Saddler 3rd Cavalry Spanish American War; Arthur, Martha (1884-1966); Atkins, Earl C (1888-1949); Aussicker, Augusta (1845-1905); Bagley, Baby (?-?); Baker, Andrew S (1903-1971); Baker, Frances V Leabo (1884-1907) grandd/o Noah J Leabo (1815-1899 IN); Ball, Virginia Armstrong (1873-1967); Ball, Walter E (1864-1969); Ball, Warren T (1860-1932); Bateman, Ethel Ross (1884-1965); Bateman, Leo R (1886-1973 MI) s/o Katherine B & Jas E; h/o Ethel Ross; f/o Ross & Jean (Sherwood); Beaver (?-?); Benn, Laverne C (1915-1966) Maj NY 347 FA Bn 91 Inf WWII; Bennett, Walter Scott (1928-1976); Berg, Peter (1874-1921); Bertman, Lydia Marie (1892-1961); Boeckman, Ella (1858-1940); Boeckman, Carl F (1858-1939); Bohrer, Colonus (?-?); Bohrer, Margaret (1850-1927); Boone, Wm Clay (1858-1936); Booth, Baby (?-?); Booth, Marion Todd (1841-1914); Booth, Saml Kirkwood (1860-1912) h/o Sarah Shaffer; Boyles, Alice Pearl (1900-1917); Boyles, Harry (1875-1917); Bradley, Hazel Elva (1917-1919); Bradley, Helen Cusack Gildersleeve (1908-1973) adopted d/o Melvin Gildersleeve; Bradley, Mabel Emmie Wiseman (1885-1928) d/o Jas A; Bradley, Stanley W (1902-1967); Bradley, Wm M (?-?); Branstiter, Jas H (1907-1970); Brash, Clarence W (1896-1944); Brash, Edna J (1901-?); Brazelton, Jane H (1822-1911); Brazelton, Wm (1837-1905); Bredstedt, Carl Christian (1884-1925); Brigham, J Belle (1870-1968); Brigham, J Eddy (1865-1949); Brown, August (?-?); Brown, Cyrus (1822-1905); Brown, Francis Bartow (1861-1932) h/o Ruby of Harlan; Brown, Fred E (1873-1938) s/o Curtis & Clementine; Brown, Jos E “Buster” (1909-1965) h/o Violet Mable Haskins; Brown, Jos Walter (1935-2000); h/o Luann Sturdevant; s/o Violet Mable Haskins & Jos E “Buster”; Brown, Kathleen Kay (?-1967) Infant d/o Fred E & Joyce; Brown, Mary Ann 1937-1938) Infant d/o Jos E “Buster” & Violet Mable Haskins; Brown, Violet M Haskins (1903-1963) w/o Jos E “Buster”; Brown, Wm Albert (?-1928) s/o Curtis & Clementine; Bryant, Ernest (1891-1977) Pvt US Army WWI; Bryant, Jos W (1858-1936); Bryant, Mary A Pettit (1865-1938); Buell, Elizabeth Prouty (1849-1919); Buell, C H (1840-?); Burkel, Jacob (?-1911); Burnett, Amanda M Wilson (1844-1929); Burns, Emmar (1887-1893); Burns, Henry H (c1846-1928) Pvt Co E 18th Inf Regt IN Vol Civil War; Buse, Harvey H (1911-1937); Butler, Henry P (1826-1893); Butler, John M K (1851-?); Butler, Judiethe Emaline Smith (1828-1911 TN) d/o Thms Smith; Butler, Ruby H (1859-1938); Butterfield, Sarah Jane (1856-1924); Cain, Avery (1901-1929) s/o Riley; Cain, Sally (1909-1929); Calkins, Albert Ray (1932-1961); Campbell, David Geo (?-?); Campbell, Milton Lee (1859-1912); Campbell, Mary J (1871-1960); Campbell, Rich Geo (?-1923) Pvt US Army WWI; Campbell, Shirley Myrlie (?-1922); Campbell, pvt Wm Henry (1891-1967); Carson, Baby (1902-1902); Carter, Steven Douglas (1958-1976); Castle, Edna B Toberer (1897-?); Catlin, W C (1888-1958); Center, Ida Sherwood (1857-1919 NE) d/o Winifred E Hayden & Norman H; Center, Mary Rocca (1887-1895) d/o Ida Sherwood & Saml Center; Center, Saml (1847-1919); Chambers, Alma Alice (1912-1912) infant/o Marie C Hamar & Geo C; Chambers, Fred Hamar (1909-1918) s/o Marie C Hamar & Geo C; Chambers, Geo C (1880-1947); Chambers, Marie Hamar (1880-1961); Chambers, Rollin K (1871-1918); Chatfield, Allen W (1908-1976) h/o May; Chatfield, May L (1918-2000) w/o Allen; Chavarria, Calaeino E (1900-1970); Chavarria, Esquia P (1899-1969); Chavarria, John (1927-1958); Chelsey, David L (1885-1958); Chelsey, Sena B (1885-1946); Child, Geo Washington (?-1925); Christiansen, Andor (1915-1915) infant s/o Julianna & Rich; Christiansen, Arthur J (?-1910) b/o Rich; Christiansen, Claus (1883-1968) cousin/o Conrad, Russell & Rich; Christiansen, Julianna (1864-1945 Norway) h/o John; Christensen, Helen Arlene (?-1927) d/o Edith Schurve & Wm O; Christensen, Wm O (1901-1972); Clark, Chas S (1864-1890); Clark, David Albert (1856-1927); Coblantz, John L (?-?); Cohagan, Wm (1858-1936); Collins, Henry E (1837-1914) s/o Edw; Collins, Maude Vincent (1878-1905 MO; died Medford) 1st w/o Rbt E (1874-? KS); Collins, Nancy C (1848-1946); Compton, Merle Elma (1902-1974); Conklin, Catherine Miller Golden (1838-1911 Germany) Civil War nurse bur by DAR with honors; (1) Golden; (2) Conklin; Conklin, Jos S (1838-1911) Co A MO Eng Civil War; Cooley, Ada May (?-1916) d/o S W; Cooper, Esther Irene (1927-1927) d/o Mary Boone & Earl; Copeland, Josiah S (c1834-1912 OH) bro of Wm Clark (1845-? OH) & O Aiken (1846-? OH); Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Copeland, Wm Clarke (c1845-1918 OH) b/o Josiah S & O Aiken; h/o Clarinda Kisor Chambers Copeland; Pvt OH Co A 36th Batt NG 141 Vol Inf; Copeland, Zenas Carr (1876-1956); Cosley, Chas Lester (1899-1922); Coulter, Rbt Lloyd (1946-1969) SP4 OR 101 Airborne Div Vietnam War (1950-1975); Coxen, Chester H (1958-1959); Coxen, Hermina E (1905-1961); Coxen, Jas Dale (1954-1974); Crosno, Aden B (1875-1907); Crosno, Bert Rube (1880-1903); Crosno, Chas Barton (1845-1917); Crosno, Charlotte E King (1885-1941); Crosno, Clifford King (1882-1973); Crosno, Frederick (1844-1927); Crosno, Gertrude (1890-1903) d/o Chas B; Crosno, Louisa (1853-1916); Cummings, Jas G (1886-1952); Cunningham, Nancy (1897-1941); Curfman, Everett Elmer (1870-1945) h/o Rena Leganger; Curfman, Rena Leganger (1894-1978); Curry, Ardle Delmer (1902-1977); Curry, Nadine (1927-1941); Dahl, Edw Eugene (1929-1942) s/o Dorothy & Edw Geo; Dahl, Edw Geo (1903-1978) s/o Gabriel; Dahl, Ellen Norland (1885-1910); Dahl, Gabriel (1860-1938); Dahl, Josephine (1901-1925); Dahl, Ruth (1906-1909); Darnley, Nannie McCrumb (1868-1919 PA); Darnley, Wm (?-1922); Darting, Louvina (1876-1912) m/o Ralph D; Dary (?-?); Davenport, Anna Bryant Brown (1888-1965) m/o Joe E; Davenport, Douglas (1916-1952) OR BMJ ASMR WWII; Davenport, Geo G (1875-1956) b/o Bill; u/o Herbert A & Douglas; Davenport, Herbert A (1918-1948) Pfc OR Co J Inf 40 Div BSM WWII; Davenport, Lucy K Martin (1897-1937); Davis, Baby (?-1897 fema;e) infant d/o Sarah L Chambers & Geo Elmo; Davis, G Elmo (1872-1963); Davis, G Harlan (1900-1961); Davis, Lou Fay (1901-1912) d/o Lester; Davis, Sarah L Chambers (1875-1942); DeMott, Jos L (1865-1920); Derby, David Jas (1868-1923 homesteaded Mill 4 1879); Derby, Mary Jane (1852-1928); Derrick, Berthel D (1894-1966) OR Wagr Sup Co Inf WWI; Derrick, Della Paine Hammond (1897-1964) (1) w/o Jas G Hammond; Dick, Isaac A (1812-1983); Dickey, Frank L (1922-1942); Dickey, Glen Oliver (1891-1946); Dixon, Sarah Elaine (1946-1946); Dodson, Lester (1862-1900); Duerden, Emma S Simpson (1875-1945); Duke, Patricia Ann (1924-1939); Duke, Wm A (1887-1939); Dundon, Caroline Holtz (1822-1914 OH); Dundon, Wm (1826-1902); Dykes, Muriel Elizabeth (?-1928 d/o Emma Warley & Irvin); Edmondson, Sandra Kay (?-1957) d/o Janice Smith & Rex; Edwards, Mary H (1859-1913); Ellenburg, Doris L (1902-1947); Embree, Cary Duncan II (1887-1888 Pioneer Mountain) s/o Lucinda (1807-? KY) and Cary Duncan I (1806-? KY); died diphtheria; Embree, Wm A (1867-1888) s/o Adaline (1848-? IA) & Mark (1840-? MO) died diphtheria; Engel, Chas (1863-1930); Esbenshade, Gladys M (1913-1959); Enos, Amanda E (1855-1924); Enos, Archie E (1890-1912); Enos, Wm F (1854-1929); Espy, Thms (1843-1926 PA); h/o Matilda Hill; Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; Civil War; Espy, Matilda Hill (1842-1925); w/o Thms; Everest, David M (1888-1967) Pvt OR 71 Spruce SQ WWI; Ewing, John Marion (1869-1932); Fish, Ida G E Dundon (1876-1889) 1st w/o Thms; Fish, Jennie (1852-1919 bur Portland) 2nd w/o Thms; Fish, Thms P (1847-1928) h/o (1) Ida G E Dundon & (2) Jennie Fish; Pvt 1st Inf Regt OR Vol Civil War; Fisher, Jean (1915-1957); Fisher, Thms P (1847-1928 Civil War); Flowers, Orhn G (1893-1913) Pvt OR Bakers & Cooks Sch OMC WWI; Folmsbee, Bertha (1863-1937); Folmsbee, Frieda Ullman (?-?); Folmsbee, John (1849-1919); Folmsbee, Vernon (1899-1967) Pvt OR US Army WWI; Folmsbee, Victor (1892-1918); Folmsbee, Vincent (1906-1921); Folmsbee, Virgil (1902-1971); Foreman, David (1871-1913 Scotland); Frazier, Hazel Marie (?-1918); Frederick, Mayo Davis (1899-1953); Freeman, Carry Van Emery (?-?); Freeman, Geo Kent (1850-1973); Freeman, Gladys (1900-1914); Fuller, Ellis LeRoy (1934-1935); Fuller, John R (1881-1954); Fuller, Peter T (1894-1936); Gaither, Baby (?-1895); Gaither, Beal Mackey (1897-1917) killed in sawmill; Gaither, Jas J (1861-1943) s/o Beal Gaither (Siletz Indian agent 1889; 1894-1898); Gaither, Nellie Mackey (1866-1958 OR d/o Teresa May McGrath (1842-? Canada) & Wm (1841-1974 Canada); 1st non-indian child born Toledo; Gaither, Terrance W (1899-1978 Ft Simcoe, Washington) s/o Nellie Mackey & judge Jas J; h/o Marguerite Friese; Garrison, Leona Ruth (1948-1965); Gassner, John (?-1943); Gildersleeve, A Melvin (1875-1945) s/o Thms & Emma; Gildersleeve, Carl (1883-1941); Gildersleeve, Lulu L Williams (1877-1940); Gildersleeve, Sarah C Flowers Altree (1881-1966); Gildersleeve, Thms J (1846-1929) h/o Emma (?-1898 bur Nebraska); Gilkenson, Edna (1884-1975); Gilkenson, Wm P (1878-1948); Gilmore, Harrison G (1889-1971); Gilmore, Sarah E (1939-1941); Glenn, Cora H (1880-1964); Glenn, Joel Price (1862-1928); Goode (?-?); Goodell, — Freeman (?-? female) d/o G K Freeman; w/o Andrew Jackson; Gordon, Chas H (1903-1968); Gordon, Edith Meadows (1902-1978); Graham, Elizabeth (1835-1913); Graham, Helen Rebecca (1915-1915) d/o Rebecca Neathamer & Bill; Graham, John (1805-1883); Graham, John L II (1898-?);294 Graham, Mollie L Ross (1898-1947); Graham, Rebecca Logan (1814-1871); Graham, Sarah A (1840-1883); Greele (?-?); Grable, Alfred (1856-1946); Grable, Anna B (1863-1945); Grady, Catherine Graham (1852-1937);w/o Danl; m/o Eleanor Grady Bogert; Grady, Danl Morrison (1844-1925); Gray, Dennis E (1914-1968); Gray, E (?-?); Gray, Wm E (1915-?); Green, Evelene Rose (1876-1956); Green, Jas A (1870-1947); Greenhagen, Herman (1898-1918) Spanish flu; Greenhagen, John H (1856-1920); Greenhagen, Maude F (1877-1916) w/o J H; Griffith, Mary Parks (1877-1948); Griffith, Wm Dodge (1867-1946); Grove, Ellen Altree (1907-1942) d/o Anna Hamar & Chas; Grove, Eugene (?-1942) h/o Gladys; Grove, Terry A (1960-1973); Guild, Florence Ruth (1888-1918) w/o Harry; Spanish flu; Guild, Martha R (?-1947); Gwynn, J R C (1863-1937); Gwynn, Rev Rhys R (1835-1917); Gwynn, Solomon (?-1912) s/o R R; Gwynn, Sophia Dubreuil (1837-1912) grandm/o Laura B Howes; Gwynn, Wm Walter (1910-1917); Hackett, Eva M (1918-1923); Hackett, Geo S (1861-1926); Hagen, Cpt Peter (?-1892 NY) Co E 12th MO; b/o Matt O, Ogdenburg, NY; Hale, Jos Lloyd (1962-1963); Hall, Anna Alexander (1883-1953); Hall, Jos A (1850-1907); Hall, Warren R (1877-1937); Hamar, Geo E (1874-1917); Hammen, Josephine (1864-1911); Harbison, Mary I (?-1888) died diphtheria; Harmon, L M (1836-1893); Harriman, Mamie L McCluskey Litchfield (1880-1930); Harris, John A. II (1901-1955); Harris, Lillian M (1926-1937); Harrison, Frank Andrew (1949-1971); Harrison, Jefferson W (1837-1923); Harrison, Mary A (1876-1948) Toledo High School teacher; Mary Harrison Elementary School is named for her; Harrison, Nellie C (1849-1939); Hartman, Jack (?-1923); Hansen, Betsy (1861-1919); Hansen, Christian (1846-1915); Hansen, Cora E M (1912-1975); Hansen, Hans Ludwick (1919-1919); Hassman, A (?-?); Hassman, Bessie (1861-1938); Hassman, Chas (1862-1944); Hawkins, Cecil E Lutey (1896-? MI); Hawkins, Thms Edw (1923-1943) WI Ensign US Navy; Hawkins, Thms P (1891-1970) h/o Cecil Lutey; f/o Harry; Hawley, Iowa May Lockhart (1876-1943); Hawley, Jas (?-?); Hawley, Rbt E (?-?); Hazelton, Chas Randall (1874-1927); Heady, Lou Parker (?-1928) w/o (1) Parker; (2) Heady; Henderson, Chas (1886-1920); Henderson, Theo Arroll (1972-1974); Higgins, Harriet E (1857-1925); Hill, Carrie E (1856-1906); Hill, Jas Roy (1941-1962); Hills, Jas A (1870-1950); Hills, Wm A (1915-1931); Hirbeck, Chas F (1890-1935); Hiser, Isaac Freeman (1861-1922); Hiser, Mary Catherine Jacobs (?-1928); Hitchcock, Ruth N (1890-1977); Hodges, Delbert Loyd (1940-1999 OR); former h/o M. Constance Guardino III; f/o Heather Dobbie (1972-? Eugene), Hilary Truitt (1977-? Corvallis) & Alexander Ferguson (1986-? Newport); grandfr/o Tristan Jas Hodges (2000-?); Trinity Alexandra Bird (2003-?); Hodges, Geneva Claudine Truitt (1912-1977 NM) w/o Geo Adelbert II; m/o Delbert Loyd (1940-1999 Toledo) & Ronald Wayne (1942-? Toledo); Hodges, Geo A II “Del” (1887-1969 bn Cougar Mountain) s/o Levina Sager & Geo Adelbert I; Hodges, Patrick Athol (1895-? OR) s/o Levina Sager & Geo Adelbert I; Hoga, Kenneth Wayne (1949-1956); Holmgren, Chas August (?-1926); Holmgren, Kenneth Hassman (1929-1929) s/o Jennie E Hassman & Arthur; Holifield, Christine (1911-?); Holifield, Cord Brooks (1956-1957) s/o B; Holifield, Guilford B (1908-1970); Holt, Irvin R (1929-1929) infant s/o Laverna Payne & Elvie; Hoover, Grace Vern Carson (1895-1922) w/o Lon; Horning, Anna Hurley (1875-1969); Horning, Fred (1880-1969); Horning, Mary F Jones (1860-1945); Horning, Thms H (1856-1940); House, Fay Beatrice (1919-1973); Howe, Darwin E “Red” (1923-1975); Howell, Edith R Harrison (1879-1959); Howell, Evelyn L (1909-1979); Howell, Henry (1873-1937); Howell, Iona E Harrison (1876-1907); Howell, Wayne F (1938-1955); Hungerford, Martha (1871-1959); Hungerford, Victor M (1897-1973) Pfc OR US Army WWI & WWII; Huntsucker, Baby (?-?); Huntsucker, Jas Tee (1864-1961); Huntsucker, John S (1861-1907 McCaffrey Slough); Huntsucker, Lydia B (1884-1962); Huntsucker, Rbt L (1949-1962) s/o Winifred Louise Hetzel (1992-1998 KS) and Vernon; Huntsucker, Willard (1851-1936 Linn County) s/o Jas; Huntsucker, Winifred Louise Hetzel (1922-1998 KS) m/o Rbt L (1949-1962) & David; w/o Vernon; Hurley, Amanda J (1847-?); Hurley, Arnold D (1839-1920); Hyde, Elma L (1839-1930); Hyde, Dorothy E (1901-1913) d/o Chas L & Sonora W; Hyde, John Lewis (1822-1907 OH); Jacobsen, Hans M (1878-1969) woodcarver; Jacobson, Anna E (1884-1967); Jacobson, Anton L (1878-1954); Jacobson, Harry L (1887-1964); Jacobson, John I (?-1942); Johnson, Alfred G (1888-1938); Johnson, Amelia Borgen (1886-196); Johnson, Cornelius (1829-1905); Johnson, Elma S Waugh (1877-1961) 1st w/o Albert G; Johnson, Ernest V (1895-1964); Johnson, John C (1852-1908); Johnson, Matt Wm (1881-1968); Johnson, Rich Coral (c1927-1927) infant s/o Hans & Alvina; Johnson, Rich J (?-1914); Johnson, Sadie (1891-1974); Johnson, Vincent B (1903-1963); Johnston, Helen M (1877-1960); Johnston, Roscoe C (1872-1943); Jones, Baby (?-?); Jones, Ben Franklin (1858-1925 KS)299 s/o Rebecca Graham Jones (1836-? OH); grands/o Rebecca Logan (1814-1871) & John Graham (1805-1883); Jones, Eleanor V (1921-1976); Jones, Ella (1857-1938); Jones, Francis L (1887-1947); Jones, Gladys Elliott (1901-1977); Jones, Lena M Ball (1891-?); Jones, Oneatta Reynolds (1885-1912) w/o Everett; grandm/o Julia A Parker; Jones, Vernon Ben (1895-1975); Kaiser, Julianne (?-?); Kelley, Clinton (1893-1929); Kelley, John A (1932-1952); Kelley, Orville O (1904-1968) s/o — Bailey Mabe & Jesse T; Kelsey, Irene Paine (1907-1962); Kim, Linn (1870-1928 Canton, China); King, Ben Franklin (?-1912) s/o Charley; King, Chas S (?-1927); King, Michael (?-1965) s/o Geo & Evelyn; King, Rachel (?-?) d/o Geo & Evelyn; Kline, Rbt Leo (1928-1961) OR SI USNR WWII; Knight, Frank (1884-1964 Elk City; Knapp, C[asper]? W II “Red” (1903-1976); Kyle, Effie Clara (1895-1957); Kyle, Lyle (1888-1956); Lancaster, Thms (1896-1903); Lanegan, Frances Arlene Huntsucker? (1865-1945) d/o Alga Huntsucker; Lanegan, Jos L (1897-1944) Pvt OR Inf 13 Div WWI; Langhei, Knute (1858-1930); Leabo (LeBas), Mary Lewis “Polly” (1820-1901 KY) m/o Sarah Elizabeth Leabo McCluskey (1859-1878 OR); Leabo, Noah J (1838-1908 Yaquina City) s/o Mary Lewis (1820-1901 KY) & Isaac Leabo (1815-1899 IN); h/o (1) Amanda Snider m 1857) & (2) Josephine Snook (m 1873); Leedy, Jessie (1868-1959); Leganger, Han E (1852-1913); Leganger, Jakobia J (1862-1955); Le Mieux, Alexander (1877-1943 MN) h/o Bertha; Lemon, Ethyl M Dickey (1888-1961); Lewis, Addie (1899-1915 Oysterville) d/o Edith Slyker & Geo; Lewis, Alice A (1860-1894) w/o Henry; Lindstedt, Carl J (1886-1963); Lindstedt, Hilma (1882-1949); Lindstedt, LeRoy (1912-1941); Litchfield, Chas L (1867-1950 OR) h/o Mamie McCluskey; s/o Mary (1847-? OR) and Geo (1840-? CN) f/o Geo Kenneth; b/o Alma (1870-? OR); Litchfield, Frances C McGilvra (1911-1942 OR) w/o G K; m/o Katherine Carol, Ralph Verlin, Rich Chas & Ruth Louise; Litchfield, Geo Kenneth (1906-2000 Yaquina City); h/o Frances C McGilvra; f/o Carol, Ruth, Ralph and Rich Lloyd, Helen (1878-1914) w/o John; Lockhart, Baby (?-?); Logan, Edw N (1867-1936 OR) s/o Mary A Barnes & Wm H; Logan, Elizabeth Lightsinger (1843-1890 Switzerland) w/o Sam A; Logan, Mary A Barnes (1830-1910 IL) w/o Wm H; m/o Stephen A (1856-? IA), Sabrina J (1858-? IA), Geo M (1865-? OR), John B (1866-? OR) & Edw N (1868-? OR); Logan, Sam A301 (1840-1919 IN); bur Baker) h/o Elizabeth Lightsinger; f/o Clara A (1869-? OR), Yaquina O and Allen M; Logan, Stephen A (1854-1919 IA) s/o Mary A Barnes & Wm H; Logan, Wm H (1815-1899 KY) h/o Mary A Barnes; f/o Stephen A (1854-1919 IA), Sabrina J (1858-? IA), Geo M (1865-? OR), John B (1866-? OR) & Edw N (1868-? OR); Logsden, Jerry Eldon (1928-1961) Sgt OR US Army; Logsden, Waneta E Coxen (1932-1961); Louie (?-?); Lowery, Earl (1914-1975); Lowery, John E (1918-1971); Lowery, Veneta F (1923-?); Lutey, Basil (1897-1970); Lutey, Elsie (1867-1908); Lutey, Harry (1862-1951); Lynch, Alvy C (1885-1964); Lynch, Don Cloys (1933-1978); Lynch, John Alden (1928-1968) US Navy WWII; Mabe, Cora Lee McKnight Murphy (1879-1970); Mabe, Jesse Thms (1879-1962); Mahler, Alta M (1901-?); Mahler, Edgar C (1900-1964); Mandt, Rich “Reuben” (1899-1973); Mann, Augusta P Richey (1874-1944); Mann, Rbt V “Bobby” (1877-1945); Marchant (?-?); Marquardt, Annie Schenck? (1865-1944 NY) sis/o Geo Schenck?; Mason (?-?); Martin, Allen (1861-1922); Martin, Jennie Hiser (?-1940); Martin, Geo Washington (1954-1960); Matteson, Hans Ludwig (?-1922); Mauer, Charlotte Ellen (1853-1916 Germany); Mauer, Frederick (1844-1927 Switzerland); Maw, Lillian F (1889-?); Maw, Neal (1888-1968); Maxwell, Mercy (?-1910); McCarthy, Hiser (1889-1943); McCauley, Helga (1892-1924); McClellan, Ryel (1880-1965); McCluskey, Aileen Hawkins (1889-1976); McCluskey, Dorene (1916-1971); McCluskey, Sarah Elizabeth Leabo (1859-1937) d/o Mary Lewis (1820-1901 KY) & Isaac Leabo (1815-1899 IN; w/o John McCluskey (m 1878); m/o Geo B McCluskey (1879-1910) & Mamie L McCluskey Litchfield (1880-1930); McCluskey, Geo B (1879-1968) Pvt OR Inf WWI; s/o Sarah Elizabeth Leabo (1859-1878 OR) & John McCluskey (1839-1931); McCluskey, John (1839-1931 Canada); McCluskey, Margaret Jane (?-1952); McDonald, Jas (1842-1922); McDonald, Viola (1902-1938); McDougal, Susanna (1832-1921); McElwain, Clifford A (?-1940) OR US Marine Corp; McElwain, Edith Ross (1884-1976); McElwain, Frances E Alexander (1888-1957); McElwain, Jack A (1908-1955); McElwain, Levi E (1901-1912); McElwain, Nelson L (?-1911); McElwain, Ross N (1880-1967); McElwain, Theo J (1884-194); McGee, Francis Mary (?-1918) d/o W P; McGuire, Betty Duke (1922-1947); McJunkin, Eliza (1880-1910); McJunkin, Violet E (1909-1910); Melick, Marie (?-1945); Melick, Wm Leon (1864-1943) f/o Marguerite Melick Anderson; Mendenhall, Margaret (1807-1896) m/o F M; Miles, Zelma Ione (1928-1928) infant d/o Ione Miles; Miller, Margaret E (1919-1967); Mills, Helen (1893-1974); Mills, Roy (1881-1944); Mills, Velma M (1921-1951); Moeller, Edw (1872-1959); Moeller, Date W (1883-1951); Montgomery, Fred (1887-1972); Montgomery, Melissa (1859-1899) w/o Chas E; Montgomery, Rbt G (1893-1922); Montgomery, Ulysses (1885-1899); Montgomery, Wm Harry (1900-1968); Moore, Ira Jay (1948-1949); Moore, Walter D (1880-1950); Moothart, Harvey L (1918-1956) OR F US Navy WWII; Morgan, Jack M (1898-1965); Morgan, Wilma A (1909-?); Morris, Elmer Alton (1917-1978); Moser, Anna L (?-?); Moser, Paul Wm (1945-1946) s/o W S; Murphy, Chas Eugene (?-1964); Myers, Lewis Parrish (1884-1942); Myers, Noah Preston (1871-1926); Myers, Vivian C (1893-?); Neave, Maude E (1902-1973); Neave, Wm C (1892-1972); Nelson, Baby (?-1915); Nelson, Raymond Monroe (1928-1928) s/o Ethel Thorne & Reuben; Nielsen, Helen L (1919-1956); Nye, Ruth Ofstedahl (1888-1922) d/o Elese Anderson & John Ofstedahl; Nye, Walter Perry (?-1928) s/o Delphia Moffit & Otto; Ofstedahl, Clarence A (1885-1954) s/o Elese Anderson & John Ofstedahl; OR QM I US Navy; Ofstedahl, Elese (Elin?) Anderson (1861-1933 WI); Ofstedahl, John (1860-1905 Norway); Ofstedahl, Oscar (1884-1907) s/o Elese Anderson & John Ofstedahl; Ohmart, Chauncy Smith II (1921-1923) s/o Gertrude & Chauncy Smith I?; O’Leary, Jas C (1862-1919); Olson, Gunder (1854-1924); Olson, Gust (1846-1921); Olson, Lisa (1852-1905) w/o Gunder; Olson, Margaret (?-?) infant grandd/o Ella L & Wm Scarth; Oram, Jenne Sturdevant (1825-1907) d/o Sam Sturdevant; Orson, Baby (?-1902); Osness, Ole (1867-1947); Paine, Carolyn (1870-1942); Paine, Edmund C (1865-1942); Parker, Jas E (1850-1920); Parr, Belle Denny (1895-1943); Parr, Fanny J (1864-1962); Parr, Frank (1863-1930); Parr, Thms Denny (1932-1978); Parr, Wm II (1928-1934); Parrish, Geo B (1891-1975) Chauffeur US Army WWI; s/o Geo Parrish (1862-? OR)?; Parrish, Jas Wiley (1857-1927) s/o Patsy Noll & Geo; Parrish, Mary C Powell (1861-1944); Parrish, Vernon Monroe (1920-1925); Parry, Evelyn Payne (1906-1994 WI); Parry, Glen D (1891-1969); Parton, Allen Wm (1906-1963); Pederson (?-?); Peoples, Chas Wm (1938-1938) infant s/o Marguerite Wilcox & Ralph; Peoples, Oliver Mason (1938-1938); Pepin, Viola Folmsbee (1883-1957); Perkins, A Dudley (1850-1932) s/o Jane Brazelton; Person, Lorence Emilius (1923-1926); Person, Olga Theresa (1883-1974); Person, Victor Emil (1885-1955); Peterson, Delmer (1924-1969); Peterson, Jennie P Enos (1887-1942); Peterson, Peter (1906-1927); Peterson, Necoline A 91870-1936); Pierson, Sarah A Singleton (1865-1944); Plant, Elmer M (1891-1933); Pooree, Jesse (1888-1965); Pooree, Josephine (1900-1973); Pratt, H H (1849-1917); Prouty, Reuben (1847-1915); Purden, Jas Corbett (1893-1965); Quick, Jas D (1943-1943); Quinn (1928-1928); Raines, Caroline Gay (1966-1969); Raines, Jurusha Ann Casteel (1838-1919) d/o Louis Casteel; Raines, R F (1829-1901); Rancourt, Leon (1831-1915); Rancourt, Lucy (1838-1916); Ray, Violet Gwynn (1903-1918) d/o Rev Rhys R; Ray, Wesley O (1894-1962) Pvt OR US Marine Corp WWI; Redfield, Byron John (1911-1975); Redfield, Ellen H (1877-1963); Redfield, John Jefferson (1867-1918); Reeder, Jos (?-?) f/o Rebecca F; grandfr/o Rbt H Simpson; Reeves, Lavenia Ilean Altree (1906-1922); Reid, Regina G (1908-1975); Reid, Ross W (1910-1972); Reilly, Anna (1886-1973); Reilly, Peter (1881-1947); Reyes, Antonio Miguel (1972-1972); Reynolds, Albert (1849-1918); Rhoades, Eleazer (1834-1900) h/o Harriet; f/o Oda; Richards, John Isaac (1896-1969) Cpl Coast Arty Corps WWI; Richards, Marie Springer (?-?); Robertson, John Sidney (1906-1963); Robertson, Thelma Mae (1904-1963); Robeson, Delores A (1928-1976); Robeson, Wm A (1920-?); Robins, Baby (?-1918); Roddy, Eva Shakespeare (1856-1921) w/o Roddy; Roddy, Michael (1839-1923) h/o Eva Shakespeare; Romtvedt, Aasne (1885-1918); Romtvedt, Sondre (1849-1912); Rosebrook, Margaret A Graham (1851-1877) d/o of Rebecca Logan (1814-1871) & John Graham (1805-1883); w/o Geo Rosebrook; Rosebrook, Mary Ann (1822-1910 Steuben, ME); Ross, David Airid (1877-1955); Ross, David V (1870-1907) s/o D M & C J; Ross, Ethel Leona Parrish (1885-1972); Ross, Ethel O Cooper (1856-1935); Ross, Fred C (1878-1954); Ross, Jack I (1891-1944); Ross, Jas Airid (1909-1950); Ross, Jas Hale (1856-1935) Lincoln County sheriff; Ross, Matney (?-1918) Pvt VA Co 453 AIRO SQ; Ross, Verne (1886-1969); Russell, Harry W (1893-1970); Salvage, Edna Waugh (1851-1926) d/o Daisy Arnold & Albert G; Sanford, Marion (1891-1923); Scanlon, Kenneth (?-?); Scarth, Crighton (1902-1904) s/o Ella L & Wm; b/o Jas; Scarth, Ella L (1863-1957) w/o Wm; m/o John, Rbt L, Crighton & Jas Scarth, John (1906-1907) s/o Ella L & Wm; b/o Jas; Scarth, Rbt L (1901-1904) s/o Ella L & Wm; b/o Jas; Scarth, Wm (1863-1956 Scotland) h/o Ella L; f/o John, Rbt L, Crighton & Jas; Schaffer, Johannes Arthur (1899-1922); Scott, Henry (?-?); Scott, Wilbur D (1938-1961); Schenck, Geo (1867-1945); Schenck, Rosemary Cowman (1879-1948) s/o Ada Soule?; Seaberg, Andrew Jackson (?-1944 Elk City); Sears, Wm (1853-1914) relative/o Hiram S Sears; kicked by horse; Seely, Ira Dennis (1904-1963); Sell, Victor Emmanuel (1894-1964) OR Med Dept WWI; Service, John F (?-?); Shaw, Hattie Isabel Walden (1873-1928); Shirmer, Ella West (1910-1911); Shirmer, Frank S (1884-1962); Shirmer, Nettie Huntsucker (1890-1974) d/o John; Simonson, Addie Harrison (1881-1919) w/o Elmer; Simonson, Elmer A (1889-1925); Simpson, Rbt H (1869-1906) invalid cared for by C C; Skull, Garland Tony (1910-1945) h/o Charlotte; Sledge, Gilmore D Stewart Davenport (1889-1970) d/o Sam & Bessie; Slupe (?-?); Smith, Baby (c1936-1936); infant/o Gertrude May Thayer Walta Smith; Smith, Ethel M Mason (1899-1968); Smith, Gertrude May Thayer Walta (1906-1936); Sprinkles, Marie (1967-1967) infant d/o Lonnie; Stanley, August R (1895-1965); Stanley, Brigham (?-?); Stanley, Geo Brigham (1917-1924); Stanton, Alfred (1862-1936 OR) s/o J Amanda Richie & Franklin Marion; Stanton, Franklin Marion (1837-1913 IN) h/o J Amanda Richie; f/o Sylvester (1860-? OR), Alfred (1862-1936 OR), Edwin W (1870-? OR) & Kitty (1866-1952)?; Stanton, J Amanda Richie (1840-1928 IL) d/o Geo Richie; w/o Franklin Marion; m/o Sylvester (1860-? OR), Alfred (1862-1936 OR), Edwin (1870-? OR) & Kitty (1866-1952)?; Stanton, Kitty (1866-1952) d/o J Amanda Richie & Franklin Marion?; Stanwood (?-?); Starr, Hattie La Grange (1862-1944 PA); Starr, Lester Milford (1853-1923); Stearn (?-?); Steele, John A (1932-1952); Steele, John F I (1858-1915); Steele, John F II (1901-1915); Steenkolk, Chas J (1932-1965) Sgt OR US Marine Corps Korean War (1950-1953); Steenkolk, Henry J (1885-1970); Steenkolk, John Gearhart (1935-1936); Steenkolk, Mary A Hulck (1901-?); Stevens, Annah L (1810-1893 Steuben, ME); Stevens, Nathan P (1818-1903); Stevens, Virgie Virginia (1919-1936); Stevens, Wm (?-?); Stewart, Ella F (1868-1964); Stewart, Franklin Milton (1909-1939); Stewart, John F (1865-1917); Stratten, Ella (?-?); Stratten, Henry (?-?); Strylewiz, Michael (1869-1914) cobbler; Sturcis, Dolly Gamble (1892-1922); Sturdevant, Hamilton R (?-?); Sturdevant, Ira Claire Starr (1854-1925); Sturdevant, Marion Sanford (?-?) Pvt WWI; Swayze, Gertrude Alice (1880-1963); Swayze, Harry (1871-1942); Swanson, Johanna (1847-1926); Swearingen, — (?-? female) 2nd w/o Roy; Swearingen, Alta Waugh (1893-1917) 1st w/o Roy; Swearingen, Mary L Newton (1866-1941 OR) d/o Susan (1840-? IA) & G C (1840-? OH); sis/o Diana C (1863-? OR) & Margaret (1864-? OR); Swearingen, Roy C (1889-1970) AR 2 US Navy WWI; Tangen, Alfred (1902-1974); Tangen, Carl (1894-1972); Tangen, Carrie (1860-1943); Tangen, Clara M (1889-1966); Tangen, Peter (1893-1973) Pvt OR Asap 6th SQ WWI; Tate, Fred (?-1927) s/o Verda T Holt & J L; Tate, Lola May (1930-1931) d/o Verda T Holt & J L; Taylor, Edna M (1896-1971); Taylor, Fanny L (1850-1901); Taylor, Fred H (1890-1973); Tharp, Reba Ida (1913-1973); Tharp, Roy Edw (1904-?); Thayer, Edw B (?-? England) Co B IDS? NY; Thayer, Effie Crosno (1877-1967); Thayer, Dr Sheldon S (1874-1916); Thompson, Baby (1928-1928); Thompson, Edwin Olander (1894-1918) OR QM A US Navy Landsman; Thompson, John J (1864-1938); Thompson, Martin J (1856-1915); Thompson, Martin O (1869-1950); f/o Rudy; Thompson, Mina Romtvedt (1880-1968 Norway); Thoreson, Leonard (?-?); Thorne, Mabel C (1895-1960); Thorne, Wm E (1887-1967); Townsend, Enoch B (1854-1925); Townsend, Hannah (1860-1929); Turnidge, D Ann Powell (1857-1947); Turnidge, John Raymond (1852-1928); Turnidge, Jos J (1872-1943 Mission Bottom) s/o John R; Turnidge, Mary O Raines (1875-1936); Tyler, Jas (1838-1917); Urquhart, Findlay K (1898-1963); Van Brunt, Bessie Boone (1909-1967) sis/o Gladys Boone Biddle; Van Brunt, Walter Franklin (1929-1929); Vaughn, Baby (?-?); Vincent, Henry Wilkinson (1827-1922 NY) h/o Judieth D Stevens; f/o Frank, Fred & Georgia; Vincent, Judith D Stevens (1835-1903 ME) w/o Henry Wilkinson; m/o Frank, Fred & Georgia; Virmoos, Rose Muriel (1915-1919); Wade, Dye (1871-1931) b/o Lee, Edw & Seth; s/o Wm & Mattie; h/o Jennie Dickinson; Wade, Edw (1864-1927) b/o Seth, Lee & Dye; s/o Wm & Mattie; Wade, Frank V (1896-1967); Wade, Lee (1866-1921) b/o Seth, Dye & Edw; s/o Wm & Mattie; Wade, Georgia Vincent (1871-1948); Wade, John Walter (1871-1942) s/o Lucinda Johnston & John; f/o Paul; h/o Nannie Spencer; Wade, Marjorie Ball (?-?); Wade, Martha Anderson (1842-1917); Wade, Paul (?-?) f/o Sylvia Wade & Goldie Wade Kirby; Wade, Seth (1859-1898) b/o Lee, Dye & Edw; s/o Wm & Mattie; Wade, Wm J (1880-1912 IL) s/o Mary Wilson & Jas; Wadsworth, F M (?-?) Pvt Co I 28th Inf Regt NY Vol Civil War; Wadsworth, Louisa M (1837-1907); Wadsworth, W Scott (1863-1884); Waite, Ray (1928-1928 triplet); Waite, Stephen O (1884-1934); Walden, Edw L (1905-1939); Waltros, Seth (1848-1905 OH) Pvt Civil War; Waugh, Albert G (1862-1935); Waugh, Alice Logan (1870-1926) d/o Elizabeth Lightsinger & Sam; Waugh, Daisy R Arnold (1875-1898) 2nd w/o Albert; Waugh, Leonard (1896-1897) s/o Daisy R Arnold & Albert; Waugh, Lester (1861-1950); Waugh, Lewis (1908-1929); Wedemeyer, Hattie Predmore (1857-1918); Wedemeyer, Warren (1845-1928); Welsh, Lillian (1873-1973) m/o Josephine Welsh Pooree; Weslow, Mary Josephine (?-1926); Wheeling, Oda L (1908-1978); Whitaker, Ella (1884-1959); White, Elizabeth Ann (1850-1942 England) w/o Geo; White, David W (1887-1977); White, John W (1874-1926) s/o John B (1823-? TN)?; White, Rosa A (1894-1976) d/o John B (1823-? TN)?; Wilcox, Chas W (?-?); Wilcox, Clifford P (1917-1963) WA VT Co A Bn WWI; Wilcox, Margaret J (1882-1928); Wilson, Geo Washington (1874-1939); Wolfin, Sophie (1853-1941) m/o Martha; Woodward, Jessie (1868-1948); Woodward, Levi A (1866-1948); Wooley, Gene (1947-1967); Wright, Harriette C Rhoades (?-1912) w/o (1) Eleazer Rhoades; (2) Levi Wright; Wright, Levi (1855-1928) s/o Anna Frazer & Thms; Young, Florence Ridenour (1876-1942) d/o Jane Kinney & Wm; Young, Raymond (1906-1956) s/o Florence Ridenour & Riley; Young, Riley (1875-1951) s/o Iva Harlan & Milton; Ziegler, Jos A (1922-1971); Zink, Elizabeth (?-?).

Enos Family Cemetery

Near old Indian Depot on Depot Slough, just off the highway to Siletz, beside the older paved road on the place owned for many years by the David M Everest (1888-1967) family was a group of Enos family graves. Marlene Everest Ott kindly helped Evelyn Parry twice before they did locate the largest stone, which had been placed under a chicken coop for safekeeping. Ott said there were four or more stones and believed they fitted a family group. The Reverend David Enos, who married many Siletz couples in the early 1900s, may be buried there, as well as Amos G Enos (c1865-1886).

Elk City Cemetery

Geneva Claudine Hodges and son Delbert Loyd Hodges

Abbey, — (?-? female) d/o Rich & Rosa; Abbey, Chas M (1858-? OR); Abbey, Frances M (1851-1871 OR) d/o Miranda (1836-? KY) & Edwin Alden (1824-? NY); sis/o Chas M (1858-? OR), Melissa E (1861-? OR), Alden (1867-? OR) & Clara A (1870-? OR); Baber, Mary Ann (1844-1914); Bevens, — (?-? male) infant s/o Commodore Perry & L V Parks; Bevens, Commodore Perry (1859-1913 OR) h/o L V Parks; Bevens, Hudson J I (1819-1902 KY) f/o Joice Bevens Simpson; Bevens, Mary S (1821-1893 KY) m/o Joice Bevens Simpson; Bevens, Ruby (?-1898) infant d/o Commodore Perry & L V Parks; Bly, Hattie M (1833-1912); Cleveland, Jas C (1845-1912 WI) h/o Jennie McIntyre; Cloakes, Alfred (?-? bur Storrs); Cloakes, — (?-? female; bur Storrs); Cloakes, Mahala (?-? bur Storrs); Dixon, — (?-? female); Dixon, Bertha (1876-1880) d/o W R & S E; Dixon, David L (1878-1881) s/o W R & S E; Dixon, Jas Chester (1871-1932) f/o Jas Edw; Dixon, Jas Edw (1842-1924); Dixon, Julia E (1871-1880) d/o W R & S E; Dixon, Wm W (1873-1881); Embree, Jas Benton (1869-1930 OR) f/o Orville & Reuben; Embree, Orville Lewis (1902-1935) s/o Jas Benton; b/o Reuben; Endresen, Selma Dorothy (1887-1924) w/o Edw; Gillespie, Edw Preston (1864-1936); Gillespie, Flora (?-?); Gillespie, Hollister “Hollie” R (1890-1918) s/o Flora & Edw Preston; Pvt WWI; Graves, E B? (?-? female); Hagen, Elden Maurice (1908-1924) s/o Carl; Heady, Lucy Jane Babcock (1878-1937); Hill, Ann (1845-? OR) w/o Rbt; Hill, Rbt (1826-? OH) h/o Ann; Rogue River Farm farmer (c1863); Hodges, Nadine Marie “Carol Nadine” (1939-1939 OR) d/o Geneva Claudine Truitt & Geo A Hodges II; Hodges, Walter Warren (1895-1930 OR) s/o Levina Sager & Geo; Hoffman, Frederick C (1847-1913 Denmark) h/o Rosa B Bly; Jacobson, Ann Styris (1866-1933); Jacobson, Jacob E (1865-1942 Finland); Kruger, Ann Elizabeth Spencer (1859-1916); Kruger, Wm (1868-1942); Mays, Ruby [see Mays, Edna Margaret] (?-?) infant d/o Sarah E (1846-? IL) & Chas B (1839-? IL); sis/o Edna Margaret (1862-1872 OR), Ida M (1864-? OR), Grant B (1866-? OR), Noah M (1868-? OR) & Troy M (1870-? OR); McDaniel, Ada Ellen (1931-1931) d/o Gertrude Chalmers & Jas; McDaniel, Gertrude Caroline (1932-1932); McDonald, Harriet “Hattie” E Parks (1878-1915) d/o Queen Victoria Franklin and Leander; Miller, Marie Nelson (?-1932; bur Portland) d/o Lambert; w/o Paer Anderson; Miller, Paer Anderson (1854-1915 Sweden); Morrison, Baby (?-1914 male); Morrison, Chelsey L (1859-1940) h/o Margaret Crahen; Mosier, Wm R (1854-1894) killed Pioneer Quarry; Palmer, Lottie Parks (?-?) d/o Ballard; w/o Henry; Parks, Chas Rice (1820-1911) Pvt Confederate Army Civil War; Parks, Leander (1853-1935) f/o Mary, Jos, Wm, Hattie, Jas, Verne & Walter; Parks, Oscar C (1875-1902); Parks, Olive “Ollie” S (1884-1914) d/o Queen Victoria Franklin & Leander; Parks, Queen Victoria Franklin (1858-1896); Owens, Ernest (?-1932); Ramsdell, David Barclay (1852-1920 OR) s/o Lovely J (1830-? VA) & Rev Thms M I (1822-? VT); Ramsdell, Rev Thms M I (1822-? VT) h/o Lorilla J I (1830-? VA; f/o David Barclay (1852-1920 OR), Margaret (1854-? OR), Cordelia (1853-? OR), Lorilla J II (1857-? OR), Thms M II (1859-? OR), Oscar (1862-? OR), Ann (1864-? OR), John (1866-? OR) & Frances (1868-? OR); Ray, Jas (?-1941) CA PUT 352 Aux RM Depot QMC WWI; Rochester, Olive A Simpson (1870-1892) d/o Joice Ann Bevens & Marshall Winchester; Ross, Victor (?-?); Sharp, Lottie Harding (1872-1930) m/o Pearl Williams, Ora & Leslie; Sharp, Omer Clyde (1904-1932); Sharp, Wm (1864-1942) f/o Pearl Williams, Ora & Leslie; Simpson, Joice Ann II (1917-1925) d/o Joice Ann Bevens (1843-? MO) & Marshall Winchester (1838-? AR) sis/o Hettie (1860-? OR), Owen C (1864-? OR), & Olive Ann (1870-? OR); Simpson, Wm E (1881-1920) s/o Joice Ann Bevens (1843-? MO) & Marshall Winchester (1838-? AR) b/o Hettie (1860-? OR), Owen C (1864-? OR), & Olive Ann (1870-? OR); Smith, Thms J (1846-1910 MO) s/o Jonathan; h/o Mida C; f/o Ralph E; Timmons, Hettie (1865-1925); Timmons, Thms F (1858-1917); Turnacliff, David (1812-1885) h/o Alisa Chitwood; IL 3 NF Civil War; Van Orden, Jessie Lathrop (1875-1912) crippled & in wheel chair; Van Orden, Henry (?-?) h/o Olive; Van Orden, Jonathan (1854-1923); Van Orden, Marion (1888-1918); Van Orden, Olive Dixon (1850-1928) d/o Jas Chester; Warren, Bessie Van Orden (1884-1917); Watkins, Frances (?-?) d/o Nancy Parks & John; Wilson, Jepie (1890-1906).

Glenwood Cemetery

Arnold, Catherine (1813-1902) m/o Sarah & Mary; Brown, Asa Wm (1895-1919) s/o Ell St Johns & Chas W; Pvt WWI; Brown, Chas Ray (1893-1918) s/o Ella St Johns & Chas W; Pvt WWI; Brown, Chas W “Hilltop” (1864-1937); Brown, Ella St Johns (?-1869) w/o Chas W; Brown, Ethel (1882-1896) d/o Clementine & Curtis; Davenport, Forrest (?-1914) infant s/o Bill & Nellie; Davenport, Job Wm “Bill” (1870-1921); Davenport, John Iverson (1832-1901 Salado) f/o Bill & Geo; Hanson, Nellie Bennett Davenport (?-1962 bur Newport) w/o Bill; Moore, Adella Ellenburg (1864-1943); Moore, Roy (1886-1929); Moore, Wm R (1859-1938); Spencer, Clara Moore (1898-1967 Drain) d/o D & Wm; Stewart, Bessie Keeney (?-1911) w/o Sam; Stewart, Doris (1899-1906) d/o Bessie Keeney & Sam; Timberlake, Emily (1840-1915) m/o Jennie Timberlake Bohannon; w/o A T; Washburn, — (?-? female); Watkins, Martha Burch (?-1903) w/o John; m/o Elmer & Nathan; Wilhoit, Simeon J (1869-1894) s/o Mary F & Henry C; Wilson, Geo (1892-1898) s/o Belle Brown.

Harlan Cemetery

Harlan Post Office

Allen, — (?-?); Amos, Orah E (1857-1915); Ashcroft, Dorothy L (1928-1929); Baker, — (?-?); Barker, Rbt (1843-1916) f/o Ms Adams; Pvt Civil War; Bennett, Martha (1883-1950); Bennett, Van V (1868-1946); Black, Rbt (1862-1917); Calkins, Geo H? (?-?); Calkins, Jessie Hunter (?-?) w/o John Byram; Calkins, John Byram (1906-1936) h/o Jessie Hunter; Calkins, Sarah J Golly (1854-1945); Chapman, J[ohn] A (1816-1896); Clark, Marshall J (?-?) Blacksmith Co E 3rd Inf Regt IA Vol Civil War; Cole, C A? (?-?); Cook, Flora H Hayworth (1859-1928) m/o Grace Cook Dodson; Cook, Siegel Frank (1863-1932) f/o Grace Cook; Daniel, Jesse R (1883-1944); Dodson; Corbit, — (?-?) grands/o Grace Cook Dodson; Daniel, Inez Calkins (1889-1968); Dodson, Forrest T (1933-1933) infant s/o Leona Grant & Sherril; Erbes, Henry F (1866-1931) h/o Ann; Feagles, Jane Lillard (?-?) d/o Nancy E Mulkey (1834-? MO) & Morgan (1828-? NC)?; Feagles, John H (1873-1963 Harlan); Feagles, R L (?-?) f/o John; h/o Jane Lillard; Fox, Tunnie P (1953-1966); Golly, Wm H (1868-1935); Goodenough, Lillian E (1912-1967); Grant, Althea Brown (1881-?); Grant, Benj Franklin (1849-1938); Grant, Joyce (?-?) d/o Lester & Althena; Grant, Leota Calkins (1891-1949); Grant, Louella (1912-1912) d/o Lester & Althea; Grant, Lucetta Oglesby (1854-1921 OR) d/o Mary Stockton (1809-? TN) & Wm Willis I (1804-? VA); sis/o Louisa (1859-? OR) & Cynthia (1869-? OR); Grant, Margaret (1917-1920) d/o Lester & Althea; Grant, May Cook Fuller (1893-1969); Grant, Nola (?-1924) d/o Lester & Althea; Grant, N Lester (1877-1957) s/o Lucetta Oglesby & B F; Grant, Norman (1913-1939) s/o Lester & Althea; Grant, R Elijah (1883-1975); Grant, Wm Willis (1880-1961); Gray, Mary Louise (?-1924); Harlan, Baby (1893-1893); Harlan, Martha Ann (1858-1893); Hathaway, Baby (1906-1906 male) s/o Emma Mischler & Robin; Hodges, — (?-?); Lang, Melvin (?-?); Lillard, Morgan (1828-1891 NC); Lillard, Nancy E Mulkey (1834-1870 MO) d/o Lavinia Reed & Chas; w/o Morgan; Lillard, Thms J (1859-? OR) s/o Nancy E Mulkey & Morgan; Longdon, Alfred (1861-1925); Marsh, — (?-?); Martin, — (?-?); Martin, Wilson Edw (1886-1951); McCullegh, — (?-?); McDonald, Juanita (1923-1925) d/o Jessie Brown & Clifford; McDonald, Lois (1927-1941) d/o Jessie Brown & Clifford; Mischler, Alwine (1853-1936); Mischler, John (1844-1916); Mischler, Lizzie (1881-1898); Moore, Bessie Grant Allison (1897-1953) w/o Wm Allison; Mulkey, — (?-?); Mulkey, A C Penrose (1839-? MO); Mulkey, Chas B (1812-? KY); Mulkey, Lavinia Reed (1815-?); Mulkey, Rich (1892-1894) s/o Mary Ballard (1860-1893) & Wm B; Mulvaney, Ora M (1884-1900) grandd/o Adaline E (1842-? IA) & L W (1839-? TN)?; Nelson, Rbt L (1945-1945); Overlander, Chas (1861-1930) Big Elk Valley 1897; Overlander, Frederick R (1864-1937); Poole, John M (1882-1944); Poole, Nellie A (1886-1947); Rea, Wm Vincento (1943-2000 MI); Ridenour, Erma (?-1903) infant d/o Anna & Geo; Ridenour, Herbert C (1880-1891) s/o Jane Kinney & Wm A; Ridenour, Jane Kinney (1846-1910 IL) w/o Wm A (c1831-1908 MD); m/o Mary Ellen (1869-? OR) & Verna (1885-1903); Ridenour, Vera (1885-1903) d/o Jane Kinney & Wm A; Ridenour, Wm A (c1831-1908 MD); Rowe, Olive O (1882-1897); Sasser, Hazel M (1919-1947); Sharp, — (?-?); Shipley, W J (1839-? MO)?; h/o Anna M (1845-? OH); f/o Ellen May (1866-? OR); Smith, Gladys (?-?); Smith, Raymond (1909-1974); Springer, Bonnie Nell (1884-1971); Springer, C D (1882-1953); Springer, Virginia (1916-1950); Stevens, — (?-? male); Tavenor, Harold W (1925-1971) NB SCF Btry A IM SL Korean War (1950-1953); Vietnam War (1950-1975); Thompson, Frank A (?-1928 bur Harlan); Turner, Miriam Fuller Calkins (1912-1940); Tuttle, Rev Dorsey (1900-1977) Tuttle, Nettie (1881-1971) w/o Dorsey; Waterman, Wm (1908-1973); Young, Baby (?-? twin) infant of Riley & Florence; Young, Ivy Harlan (?-1929); Young, Laura Grant (1878-1975); Young, Milton H (?-1918); h/o Eva Harlan; f/o Riley, Ben,j Anna and Mildred.

Chitwood Cemetery

Chitwood on Little Elk River

Beers, Mable Vina Henry (1894-1933) d/o Vina Cohn & H M; Brown, Martin John (1879-1963); Bushey, Mary (?-1906) m/o E L Geer Canning, Rich “Jas G?” (c1862-1934); Chitwood. Harold D (1897-1910) s/o D J; accidentally shot to death; Chitwood, Henry M (?-?); Chitwood, Jas T (1825-1902 IN); Chitwood, Rufus E (1892-1909) s/o D & L; Cook, Alvin T (1897-1921); Cook, Elbert Rich “Speed” (1904-1975) s/o Willmore N; Cook, Lorena Alberta (1874-1936); Cook, Willmore N (1864-1946) s/o Rich of Maine; Cooper, Glenn S (1924-1936); Crawford, Ira A (c1899-1925) OR Inf 5 Div WWI; Davis, Bessie (1912-1920); Davis, John E (1899-1966) 1st Lt 451 Base Unit WWII; Davis, Leslie (?-1915); Durkee, Hattie A (1838-1890); Durkee, W E (c1838-1928 OH) Co G 8th Inf Regt WI Vol Civil War; Dwinell, Asa (?-?); Dwinell, Bertha “Biddie” (1878-1929) Eva Warnock & Dick; Dwinell, Rbt (1878-1929); Eddy, Marie Phelonise Manuel (1842-1916); she married (1) Felix Aikey (1825-1873), about 1858. Aikey was born in Sorel, Richelieu, PQ. He died Dec 22, 1873 in Kelso Township, Sibley, MN; (2) Israel Fisk Eddy (1824-1911), s/o Ezekiel Eddy and Lucy Fisk on Oct 21, 1876 in Le Sueur, MN. The marriage ended in divorce. Eddy was born Feb 14, 1824 in Clarendon, Ruthland, VT. He died Apr 17, 1911 in Newport, Lincoln County, OR; Geer, C C (1851-?); Geer, Mary Bushey (?-1906); Geer, Hazel (1890-1912) d/o E L & C C; Gillie, Magnus (?-? Chitwood) powder man; Hart, Ulysses Grant (c1869-1925) Co L 5 IL Spanish American War; Henry, Esther B Turner (c1917-1933); Henry, Harrison Montgomery (?-?); Henry, John Henry (c1856-1924) h/o Lavina; Henry, Lavina Isabel Cohn (1865-1936) d/o Levi; w/o H M; Henry, Mary Agnes (?-?); Henry, Michael (c1896-1912) born on Pilgrim; s/o H M & Isabel; Hoiness, Doris (?-?); Jacobson, Gus (1892-1969) OR F 3 US Navy WWI; Johnson, Clarence Dean (1894-1965); Johnson, Martha Thompson (1868-1935) d/o Nancy Lewis & Milton; Johnson, Oliver (1860-1936 Norway); Jones (?-?); Kurtichanov, Ann (?-?); Kurtichanov, Martha (1849-1941); Kurtichanov, Paul (?-1903); Kurtichanov, Titus (c1846-1925); Landess, Geo Lincoln (1863-1922); Landess, Martha E (1866-1960); Lewis, Margaret E (1838-1910 Wales); Lewis, Thms F (1836-1916) Pvt Civil War; Mason, Ralph (?-1900); Miller, Irene Phillips (1897-1968); Miller, Nels Wallis (1891-1947) f/o Peter A; Pvt WWI; Miller, Peter A (1919-1921); Olson, Chas John (1876-1935) s/o Olaf Frederickson of Sweden; b/o Fred; Olson, Fred (?-?) s/o Olaf Frederickson of Sweden; b/o Chas John; Palmer, Kate L (c1881-1926 bn Wallowa County); Palmer, Nathan Z (c1845-1930); Pepin, Archibald? (?-?) s/o Flora May Aikey and Lafe?; Pepin, Earl (c1901-1902) s/o Laura Aikey & I J; Pepin, Flora May (1909-1910); Pepin, Flora May Aikey (1864-1948); Pepin, Fred “Pearl” (1884-1949) h/o Gladys Phillips Crawford; Pepin, I J “Bill” (1855-1934) h/o Laura Aikey; f/o Ms Cline; Pepin, Lafe F (1850-1917);312 Pepin, Ralph (?-?); s/o Flora Aikey and Lafe; Pepin, Thola Virginia (?-1912) d/o Ralph; Phillips, John H “Jack” (1860-1914) s/o Isabell Clark & John; Phillips, Lena Kurtichanov (1878-1969); Phillips, Paul O (1908-1940); Price, Agnes Hunter (c1852-1923); Price, Hope B Miller? (?-?) d/o Dr Horace C Miller (1864-? Canada)?; Pruitt, Effie Trapp (c1868-1892 OR) d/o Meeky M (1846-? IA) & Mathias L (1838-? MO); sis/o Dudley (1864-? OR); m/o Ethel; died accident on railroad handcar; Pruitt, Ethel (c1891-1892) d/o Effie Trapp; died accident on railroad handcar; Pruitt, Sidney A (1856-1933); Reid, Marie Barnett (1859-1918); Reid, Thms (?-?); Reece, Saml A II (1875-1909) s/o Saml A I; Reece, W R (?-1909) half b/o John Quincy Adams; Richardson, Paul E (1937-1971); Robertson, Thms (c1832-1903); Rowe, Edna E Geer (1887-1964 WI); Rowe, Fred A (1878-1958); Satter, Ann Reid (1887-1943); Satter, Chas L (c1882-1968); Satter, Edith (1906-1919); Satter, Hazel (c1917-1919); Smith, Geo T (1864-1942); Smith, Paul H (1916-1919); Smith, Maude Whitney (1879-1954); Stephens (?-?); Strouss, John “Jack” (c1872-1935); Strouss, Nettie Strope (1860-1938 NY) d/o Jeanette Park; Trapp, Harry (1886-1931) s/o Meeky M (1846-? IA) & Mathias L (1838-? MO); b/o Dudley (1864-? OR) & Effie (1868-? OR); Welch, John (c1842-1912); Whitney, Baby (?-?); Whitney, Laura A Parker (1855-1900 Burns, IL); Whitney, LeRoy (?-?); Whitney, Marion Thms (1846-1927 Milan, IN); Wilcox, Clayton (1947-1977); Wildman, Everett (1885-1960) h/o Christine Satter; Wildman, Lucy A (c1862-1902) w/o Rodney L; Wildman, Rodney L (c1865-1936) h/o Lucy A; Wilson, Archie W (1885-1942); Wilson, Chas Sumner (1857-1941) b/o Joe; Wilson, Elsie May (1880-1900 d/o Sarah Chitwood & Joe E); Wilson, Mary Ogden (1860-1944); Wilson, Malinda J 1854-1920) d/o Rena Wilson Cook; 2nd w/o Joe; Wilson, Milton H (1859-1906) b/o Joe E; Whitaker, Jos Oscar (1889-1943); Wood, Emma M Bliss (1860-1934) w/o Ruben R; m/o Renos Abner & Leland; Wood, Renos Abner (1889-1912) s/o Ruben R; Wood, Reuben R (1854-1906) f/o Renos Abner & Leland; Wood, Leland (1898-1916) s/o Ruben R; Wright, Frances (1857-1920); Wright, Jos Grant (1873-1945) h/o Julia Kyniston.

Little Elk Cemetery

Allphin, Milton Jackson (1828-1911); Anderson, David (1840-1904); Armentrout, J (?-?) Co H 1? IN Inf; Atkinson, Roy W (1909-1973); Atkinson, Vivian (1908-?); Bachman, Ann Wendell (1859-1948); Barnard, — (?-?); Barnes, Margaret A Smith (1819-1909 PA) d/o Martha Jones & Jas; Barnes, Rbt M (1857-1927); Barnes, Sarah J (1846-1913); Barnett, Harry Dale II (1927-1972); Barton, Howard E (1903-1925 Nortons); Booth, Tressie (81 yr) bur Crystal Lake Cemetery, Corvallis; Bristlin, Andrew (1865-1934) s/o Katherine Buler & Geo B; Burch, — (?-?); Clawson, Eldridge (1887-1966); Clawson, Eunice Irene (1921-1971); Clawson, Nora May (1886-1959); Clawson, Wilbur J (1918-?); Cline, Ina May (1902-1957); Cordell, Eliza R (1867-1915); Crocker, Geo W (?-?); Crum, Oliver (?-1919); Damon, Fanny A (1851-1926); Damon, G R (1858-1934); Derrick, Melissa J (1839-1922); Derrick, Rose A (1868-1895); Derrick, Zachariah M “Jim” (1832-1900); Drummond, Nathan (1832-1906 OH) moved to Illinois 1843; Pvt Civil War; to Oregon 1888; Eagleson, Chas W (1886-1926); Eagleson, Rbt (1914-1933); Eagleson, Rbt Wm (1947-1968) OR Corp Co D 12 Inf 25 Inf Div Vietnam War (1950-1975) PH; Edwards, Carl D (1892-1973) Pvt WWI; Edwards, Catherine Hall (1891-1966); Estep, Albert Baylor (1877-1944); Ferris, Beulah M (1910-1969) WAC WWII; Ferris, Edw Chas (c1907-1975) died car accident; French, Elva Mae (1906-1971); Goodman, Wm Thms (?-1930); Hanson, — (?-1960 female); Hanson, Anna Marie (1845-1930); Hanson, Karl (c1889-1960); Hawkins, Brown (1820-1908); Hawkins, Juliet (?-1893); Hawkins, Mahlon (?-1890); Heverling, Henry (1845-1925 Nortons) Pvt Civil War; Hunt, Aaron B (1861-1922 IA) s/o Mary P Kenion (1828-? OH) & Levi W Hunt I (1825-1904 OH); h/o Jane Elizabeth Sutton; f/o Levi W II Hunt, Elizabeth (1899-1943); Hunt, Florence (1904-?) d/o Jane Elizabeth Sutton & Aaron B; Hunt, Jane Elizabeth Sutton (1870-1935) w/o Aaron B; m/o Levi W II; Hunt, Levi W II (1897-1972)315 s/o Jane Elizabeth & Aaron B; Hunt, Marion B (1865-1932 OR) s/o Mary P Kenion (1828-? OH) & Levi W Hunt I (1825-1904 OH); Hyde, Baby (?-?); Jacobson, Carl Leslie (1919-2000) bur Phoenix, AZ); Jacobson, John E (1890-1960) h/o Mable; f/o Carl; Jacobson, Mable Edna Cook (1893-1953) w/o John; f/o Carl; Jenkins, Mono (1870-1960); Jenkins, Nellie (1877-1958); Jenkins, Raymond (?-?); Johnson, Carl (c1889-1944); Johnson, John Geo (?-1938); Johnson, Lars C (?-?); Johnson, Thrine (1860-1916); Jones, Carrie (1892-1938); Kellogg, Reuben John (1906-1971); Kinney, Vance Bradley (1968-1974); Kruger, Bruce P (1951-1970); Luckey, L A S (1834-1900); Lutz, Chas “Charley” (1863-1936 PA) s/o John Hurley; Manual, — (?-1960 female); McBride, Baby (?-?) child/o Emma A Allphin & Clarendon C; McBride, Clarendon C (1861-1929) h/o Emma A Allphin; McBride, Emma A Allphin (1862-1952) w/o Clarendon C; McGee, Adaline E (1831-1913); Mitchell, Helen Vernita (1902-1965); Mitchell, John L (1896-1974) Pfc US Army; Moss, Baby (?-?) child/o Theodora Isabelle?; Moss, Theodora Isabelle (1892-1938 KY); Munger, Baby (?-1908); Olson, Chas J[ohn] (c1905-1955) s/o Chas John Olson bur Harlan?; Parks, Jos H (1879-1963); Parks, Margaret Jane McDougal (1886-1937); Parks, Seaman Walter Nelson (1894-1972); Patterson, Wm (?-1946); Patterson, W W (?-1946); Peterson, John Erick (1860-1929); Pruitt, — (1856-1933); Pyette, Minnie Ethel (1889-1966); Rankin, Jos L (1906-1970); Rankin, Rose E (1907-1972); Richter, Verna L Parks (1892-1963); Robbins, Baby (?-?) child/o Mary E “Mamie” & LeRoy Finley?; Robbins, LeRoy Finley (1883-1949) h/o Mary E “Mamie”; Robbins, Mary E “Mamie” Wakefield (1882-1938) d/o Wm Wakefield; w/o LeRoy Finley; Roberge, D Jos (1954-1971); Ruphrect, Emil (1879-1961); Searles, Willard (c1933-1977); Smouse, Lesley M (1949-1949); Smouse, Lester (1895-1978); Smouse, Martin A (1867-1938); Smouse, Mary Etta (1872-1973); Sparks, Arthur (1885-1933); Sparks, Helen B (1862-1941); Sparks, Jas Clay (1855-1914 OH); Stafford, Lawrence (1917-1958); Stager, Virginia W (1874-1955); Swanner, Alice Eagleson Sawyer (1891-1966); Swanner, Franklin D (1902-1944); Van Orden, Chas Wm “Bill” (1919-1978); Wagner, Fred (?-1898); Wakefield, Clifford H (1892-1947); Wakefield, Lois Loudon (?-?); Wakefield, Louisa (1855-1949); Wakefield, Mabel Jane (1912-1998 OR); Wakefield, Nancy “Belle” Warnock? (1884-1970) d/o Dick Warnock; Wakefield, Rex W (?-1994); Wakefield, Wm R (1834-1912) 16th Inf Regt CN Vol Civil War; Watkins, Roy W (c1909-1973); Wehnert, Adolph (1866-1932); Wehnert, Amanda (1876-1950); Weltin, Thms Earl (1897-1965) Pvt OR Btry F 27 Arty Cavalry WWI; Weltin, Melissa E Luckey (1857-1946); Weltin, Moran E (1847-1926); Weltin, Myrtle Willis (?-?); Wilcox, — (?-?); Willoughby, Albert A (1883-1959); Willoughby, Cora Walrath (1873-1938) w/o Warren; Willoughby, Geo H (1877-1954); Willoughby, Grace (1876-1944); Willoughby, Harold O (1915-1976) Pvt US Army WWII; Willoughby, Leonard “Lee” (?-1954); Willoughby, Mary Ann (1960-1964); Willoughby, Susan V (1893-1945); Willoughby, Walter Warren (1882-1951); Wilson, — (?-1895); Wilson, Wm (?-1894); Woody, Jonathan (1857-1927) h/o Symantha.

Eddy Cemetery

Morgan Lillard and Israel Eddy
Photos Courtesy of Evelyn Payne Parry

Baber, Ann (c1814-1880) w/o Ensley H; m/o adopted dau Minnie & sn Chas McVay Baber, Ensley H (1828-1879) h/o Ann; f/o adopted dau Minnie Baber & stepsn Chas McVay; Baber Mtn named for him; Eddy, Eva May (1862-1875) d/o P D & Israel Fisk; grandd/o Lucy Fisk & Ezekiel; Eddy, Ezekiel Isaac (c1800-1890 VT) s/o Jas; h/o Lucy Fisk; f/o Israel; grandf/o Eva May; Eddy, Israel Fisk (1824-1911) s/o Lucy Fisk & Ezekiel; married (1) P D & (2) Marie Phelonise Manuel (1842-1916) who was born Jan 30, 1842 in Gentilly, PQ. She died May 6, 1916 in Albany, Linn County, OR; f/o Eva May; Eddy, Lucy Fisk (1905-1878 VT) w/o Ezekiel; Gibson, Saml J B (c1881-1884) s/o H T & M A; Hunt, Rev Isaac C (c1801-1884)318 great grandf/o Florence Hunt; grandmo stayed in IA!; Hunt, Levi W I (1825-1904) f/o Aaron B (1861-1922 IA) & Marion (1865-1932 OR); h/o Mary P Kenion (1828-? OH); grandf/o Florence Hunt; Hunt, Mary P Kenion (1828-1891) w/o Levi W I.

Peak Cemetery

Adams, Rbt (?-?) s/o Mary January Adams & Ollie; Cramer, Geo (?-1912) burned to death in house fire; Cramer, Julia Ann (?-? bur Lewisburg Cemetery); Cramer, Rbt Eden (1874-1952); Cross, Ukiah (?-?); Davidson, Geo Henry (1882-1919); Davidson, Harrison (1836-1925); Davidson, Noah E (1886-1916) f/o Eleanor Davidson Dick; Davidson, Virginia A Cramer (1855-1942); Davidson, Virginia Hastie (?-1919) w/o Geo; January, Cassius M “Dick” (1861-1916) bro of Wesley; January, Martha Davidson (1879-1915) w/o Wesley; Peoples, Roxanna (?-?).

Shot Pouch Cemetery

Burbank, Baby (?-1926); Burbank, Carrie (1900-1927); Burbank, John (1898-1949); Conrow, Ephriam C (1834-1896); Conrow, Julia Ann Cramer (?-? Lewisburg Cemetery); Eakin, Sarah May (1910-1948); Henderson, John (?-1894) accidentally shot to death; bur on Walker Mulkey place; Henderson, John Hood (1858-1943); Hoffman, Mary J (1866-1905) w/o Geo Washington; Holler, Clara Irene Burbank (1909-1937) d/o Anna Henderson & Albert; w/o Henry; Holler, Maxine Ilene (1935-1936) d/o Clara & Henry; Holler, Oren Kenneth (1931-1956); Jones, Floyd Fred (1918-1962); Jones, Fred Wm (1885-1954) h/o Mary; Jones, Geo Arthur (39 yr); Jones, J M (?-?); Jones, Mary J Henderson (1882-1925) d/o John Hood; McCaleb, John K (1861-1895); Mulkey, Goldie Burbank (1901-1961) w/o Theo; Mulkey, Theo (1881-1954).

Shot Pouch Creek Cemetery

 Leslie, Chas (?-1959); Leslie, Clair (?-1956); Leslie, Floyd (?-1967); Leslie, Laura Grace (1882-1969).

Nortons Cemetery

According to Evelyn Parry, the “Keeper of Toledo’s Memory,” Nortons Cemetery is located near Homer Edwards’ farm not far from Eddyville. Parry visited Nortons Cemetery in 1975, and says there is a marker identifying the site of the first schoolhouse in Lincoln County under a large fir tree. The grave sites are about a quarter of a mile further on toward Eddyville. There is parking space, and the cemetery is about one block from the road. A big tree covers the fenced graveyard. The property is owned by Lincoln County. In an article Evelyn Parry found in the Jul 1898 issue of the Lincoln County Leader, H. S. Porter thanks those who helped erect the memorial stone commemorating his Mother. “Those who helped me knew of no other graves here,” he said: Elizabeth Ann Lee Porter’s (1831-1898) obituary states that she was born in Harrison County, Ohio on Nov. 4, 1831. She was a graduate of Wheeling College, Pennsylvania. In Nov. 1893, she married Andrew Jackson Porter (1827-1881), also of Ohio, who was a surveyor. The couple moved to Oregon in 1864 and homesteaded at Nortons in 1865. Lincoln County’s first schoolhouse was built in 1866, and Porter was the first teacher. She died at Nortons in 1898. The inscription on the memorial stone reads:

At Rest:
Porter, Andrew Jackson (1827-1881 OH)
Porter, Elizabeth Ann Lee (1831-1898 OH)

“First School in Lincoln County
AD 1866
Elizabeth Lee Porter—Teacher

 • Elizabeth Ann Lee and Andrew Jackson Porter were the parents of: Jas T (1848-? OH), Mary Jane (1855-? OH), Ruth F (1858-? MI); Elizabeth Ann II (1860-? IL), Lucinda R (1862-? IA), Andrew L (1866-? OR), and Ella (1868-? OR).
 • Nortons Cemetery: Bemrose, Arthur Jas (1917-1929 s/o Anna Gertrude Johnson & R C Bemrose; Peck, Chester (c1910-1914 Nortons) s/o Bell Harris and C S Peck.

Mays-Strouts Cemetery

Coulter, J P (1838-1903 Ireland); Davis, Earl R (1884-1953) Pvt NMI USNRF WWI; Davis, Jas O (1866-1932); Davis, Saml (1842-1923); Eddy, Emma Edwards (?-1955) w/o Saml; Eddy, Saml Leland (1886-1973); Edwards, — (?-? female) infant d/o Mildred Lister & June; Edwards, Arthur June (?-?) s/o Mildred Lister & June; Edwards, Melinda Florence (1859-1941) w/o Norman Franklin; Edwards, Norman Franklin (1852-1916) h/o Malinda Florence; Goodwin, Clarinda C (1837-1904) w/o F A; Hamar, Baby I (?-?) infant/o Martha & John; Hamar, Baby II (?-?) infant/o Martha & John; Hamar, Chas (1858-1930); Hamar, Chas Otto (Otis?) (1887-1962); Hamar, Chas D (David?) (1849-1912) h/o Mary?; Hamar, Effie (1898-?); Hamar, Everett S (1853-1890); Hamar, Henry J (1877-1905) s/o John; Hamar, Jas (1822-1897) pioneer of 1862; Hamar, Martie Wakefield (1884-1912); Hamar, Mary (1861-1911) w/o Chas D; Hamar, Matilda J Owen (1862-1946); Hamar, Roy (1880-1945); Hamar, Sarah (1822-1895) w/o Jas; Hamar, Sarah B (1901-1920); Mays, Eda Margaret (1862-1872 OR) d/o Sarah E (1846-? IL & Chas B (1839-? IL); sis/o Ida M (1864-? OR), Grant B (1866-? OR), Noah M (1868-? OR) & Troy M (1870-? OR); Mays, Grant B (1866-?) s/o Sarah E & Chas B; b/o Edna Margaret (1862-1872 OR), Ida M (1864-? OR), Noah M (1868-? OR), Troy M (1870-? OR) & Ruby (?-? bur Elk City Cemetery); Moore, Rbt G (1844-1934); Strouts, Edw D (1879-1968); Strouts, Edw F (1851-1912) h/o Martha C; Strouts, Martha C (1861-1930) w/o Edw F; Strouts, Ruth (1881-1918) w/o E D; Strouts, Wm L (?-1929); Vance, Malinda (1830-1889); Wilson, Geo Homer (1882-?).

Summit Cemetery

Summit Railroad 1926

Arnold, Jas D (1839-1922); Arnold, Lucinda C (1843-1917); Baughman, Frank (?-1871) s/o D C & C O; Bensell, Baby (1869-1869) Infant of Juliet Cottle (?-1849; m 1837 Cassville, WI or Belmont, WI) & Chas E Bensell MD; Bensell, Chas E (Jul 4, 1800-1875 Germantown, PA); Siletz Agency physician 1869-1872; Berggren, H W (1903-1909); Berggren, W (1891-1911); Brown, Phillip (1928-1928); Bryant, Joey F (1897-1910) s/o Mary Pettit & Jos; Bunnell, Dorp’lc J (?-?) Pvt Co H 51st IL Inf; Cain, Henrietta L Boise (1863-1927); Cain, Rev J D (1862-1931) h/o Henrietta L Boise; Carlson, Chas W (1899-1906 Sweden) s/o Mary Hamar & Chas M; Carlson, Wilbur (1905-1906); Carter, Charlotte Edith (1893-1935); Chapman, Elmer Lewis (?-1919) h/o Floy Evans; Clark, Isabel (1866-1938); Clark, Rbt (1890-1902); Clark, Virgil (1907-1974); Clark, Wm M (1854-1942); Coote, Clara L (1874-1936); Coote, Rich C (1853-1933); Crawford, David Arthur (1965-1969); Crawford, Don (1938-1977); Cusack, Esther L Hamar (1874-1908); Daniels, Lydia Eliza (?-1938); Ewing, Delbert Jos (1902-1976); Ewing, Jos T (1874-1943); Ewing, Lucy A (1875-1965); Franklin, W (1869-1906); Fransen, Elizabeth L (?-1912); Fransen, Jess H (1897-1965); Friedl, Alphonso M (1896-1938); Friedl, Weldon (1914-1947); Gassner, Matt (1899-1978); Gassner, Larry M (1949-1970) SSG Co B 27 Inf 25 Inf Div DSM PH Vietnam War (1950-1975); Hamar, Mary (1835-1915); Hamar, Oliver B (?-?) Pvt Co B 11th Cavalry KS Civil War; Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill?; Herron, Harvey (1857-1928); Herron, Lydia H (1861-?); Harris, Sally C Arnold McDowell Mulkey (1876-1926); Hogan, Elsie B (1905-1938); Huntsman, Alvin R (1928-1938); Huntsman, Coda L (1935-1938); Huntsman, Edna M (1911-1938); Huntsman, Jas A (1899-1942); Huntsman, Virginia M (1930-1938); Illingsgworth, Chas Nelson (1870-1948); Jensen, Christian V (1884-1954); Jensen, Emma (1892-?); Jensen, Helen M (1916-1917); Kohn, Frank L (1858-1948); Kohn, Rachel (1856-1940); Larson, John (1846-1911); Lohmann, J Wilhemine (1840-1899 Germany); Marks, Ella R (1858-1931); McDowell, Eliza Nichols (1838-1920 bn Clinton, MO; bur Dallas) w/o John; McDowell, Geo Washington (1860-1908) h/o Sally C Arnold McDowell Mulkey Harris; McDowell, John (1827-1913 NC) Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt CA Vol: Ft Yamhill; McDowell, Sadie L (1864-1909); McDowell, Sally C Arnold McDowell Mulkey Harris (1876-1926) w/o Geo McDowell, Gus Mulkey & Elmer Harris; McFarland, Baby (?-?) Iinfant/of Rbt L McFarland?; McFarland, Julie Ann (1894-Mar 16, 1915) d/o Rbt L McFarland?; McFarland, Rbt L (1854-1927); McMurphy, Elizabeth (1841-1909); McMurphy, Silas (1836-1908); Miller, Jasper (1845-1921); Miller, Martha J (1847-1928); Miller, W Franklin (1869-1906); Mulkey, Clyde R (1901-1931); Mulkey, Matilda J (1881-1942); Nichols, Mulkey (1892-1944); Overton, Bradley Michael (1876-1964); Parker, Ella E (1893-1976); Peterson, Swan Gust (1835-1928); Pettit, Brinton D (1838-1904); Pettit, Elsie P (1897-1900); Pettit, Ellen B (1833-1899); Pettit, Ernest N (1868-1918); Post, Baby (?-?) infant/o Lucy E (1851-? OR) & Wallace (1847-? IL)?; Post, Fred Marvel (1881-1947) s/o Lucy E (1851-? OR) & Wallace (1847-? IL)?; Post, Lonzo D (1877-1886 Summit) s/o Lucy E (1851-? OR) & Wallace (1847-? IL)?; Post, Ruby Ellen (1881-1954) d/o Lucy E (1851-? OR) & Wallace (1847-? IL)?; Reynolds, Chas M (1889-1971); Reynolds, Olivia (1895-1964); Roscoe, Julius A (1854-1908); Roscoe, Mary F Smith (1865-1934); Rysdale, Peter (?-1928) 1st Sgt MN 20 Inf Div WWI; Savage, Frances A (c1828-1909 IL) w/o Morgan; Savage, Morgan R “Mark” (1825-1904 IL) h/o Frances A; Schneider, Jacques (1889-1955); Schneider, Synneve (1899-1962); Skaggs, Chas H (1860-1952 CA) s/o Mary Bensell & Jos; Skaggs, Jesse (1886-1907); Skaggs, Pvt Jos (1829-1916 VA) h/o Mary Bensell; f/o Chas H (1860-1952 CA), Royal (1862-? CA), John (1864-? CA), Ada (1866-? OR) & Arthur (1870-? OR); Co D 4th CA Inf Vol Rgt 1862; Skaggs, Mary Bensell (1841-1936 WI) sis/o Royal A and Marguerite S Bensell; d/o Juliet Cottle (?-1849; m 1837 Cassville, WI or Belmont, WI) & Chas E Bensell MD; Bensell, Chas E (Jul 4, 1800-1875 Germantown, PA); Siletz Agency physician 1869-1872; Sorenson, Anna (1886-1926); Sorenson, Andrew (1901-1929); Sorenson, Peter (1863-1943); Sturdevant, Etta (1897-1969); Sturdevant, Fred (1892-1961); Summers, Zilla Huston (1871-1945); Troxel, Bradley (1848-1924 IA)324 s/o Rebecca A & Carter; Troxel, Carter (1822-1892 KY); Troxel, John J (1863-1918 OR); Troxel, Rebecca A (1828-1907 OH); Troxel, Sarah Arnold (1849-1921); Wells, Aaron (1835-1879) h/o Mary C Jefferson; Pvt Co D 8th Inf Regt AK Vol AMZ Civil War; Wilson, Leonelle (1922-1928); Westfall, Florence V (1897-1974); Westfall, John M (1886-1965); Winkler, Anna Lohmann (1866-1926); Winkler, Gustave T (1860-1939); Winkler, Max A (1882-1945); Winkler, Millie F (1892-1913); Winkler, Walter R (1890-1977); Yaeger, Fred (1891-1977).

Wren Cemetery

Baker, Mary Jane (1939-1939); Ballard, Adaline Watts (1828-1886 KY) w/o Geo W; m/o David C (1846-1934 TN), John W (1847-? TN; Nancy A (1854-? OR), Wm J (1856-? Washington Territory 1853-1889), Mary L (1860-1893 OR), Sarah F (1862-? OR), Joshua F (1865-? OR), Chas R (c1866-1945 OR), & Emma (1869-? OR); Ballard, Chas R (c1866-1945 OR) s/o Adaline; Ballard, David C (1846-1934 TN) s/o Adaline; Ballard, Geo W (1820-1887 TN) h/o Adaline; Ballard, Martha A (1858-1858); Ballard, Mary L (1860-1893 OR) d/o Adaline; Bayne?, — (?-?); Bayne?, — (1841-1919); Bayne?, A M (?-?); Bayne, Geo A (1870-1938); Bayne, Margaret E (1877-1947); Bayne?, Mary (1872-1873); Bayne, Rbt A (1872-1879); Bayne?, W C (?-?); Hall, Ann Ballard (1853-1939); Hall, Tenny W (1876-1877); Herndon, Francinous I (c1826-1867) w/o Wm F I; m/o Adam Clark (1852-? IN), Mary (1855-? OR), Elizabeth (1857-? OR), Wm F II (1859-? OR), Francinous II (1863-? OR), & Olive (1865-? OR); Herndon, Wm F I (c1825-1901 VA) h/o Francinous I; f/o Adam Clark (1852-? IN), Mary (1855-? OR), Elizabeth (1857-? OR), Wm F II (1859-? OR), Francinous II (1863-? OR), & Olive (1865-? OR); Hunter, Rosa Prather (1876-1923); Hunter, W G (1864-1951); January, — (?-?); King, Anna Maria Allen (1822-1938 MA) d/o Anna Bangs & John Allen; w/o Solomon King (1833-1913); m/o Lucy Ann (1856-?), Eli Solomon (1857-?), Wm (1856-1940), Abraham Lincoln (1860-?), Scott (1863-?); King, Chas A (1848-1915 OR) s/o Stephen King (1818-1852); h/o Martha Robnett; f/o Edw (1871-1949), Anna Maria (1873-1938) & Adella (1875-1954); h/o Martha S (1852-? OR); King, Chas Edw (1871-1949); King, Gladys P (1901-1964); King, Glen Melvin (1898-1964); King, Margaret E Barnes (1860-1927) 2nd w/o Chas A King; m/o Ethel Jane (1899-1977); King, Minnie May (1877-1958); Labare, Malcolm Wesley (1921-1921); Lennox, Rev Ruth Scoles (1895-1965); Lin, Ms Jerry (43 yr); Morgan, Ethel Jane (1899-1977); Morgan, Victor S (1885-1946); Mulkey, Mary Ballard (1860-1893); O’Brien, Jas M (1829-1893); Parker, Mary Jane (c1938-1939); Scott, — (1926-1926 male); Scott, — (?-? female); Scott, — (?-? male); Shrouyer, Baby (1941-1941); Taylor, Anderson C (1896-?); Taylor, Mary Ellen (1923-1932); Taylor, Violet Harris (1901-1981); Turner, Adella King (1875-1954); Turner, Cleo Marie (1905-1909); Turner, Lorraine (?-1922); Turner, Saml Creed (1861-1941); Wood, Andrew Jackson (1857-1857); Wood, Jas J (c1859-1859); Wren, Geo P (1825-? District of Columbia) h/o Elizabeth L (1846-? IA); f/o Ella B (1852-? OR), Frank (1855-? OR), Alice M (1857-? OR), A C (1866-? OR), Evaline (1868-? OR), Ernestine (1869-? OR), & R A (1870-? OR).

Emrick Cemetery

Dyer, Alice (1870-1878); Dyer, Catherine E (1844-1892); Dyer, Wm (1885-1888); Emrick, Andrew (1802-1863 IL) h/o Phoebe Hewlitt; Emrick, Geo Washington (1853-1911 IA) s/o Jane Hanks & Henry; Emrick, Henry (1824-1901) h/o Jane Hanks; Emrick, Jane Hanks (1829-1877 TN) w/o Henry; Emrick, Jos Scott (1889-1896); Emrick, Phoebe Hewlitt (1804-1879 IA) w/o Andrew; Troxel, Elizabeth Emrick (1838-1879 IL) d/o Jane Hanks & Henry; w/o Frederick; m/o Chas L (1860-1940 OR), Wm R (1862-1906 OR), Henry (1864-? OR), Berry (1867-? OR), & General Grant (bn Sept 1870 OR); Troxel, Wm R (1862-1906 OR) s/o Elizabeth Emrick & Frederick; Turner, Clara M (1874-1884); Simonson, Albert (1887-1898).

Blodgett Cemetery

Bar, Susan (1792-?); Blodgett, Anna E (1860-1914); Blodgett, Baby I (?-?); Blodgett, Baby II (?-1914); Blodgett, Emma (1885-1914); Blodgett, Jeanette E (1915-1966); Blodgett, Jas (1884-1942); Blodgett, Maria (1857-1862); Blodgett, Murray A (1917-1967); Blodgett, Nellie R (1916-1976); Blodgett, Rodney M (1921-?); Blodgett, Rose (?-?); Blodgett, Rufus B (1855-1902); Blodgett, Wm (1812-1890); Hahn, Eunice M (1912-?); Hahn, Walter E (1907-1980); Morris, Pvt Marle Blodgett (1966-?); Plunkett, Margaret (?-1914); Plunkett, Susan (1889-1941); Porter, Forrest (?-1987); Porter, Rich Lee (1938-1940); Porter, Stephen Ray (1952-1975); Post, Baby (?-?); Post, Alene (1877-1912); Shute, Nellie Mabel (1885-1909); Sparks, Baby (?-1988).

Kings Valley Cemetery

Alcorn, Sfc Dale S (1898-1965); Alexander, Jas E (1875-1879); Alexander, Mae N (1880-1909); Alexander, Minnie (1877-1879); Alexander, Rebecca Chambers (1860-1951); Alexander, Thms C (1880-1950); Allen, Hettie Ann (1864-? OR) d/o Julia A (1848-1926 MO) & Jos W (1846-1920 IN); Allen, Jos W (1846-1920 IN) h/o Julia A; f/o Hettie Ann (1864-? OR), Sarah E (1867-? OR) & Lincoln (1869-? OR); Allen, Julia A (1848-1926 MO) w/o Jos W; m/o Hettie Ann (1864-? OR), Sarah E (1867-? OR) & Lincoln (1869-? OR); Allen, Lucy (1874-1878 OR) d/o Ann M & N W; Allen, Maria A (1848-1939); Allen, Morris (1848-1913 OR); Bevens, Ann M (1899-1919); Bevens, Gabriel D H (1895-1896); Bevens, Ida A (1884-1884); Bevens, Isabell E (1866-1929); Bevens, Francis M (1868-1876 OR); Bevens, Otto G (1891-1899); Bevens, Theo Archie (1902-1980); Bevens, Theo P (1859-1940 OR); twin b/o Commodore Perry (1859-1913 bur Elk City Cemetery); Bevens, Willard W (1876-1877); Blackden, Sarah Jane (1878-1949); Burgett, Benj Franklin (1858-1860); Burgett, Josephine M (1863-1873 OR) d/o Rebecca J & Wm H I; Burgett, Rebecca J (1842-1875 MO) w/o Wm H I; Burgett, Wm H II (1861-1863) s/o Rebecca J & Wm H I (1830-? MO); Carpenter, Arthur O (1858-1862); Caves, Jas (1869-1869); Caves, Pvt Josiah (1845-? Washington Territory 1853-1889); Caves, Marcus R (1872-1906); Caves Minnie W (1881-1912); Caves, Thelma E (1906-1911); Chambers, Alice (1867-1879 OR) d/o Lovisa King & Rowland Chambers; Chambers, Anna (1865-1879 OR) d/o Lovisa King & Rowland Chambers; Chambers, Delmer (1879-1882); Chambers, Jas (1865-1879); Chambers, Jas R (1883-1974); Chambers, John (1851-1916 or 1928); Chambers, Lovisa King (1825-1888 OH) 2nd w/o Rowland Chambers; Chambers, Mary (1857-1916); Chambers, Rebecca (1860-1951 OR) d/o Lovisa King & Rowland Chambers; Chambers, Rowland (1813-1870) s/o Susan VanGundy & Jos Chambers; h/o (1) Sarah King (1823-1845 died on Meek Cutoff); f/o Jas (1842-?) & Margaret (1844-?) (2) h/o Lovisa King; f/o Sara (1847-?0, Wm (1848-?), John (1851-1916 or 1928), Franklin (1853-?), Henry (1854-?), Ordelia (1855-?), Saml (1857-1939), Lydia (1858-?), Jackson (1859-?), Rebecca (1860-1951), Julia (1861-?), Lincoln (1863-?) Anna (1865-1879) & Alice (1867-1879); Chenoweth, Elizabeth (1833-1911 IL) w/o hon F A; Chenoweth, hon F A (1819-1899); Chenoweth, Rbt (1866-1883); Chenoweth, Ross (1853-? Washington Territory 1853-1989 s/o Elizabeth & hon F A; Clark, Eva McHenry (65 y); Cobb, Claude E (1883-1932); Coe, Bevens (1883-1898); Conway, Mamie Jacqueline (1932-1938); Cooper, Barbara Ellen (1861-1908); Cooper, Edith (1899-1900); Cooper, Ida (1884-1884); Cooper, Luther Wm (1879-1953); Cooper, Ora (1890-1892); Cooper, Willard (1885-1911); Dilly, Edna Josephine (1861-1943); Dunn, Mabel Frantz (1910-1961); Eddy, Mary (1895-1895); Eddy, Mary Amanda Frantz (1865-1905); Elkins, Edgar (1886-1912); Fowler, Chas A (1861-1925 OR) s/o Philena & Geo M; Fowler, Matheny J (1852-1857) d/o Philena & Geo M?; Fowler, Geo M (1822-1884 MO) h/o Philena; f/o Larkin L (1854-? OR), Jas W (1856-? OR), John M (1859-1929 OR), Margaret F (1861-? OR), Chas A (1861-1925 OR), Geo K (1864-? OR), & Sarah E (1866-? OR); Fowler, John M (1859-1929 OR) s/o Philena & Geo M; Fowler, Philena (1825-1901 MO) w/o Geo M; m/o Larkin L (1854-? OR), Jas W (1856-? OR), John M (1859-1929 OR), Margaret F (1861-? OR), Chas A (1861-1925 OR), Geo K (1864-? OR), & Sarah E (1866-? OR); Frantz, Althea (1903-1924); Frantz, Byington (1860-1950 IA) s/o Mary Amanda I & S P; Frantz, Dorvel (1916-1917); Frantz, Edson O (1863-1863) s/o Mary Amanda I & S P; Frantz, Jefferson E (1858-1888 IA) s/o Mary Amanda I & S P; Frantz, Julia F (1856-1943); Frantz, Laura B (1867-1908); Frantz, Laura L (?-1919); Frantz, Lydia J (1867-1881 OR) d/o Mary Amanda I & S P; Frantz, Marion (1892-1931); Frantz, Mary Amanda II [see Eddy] (1865-1905 IA) d/o Mary Amanda I & S P; Frantz, Mathilda (1875-1950); Frantz, Nettie (1875-1951); Frantz, Saml J II (1912-1941); Frantz, S P (1823-1891 PA) h/o Mary Amanda I (1830-? OH); f/o Chas A (1849-? OH), Rebecca (1851-? IA), Wallace (1855-1930 IA), Jefferson E (1858-1888 IA), Byington (1860-1950 IA), Edson O (1863-1863), Mary Amanda II (1865-1905 IA), & Lydia J (1867-1881 OR); Frantz, Wallace (1855-1930 IA) s/o Mary Amanda I & S P; Frantz, Pfc Wm E (1911-1952); Gerber, 2nd Lt Henry H I (?-1859 France; Ft Hoskins) h/o Victoria (1844-? MO); f/o Margaret (1864-? OR), Geo (1866-? OR) & Henry H II (1868-? OR); Garrison, Dora Loretta (1860-1876); Garrison, Cerilda (1838-1888); Glandon, Lydia W (1876-1949); Graham, Grace Viola (1916-1972); Graham, Harriet Lovisa (1886-1965); Graham, John Donald (1916-1966); Graham, John Maxfield (1883-1964); Graham, Jos Wm (1881-1965); Graham, Niena Lou Keison (1957-?); Grant, David A (c1811-1860 TN) h/o America (1825-? MO); f/o Martha (1858-? OR); Grant, Elijah (1825-1880 KY); Grant, Gilbert M (1860-1871 OR) s/o Sarah Jane and Rich J; b/o Jas (1853-? OR); Grant, Rich J (1826-1891 MO); Grant, Sarah Jane (1826-1913 KY); Grubbs, Caswell Wm (1837-1864 PA) s/o David C?; Pvt Co D 4th Inf Regt, CA Vol 1862: Ft Yamhill; Grubbs, David C (1809-1866 PA) f/o Caswell Wm?; Haight, Adaline E (1850-1922); Haight, Cornelius A (1842-1926); Hallock, Lucretia (1807-1860); Harlan, Ralph H (?-1934) OR Corp Inf Div; Harris, E Bryon (1868-1870); Hastings, Ella (1861-1884); Hastings, Ella Price (1821-1844); Hastings, Ettie (1859-1895); Huffman, Chloe (1852-1854); Huffman, Saml (1826-1854); Jones, Merle C (1910-1979); Kenworth, John K (1863-1948); Kenworth, Loverena M (1881-1948); Kibbey, David I (1807-1882 KY) f/o Mary (1845-? MO), Jas (1848-? MO), David II (1850-? MO), Sarah (1853-? MO) & Clorinda (1866-? OR); h/o Eliza; Kibbey, Eliza (1806-1882 VA) m/o Mary (1845-? MO), Jas (1848-? MO), David II (1850-? MO), Sarah (1853-? MO) & Clorinda (1866-? OR); w/o David I; King, Nahum Amos (1783-1856 War of 1812) h/o Serepta Norton; m May 9, 1807 New Lebanon, Columbia Co, NY; King, Serepta Norton (1791-1863) d/o Dulany Howe & Jas Norton; w/o Nahum Amos; m/o Serepta (1808-1829), Lucretia (1809-1860), Dulany (1811-1823), John (1813-1845), Hopestill (1815-1892), Hannah (1816-1825), Stephen (1818-1852), Isaac (1819-1866), Amos Nahum (1822-1902), Sarah (1823-1845), Jas Russel (1826-1829), Lovisa (1828-1889), Abigail (1829-1857), Lydia (1831-c1905), Solomon (1833-1913) & Rhoda Ann (1835-1912); King, Stephen (1853-1882 OR) s/o Serepta & Nahum Amos; Kinney, Andrew (1804-1885); Lemon, Mary E (1858-1895 MO) w/o Jas C (1831-? MO); m/o Isaac N (1862-? OR), John F (1864-? OR), Alice (1866-? OR) & Josephine (1868-? OR); Lawrence, Albert (1919-1919); Lawrence, Ellen (1922-1923); Lawrence, Lillie (1897-1928); Lilly, Lucinda A (1845-? IL) w/o Sidi N I; m/o Leslie (1863-? OR), Ora Dell (1866-? OR) and Clara (1868-? OR); Lilly, Sidi N II (1861-1863) s/o Lucinda A & Sidi N I; Lilly, Jerry L (1830-? NY) h/o Mary (1840-? IL); f/o Ada (1858-? OR), May (1860-? OR), Geo (1862-? OR), Ann (1865-? OR), & Jane (1868-? OR); Lilly, Sidi N I (1831-? NY) h/o Lucinda A; f/o Leslie (1863-? OR), Ora Dell (1866-? OR) and Clara (1868-? OR); Matheny, Grace M (1879-1979) d/o Harriet (1833-? IL) & A P J (1821-? IN?); Long, 3 Babies (?-?) infants/o Ellen Garland & Gabriel?; Long, Ellen Garland (1832-1890 PA) d/o Rebecca Garland (1798-? PA); w/o Gabriel; m/o A D (1856-? OR), Pamela (1858-? OR), Sarah A (1868-? OR) & Frances J (1870-1880 OR); Long, Emma (?-?) d/o Ellen Garland & Gabriel?; Long, Frances J (1870-1880 OR) d/o Ellen Garland & Gabriel; Long, Gabriel (1825-1908 VA) h/o Ellen Garland; f/o A D (1856-? OR), Pamela (1858-? OR), Sarah A (1868-? OR) & Frances J (1870-1880 OR) Long, Hugh L (1878-1880) s/o Ellen Garland & Gabriel?; Long, Irena (?-?) d/o Ellen Garland & Gabriel?; Long, Phoebe (1860-?) d/o Ellen Garland & Gabriel?; Lyday, Price Meyer (1962-1982); Maxfield, E C (1826-1887); Maxfield, Jane (1826-1909); Maxfield, Lyman T (1854-1891); Maxfield, Olive E (1869-1939); Maxfield, Walter (1867-1956); Maxfield, Wm M (1864-1870); McConnell, Mary (1845-1913); McConnell, Reason (1837-1904); McGrath, Michael (1882-1972 Ireland); McHenry, Cleone Laverne (1918-1984); McHenry, Eva (?-?); Miller, Arthur C (1857-1937); Miller, Chas Bruce (1873-1945); Miller, Dolly O (1882-1905); Miller, Dora A (1898-1986); Miller, Hettie A (1865-1945); Miller, Jacob B (1875-1932); Miller, John S (1831-1910 IN) h/o Vienna F (1837-1906 IN); f/o Wm H (1855-? OR), Martha E (1857-? OR), John Isaac (1857-? OR), Mary E (1861-? OR), Taylor John (1862-1915 OR) & Albert (1864-? OR); Miller, Paul R (1895-1980); Miller, Rosa G (1876-1916) d/o Vienna F & John S?; Miller, Taylor John (1862-1915 OR); Miller, Vienna F (1837-1906 IN) w/o John S (1831-1910 IN); m/o Wm H (1855-? OR), Martha E (1857-? OR), John Isaac (1857-? OR), Mary E (1861-? OR), Taylor John (1862-1915 OR) & Albert (1864-? OR); Norton, Arthur (1868-1953 OR) s/o Nancy Ann & Wiley; Norton, Ashnah (1847-1933 OR) d/o Hopestill King (1815-1892) & Lucius Carolus Norton; w/o Jas Plunkett (1838-? Canada); m/o Lucius (1866-? OR), Wiley II (1867-? OR) & Frank (1869-? OR); Norton, Byron (1884-1897); Norton, Sarena I (1855-1873 OR) d/o Hopestill; Norton, Sarena II (1877-1950); Norton, Cerilda Jane (1857-1858 OR) d/o Hopestill King & Lucius Norton; Norton, Cleve (1884-1919); Norton, Cynthia (1850-1850) d/o Hopestill King & Lucius Norton; Norton, Elsie E (1908-1982); Norton, Hopestill (1816-1892 OH) w/o Lucius; m/o Isaac (1840-?), Wiley (1844-1933, Ashnah (1847-1933), Nahum (1850-1922), Cynthia (1850-1850), Melinda (1852-?), Serepta (1854-1909), Cerilda (1857-1858), Serena (1877-1950) & Lucius Carolus II (1859-?), Norton, LeRoy (1872-1956); Norton, Lucius Carolus I (1818-1859) s/o Cynthia Knapp & Solomon Norton; h/o Hopestill King (1815-1892) f/o Ashnah; Norton, Luella May (1868-1888 OR) d/o Olive Harris & Isaac; Norton, Mary (1866-1875 OR) d/o Nancy A Zumwalt & Wiley; Norton, Nancy Ann Zumwalt (1847-1930) w/o Wiley; m/o Mary (1866-1875 OR) & Arthur (1868-1953 OR), Sarena I (1855-1873); Norton, Sarena II (1877-1950); Norton, Olive Harris (1842-1897) w/o Isaac (1842-? OH) m February 20, 1867; Norton, Rudy R (1906-1976); Norton, Wiley (1844-1933 MO) s/o Hopestill King & Lucius Norton; h/o Nancy Ann Zumwalt; Oleman, Alta (1902-1950); Oleman, Audrey M (1929-1929); Oleman, Chas I (1846-1910); Oleman, Edgar (1902-1903); Oleman, Oliver S (1884-1946); Owen, Pvt Ben Franklin (?-?); Owen, Jane C (1833-1877); Owen, Geo Washington (?-?); Pittman, lt J M (?-?); Price, Baby I (?-1899 male); Price, Baby II (1910-? male); Price, Birdie Lane (1882-1885) d/o Serepta Norton & Willard Lane Price; Price, Carl (1892-1893); Price, Gilla A (1818-1890 MO); Price, Emma L (1871-1886); Price, Jas B (1841-1909 MO); Price, Jas L (1886-1964); Price, John (1873-1949); Price, Jos W (1846-1908 MO); Price, Larkin G I (1824-1910); Price, Larkin G II (1868-1929 OR) s/o Harriet Simpson &  Larkin G Price I; h/o Julia Chambers; Price, Margaret (1877-1950); Price, Mary E (1847-1915 OR); Price, Mary O Keys (1858-1882 OR); Price, Minnie M (1874-1905); Price, Nettie May Field (1882-1939); Price, Preston S (1851-1926 MO); Price, Serepta Norton (1854-1909) w/o Willard Lane Price; m/o Minnie (?-?), Emma L (18871-1886) & Birdie Lane (1882-1885); Price, Willard Lane (1850-1911) s/o Harriet Simpson & Larkin Price; h/o Serepta Norton; Price, Wm B (1879-1949); Price, Rovina I (1891-1987); Plunkett, Ada J (1887-1963) d/o Ashnah Norton & Jas?; Plunkett, Ashnah Norton (1847-1933 OR); w/o Jas (1838-? Canada); m/o Lucius (1865-1926 OR), Wiley (1867-1934 OR), Frank A (1869-1946), Eldora (1869-1931), Nellie A (1872-1917), Barton I (1872-1876), Edgar (1873-1935)?, Garfield (1881-1942)?, Henry (1883-1960)?, Minnie P (1887-1952) & Ada J (1887-1963); Edgar (1873-1935) s/o Ashnah & Jas?; Plunkett, Barton (1871-1875) s/o Ashnah Norton & Jas; Plunkett, Edgar (1873-1935) s/o Ashnah & Jas?; Plunkett, Eldora Lewis (1869-1931) 2nd w/o Francis A Plunkett, m May 28, 1919; Plunkett, Francis A (1869-1946) s/o Ashnah Norton & Jas; h/o (1) Nelie Ann Tatom (2) Eldora Lewis; Plunkett, Garfield (1881-1942) s/o Ashnah Norton & Jas; Plunkett, Henry (1883-1960) s/o Ashnah Norton & Jas; Plunkett, Jas (1836-1911 IA) s/o Sarah Cade & Rbt Plunkett; h/o Ashnah Norton; Plunkett, Lucius (1865-1926) s/o Ashnah Norton & Jas; Plunkett, Nellie A (1872-1917) d/o Ashnah & Jas?; Plunkett, Minnie P (1887-1952) d/o Ashnah & Jas?; Plunkett, Wiley (1867-1934) s/o Ashnah Norton & Jas; Ray, Murl Cooper (1852-1937); Rice, — (1876-1876 female) infant d/o Martha Jane & Saml; Rice, Chas Edwin (1857-1941 OR) s/o Martha Jane & Sam; Rice, John E (1865-1868 OR; twin of Frances?); Rice, Martha Jane (1828-1900 IN) w/o Sam; m/o Albert N (1852-? OR), Mary L (1855-? OR), Chas Edwin (1857-1941 OR), Ellen (1862-? OR), Frances (1865-? OR) & John E (1865-1868 OR); twin of Frances?); Rice, Saml (1828-1898 CN) h/o Martha J; f/o Albert N (1852-? OR), Mary L (1855-? OR), Chas Edwin (1857-1941 OR), Ellen (1862-? OR), Frances (1865-? OR) & John E (1865-1868 OR; twin of Frances?); Rogers, Agnes F (1844-1911); Rogers, G (1836-1903); Ross, Daisy (1882-?); Ross, Danl M (1881-1910); Seifert, Clarinda (1866-1939); Seifert, Edith (1898-1907); Seifert, Herman (1866-1943); Sheythe, Chas (1836-1898); Sheythe, Christina (1841-1899); Sheythe, Edw (1871-1898); Sheythe, John (1875-1894); Simpson, David H (1871-1936); Simpson, Fain A (1882-1952); Simpson, Lillie (?-?); Stewart, Little Ann (1880-1880); Story, Albert G (1885-1924); Story, B Ethel (1883-1945); Story, Florence J (1853-1935); Story, J Frank (1895-1956); Story, Jacob L (1880-1959); Story, John W (1851-1937); Surcamp, Gary Lee (?-1950); Tatom, Cyrena (1854-1926) w/o Solomon?; Tatom, Solomon (1847-1926 MO) b/o Wm (1831-? IL)?; bro-in-law/o Sarah E (1843-? MO)?; uncle? of Sarah C (1860-? OR), Georgiana (1862-? OR), Thms (1865-? OR), Marcus (1867-? OR), Rich (1868-? OR) & Ella (1870-? OR)?; Taylor, Elsie J (1882-1972); Thomas, Wm Perry (1868-1972); Townsend, Baby (1871-1871 male); Townsend, Ella (1868-1907) d/o Jas Sophronia & Jas Monroe?; Townsend, Jas Monroe I (1834-1892 IL) h/o Sophronia; f/o Jas Monroe II (1861-1910 OR) & W L (1863-? OR); Townsend, Jessie (1893-1914); Townsend, Jas Monroe II (1861-1910 OR) s/o Sophronia & Jas Monroe I; Townsend, Pearl M (1894-1908); Townsend, Sophronia (1844-1923 MO) w/o Jas Monroe I; m/o Jas Monroe II (1861-1910 OR) & W L (1863-? OR); Troxel, Chas L (1860-1940 OR) s/o Elizabeth Emrick (1838-1879 IL) & Frederick (1814-? KY); Troxel, Geo A (1864-1940); Van Meter, Jas T (1852-1932); Van Meter, Nancy E (1850-1910); Van Meter, Thelma (1894-1905); Van Meter, Wm E (1892-1964); Winniford, Alex Findlay (1834-1918); Winniford, Amanda Melvina (1848-1924); Winniford, Florence E (1881-1901); Wood, Elizabeth (1804-1855); Wood, Jas (1776-1874); Wood, Mary Ann (1854-1899); Wood, Nova Adella (1892-1910); Wood, Melvesta A (1874-1879); Wood, Wm Franklin (1849-1854).

Unusual Graves In Lincoln County

(1) In 1895, Oneatta Eleanor “Onnie” Ramsdell, was one of the youngest women ever appointed captain in the Salvation Army. She was a friend of the Parks and Palmers in Elk City, according to her niece,  Nancy Hemstreet . She was the 12th child of Thomas Manley Ramsdell, Jr., and the first wife of Hemstreet’s grandfather, Guy Fitch Phelps. The couple married Seoptember 8, 1897. Onnie Ramsdell was born January 30, 1872, at Yaquina Bay, Oregon, and died May 17, 1902, one day after giving birth to her only child, daughter Naomi Oneatta Phelps.  She is buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon.  Her daughter, Naomi, never married and was the half-sister of Hemstreet’s mother. In the fall of 2003, it was reported that Onnie's half-brother and half-sisters are all deceased.  Of the six nieces of Naomi, four are still living.  Hemstreet is one of the four.Photo courtesy of Nellie Pearl (Palmer) Dunford, born March 9, 1889, Elk City, Oregon. 
She was the daughter of Henry Laramie Palmer and Charlotte (Lottie) Parks Reid Palmer.

(2) Ramsdell Bridge 1924; Photo Courtesty of Evelyn Payne Parry

Ahern, Sophia Logan Copeland (1886-1969 OR). Sophia Ahern was the d/o Elizabeth Lightsinger (1843-1890 Switzerland) and Saml A Logan (1840-1919 IN), the first settlers on Yaquina Bay. Copeland, a licensed pilot who knew Yaquina Bay, apparently met her death in a plane crash. Her ashes were scattered on the bay by tug boat captain Fred Hoffman; Anderson, Peder (1826-1906). Peder Anderson died at the age of 80 and is buried on a farm on the Siletz River; Boone, Maude Lillian (1895-1895). Maude Lillian, the iinfant d/o Maria L and Wm C Boone (1858-1936 Toledo), is believed to be buried on Boone Island. Several Boone babies, possibly the children of Mourning Ann (1837-? IN) and Geo Luther Boone (1827-? IN) are also buried on Boone Island next to Mary Ann Craigie (?-1868); Boone, John Morris. On Apr. 6, 1878, Lincoln County pioneer John Morris Boone deeded lots 5, 6, 7 & 8, Section 36-235A—property that is now known as Boone Island and owned by Edw. and Dianna Stanwood—to Joe Blower I (1876-1918) for $1000.327 Virginia Wooding Myers, the daughter of area pioneers, Hulda K Dodson (1871-1896) and Chas Wooding (1858-1928), reported being told that Boone and his Spouse were buried on the May family farm across the river from Boone Island in an old orchard. Ms. May was a member of the Boone family farthest West; Bradley, Horace (?-1912). Horace Bradley of Harlan died from a gunshot wound. The whereabouts of his grave in unknown; Bridges, LeRoy (1930-1945). Fifteen-year-old LeRoy Bridges of Elk City perished in a fire; Briggs, J J (?-1914). Several members of the Briggs family are bur Cape Foulweather Cemetery. J J Briggs is buried at his home beside his wife. There are several other graves on the Briggs farm at Bayview, across Alsea Bay from Waldport; Chinese, (?-? male). It is possible a Chinese man with the surname Kim, cared for by Dr Rich, is buried on the Ann and Bob Gribble farm. Another man from Canton, China, named Linn Kim (1870-1928), is bur Toledo Cemetery. It is possible the two were relatives; Clausius, M F (?-?). M F Clausius of Siletz was cremated; Cloake, — (?-? female). The d/o Mahala and Alfred Cloake, who were members of the Adventist Church Corps at the Storrs Community is buried near the road on the hill above the last schoolhouse at Elk City. A Native American couple who worked for Edwin Alden Abbey (1824-? NY), possibly Ann (1845-? OR) and Rbt Hill (1826-? OH); and Jas Chester Dixon (1871-1932) are also buried there; Comier, Thms H (?-1927). Comier drowned in the Siletz River near Taft. His body was never recovered; Craigie, Jas II (1854-?). Sixteen-year-old Jas Craigie II, son of Mary Ann and Jas, might possibly be buried next to his mother on Boone Island, but his grave site has not been discovered; Craigie, Mary Ann (?-1868 OR). Mary Ann Craigie, who was the d/o Toya Pampe Boo, Chief of the Bannocks, was born in Idaho Territory. She was the wife of Scottish settler, Jas Craigie I (1823-1895), a Presbyterian who was known for the humanitarian care he gave settlers at Ft Hall when he was employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Jas Craigie is bur Eureka Cemetery, Newport. Princess Mary Ann’s grave is on the hillside on Boone Island and was at one time enclosed with a picket fence. The Jos Blower II (1876-1918) family, to whom the land was deeded in 1878, cared for her grave site for many years. In 1977, Craigie’s grave site was destined to be marked with an historical marker by the Lincoln County Historical Society, but shortly after the decision was made, it was destroyed by careless loggers; Daniel, Bond T (1835-1916 IL). Bond Daniel was killed by a mule. His grave, which was originally on the Daniel family farm near Deer Creek, was later moved to Southern Oregon by his widow, Helen Daniel. He was the s/o Wilfred H Daniel; Daniel, Ralph (?-?). His grave was originally on the Daniel family farm near Deer Creek, but was later moved to Riverside VFW Cemetery, Siletz. He was the s/o Wilfred H Daniel; Dillon, Theo Lawrence (?-1924). Dillon is buried on his ranch near Toledo; Dobson, Angeline (?-?) and Elihu (?-1895). On Nov 28, 1916, Ernest N York deeded his property to Clarence Doty “except a parcel 100 feet square now occupied by a graveyard reserved in deed from W P Dobson to Elba D York.” Virginia Wooding Myers believes Elihu Dobson, who died in 1895, is buried there. According his estate papers, his heirs were Amy Dobson Upton, Ward Dobson P and Wm E Dobson; Dobson, Benj Franklin (?-?). Benj Franklin Dobson, who homesteaded on Wright Creek at the foot of Dobson Mtn on the old road to Beaver Creek (Ona), is bur Crabtree which is in Linn Co; Dunn, Wm J: Wm J Dunn (1835-1877 KY) was enlisted in Company D 4th Infantry Regiment California Volunteers, the h/o Royal A Bensell’s sister, Marguerite S Bensell (1844-1942), whom he married in Sep of 1869. The couple homesteaded on the road to Corvallis soon after marriage. They were the parents of two sons, Jay and Wm Edw Dunn is buried on the Stanton Farm on Upper Olalla near the golf course on Highway 20. He died of a weak heart at Gardner, Oregon where he over lifted on the job. Cpl. Dunn, who was born in Kentucky, was a member of Company D 4th California Volunteers and served at Fort Yamhill. Dunsmore (?-?). The Dunsmore family has some graves on the Harve Hallowell farm on South Beaver Creek; Erbes, Baby (?-1917). Baby Erbes is buried on the Henry F Erbes (1866-1931) homestead; Fanno, Jane (?-?). Jane Fanno and her daughter, Lucy Fanno, are said to be buried on Ryan Hill near Seal Rock beside the old road. She is the grandmother of Roy, Guy, Benj and Jennie Twombly; Fraser, Alexander (1850-1937). Alexander Fraser was born in Scotland. His homestead was at Otis, where he is buried; Girl, Baby (?-1898) born on Weeota; buried Yaquina; Girl, Child (?-? bur West Yaquina; Haberman, August (?-1914) lived at Yaquina; left estate to Ellen Hassman, a crippled girl; Hassman, Roy (?-1925). The s/o Bessie (1861-1938 Toledo) and Chas (1862-1944) Hassman, he drowned in the Columbia River and his body was never found; Hunt, Jane Elizabeth Sutton (?-?). Jane Elizabeth Sutton Hunt (1870-1935), the s/o Mary P Kenion Hunt (1828-1891), and the d/o Wm Sutton of England, is buried on the Badger Brown farm near Little Elk; Hunt, Kenion (?-?). Kenion Hunt, Mary P Kenion Hunt’s (1828-1891) brother, overdid chasing livestock in the hills and is buried on Earl Weltin’s (?-1965) farm near the orchard. He died running up a hill; Jacobson, Wm “Willie” (?-1906). He is buried on a farm between Elk City and Pioneer on the railroad side of the Yaquina River. His death was due to a gunshot accident to his hand; January, Louella Lance (?-1977). Louella January was Wesley January’s first wife. She is buried on the farm owned by Miriam Turner (1912-1940 HR) near Harlan on the Upper Big Elk River. She was the mother of Anna January Ridenour; Johnson, Ms Oliver (1861-1898). The grave site of Ms Johnson, who was born in Sweden and was a member of the Bellamy Scandinavian colony, remains unknown; Logan, Baby (?-?) This is possibly the child/o or grandchild/o early Yaquina Bay settlers, Elizabeth Lightsinger (1843-1890 Switzerland) and Saml A Logan (1840-1919 IN) who are bur Toledo Cemetery; Matteson, Amanda Whitford (1841-1918). She is buried on the homestead of her son, John E Matteson (d1935) on Carlisle Creek. She was the d/o Jesse Matteson and the w/o Hans Ludwig Matteson (?-1922 Toledo); Miller, Leonard (?-?). According to Jas Parks, Leonard Miller is buried on his ranch at Bear Creek; Native Americans, Couple (?-?). Indian grave mounds marked with tools were found on Jas Parks’ ranch on the Big Elk River. Native Americans from the Siletz Reservation were known to camp there; Palmer, Katie (?-?). Katie Palmer, the d/oLottie Parks and Henry Palmer, is bur Bear Creek on Jas Parks’ ranch; Patterson, Corlis “Ike” (?-?). Ike Patterson, the b/o Harriet E Patterson Hill (1847-1931) who is bur Seal Rock Cemetery, was killed with a horse working on the Yaquina Bay jetty, and is buried on his place beside the road to the farm owned by Hattie H (1891-1944) and John Ross Coovert (1880-1929); Rae, Ms Adam (?-1903). Ms Rae, Adams Rae’s first wife, was possibly born in Scotland. She is buried on a small lot (Section 15) at Storrs, deeded to the Adventist Church Corps by Alfred & Mahala Cloake. The lot is now under the Elk City Road; Ramsdell, Boy (?-?). The s/o Rev Thms M Ramsdell, he is buried on Bear Creek or on a a hill at Elk City; On November 20, 2003, Nancy Hemstreet wrote: "Connie, under Unusual Graves in Lincoln County is a listing for Ramsdell, Boy (?-?). The s/o Rev Thms M Ramsdell, he is buried on Bear Creek or on a hill at Elk City. On November 20, 2003, Nancy Hemstreet wrote:  "I believe this is the stillborn son known as Stall Ramsdell b&d 6 July 1870, Yaquina, OR (per Ramsdell Family info). Still looking for the burial site of his sister Agnes Ramsdell b. 30 Mar 1874 d. 1877. One Ramsdell family member shows her dying 1877 in Hillsboro, Washington Co., OR and another says in Yaquina, OR.  Burial site remains unknown.  Agnes was the last of Thomas Manley Ramsdell Jr's 13 children." Nancy Hemstreet Rhinehart, — (?-1930). Young Rhinehart is the grandchild/o Anthony Rhinehart. The child is bur the house yard of the Rhinehart home on the Bay Road; Rich, Dr (?-?). Dr Rich, the h/o Royal A Bensell’s sister, Marguerite S Bensell Dunn Rich (1844-1942 Newport), told researchers dr. Rich was buried on the family farm; Shinor, Lorance: Lorance Shinor (c1866-1908), who was born in Poland, is bur the mouth of the Siletz River; Stevens, Boy (?-1880) He drowned and is buried on the farm of Lottie Harding (1872-1930 Elk City) and Wm Sharp (1864-1942 Elk City) which is located on the hillside above the Southern Pacific railroad tracks 2.5 miles down from Elk City. Nathan P Stevens (1818-1910) owned the place until 1881; Wooding, Baby (?-1896 male). He is the son of Hulda K Dobson (1871-1896) and Chas Wooding (1858-1928), and is buried on the family homestead on Wright Creek in Toledo; Wooding, Chas (1858-1928). The h/o Hulda K Dobson, he is buried on the family homestead on Wright Creek in Toledo; Wooding, Hulda K Dobson (1871-1896). The Woodings were married in Rosa, Oregon. Hulda Wooding is buried along with her husband and son on the family homestead on Wright Creek in Toledo; York, Ms (?-1910). Ms York, the w/o Ernest N York, is probably bur Bayview Cemetery on Drift Creek.

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