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Compiled By M. Constance Guardino III
With Rev. Marilyn A. Riedel
Copyright © 2000. All Rights Reserved.
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Paul Washington Cemetery is located in the City of Siletz, former headquarters for the old Siletz Indian Reservation. This well-kept burial ground, located on a knoll known as Government Hill overlooking the present town site, has long served the Indian residents of the area. Beneath stately trees are buried hundreds of Siletz people. The oldest tombstone date is 1879, although the area is believed to have been in use in prior to that date. Formerly known as Siletz Cemetery, this native burial ground was renamed to honor Paul Washington after he was killed in France during World War I. Pfc. Washington, son of Hattie and Isaac Washington, died September 28, 1918. A double funeral was held May 24, 1919 for Paul and his brother Andrew after the latter died of tuberculosis in Denver as he was returning home from the war.
      "Some years ago (1960's), I made a survey of Paul Washington when it was mostly brush," wrote consultant Leonard Whitlow II, a former U.S. History teacher at Grant High School in Portland. "I made extra effort to record every marked grave and knew there were lots unmarked. In fact Dorsey Streets told me that every time they dug a new grave up there, they dug into an existing grave."
 Some of the information included here was gathered by Verna Miller Kentta of Logsden and Grace Elting Castle of Siletz from existing tombstones, probate records, death records, published obituaries, mortuary records and interviews with those who are familiar with the cemetery. "Verna Kentta and I traded [cemetery] information about 15 or so years ago," Whitlow informed the authors, in a letter dated January 15, 2001. "Since hers was all handwritten, I typed hers and integrated it with my own. I made two copies, one for me and one for her. I have added quite a bit since that swap. The research of Whitlow, Kentta and Castle is included in At Rest In Lincoln County, an exhaustive enumeration of Lincoln County burials compiled in 1978 by the late Evelyn Payne Parry of Toledo. (At Rest In Lincoln County, pp. 107-125)
Riverside VFW Cemetery, officially designated in November 1918, is located two miles east of the City of Siletz just off the Logsden Road. Overlooking the Siletz River, the site is part of the original Chetco Charley property and was chosen by the Siletz Cemetery Association as a burial ground for the community's deceased following the death of Brinton W. Bryant, a shipyard worker who died of pneumonia following an attack of Spanish influenza. Although Bryant's death instigated the designation of a cemetery for the community's non-indian population, many Indian burials had already taken place in the back portion of the site. (At Rest In Lincoln County, pp. 128-133)
Logsden-Rock Creek Area burials included in this list are those of private small cemeteries, unmarked or lost graves which have been verified through relatives, friends, published obituaries, death records or mortuary records, and known graves which are on private property. The location of known graves has not been revealed here due to problems experienced in recent years with vandalism of Indian grave sites. The area covered in the list includes that within the boundaries of the entrance to Moonshine Park above Logsden, east to the side of Nash Mountain and west to Sam's Creek. (At Rest In Lincoln County, pp. 134-139)
Lower Siletz designation includes the area from Pompel Hill on SH-229 north of the City of Siletz to the Euchre Mountain area. These are names of persons whose grave sites are known but the location is not being revealed to protect them from vandalism. (At Rest In Lincoln County, p. 140)
Siletz Valley Area designation includes persons known to have lived, died and been buried within the Siletz Valley area. Their grave sites are no longer known, having been unmarked, destroyed through land development or overgrown by brush and long forgotten. A few are buried in established family cemeteries on private property, the location protected due to the problem of vandalism of native grave sites. All persons enumerated here are believed to have been buried within the Lower Siletz, Siletz proper, and east to and including the Logsden-Rock Creek area. (At Rest In Lincoln County, pp. 141-143)
The Singing Priest of Siletz, written in 1997 by Fr. Martinus Cawley, OSCO, contains Father Felix' List of Burials 1894-1907. Concerning these records, Fr. Martinus wrote: "We can well imagine this devoted pastor interrupting his long hours of prayer, to take up the Parish Register and read over, again and again, his meticulous record of each sacramental deed, and especially of each burial. He doubtless also spent many a long hour in the nearby cemetery, lingering in prayer at each grave." (The Singing Priest of Siletz, Guadalupe Translations, pp. 23-25)
Additional information was gleaned from John Adams: A Story of Struggle (1997), by Richard Vernon Dodds; Father Croquet of Grand Ronde (1996), by Fr. Martinus Cawley; Father Felix Bucher: Missionary and Mystic of Grand Ronde (1996), by Rev. Cletus Edward La Mere, SDS; The Siletz Reservation 1855-1900 (1973) by William Eugene Kent; Siletz: Survival of an Artifact (1997), by Leona Letson Kasner; Indians of the Pacific Northwest (1981), by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown; and Newport News-Times obituaries.
Some of our cross referencing may seem fantastical to some, but the theory behind it is sound considering traditional tribal naming practices and monikers imposed on the imprisoned following military raids and land grabs. Leona Kasner tells us: "Names were assigned at the convenience of officials (who were under pressure to produce a census of sorts) and it was easiest for the military clerks to name the Indians after their river valley homelands (to which the clerks added any short first name that presented itself). Some of the Indians had already been named in this manner, and some had chosen an English surname after a friend or someone who had been an official of importance. 'Made up' names were also common." She goes on to say that: "A number of Indians took the name of a white parent (which could with propriety be taken from either parent as the bands were not patrilinear); a few took names as they took their status--from their mother's people."
The authors of this site, who actualize their liberating historical feminism, combined the enumeration of Siletz area burials for the purpose of facilitating genealogical research. The equal presentation of women was silent, not only in naming her, but in bringing her beautiful diversity (and gender notoriety) to life, in unity that resides and is commonly shared by all living and working peoples from the lands of lightness and darkness, to the historical chaos and abyss of misogyny and heterosexism. As the co-equal partner and actor created in God's image as her own rightful heritage (and lived and recorded experience), she is an essential part and the bearer of "family value," with or without a spouse: for she is the daughter and the sister and bearer of her progenitors as well! Uncovering her identity, this generational naming is problematical at best: the patriarchal practice of absorbing a wife or daughter's identity hidden within the male (feme covert) as becoming his very own prerogative of ownership over women's ownership. Primogeniture and right of male inheritance derives from early Western European, English common- and Christian based law, and enforced pauperization and decimation upon all women, indigenous peoples and enslaved cultures by colonial-, sectarian-, industrial-, national-, and capitalistic genocides.

--M. C. Guardino III & M. A. Riedel

Adams, Adelaide [see Karnowski] (1901-1985 Paul Washington; d/o Martha Jane Hunsucker and John Adams; Adams, Andrew (1892-1901-5-12 Riverside) sn of Ella & David; Adams, Ann (?-? bur Grand Ronde?) mother-in-law of Anetta Gilat; Adams, Belle (1871-1885-3-3 Paul Washington) d/o Nettie Newton & John; Adams, Blossom (4-30-1884-1893-5-4 Paul Washington) d/o N Newton & John; Adams, Chauncey (1870-1933-5-11 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & David; Adams, David (?-? Logsden); Adams, Douglas (4-16-1886-? Paul Washington s/o N Newton & John; Adams, rev John (1847-1928-8-22 Paul Washington 5th h/o Martha Jane Hunsucker; Adams, John II (1894-? bur Siletz?); s/o M J Hunsucker & John; Adams, John Victor (1894-1958) s/o M J Hunsucker & John; Adams, Jos F (7-13-1874-1898-6-12) s/o N Newton & John; graduate Chemewa Indian School, Salem & Carlisle Indian School, PA; Adams, Jos L (5-6-1903-1903-6-10 Paul Washington) s/o M J Hunsucker & John; Adams, Lee [see Wilbur Adams] (?-? Paul Washington) s/o N Newton & John; Adams, Lucy (?-? bur Grand Ronde?); 1st w/o John; Adams, Mae Florence [see Downey] d/o M J Hunsucker & John; Adams, Martha Jane Hunsucker Muggins (1855-1930-1-30 Paul Washington 3rd w/o John; Adams, Nettie Newton (1855-1889 Paul Washington 2nd w/o John; Adams, Nora B (2-28-1899-1899-3-23 Riverside) d/o Ella & David; Adams, Roy (1887-1890-9 Paul Washington) s/o N Newton & John; Adams, Russell (1896-1990) sn of M J Hunsucker & John; Adams, Sarah Mattie (10-8-1904-1920-4-27 Paul Washington) d/o M J Hunsucker & John; Adams, Wilbur [see Lee Adams] (1879-1885-7-20 Paul Washington) s/o N Newton & John; Aiken, John (?-? Logsden); Albert, -- (?-? Logsden) 1st w/o John; Albert, Alsea [see Alsea] (1793-1895 Paul Washington) f/o John?; Albert, Alvina Brown (1868-1945-8-9 Paul Washington) 3rd w/o John; Albert, Eliza Ross (1859-1929-4-9 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o John; Albert, John (1852-1949-12-21 Paul Washington) s/o Alsea Albert? h/o (1) Unknown (2) Eliza Ross (3) Alvina Brown; Alexander, Catfish [see Catfish] (1864-1925 Paul Washington) h/o Eliza; Alpine, Ella [see Spencer] (1858-1934 Paul Washington) m/o Curtis J, Ralph & Rbt Spencer?; Alsea, Albert [see Albert] (1793-1895 Paul Washington) f/o John?; Alsea, Ben [see Ben] (?-? Siletz Valley f/o Rich & Villa; Alsea, Bill [see Bill] (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Danl & Frederick, Alsea, Mack [see Mack] (?-1894 Siletz Valley) s/o Jacob?; Alsea, Peter [see Peters] (?-1895 Siletz Valley) f/o Sarah Peters?; Anderson, Chas F C (1879-1947 Riverside) b/o Maxwell; Anderson, Elizabeth E [see Benton] (1850-1920 Riverside) m/o Minnie Benton Shatto; Anderson, Maxwell (1867-1950-4-21 Webster, IA; Riverside) b/o Chas F C; Applegate, Johnny [see Johnson] f/o Archie P Johnson; Arden, Ada DePoe (1844-1916-1-26) w/o Brown; Arden, Adelbert (?-1897 Fr Felix List Burials); Arden, Agnes "Angeline?" (?-? Paul Washington) d/o J L Goodell & Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Angeline (1899-1905 Fr Felix List Burials); Arden, Brown (1829-1909-5-12 Paul Washington) w/o A DePoe; Arden, Chas Willis (12-15-1920-1921-7-26 Riverside) s/o Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Claybourne Willard I (8-7-1882-1964 Riverside) s/o A DePoe & Brown; Arden, Claybourne Willard II (7-17-1927-1944-3-16) s/o Claybourne I; Arden, Enoch (1860-1905-1-25 Paul Washington); Arden, Enoch (1861-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); Arden, Geo Lincoln (?-1922-5-28 Paul Washington) s/o J L Goodell & Claybourne Willard I; Arden, Jas R (1892-1900-6-4 Paul Washington) b/o Claybourn Willard I?; Arden, Jessie Louise Goodell (1891-1966 Riverside) w/o Claybourne Willard I; Arden, June (?-? Paul Washington) d/o J L Goodell & Claybourne; Arden, Odil (1898-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Arden, Stephen (1879-1895-4-17 Paul Washington) s/o A DePoe & Brown; Arden, Wm (1868-1924 Riverside) f/o Claybourne Willard I?; Austin, Tracy Kay (12-25-1963-1964-2-26 Paul Washington) d/o June & Wm; Baker, Baby Boy (?-? Logsden) s/o Evaline Harney & Geo; Baker, Evaline Harney (4-26-1889-1941-1-12 Logsden) w/o Geo; Baker, Geo (?-? Logsden) h/o E Harney; Baker, Gloria Lavelle (2-28-1930-1930-2-30 Logsden) d/o E Harney & Geo; Baker, Helen (1893-1896-2-9 Logsden) d/o Mary & Wm; Baker, Kelsey (1878-1903 Logsden) s/o Mary & Wm; Baker, Mary (1854-1895-12-6 Logsden) w/o Wm; Baker, Wm "Billy" (1838-1895-6-4 Logsden) h/o Mary; Battise, Baby Girl (?-? Logsden; Battise, Anna Bell (1852-1924-2-9 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Jas B; Battise, Clara [see Evans] (1862-1929 Logsden) w/o Edw Evans I; Battise (Batees) Elizabeth Jessie (1878-1896 Fr Felix List Burials); Battise, Eva (1851-1932 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Jas B; Battise, Jas II (1919-1935 Paul Washington) s/o Jas I; Battise, Jas B (1849-1928 or 1931-12-23 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Battise, Julia (?-? after 1902); Battise, Lucilla Bensell (1896-1934 Paul Washington) w/o Perry; Battise, Mary [see Callahan] (?-? Logsden) w/o Henry Callahan; Battise, Perry (7-22-1893-1964-11-11 Paul Washington) s/o Jas I; Battise, Wm (?-? after 1902); Battise, Wm A "Bill Buck" (12-8-1918-1970-10-3 Paul Washington) s/o Lucilla Bensell & Perry; Cpl US Air Force WWII; Battise, Winifred [see Pacleb] (1923-1964 Paul Washington); Bell, Angeline Louise Rippin (1-1-1900-1974-11-7 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Anna [see Battise] (1852-1924 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Jas B Battise; Bell, Arthur Lincoln II (?-5-1935-1935-9-24 Paul Washington) s/o A L Rippin & Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Arthur A (12-4?-?-1-10 Paul Washington); Bell, Arthur Lincoln I "Jug" (6-24-1888-1962-4-25 Paul Washington); Bell, Calvin (7-10-1924-1948-4-23 Riverside) s/o A L Rippin & Arthur Lincoln I; OR Tec 5 Serv Cmd Unit WWII; Bell, Chester (?-1903-9-5 Logsden) s/o Henry; Bell, Edna [see Winston] (1898-? Riverside) w/o John Roy Winston; Bell, Eldon (?-1895-5-2 Logsden) s/o Henry; Bell, Henry (1843-1924-7-7 Logsden); Bell, Henry Herman (5-18-1922-1976-6-15 Riverside) SI US Navy WWII; grandsn of Henry?; Bell, Lena (1877-1890-6-26 Logsden) d/o Aba; Bell, Lena May (12-30-1919-1941-5-23 Logsden) d/o A L Rippin & Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Raymond Paul (3-29-1942-1943-1-3 Logsden) s/o A L Rippin & Arthur Lincoln I; Bell, Violet Myrtle (4-1-1929-1929-5-30) Paul Washington) d/o A L Rippin & Arthur Lincoln I; Bellinger, Minnie R [see Simmons] (1907-1936 Paul Washington) w/o Lester Simmons; Bemrose, Anna Gertrude Johnson (7-2-1881-1950-2-15 Riverside) w/o Rbt C; Bemrose, Arthur Jas (1917-1929-2-10 bur Nortons) s/o A G Johnson & Rbt; Bemrose, Rbt C (5-10-1866-1945-5-3 Riverside) h/o A G Johnson; Ben, Agatha (1898-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Ben, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Rich & Villa; Ben, Bennett (1887-1899-7-14 Paul Washington); Ben, Bennie (?-1898-6-30 Paul Washington) s/o Ella Simmons & Chetco; Ben, Chetco "Shorty" (1854-? Paul Washington) s/o Kitty Ben; Ben, Clayburn (?-1899-5-4 Paul Washington); Ben, Edmen (1892-1904-4-28 Paul Washington) s/o E Simmons & Chetco Ben; Ben, Edmund (1890-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Ben, Ella Simmons (1854-1931-10-26 Paul Washington) w/o Chetco Ben; Athabascan Weaver; Ben, Harrison, (1891-1973-12-8 Paul Washington) s/o E Simmons & Chetco; Ben, Kitty (?-1899-2-16 Paul Washington) m/o Chetco; Ben, Lola (?-1899-5-25 Paul Washington); Ben, Patrick (10-20-1896-1974-3-4 Paul Washington) s/o E Simmons & Chetco; Ben, Margaret [see Brown] (1885-1920 Paul Washington) d/o E Simmons & Chetco; Ben, Rich Lloyd (8-15-1935-1956-10-26 Paul Washington) s/o Victoria & Archie; Ben, Virginia (?-1937-10-15 Paul Washington); Benjamin, Julia [see Johnson] (?-? Lower Siletz) w/o Henry Johnson; Benjamin, Silas (?-1896 Lower Siletz) s/o Alsea Ben; Benjamin, Villa (?-1900 Lower Siletz) d/o Alsea Ben; Bensell, Arthur (7-21-1880-1941-12-20 Siletz Valley) s/o Edw; h/o Stella Rose; Bensell, Carrie [see Streets] (1898-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Dorsey Streets; Bensell, David Jesse (?-1927-9-2 Paul Washington) s/o Ida Bensell & Jas; Bensell, Edw (1845-1933-1-23 Siletz Valley) f/o Arthur; h/o Susan Jordan; Bensell, Edwin (?-? Paul Washington); Bensell (Bensel), Elizabeth (1891-1896 Fr Felix List Burials); Bensell, Geo (1857-1904 Paul Washington; Bensell (Bensel), Geo (1869-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Bensell, Georgena Mabel [see Woods] (1917-1968 Paul Washington) w/o Raymond Woods; Bensell, Jack (?-? Paul Washington); Bensell, Jas (1860-1948 Paul Washington) h/o I Bensell; Bensell, Jane (?-?-8-16 96 yr 2 mo Paul Washington); Bensell, Lucilla [see Battise] (1896-1934 Paul Washington) w/o Perry Battise; Bensell, Margaret Egbert (11-24-1900-1973-3-15 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur S; Bensell, Nina (?-1925-11-18 Paul Washington) d/o I Bensell & Jas; Bensell, Orville (6-16-1907-1946-7-26 Paul Washington) s/o I Bensell & Jas; Bensell, Polly Jack (1816-1911-10-4 Paul Washington); Bensell, Stella Rose (1881-1959 Siletz Valley) w/o Arthur; Bensell, Susan Jordan (?-1897-10-28 Paul Washington) w/o Edw; Bensell, Vincent (?-? Paul Washington; Bentley, Alex (1859-1921 Riverside) h/o Amanda Huhtala; Bentley, Ernest (7-15-1909-1942-7-6 Riverside) s/o A Huhtala & Alex; Bentley, Amanda Huhtala (Hietala) (3-26-1881-1943-10-18 Riverside) w/o Alex; Benton, Elizabeth E Anderson (1850-1920-4-? Riverside) m/o Minnie Benton Shatto; Benton, Minnie [see Downey & Shatto] (1869-1954 Riverside) m/o Roy, Geo, albert, Charley & Henry Downey; Betzell, -- (?-1947 Riverside); Bill, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Danl & Frederick; Bill, Danl (1884-1887 Siletz Valley) s/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Bill, Evans [see Evans] (?-? Logsden) h/o Kitty Evans; Bill, Frederick (1886-1888 Siletz Valley) s/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Bill, Kitty [see Evans] (1837-? Logsden) w/o Evans (Coquille?) Bill; grandmo of Edw Fry; Bill, Mary Ann (1880-1888 Siletz Valley) d/o Sarah & Alsea Bill; Bill, Sixes [see Sixes & Williams] (?-1894 Siletz Valley); Bill, Umatata [see Umatata] (1848-1933 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Bill, Wm Norbett (1889-1891 Siletz Valley) s/o Sarah & Bill; Billy, Klamath [see Klamath] (1849-1918 Paul Washington) h/o Hattie; Billy, Simpson [see Simpson] (?-? Siletz Valley); Blacketer, Baby (?-? Riverside) child of Mildred & Jas; Blacketer, Baby Boy (3-31-1948-1948-3-31 Riverside) s/o Mildred & Jas; Blacketer, Chas (?-1918 Paul Washington) h/o Laura; Blacketer, Elizabeth "Gram" Tole Harney (9-1-1870-1958-4-22 Riverside) w/o (1) Chief Geo Harney (2) Jas Blacketer; Blacketer, Elizabeth Olson (1905-? Logsden) d/o E Tole & Jas; Blacketer, Jas (?-1934 Logsden) h/o E Tole; Blacketer, Laura Louise (1913-1915 Logsden) d/o E Tole & Jas; Blacketer, Lola A "Midge" [see Goodell] (1912-1975 Paul Washington) w/o David W Goodell; Blacketer, Lorraine (2-10-1947-1947-2-10 Riverside) d/o Mildred & Jas; Blacketer, Rena atherine [see McCoy] (1902-1931 Logsden) w/o Jos McCoy; Bones, Chelsey (after 1902); Bowman, Walter G (1901-1971-5-9 Riverside) h/o Harriet Southwell; Bowman, Harriet Southwell (?-? Riverside) w/o Walter G; Bradford, Emma John (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Chas; Bradford, Chas (1835-? Paul Washington) h/o E John; Breon, Lewis Eugene (11-25-1911-1943-8-9 Siletz Valley) h/o Mary Alice Bensell; Brown, Agatha [see Williams] (1901-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Matthew Williams I; Brown, Anna [see Fleming] (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Henry Fleming; Brown, Baby (?-? Paul Washington); Brown, Baby Boy (12-25-1918-1918-12-25 Riverside) s/o Anna & Frederick; Brown, Alvina [see Albert] (1868-1945 Paul Washington) 3rd w/o John Albert; Brown, Delia DePoe (1872-1931-1-31 Paul Washington) w/o Oscar; Brown, Edwina Ann "Tinker" Simmons (10-8-1940-1968-2-9 Paul Washington) w/o Bennie II; Brown, Ella [see Simmons] (1912-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Calvin Simmons I; Brown, Ellen Nora Watts (5-15-1869-1955-7-11 Paul Washington); Brown, Eugene Raymond (4-16-1917-1975-4-30 Riverside) OR Tec 4 WWII; Brown, Harriett Hunsucker (?-1919-8-15 Paul Washington; Brown, Jas (?-? Paul Washington); Brown, Joshley (1877-1930-2-24 Paul Washington); Brown, Margaret Ben (1885-1920-2-15 Paul Washington) d/o E Simmons & Chetco; Brown, Lucy (?-1906-11-26 Paul Washington) w/o Jas; Brown, Mary [see Washington] (1825-1919 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Washington; Brown, Mary Ann Butler (9-30-1914-1956-10-12 Paul Washington) w/o Bennie I; Brown, Matilda (1899-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Brown, Oscar I (?-1935-5-20 Paul Washington); Brown, Oscar II (1896-1899-6-14 Paul Washington); Brown, Rachel Mabel [see Carson] (1876-1940 Paul Washington); 2nd w/o Franklin Willard Carson I; Brown, Rebecka (8-2-1895-1896-9-20 Paul Washington) d/o Delia DePoe & OscarI; Brown, Wm (?-? Paul Washington) f/o Rachel Brown Carson; Butler, Bernard Rich I (12-8-1939-1952-4-15 Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Alton; Butler, Bernard Rich II (?-? Paul Washington) s/o Ella & Alton; Butler, Bruce II (2-17-1916-1971-4-8 Paul Washington) s/o Jane Hollis & Bruce I; Butler, Bruce I (1881-1924-2-25 Paul Washington) h/o J Hollis; f/o Bruce II; Butler, Everett V "Gabby" (6-5-1922-1967-5-17 Paul Washington) S/Sgt US Army PH WWII; Butler, Jane Hollis (5-28-1888-1931-5-12 Paul Washington) w/o Bruce I; Butler, Mary [see Catfish] (1874-1929 Paul Washington) m/o Mamie McDonald Strong; grandmo of Stanley Wm Strong (1908-?); 2nd w/o Alex; Butler, Mary Ann [see Brown] (1914-1956 Paul Washington) w/o Ben Brown I; Butler, Wm (1-15-1880-1906-2-2 Paul Washington); Bryant, Brinton W (?-1918-11-? Riverside) s/o Jos F; Bryant, Jos F (1897-1910 Paul Washington); Callahan (Calahan), Georgia (1899-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Callahan, Henry C (?-? Logsden; h/o Mary Battise; Callahan, Mary Battise (?-? Logsden); w/o Henry C; Callahan (Calahan), Peter (1860-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Callahan, Sarah (1834-1904 Logsden); Callahan (Calahan), Sarah (1834-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Captain, Sarah (?-1906-8-18 Logsden); Captain, White [see White] (?-1898 Logsden) h/o Polly; Carlberg, Eva Alice Hubbard (7-23-1903-1970-1-5 Riverside) w/o Arthur; Carlson, Eric S (?-1977-1-14 Riverside) h/o Etta Wilcox; Pfc US Army WWI; Carmichael, Chas II (1881-? Paul Washington) s/o Molly Foster?; Carmichael, Mollie Foster (1858-1928-12-23 Paul Washington) d/o Yannah Catfish; w/o Chas I?; Carson, Esther M (1918-? Paul Washington); Carson, Franklin Willard I (1-10-1865-1931-10-6 Paul Washington) blacksmith; attended Carlisle Indian School, PA; Carson, Franklin Willard II (12-30-1911-1975-5-28 Paul Washington) s/o R M Brown & Franklin W I; Carson, Louisa Towner (1871-1893-1-21 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Franklin W I; Carson, Rachel Mabel Brown (9-4-1876-1940-5-13 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Franklin W I; m/o Franklin W II; Carson, Willard Franklin (1-9-1896-1931-9-7 Paul Washington) s/o R M Brown & Franklin W I; Sgt OR ICI Co Abrg SQ WWI; Carvinen, Ana M [see Hutala] (1869-1953 Riverside) w/o Oscar Hutala?; Case, Edwin I (4-10-1888-1945-12-24 Paul Washington); Case, Edwin II (8-13-1943-1944-1-12 Paul Washington) s/o Martha & Edwin I; Case, Ada Mildred [see Warren] (1913-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Wm Warren; Cass, Grant (?-1893-2-6 Paul Washington) s/o Jerry Cass; Catfish, Alexander Dewey "Alec" I (see Alexander] (1864-1925-10-24 Paul Washington) h/o Eliza; Catfish, Alexander Dewey II (5-14-1904-1945-1-30 Paul Washington) s/o Alex I; Catfish, Bernard (3-27-1900-1903-5-30 Paul Washington) s/o Alex Dewey I? Catfish, Corbett O (1907-1908 Paul Washington) s/o Alex Dewey I?; Catfish, Eliza (1857-1899-6-16 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Alex Dewey I; Catfish, Eric (Ms) (153-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Catfish, Flora E (1903-1916 Paul Washington) d/o Alex Dewey I?; Catfish, Hawley Edgar (5-9-1906-1948-8-13 Paul Washington) s/o Alex Dewey I; 1st h/o Carrie Bensell; Catfish, Mary Butler (11-18-1874-1929-11-11 Paul Washington) m/o Mamie Mabel McDonald Strong; w/o Norman; 2nd w/o Alex I; grandmo of Stanley Wm Strong (1908-?); 2nd w/o Alex; Catfish, Mollie [see Carmichael] (1858-1928) d/o Mary Yannah; Catfish; Mollie M (1909-1911 Paul Washington) d/o Mary Yannah; Catfish, Yannah (?-?) m/o Mollie Carmichael;

"Mollie Carmichael (1858-1928) and her mother, Mary Yannah, who were both
Tutunis, or Lower Rogue River Indians. Like other Pacific Northwest native
women, these Western Oregon Indians were adept at handicrafts, especially basketry."
Robert H. Ruby & John A. Brown, Indians of the Pacific Northwest, p. 110

Chandler, -- (?-1918-10-27 Siletz Valley); Chantille, Kate (1830-1938-9-12 Paul Washington) w/o Louis; Chantille, Louis (4-11-1857-1938-10-30 Paul Washington) h/o Kate; Chapman, Clara [see Jordan] (1854-1939 Paul Washington); Chapman, Clara Ella (5-14-1909-1909-6-21 Logsden) d/o Floy Evans & Louis; Chapman, Claudius (1885-1889 Paul Washington); Chapman, Ernest "Fatty" (6-26-1906-1956-5-23 Logsden) Pfc FC HQ Co WWII; Chapman, Guy (1890-1910 Paul Washington; Chapman, Harry (1855-1907-11-19 Paul Washington) h/o Clara; Chapman, Henry (1864-1881-10-? Riverside) h/o (1) Nettie Newton & (2) Martha Jane Hunsucker; Chapman, Inez "Ina" [see Larsen] (1881-1953 Paul Washington) stepdau of John Adams; w/o Chas Larsen; Chapman, Lena [see Tronson] (1876-1961 Paul Washington); Chapman, Kitty (1871-1900-10-5 Paul Washington); Chapman, Ruth Mary [see Myers] (1911-1955 Paul Washington); Chapman, Nora H (5-1-1894-1898-5-12 Paul Washington); Chapman, Nora H (1896-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Chapman, Norman M (4-27-1896-1899-4-10 Paul Washington) s/o Kitty?; Chapman, Rosalla I (Rosella) (5-22-1899-1901-8-6 Paul Washington) d/o Kitty; Chapman, Rosalla I (Rosella) (1899-1902 Fr Felix List Burials); Chapman, Sadie (1901-1910-10-24 Paul Washington) d/o Kitty; Chapman, Walter D (10-19-1916-1962-6-4 Logsden) s/o F Evans & Louis; Chapman, Wm (4-16-1890-1899-3-20- Paul Washington) s/o Kitty?; Charley, -- (1935-1940-9-19 5 yr Paul Washington); Charley, Chetco [see Chetco] (1849-1925-4-24 Riverside) h/o Kate; Charley, Clara May (1-31-1926-1963-3-7 Paul Washington) d/o Sarah Sophronia Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, D (?-? 1890-1940 Paul Washington) h/o S S Wilbur; pvt OR 44 Inf 13 Div WWI; Carley, Edw Frank (1890-1940-9-14 Paul Washington); h/o S S Wilbur; pvt OR 44 Inf 13 Div WWI; Charley, Edw V "Bootie" (6-4-1922-1948-10-10 Paul Washington) pfc OR 1327 AAF Base Unit WWII; Charley, Emily [see Washington] (?-1927 Paul Washington) w/o Isaac Washington I; Charley, F (?-? Riverside); Charley, Franklin LeRoy (1946-1998) s/o Marie Charley & Everett Butler; Charley, Francis II (6-3-1928-1939-5-13 Paul Washington) s/o S S Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, Julia (1891-1898 Riverside); Charley, Kate (1839-1939-1-20 Paul Washington) w/o Chetco; Charley, Kittie (?-? Riverside) w/o Tenas; Charley, Klamath [see Klamath](?-? Paul Washington) f/o Louis Chas; grandsn of  Klamath Charley; Charley, Lawrence Vernon (10-23-1932-1955-11-18 Paul Washington) s/o S S Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, Lena [see Martin] (1881-1920 Paul Washington) w/o Albert Martin; Charley, Long Prairie [see Long Prairie] (?-? Logsden); Charley, Mary (or May) (?-1894-9-30 Paul Washington); Charley, Maude (1890-1898 Riverside); Charley, Sarah Sophronia Wilbur (3-25-1892-1964-11-23) w/o Edw Franklin; Charley, Shellhead [see Shellhead] (1852-1887 Paul Washington) b/o Tipton Shellhead?; Charley, Tenas [see Tenas] (?-? Riverside) h/o Kitty; Charley, Thms Chetco (11-10-1930-1968-7-19 Paul Washington) s/o S S Wilbur & Edw Franklin; Charley, Willie (1860-1887-6-7 Paul Washington); Chastacosta, Sam [see Sam] (?-? Logsden) h/o Nancy; Chetco, Ben [see Ben] 1854-? Paul Washington) s/o Kitty Ben; Chetco, Charley [see Charley] (1849-1925 Riverside) h/o Catherine Charley; Chetco, Chas (1882-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Clay, Cecelia (?-? stepdau of John Adams; Clay, Henry (1851-1886-5-27 Paul Washington) h/o Martha; government teamster; Clay, Raymond (5-10-1884-1904-6-22 Paul Washington) stepsn of John Adams; s/o Martha & Henry; Colby, Elizabeth Louanna (7-10-1937-1937-10-16 Logsden) d/o Marian & Reuben; Collins, Ada Coyote Jim Payne (10-1-1870-1959-5-8 Paul Washington) 2nd (or more) w/o Peter Collins. On Jan. 13, 2001, Leonard Whitlow II wrote: "I know their relationship well because I knew Ada and Daisy both. I possess a basket Daisy made of my own Grandmother Daisy, and Daisy's Shaker Bell was given to me after she died. ; Collins, Alvina M (1885-1908-1-20 Paul Washington) d/o Sazrah & Peter; Collins, Andrew (1886-1888-11-19 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Peter; Collins, Daisy Catherine [see Fuller] (1899-1970 Paul Washington) d/o Ada & Peter; w/o Louis Lawrence Fuller; dau-in-law of Salmon River John; Collins, Edw (?-? after 1902); Collins, Frederick (6-6-1901-1906-1-21 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Peter?; Collins, Geo Washington (1823-1891-10-31 KY; Paul Washington) Alsea Indian Agent1864; f/o Peter?; Collins, Homer (1890-1891-2-26 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Peter; Collins, Jas (1865-? Paul Washington) b/o Peter?; Collins, Maxwell R (4-25-1914-1945-5-7 Paul Washington) pfc OR 138 Fld Arty Bn 38 II Div WWII (killed at Luzon); s/o Sarah & Peter?; Collins, Melinda [see Towner] (1887-1908 Paul Washington) w/o Wm Towner; Collins, Millard (5-13-1884-1964-2-28 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Peter?; Collins, Peter (1857-1940-5-6 Paul Washington) s/o Geo?; h/o Sarah; Conn, Argyle Terrand (4-31-1949-1949-4-31 Paul Washington) s/o Ellen & Jas; Cook, Edna (11-11-1899-1907-3-15 Paul Washington) d/o Lettice & Jos; Cook, Jacob (Jack?) (1818-1904 Paul Washington) s/o Lettice & Jos?; Cook, Jacob (1818-1904-1-3 Paul Washington); Cook, Jack (Jacob?) (1820-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Cook, Jos (1848-1916 Paul Washington) h/o Lettice; Cook, Judy (?-? after 1902); Cook, Mary (?-1900-12-3 Paul Washington) d/o Lettice & Jos?; Cook, Martha [see Grant & Johnson] (1850-1963 Paul Washington); Cook, Maxfield (?-1898-4-27 Paul Washington) s/o Lettice & Jos?; Cook, Oscar (?-1898-4-14 Paul Washington) s/o Lettice & Jos?; Coquille, Charley [see Johnson & Siwash] (1886-1912 Logsden) s/o Coquille; Coquille, Hunter [see Hunter] (1807-1909 Paul Washington) h/o Polly?; Coquille, Jim [see Jim] (1816-1903 Paul Washington) f/o Nina Jim; Coquille, Johnson [see Johnson] (?-1900 Logsden); Coquille, Martha [see Wood] (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Oscar Wood; Coquille, Mildred (1889-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Coquille, Phoebe (1882-1889 Siletz Valley); Cunningham, Andrew Wm (8-?-1911-1930-6-7 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Cutlip, Anna (?-1906-4-21 Siletz Valley) w/o Chief Geo; Cutlip, Chief Geo (?-1895-4-15 Siletz Valley) Coos tribe; h/o Anna; Daniel, Mary [see Hill] (1879-1931 Riverside) w/o Ralph Jos?; Daniel, Ralph Jos (?-1899 Riverside) h/o Mary Hill?; veteran Spanish-American War (1898-1899); moved fromBig Elk Valley farm; Daniel, Wade H (1851-1939 Riverside) f/o Ralph Jos; Davenport (Devenport), Calousa [see Williams] (1865-1930 Paul Washington) w/o John W Williams; Davenport, Flickenger (1884-1889-8-29 Siletz Valley); Davenport, Henry (12-23-1888-1908-3-13 Paul Washington) s/o L; Davenport, Lillie (1892-1906 Fr Felix List Burials); Day, Jos Floyd (8-24-1921-1971-7-6 Paul Washington); Day (Daly), Wendeline (1893-1897 Fr Felix List Burials); DePoe, Ada [see Arden] (1844-1916) w/o Brown Arden; DePoe, Chas "Charley" [see Charley] (1831-1906-8-27 Paul Washington) h/o Minnie; Depoe Bay named for him; DePoe, Ella [see Selsic] (?-1902 Siletz Valley); DePoe, Delia [see Brown] (1872-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Oscar Brown; DePoe, Minnie (?-? Siletz Valley) w/o Charley; Dick, Jos A (9-23-1882-1941-7-1 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Lincoln?; Dick, Mary Lincoln (7-10-1863-1943-12-18 Paul Washington); Dick, Toby (?-1898-10-29 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Lincoln?; Dillon, Thms (1859-1913-12-15 Siletz Valley); Ditolla, Anna Harding (?-1848 Paul Washington) w/o Rocco; Ditolla, Rocco (or Ricco) (1850-1930 Paul Washington) h/o Anna Harding; Dowd, Emily Logsden (?-? after 1902 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Rich?; Dowd, Irene Elizabeth [see Smith] (1895-1973 Paul Washington); Dowd, Jos Rich (9-22-1872-1948-8-16 Paul Washington) h/o Emily Logsden?; Downey, -- (2-2-1961-1961-2-2 Paul Washington) d/o of Lorraine & Peter; Downey, Chas (?-4-1905-1941-7-24 Riverside) s/o Minnie Benton Shatto; Downey, Earl Steven (7-20-1921-1926-7-26 Logsden) s/o Margaret & Geo Marvin I; Downey, Geo Marvin II (5-2-1925-1925-5-2 Riverside) s/o Margaret & Geo Marvin I; Downey, Jas Lee (1-26-1935-1935-1-26 Logsden) s/o Margaret & Geo Marvin I; Downey, Mae Florence Adams (1898-1985) dau of M J Hunsucker & John Adams; Downey, Minnie Benton Shatto (1869-1945 Riverside) m/o Roy, Geo, Albert, Chas & Henry Downey; Downey, Rose Marie (11-17-1953-1953-11-17 Paul Washington) d/o Jean & Roy; Dummey, Julia [see Martin] (?-1898-9-1 Siletz Valley) w/o Isaac Smith Martin; Egbert, Jas Edw (1909-1909-4-11 Paul Washington) s/o K C Egbert; Egbert (Egger), John (1854-1904) Fr Felix List Burials; Egbert, Margaret [see Bensell] (1900-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur S Bensell; Elliott, Baby Boy (1859-? Logsden); Elting, Jas Everett (6-24-1909-1970-6-10 Riverside) Sgt OR 54 Trp Carr Sq AAF WWII; Erickson, Rbt LeRoy (1936-1967-4-7 Riverside) Pvt US Army WWII; Evans, Bill [see Bill] ?-? Logsden) h/o Kitty; Evans, Clara Battise (1862-1929-1-29 Logsden) w/o Edw I; Galice Creek Athabascan Weaver; Evans, Dolly (8-10-1906-1910-5-20 Logsden) d/o Clara Battise & Edw; Evans, Edw I "Ned" (7-?-1857-1936-2-18 Logsden); Evans, Edw II (1892-1915 Logsden) s/o C Battise & Edw I; Evans, Floy [see Ryland] (1890-1964 Paul Washington) w/o Louis Ryland; Evans, Geo (1916-1925-10-2 Logsden) s/o Lena Wilbur & Homer; Evans, Homer (6-28-1884-1945-10-27 Logsden) s/o C Battise & Edw I; Evans, Jeanette (1901-1922 Logsden d/o C Battise & Edw I; Evans, Kitty [see Bill] (1837-? Logsden) grandmo of Edw Fry; Evans, Lee (5-1-1888-1951-11-30 Logsden) s/o C Battise & Edw I; known as Big Chief Oosh-La-Le (Sly Fox) in vaudeville & motion pictures; Evans, Lena Wilbur (1883-1919 Logsden) w/o Homer; Evans, Leonard (1895-1930-10-31 Logsden) s/o C Battise & Edw I; Evans, Mary (6-25-1909-1910-4-14 Paul Washington) d/o L Wilbur & Homer; Evans, Ruth (3-31-1896-1936-7-4 Logsden) d/o C Battise & Edw I; Evans, Thms V (2-14-1911-1912-8-1 Paul Washington) s/o L Wilbur & Homer; Evans, Valentine (?- ? Logsden) s/o L Wilbur & Homer; Everett, A B (1-31-1914-1915-7-24 Logsden) s/o Bell White; Fairchild, Annie Smith (1849-1939-10-18 Paul Washington) 4th w/o Baldwin; Fairchild, Baldwin (1850-? Paul Washington); Fairchild, Bennie (1876-1894-6-8 Paul Washington) s/o Sarah & Wm; Fairchild, Blanche Rebecca (2-27-1924-1924-2-29); Fairchild, Butler (?-1910-12-2 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Chas (1810-1910-1-3 Paul Washington: Fairchild, Chauncey (?-1898-3-30 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Lottie (1866-1911 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Mabel [see Washington] (1907-1933 Paul Washington); Fairchild, Polly Johnson (?-1900-9-1 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Baldwin; Fairchild, Willie (5-4-1900-1904-12-12 Paul Washington) s/o P Johnson & Baldwin?; Felix, August Noble (1892-1938-1-5 Paul Washington) s/o Lavina & Rbt; h/o Esther; Felix, Esther (?-? Paul Washington) w/o August Noble; Felix, Gwylene R (2-23-1920-1935-10-23 Paul Washington) d/o Esther & August Noble; Felix, Pelletan (?-1898-2-17 Paul Washington) h/o Margaret; Felix, Pelletan (1866-1898 Fr Felix List Burials; Felix, Margaret (?-? after 1902) w/o Pelletan; Felix, Morgan II [see Phelix] (1892-1893 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Felix, Rbt (1867-1910-7-30 Paul Washington); Felix, Rudolph [see Phelix] (1891-1892 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Fisher, Helen M (1906-? Paul Washington); Fisher, Kelley Anthony (4-14-1953-1953-4-22 Paul Washington) s/o Mary & Danl; Fisher, Rbt Andrew II (5-25-1965-1965-5-25 Paul Washington) s/o Barbara & Rbt; Fisher, Walter J (10-25-1903-1964-10-12 Paul Washington) h/o Helen M; Fitzpatrick, Calvin W (1916-1941-1-13 Paul Washington) s/o Fay Klamath & Geo Starr?; Fitzpatrick, Fay Klamath [see Klamath] (1-2-1882-1945-3-1 Paul Washington) w/o Geo Starr; Fitzpatrick, Faye Chas (1908-1975 Paul Washington) s/o F Klamath &  Geo Starr; Fitzpatrick, Geo Starr (7-3-1882-1941-4-15 Paul Washington) h/o Fay Klamath; Fleming, Anna (1900-1936-10-15 Paul Washington) d/o Anna Brown & Henry; Fleming, Anna Brown (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Henry; Fleming, Bennie (1927-1930-9-1 Paul Washington) s/o A Brown & Henry?; Fleming, Callista May (7-14-1925-1944-12-13 Paul Washington) d/o A Brown & Henry?; Fleming, Ella D [see Jones] (?-1934 Paul Washington) w/o Harry Jones; Fleming, David (?-? Paul Washington) s/o A Brown & Henry; Fleming, Henry (?-? Paul Washington) h/o Anna Brown; Fleming, Leona (?-? Paul Washington) d/o A Brown & Henry? Fleming, Margaret (2 yr 6 mo Paul Washington) d/o A Brown & Henry? Foster, Molly [see Carmichael] (1858-1928 Paul Washington) w/o Chas Carmichael; Frances, -- [Government School] (1891-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); Freeman, Frederick (3-6-1876-1927-11-19 Paul Washington) h/o Anna B[rown?]; Freitas, Delbert Elwood (?-1923-6-5 Riverside) s/o Jos; Freistas, Gerald (1925-1925-2-6 Riverside) s/o Jos; Fry, Arthur (?-1923 Logsden) s/o Edw; Fry, Ellen (?-? Logsden) m/o Edw; Fuller, Daisy Kathryn Collins (1-18-1899-1970-5-30 Paul Washington) w/o  Louis; Fuller, Daisy Louis Lawrence; Siletz Weaver; Fuller, John (1801-1903 Paul Washington) s/o D K Collins & Louis Lawrence?' gandsn of Salmon River John; Fuller, John (1801-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Fuller, Lois Jean (4-31-1928-1928-5-23) d/o D K Collins & Louis Lawrence; Fuller, Louis Lawrence (6-15-1866-1958-3-8 Paul Washington) s/o Salmon River John; h/o D K Collins; Fuller, Salmon River John [see John & Salmon River] (?-? Salmon River Cemetery) f/o Louis Lawrence Fuller; Fuller, Susan (?-1919-4-9 Paul Washington) d/o D K Collins & Louis Lawrence?; granddau of Salmon River John?; Gallemore, Harold Ray (3-12-1906-1977-3-4 Paul Washington) h/o Ruth; Siletz Weaver; Gardner, Chas H "Judge" (1855-1920-1-17 Riverside) h/o Virginia; Gatens, Patrick (1787-1894 Fr Felix List Burials); Gay, Mary E [see Goodell] (1866-1933 Riverside) w/o John Lincoln Goodell; George, Colusa (1832-1911-1-14 Paul Washington); Gehrig, Melissa (12-10-1968-1971-1-20 Logsden) d/o Barbara Tedesco; Gilliam, F F (?-1895 Paul Washington); Gilliam, Louisa Wilson (1853-1909-9-8 Paul Washington) w/o Moses; Gilliam, Moses (?-? after 1902) h/o Louisa Wilson; Goodell, Andrew Jay (8-27-1911-1968-2-16 Paul Washington) h/o Verna Elsie Strong; Goodell, Chas Lincoln (6-25-1895-1970-11-8 Champoeg; Riverside) Pvt OR Co B 306 Inf WWI; s/o Mary E Gay & John Lincoln?; Goodell, David W (1905-?) s/o M E Gay & John Lincoln?; Goodell, Jessie Louise [see Arden] (1891-1966 Riverside) w/o Claybourne Willard Arden I; Goodell, John Jos (12-17-1885-1966-3-20 Riverside) s/o M E Gay & John Lincoln?; OR Fireman 1st Cl US Navy WWI; Goodell, John Lincoln (5-20-1860-1944-8-18 Champoeg; Riverside) h/o Mary E Gay; Goodell, Jos R (4-24-1925-1969-6-20 Riverside) s/o Helen King; grandsn of Grant King; h/o Helen Fisher; OR WT2 US Navy WWII; Goodell, Lola A "Midge" Blacketer (1-4-1912-1975-8-11 Paul Washington) w/o David W; Goodell, Mary E Gay "Margaret" (1866-1933 Riverside) w/o John Lincoln; Goodell, Onie G (6-25-1903-1939-10-18 Riverside) d/o M E Gay & John Lincoln?; Goodell, Roy Clifford (11-13-1915-1977-6-29 Riverside) s/o M E Gay & John Lincoln?;; h/o Lola A "Midge" Blacketer; Goodell, Vernie Elsie Strong (9-24-1910-1974-5-11 Paul Washington) w/o Andrew Jay; Granier, Ripman (22 yr Logsden) s/o A Granier; Grant, Elva (1890-1895 Paul Washington) d/o Sandy & U S Grant?; Grant, Martha [see Cook & Johnson] (1850-1963 Paul Washington); Grant, Sandy (1854-? Paul Washington) w/o U S Grant?; Grant, rev Ulysses Simpson (1860-1903-10-20 Paul Washington) h/o og Sandy?; Siletz Reservation policeman, judge & lay Methodist minister; Griggs, Amanda (?-1929-5-4 Paul  Washington); Halogluse, Alex (1809-1905-4-14 Paul Washington) h/o Lydia O'Wathle?; Halogluse, Lydia O'Wathle (1818-1902-7-5 Paul Washington) w/o Alex?; Halvorsen, Chas (1860-1948-5-2 Riverside); Hammer, Albert Leo (?-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Hammer, Baby (?-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Hammer, Hedwig Helen (?-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Hammer, Martin (?-1897 Fr Felix List Burials); Harding, Anna [see Ditolla] (?-1848 Paul Washington) w/o Rocco Ditolla; Harding, Ellen [see Watts] (1870-? Paul Washington); Harding, Mary (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Saml; Harding, Saml (1830-1906-6-11 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Harney, Adelia (Odelia?) (11-16-1891-1895-5-24) d/o E Tole & Grand Chief Geo; Harney, Odelia (Adelia?) (1892-1895 Fr Felix List Burials); Harney, Agnes I [see Howard] (1852-1883-4-19 Logsden) w/o Jos Howard; Harney, Agnes II [see Isaacson] (1889-1961 Riverside) w/o John Isaacson; Harney, Anthony (Anton?) (?-1906 Logsden) s/o Elizabeth Tole & Chief Geo; Harney, Anton (Anthony?) (?-1906 Fr Felix List Burials); Harney, Danl (1900-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); Harney, Evaline (see Baker] (1889-1941 Logsden) w/o Geo Baker; Harney, Frances [see Johnson] (1836-1934 Logsden) w/o Coquille Charley Johnson; Harney, Frederick (?-1899-10-7 Logsden) h/o Jennie; Harney, Geo I (1847-1900-9-10 Logsden) h/o Elizabeth; Harney, Geo I (1850-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Harney, Geo II (1898-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Harney, Ida Margaret (?-? Logsden); Harney, Margaret (Marguerite?) (1806-? Logsden) m/o Grand Chief Geo; Harney, Siwash (Indian or Old) [see Siwash] (?-? Logsden) h/o Margaret; f/o Grand Chief Geo; Harney, Wm "Bill" (1830-? Logsden); Harrington, Ella [see Southwell] (1867-1929 Riverside) w/o Wm J Southwell; Harris, Gertrude (?-? Paul Washington) d/o Harriet Louise Klamath & Geo Rufus II; Harris, Harriet Louise Klamath (1919-1931-4-9 Paul Washington) w/o Geo Rufus II; Harris, Leva Belle (?-1896-7-11 Paul Washington); d/o Geo Rufus I; Harris, Nettie [see McDonald] (1857-1901 Siletz Valley); Hatfield, Nomah (1914-1925 Riverside) w/o Walter C?; Hatfield, Walter C "Chug" (1910-1941 Riverside) h/o Nomah?; Hausa, Mary (1848-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Hausa, Wm (1830-1895 Fr Felix List Burials); Henry, Bertha Evelyn [see Johnson] (?-? Riverside; Hill, Emma Klamath (?-1914-9-17 Paul Washington) 7th w/o Citizen John; Hill, John "Citizen John" (1828-1910-1-4 Paul Washington 1st h/o Emma Klamath; Hill, Mary Daniel (3-11-1879-1931-4-4 Riverside); Holland, Marie Stella Shellhead (1-10-1906-1919-10-14 Siletz Valley) d/o Tipton Shellhead; Hollis, Jane [see Butler] (1888-1931 Paul Washington; Horsfall, Jack G (7-26-1911-1966-11-23 Riverside) OR Tec 4 Co B 1290 4th Engr Bn WWII; Hostettler, Laurette (7-31-1922-1923-11-2 Siletz Valley) d/o Frederick?; Howell, Twins (?-? Logsden); Howard, Agnes Harney I (1852-1883 Logsden) w/o Jos Howard; Howard, Charley (1858-1896 Fr Felix List Burials); Hubbard, Eva Alice [see Carlberg] (1903-1970 Riverside) w/o Arthur Carlberg; Hudson, Karen Rose (12-19-1960-1961-1-7 Paul Washington) d/o Rose & John I; Hugh, Lally (or Lottie) (?-1902-5-1 Logsden) w/o Thms; Hugh, Thms (?-? Logsden) h/o Lottie; Huhtala (Hietala), Amanda [see Bentley] (1881-1943 Riverside) w/o Alex Bentley; Huhtala, Anna M Carvinen (8-21-1869-1953-12-27 Riverside) w/o Oscar?; Huhtala, Oscar (11-1-1869-1950-4-21 Riverside) h/o Anna M Carvinen?; Hunter, Coquille (or Coquell) [see Coquille] (1807-1909-10-14 Paul Washington) h/o Polly; Hunter, Polly (1807-1915-1-14 Paul Washington) w/o Coquille; Hunsucker, Harriet [see Brown] (?-1919 Paul Washington); Hunsucker (Huntsucker), Kenneth Edw (3-10-1914-1977-10-14 Riverside); Hunsucker, Martha Jane [see Adams] (1855-1930 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o rev John Adams, early Methodist minister; Irby, Charlotte Virginia Martin (4-30-1923-1961-6-4 Paul Washington); Isaacson, Agnes Harney II (5-14-1889-1961-3-27 Paul Washington) w/o John; Isaacson, John (6-19-1885-1945-1-15 Riverside) h/o Agnes Harney; Jack, Alice Olive (or Ollie) (1848-1896-6-9 Siletz Valley); Jack, Captain [see Captain] h/o Sarah Captain; Jack, Mary Bertha (1891-1905 Fr Felix List Burials); Jack, Sarah II (?-1894-10-11 Siletz Valley); Jack, Sarah I [see Captain] (?-1906 Logsden) w/o Captain Jack; Jackson, Eva Tronson (1909-1945-6-25 Paul Washington); Jackson, Sarah [see Stanton] (1821-? Siletz Valley) w/o Geo Stanton; Jackson, Thms Cresy (1859-1929-1-29 Paul Washington); James, Annabelle (1921-1917-1-7 Paul Washington) granddau of Coquille Jim?; James, Melinda [see Kekua] (?-1925 Siletz alley) w/o Jos Kekua; James, Olive [see Tronson] (1878-1930 Paul Washington); Jim, Ada Coyote [see Collins] (10-1-1870-1959-5-8 Paul Washington) 2nd (or more) w/o Peter Collins; Jim, Coquille (Anachaharah?) [see Coquille] (1846-1903-3-26 Paul Washington) f/o Nina Jim; Jim (Jimm), Julian (1883-1905 Fr Felix List Burials); Jim, Nettie [see West] 1868-1939 Paul Washington) w/o Jack West I; Jim, Nina (?-1896-10-5 Paul Washington) w/o Coquille Jim; John, Abigail Wilson (6-21-1865-1942-1-9 Paul Washington) 3rd w/o David I; John, David I (1867-1945-4-10 Paul Washington) s/o Emma & Klamath John; John, David II (1901-1903) s/o David I; John, David Wm (3-23-1929-1929-12-19 Paul Washington) s/o Caroline & Lindsey David I; John, Effie (1886-1942 Paul Washington; John, Ella May (11-17-1901-1903-10-24 Riverside); John, Emma [see Bradford] (1818-1925-2-28 Paul Washington) w/o (1) Klamath (2) Chas Bradford; John, Emma Taylor (30 yrs Riverside) w/o David; John, Ethel Landers (3-2-1923-1952-5-27 Paul Washington) w/o Lindsey David I; John, Evans (?-1898-2-8 Lower Siletz) s/o Alice; John, Foster (2-11-1930-1966 Paul Washington); John, Francine (1-18-1903-1903-12-8 Riverside); John, Griffin (1906-1978-8-10 Paul Washington) h/o Juanita; pvt US Army WWII; John, Jacob (?-1896 Logsden); John, Klamath [see Klamath] (?-1901-11-14 Riverside) h/o Emma; John, Lindsey, David II (10-27-1927-1927-11-5 Paul Washington) s/o Caroline & Lindsey David I; John, Mable R (5-13-1899-1900-5-5 Paul Washington); John, Mary (Mack?) (1828-1903 Fr Felix List Burials) w/o Tyee John?; John, Menda Beatrice (1899-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); John, Salmon River [see Fuller] (?-? Salmon River Cemetery) f/o Louis Lawrence Fuller (1866-1958); John, Tyee "Chasta Costa" John? [see Tyee] (?-1904 Logsden) h/o Mary Mack; uncle of John Adams; Johnny, Applegate [see Applegate] (?-? Logsden) f/o Archie P Johnson; Johnson, Anna Gertrude (1881-1950 Riverside) w/o Rbt C Bemrose; Johnson, Annie (11-15-1846-1918-7-19 Paul Washington); Johnson, Archie P (12-28-1875-1967-11-7 Paul Washington) s/o Applegate Johnny; Johnson, Caroline [see Rippin] (1878-1946 Logsden) w/o Isaac Rippin; Johnson, Bertha Evelyn Henry (?-? after 1978 Riverside); Johnson, -- (initials erased) (1845-1905 Fr Felix List Burials); Johnson, Chas "Coquille Indian Charlie" [see Coquille & Siwash] (1866-1912 Logsden) s/o Coquille; h/o Frances Harney; Johnson, Celia (1838-1913-10-16 Paul Washington) w/o Rich; Johnson, Clarence (9-2-1896-1904-1-3 Paul Washington) s/o Julia & Henry; Johnson, Clarice (1896-1904-1-3 Paul Washington); Johnson, Coquille [see Coquille] (?-1900-9-1 Logsden); Johnson, Danl (1891-1902-1-13 (Paul Washington); Johnson, Doctor (?-? Lower Siletz); Johnson, Edna (?-1896-7-10 Logsden) d/o Celia & Rich; Johnson, Elizabeth (1895-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Johnson, Frances Harney (1835-1934-3-21 Logsden) w/o Coquille Charley; Takelma Weaver; Johnson, Franklin W (1910-1976 Riverside) h/o Bertha Evelyn Henry; Johnson, Henry (1870-1947-1-20 Paul Washington); Johnson, rev Jacob "Jakey" (1859-1933-8-12 Paul Washington) s/o Susan; h/o Sissy; Indian Shaker Church minister; Johnson, John I (1849-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Johnson, John II (8-5-1914-1924-8-17 Logsden); Johnson, Martha Grant Cook (1850-1963-6-17 Paul Washington) w/o Doctor?; Johnson, Julia Benjamin (?-? Lower Siletz) w/o Henry Johnson; Johnson, Mali (Molly) "Polly?" (1866-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); Johnson, "Molly?" Polly [see Fairchild] (1866-1901? Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Baldwin Fairchild; Johnson, Paul (?-1896-3-13 Logsden) s/o Celia & Rich; Johnson, Rich (1840-1909-6-11 Logsden) h/o Celia; f/o Paul; Johnson, Sissy (1859-1931-7-14 Paul Washington) w/o rev Jacob; Johnson, Susan (?-1899 Salmon River Cemetery) m/o rev Jacob Johnson [see Taft Cemetery]; Johnson, Vincent Win (3-?-1882-1887 Logsden) s/o Frances Harney & Coquille Charley; Jones, -- (?-? Paul Washington) child of E D Fleming & Harry; Jones, -- [?-? about 1 mo Paul Washington) s/o E D Fleming & Harry; Jones, Ella D Fleming (?-1934-12-? Paul Washington) w/o Harry; Jones, Harry (1892-1934-12-? Paul Washington) h/o E D Fleming; artist & lecturer; Jourdan, Clara Chapman (1854-1939 Paul Washington) w/o Danl?; Jourdan (Jordan), Danl (1864-1924-11-17 Paul Washington) h/o Clara Chapman; Jourdan, Lucy (?-? after 1902 Paul Washington) w/o Wm; Jourdan, Wm (1819-1901-6-3 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy; Karnowsky, Willie A (1898-1977-12-30 Paul Washington) h/o Adelaide Adams (1901-1985), granddau of Ann Klamath; Kekua, Leora Della Klamath (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Jos; Kekua, Melinda James (?-1925-1-31 Siletz Valley; w/o Jos I; Kekua, Opal (?-? Paul Washington) d/o L D Klamath & Jos; Kelsay, Chas (1837-1900-4-14 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Kelsay, Chas (1842-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Kelsay, Jack (?-? after 1902); Kelsay, Mary (1821-1889-2-7 Paul Washington) w/o Chas; Kelsay, Mary (1839-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); w/o Chas; Kentta, John (?-? after 1902) h/o S J Niemi; Kentta, Selma Julianna Niemi (6-25-1875-1912-6-12 Riverside) w/o John; Kentta, Wm John (5-17-1900-1978-3-2 Paul Washington) s/o S J Niemi & John?; h/o Norma Bellinger; Kiowanda, Geo II (1849-1918-10-10 Siletz Valley) s/o Louisa & Geo I; Kamath, Annie (?-? Riverside) grandmo May Downey, Adelaide Adams Karnowsky & Russell Adams; Klamath, Arthur John (11-10-1934-1942-6-30 Paul Washington) s/o Katherine & Lawrence; Klamath, Billy [see Billy] (1849-1918-10-10 Paul Washington) h/o Hattie; Klamath, Tyee Joe (or Chief Jo Tyee) (92 yr Riverside); Klamath, Della Lane (1886-1906-4-11 Paul Washington); Klamath, Emma [see Hill] (?-1914 Paul Washington) 7th w/o Citizen John Hill?; Klamath, Fay [see Fitzpatrick] (1882-1945 Paul Washington) w/o Geo Starr Fitzpatrick; Klamath, Harriet Louise [see Harris] (1919-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Geo Rufus II; Klamath, Hattie (1843-1917-10-22 Paul Washington) w/o Klamath Billy; Klamath, Charley [see Charley] (?-? Paul Washington) f/o Louis Chas; grandsn of Klamath Charley; Klamath, John [see John] (?-1901 Riverside) h/o Emma; Klamath, Lawrence "Sam" (5-1-1909-1974-12-26 Paul Washington) h/o Katherine; Klamath, Leora Della [see Kekua] (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Jos Kekua; Klamath, Louis Chas (1879-1944-5-26 Paul Washington) s/o Klamath Charley; Klamath, Louisa (1886-1906 Fr Felix List Burials); Klamath, Louis Weston "Dinky" (11-5-1911-1957-10-30 Paul Washington) Pfc OR 434 AAA Gun Btry CAC WWII; Klamath, Margaret (1887-1897-5-11 Siletz Valley); Klamath, Maude (Mary?) (1889-1900-6-25 Siletz Valley); Klamath, Mary (Maude?) (1886-1897 Fr Felix List Burials); Klamath, Rbt (1849-1903 Riverside); Kobielski, Chas (1903-1921 Riverside) s/o Pauline & Peter?; Kobielski, Gideon Eugene (6-16-1899-1959-10-29 Riverside) s/o Pauline & Peter; h/o M R Smith; Kobielski, Mildred Rachel Smith (5-4-1900-1960-2-3 Riverside) w/o Gideon Eugene; Kobielski, Pauline (1864-1920 Riverside) w/o Peter?; Kobielski, Peter (5-28-1860-1940-7-15 Riverside) h/o Pauline?; f/o Gideon Eugene & Chas; Kosydar, Steffa F (1914-1924-8-17 Riverside) d/o Anna & Jos; Kuntz, Herman E (1882-1967-4-4 Riverside); Lafayette, Nellie (?-1895-1-13 Lower Siletz); w/o Shem; Lampson, Jacob "Jakie" (?-1895-12-21 Logsden) h/o Mary; Lampson, Jack (?-1896-1-? Logsden) s/o Mary & Jacob; Lampson, John (?-? Logsden) s/o Mary & Jacob; Lampson, Mary (?-1895-9-? Logsden) w/o Jacob; Lampson (Lamson), Mary (1855-1895 Fr Felix List Burials); Lancaster, Opal Murphy (1912-1978 Riverside) w/o Jas I; Landers, Ethel [see John] (1923-1952 Paul Washington) w/o Lindsey David John I;

Minnie Lane wears the ceremonial dress now owned by her great-granddaughter, Mitzi Shoemake.
The fringed buckskin dress, buff in color, is artfully embellished with wampum, cowie shells, brass buttons and bells and multi-colored glass trading beads. Photos and an article about the history of the dress, written by M. Constance Guardino III, appeared in the August 14, 1985 issue of the Newport News-Times.

Lane, Arnold Dean (8-16-1937-1938-6-12 Paul Washington) s/o Margarette & Jas; Lane, Archie (2-29-1896-1956-5-16 Paul Washington) pvt US Army WWI;  Baby Girl (?-1886-3-14 Riverside) d/o Minnie Louie & Scott; Lane, Chas (?-? after 1902); Lane, Chas Raymond (1942-1999) h/o Gloria Thomas; s/o Charlene Blosser & Chas; Lane, Elmer (1902-1906 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Frank (10-18-1866-1948-10-26 Paul Washington); Lane, Florentine (1896-1897 Riverside) d/o M Louie & Scott I; Lane, Florentine (1896-1897 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Della [see Klamath] (1886-1906 Paul Washington); Lane, Fr Felix Bristol (?-1896 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Irene (?-? Paul Washington) d/o M Louie & Scott I?; Lane, Irene (?-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Jas (12-12-1894-1899-6-3 Paul Washington) s/o M Louie & Scott I; Lane, Jas (1895-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Jos (4-6-1886-1908-8-19 Paul Washington) s/o M Louie & Scott I; Lane, Julia (?-? after 1902); Lane, Louisa (1865-1905 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Milesa (1863-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Minnie Louie (4-?-1863-1950-1-3 Paul Washington) w/o Scott I; Lane, Moses (?-1913-7-11 Paul Washington) s/o M Louie & Scott I?; Lane, Nellie (1851-1938-6-21 Paul Washington) sis of Scott?; Lane, Odell (?-? after 1902 Paul Washington); Lane, Pellet (Pelletan) (?-1901-1-23 Paul Washington) s/o M Louie & Scott I?; Lane, Pelletan (1866-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); Lane, Scott I (3-3-1858-1921-3-5 Paul Washington) h/o M Louie; Lanegan, Howard Steven (4-20-1930-1972-4-15 Paul Washington); Larsen, Chas (1869-1934-5-6 Paul Washington) QM CCI US Navy Spanish American War; h/o Inez Chapman; Larsen, Christian (9-2-1872-1948-7-13 Denmark; Riverside); Larsen, Inez "Ina" Chapman (7-4-1881-1953-11-21 Paul Washington) w/o Chas; Laub, Betty Lou Stannard (5-4-1929-1976-9-17 Riverside) w/o Albert; Lawson, Bishby (1885-1944-2-17 Paul Washington) h/o Irene; Lawson, Manuel Herman (8-12-1916-1971-9-10 Paul Washington) Pfc OR Co A 259 Engr Cbt Bn WWII; bro of Sidney Jos?; Lawson, Sidney Jos "Sidy" (12-26-1924-1964-3-2 Paul Washington) Tec 5 Co B Engr Cbt Bn WWII; bro of Emanuel Herman?; Lincoln, Abram (or Abraham) (1814-1914-1-10 Paul Washington) h/o Margaret?; Lincoln, Margaret (1811-1901-5-20 Paul Washington) w/o Abram?; Lincoln, Mary [see Dick] (1863-1943 Paul Washington) w/o Jos A Dick?; Logan, Abeson (2-13-1902-1960-2-3 Riverside) s/o Abigail & Abram?; Pvt OR US Army WWI; Logan, Abigail (?-? after 1902); Logan, Abram ?-? after 1902); Logan, Alice May [see Simmons] (1927-1972 Riverside) w/o Harding Simmons; Logan, Amanda (?-1893 Paul Washington); Logan, Ann C [see Winkler] (1869-1953 Paul Washington) w/o John J Winkler; Logan, Larkey I (1858-1933 Paul Washington) h/o Cora; Logan, Pengra [see Logan Family Cemetery] (1865-1899-11-21 Paul Washington) s/o Jas; Logan, Verna Sara (1924-2000) w/o Lark Logan II (?-1973); Long, Wm Walter (1870-1924-6-30 Riverside); Logsden, Chas (?-? Logsden) h/o Margaret?; established Logsden; Logsden, Elsie Evaline [see Niemi] (1908-1929 Riverside? Logsden); Logsden, Emily [see Dowd] (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Jos Rich Dowd?; Logsden, Jessie F (?-? Logsden) w/o Chas?; Logsden, John (?-? Logsden); Logsden, Jos M (?-? Logsden); Long Prairie, Charley [see Charley] (?-? Logsden); Long Prairie, Sam [see Sam] (?-? Logsden); Louie, Joshua (Old Joshua?) (?-? Siletz Valley) h/o Martha?; Louie, Martha (?-? Siletz Valley) w/o Joshua?; Louie, Minnie [see Lane] (1863-1950 Paul Washington) w/o Scott Lane; Ludson, Herbert (7-10-1907-1931-5-19 Paul Washington) s/o Major; Ludson, Catherine [see Washington] (1910-1942 Paul Washington) w/o Dewey Washington; Ludson, Lee (9-7-1928-1928-9-9 Paul Washington) s/o Leona & Lee; Ludson, Major (1865-1935-10-5 Paul Washington) f/o Herbert; Lutso, Henry (?-? Logsden); Mack, Abram (?-1895-4-15 Siletz Valley) s/o Jacob; Mack, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-1894-12-14 Siletz Valley) s/o Jacob?; Mack, Mary [see John] (1828-1903 Fr Felix List Burials) w/o Tyee John (Chasta Costa John?); Martin, Agnes (?-1918-11-30 Paul Washington); Martin, Albert (1871-1925-2-21 Paul Washington) h/o Lena Charley; Martin, Charlotte Virginia [see Irby] (1923-1961 Paul Washington); Martin, Christine Selsic (1-13-1891-1971-1-18 Paul Washington) w/o Wilbur; m/o Naomi Edith; Martin, Felix (1892-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Martin, Julia Dummey (?-1898) w/o Isaac Martin; Martin, Lena Charley (1881-1920-12-19 Paul Washington) w/o Albert; Martin, Linda Diane (11-26-1947-1947-12-11 Paul Washington) d/o Rose & David; Martin, Louise (?-1916 Logsden) d/o Lena Evans; Martin, Mary [see Newberry] (1860-1907 Paul Washington) m/o John S Newberry; Martin, Naomi Edith (7-11-1921-1939-8-2 Paul Washington) d/o C Selsic & Wilbur; Martin, Thms Virgil "Berg" (?-1969 Paul Washington); Martin, Wilbur (5-6-1890-1973-4-1 Paul Washington) h/o Christine Selsic; f/o Naomi Edith; Matches, Hannah (?-? Logsden) m/o Thms; w/o Old Sam; Matches, Thms [see McDonald] (1865-1938 Paul Washington) s/o Hannah & Old Sam; Matches, Old Sam [see Sam] (?-? Logsden) h/o Hannah; McCoy, Rena Catherine Blacketer (10-26-1902-1931-1-29 Logsden) w/o Jos; McCoy, Veltha Louise "Polly" (7-29-1924-1942-8-3 Logsden) d/o R C Blacketer & Jos; McGee, Naomi V "Snoopy" (11-26-1945-1974-9-7 Paul Washington); McDonald, Mamie Mabel [see Strong] (1891-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Norman Strong; m/o Stanley Strong; McDonald, Mary (1851-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); McDonald, Thms [see Matches] (1865-1938-6-25 Paul Washington) s/o Hannah & Old Sam; McDonald, Nettie Harris (1857-1901-2-15 Siletz Valley); McPherran, Lowell (?-1927-2-14 Logsden) s/o Mattie & Dana; McGuire, Esther (?-? Paul Washington); McGuire, Lottie (?-? Paul Washington); McKay, Daisy (?-1898-1-3 Paul Washington); McMann, Catherine [see Orton] (1873-1963 Paul Washington) w/o Wolverton Orton; Marzan, Mary Rilatos (1927-2000 Paul Washington) d/o Pear S Simmons & Rishuto Tuton Rilatos; w/o John Marzan I; m/o Danl Rilatos, Benny, Jerry & John Marzan & Lisa Williamson; sis of Edw & Phil Rilatos; Meck, Jennie (?-? Paul Washington); Meck, Mary (?-? Paul Washington); Meier, Frederick (3-2-1866-1929-12-17 Germany; Siletz Valley); Metcalf, Lucy (?-? after 1902) w/o Rbt; Metcalf, Minnie (1891-1899-8-29 Paul Washington); Metcalf, Minnie (1891-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Metcalf, Rbt (?-1902-7-9 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy; f/o Wm; Metcalf, Ruby (1894-1923-10-? Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Metcalf, Wm "Billy" (7-30-1860-1939-10-23 Paul Washington); Metcalf, Willard Beal I (7-29-1914-1974-11-25 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Metcalf, Willard Thms II (8-18-1946-1974-9-8 Paul Washington) h/o Lorraine; Miller, Freda L Waltman (1926-1974-8-24 Riverside) w/o Ross; Moore, Arthur E (1867-1892-10-12 Paul Washington); Morrison, Ann Pierre [see Pierre] (1870-1897-7-5 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Morrison; Muggins (Mugens), Eva (1861-1906 Fr Felix List Burials) w/o Peter?; Muggins (Mugens), Henry (1901-1905 Fr Felix List Burials) s/o Eva & Peter?; Muggins, Peter (1870-1914-8-30 Logsden) h/o Eva?; Murphy, Jas (1892-1971-1-13 Riverside) h/o Opal; Murphy, Opal [see Lancaster] (1912-1978 Riverside) w/o Jas Lancaster I; Mushcamp, Tony Donald (9-20-1954-1954-9-20 Paul Washington) s/o Gladys & Geo; Myers, J W? "Dutchie" (?-? Siletz Valley) h/o R M Chapman?; Myers, Ruth Mary Chapman (1911-1955-4-23 Paul Washington) w/o Dutchie?; Newberry, Agnes [see Thompson] (1878-1965 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Coquille Thompson; Newberry, Albert J (6-6-1903-1903-12-6 Paul Washington) s/o A Newberry & John S; Newberry, Albert J (1903-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Newberry, Geo (?-? after 1902); Newberry, John S (4-8-1880-1908-10-28 Paul Washington) h/o Agnes; Newberry, Mary Martin (7-18-1860-1909-7-9 Paul Washington) m/o John S; Newton, Nettie [see Adams] (1855-1889 Paul Washington) 1st w/o rev John Adams; Niemi, Elsae Eveline Logsden (1908-1929 Riverside? Logsden?); Niemi, Selma Julianna [see Kentta] (1875-1912 Riverside) w/o John Kentta; Niemi, Victor (1899-1937 Riverside) s/o E E Logsden?; Nilsen, Peder Frederick (3-28-1931-1951-3-30 Logsden) s/o Sarah & Peder; "drowned while swimming under military auspices" at Manners Beach, Oahu TH, bur family farm, later moved to Eureka Cemetery, Newport; Olin, Giles Amos (1884-1958 Riverside) s/o Marie Jane White & Wm Henry?; Olin, Wm Henry (1856-1925 Riverside) h/o M J White; Ojalla, Mathias (1-12-1858-1928-6-5 Riverside) h/o Aliina; f/o Alma, Lila & Martin; moved to Willamette Memorial, Albany, OR; Olson, Elizabeth [see Blacketer] (?-1905 Logsden) d/o Elizabeth & Jas Olson; w/o Jas Blacketer; Olson, Edwin Jas [see Fern Ridge] (1962-1999) s/o Ada Nancy Service & Ocie Willard Olson; Orton, -- (?-? Logsden) w/o Chas; Orton, Bensell (1873-1936-12-30 Paul Washington) cousin of Wolverton C; Orton, Catherine "Katie" McMann (1873-1963-3-22 Paul Washington) w/o Wolverton C; Orton, Chas (?-? Logsden); Orton, Clarence C (3-16-1911-1963-12-28 Paul Washington) h/o Patricia Wilburma; Orton, Edw (?-? Logsden) h/o Emma White; Orton, Emma White (?-1901-3-7 Logsden) w/o Edw; Orton, Geo (1870-1900 Fr Felix List Burials) h/o Louisa; Orton, Jacob "Jake" (1866-1932-3-30 Paul Washington); Orton, Jane (?-? Logsden); Orton, Katie Jane (6-27-1914-1914-8-29 Paul Washington) d/o C McMann & Wolverton C; Orton, Mollie Pierce (1842-1939-9-21 Paul Washington) w/o Jacob; Orton, Patricia Wilburma (8-?-1963- 1963-9-14 Paul Washington) d/o Patricia & Clarence; Orton, Randolph G (2-8-1900-1919-4-9) Paul Washington) s/o Louisa & Geo; Orton, Rosa (?-? Logsden); Orton, Stanley (1904-1925-4-18 Logsden) graduate Chemawa Indian School; Orton, Thms (?-? Logsden); Orton, Wolverton C (10-23-1874-1963-1-10 Paul Washington) h/o Catherine McMann, cousin of Bensell; O'Wathle, Jos (?-1856); O'Wathle, Lydia [see Halogluse] (1818-1902 Paul Washington) w/o Alex Halogluse?; Paananen, Franklin Oscar (4-31-1875-1963-8-20 Riverside); Pacleb, Winifred R Battise (1923-1964 Paul Washington); Payne, Ada Coyote Jim [see Collins & Jim] (1870-1959 Paul Washington)  2nd (or more) w/o Peter Collins; Payne, Chas R (1853-1898-5-28 Siletz Valley) h/o Jane; Payne (Pain), Chas R (1853-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Payne (Pain), Clara (1888-1905 Fr Felix List Burials); Payne (Pain), Owen (1896-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Payne (Pain), Roy (1890-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Peters, Alsea [see Alsea] (?-1895-11-16 Siletz Valley) f/o Sarah?; Petite, Rose (?-? after 1902); Phelix, Morgan II [see Felix] (11-?-1892-1893-7-8 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Phelix, Rudolph [see Felix] (10-?-1891-1892-5-15 Paul Washington) s/o P & Morgan I; Pierce, Molly [see Orton] (1842-1939 Paul Washington) w/o or d/o [rev?] Jacob Pierce?; Pierre, Ann [see Morrison] (1870-1897 Paul Washington) w/o Jos Morrison; Pierre, Sarah [see Peters] (6-24-1869-1942-9-22 Paul Washington) d/o Alsea Peters?; attended Carlisle Indian School; Pike, Cora [see Samuels] (1894-1962 Paul Washington) Whitney Samuels; Pike, Edw I (?-? after 1902); Pike, Edw II (1891-1908 Paul Washington) s/o Ada & Frederick; Pike, Frederick (1854-1899-6-? Paul Washington) h/o Ada; Plakio, Dino Geo (10-3-1961-1961-11-10 Paul Washington); Pompel, Anna A (1884-1959 Riverside) w/o Matthew; m/o Mauno; Pompel, Matthew (1871-1933 Riverside) f/o Mauno; Pompel, Mauno (10-6-1904-191-7-118 Paul Washington) s/o Anna & Matthew; Pond, Clayton Clair (10-22-1875-1938-8-11 Paul Washington); Poney, Charley [see Porter] (?-1894 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy; Poney, Lucy [see Porter] (?-1894-11-? Paul Washington) w/o Charley; Ponzee, John (1844-1932-4-16 Paul Washington) h/o Lillie Tyee; Ponzee, Lillie Tyee (1858-1932-10-7 Paul Washington) w/o John; Porter [see Poney] Charley (?-1894 Paul Washington) h/o Lucy; Porter, Lucy [see Poney] (?-1894 Paul Washington) w/o Charley; Post, John J (1855-1921-7-9 Riverside); Pyle, Jeffrey Lee (?-1971-8-13 Paul Washington); Rabbi, Baby I (?-? Logsden); Rabbi, Baby Girl II (?-? Logsden); Reed, Agnes "Aggie" (1900-1903-8-3 Paul Washington) d/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Jos (1895-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); s/o Mary & Albert? Reed, Lawrence (1900-1901 Fr Felix List Burials); s/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Leo (1902-1904 Fr Felix List Burials) s/o Mary & Albert?; Reed, Mary (Minnie?) (1872-1904-8-6 Paul Washington) w/o Albert; Reed, Minnie (Mary?) (1864-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Ricketts, Sidney Allan (2-5-1960-1961-2-9 Paul Washington); Ricketts, Stewart (?-1926-8-11 Paul Washington); Rilatos, Catherine Elizabeth Rippin (11-30-1937-1938-1-18 Paul Washington) d/o P S Simmons & Rishuto Tuton; Rilatos, Danl Tuton (7-23-1931-1931-11-28 Paul Washington) s/o P S Simmons & Tishuto Tuton; Rilatos, Mary [see Marzan] (1927-2000 Paul Washington) d/o P S Simmons & Rishuto Tuton; w/o John Marzan I; Rilatos, Randy Lee (12-19-1959-1960-2-10 Paul Washington) s/o Maxine & Rbt; Rilatos, Rishuto Tuton (9-23-1865-1967-2-8 Paul Washington) OR FI US Navy WWI; h/o P S Simmons; f/o Catherine Elizabeth Rippin & Tuton; Rippin (Rippon), Angeline Louise [see Bell] (1900-1974 Paul Washington) w/o Arthur Lincoln Bell I; Rippin, Caroline Johnson (6-18-1878-1946-10-28 Logsden) w/o Isaac; Rippin, Isaac (12-18-1897-1955-8-6 Paul Washington) h/o Caroline Johnson; Rippin, King (1857-1933-3-14 Logsden) h/o Lena; Rippin, Lena (1860-1930-11-13 Logsden) w/o King; Rippin, Mary (1896-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Rippin, Phillip (1902-1905 Fr Felix List Burials) s/o Lena & King?; Rippin, Raymond (1890-1906 Logsden) s/o Lena & King; Rippin, Raymond (1890-1906 Fr Felix List Burials); Rippin, Rose (1892-1906 Fr Felix List Burials); Robinson, Merlin I (4-19-1915-1975-4-19 Riverside) Pfc US Army WWII; Robinson, Rich J (5-20-1860-1936-5-27 Logsden) h/o Nancy Jarnigan; carried mail from Rocca to Nortons; Rooney, Emily (?-1895-12-20 Siletz Valley) 1st w/o Stewart; Rooney, Jane (?-? after 1902); Rooney, Mary Werner (1843-1928-7-10 Paul Washington) w/o Stewart; Rooney, Mary Warner (?-1896-1-12 Paul Washington) m/o Stewart; Rooney, Stewart (?-1926 Paul Washington) h/o (1) Emily (2) Mary Werner; Ross, Annie (1844-1908-12-15 Paul Washington) m/o David Martin; Ross, David Martin (1879-1897-5-14 Siletz Valley) s/o Ann; Ross, David Roy (1956-1965 Riverside) s/o Roy David; Ross, Elijah (?-1898 Siletz Valley); Ross, Eliza [see Albert] (1859-1929-1-20 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o John Albert; Ross, Jas (1838-1908-6-23 Paul Washington); Ross, Jack (John?) (1860-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Ross, John (Jack?) (1860-1900-1-3 Siletz Valley); Ross, Jos Eric (1887-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Roth, David Roy (1956-1965) s/o Roy D; Ryland, Floy Evans (10-10-1890-1964-12-1 Paul Washington) w/o Louis; Sam, Tyee? Geo [see Sands] (1837-1899-11-27 Logsden); Sam, Jim (?-? Logsden) h/o Betsy Sam; Sam, Long Prairie [see Long Prairie] (?-? Logsden); Sam, Matches [see Matches] (?-? Logsden) h/o Hannah Matches; Sam, Nancy (1838-1895-12-4 Logsden) w/o Shasta Costa Sam; Sam, Chasta Costa [see Chastacosta] (?-? Logsden) h/o Nancy; Samuels, Cora Pike (10-1-1894-1963-2-22 Paul Washington) w/o Whitney; Samuels (Samil), M (1891-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Athabascan Weaver; Samuels, Whitney (7-10-1903-1967-12-2 Paul Washington) h/o Cora Pike; Sands, Geo [see Sam] (1837-1899 Logsden); Salmon River, John [see Fuller & John] (?-? Salmon River Cemetery) f/o Louis Lawrence Fuller (1866-1958); Scott, Baby (?-? Siletz Valley) child of John?; Scott, John (?-1895-1-4 Siletz Valley); Scott, Leona M (8-22-1912-1976-7-18 Riverside) w/o Wallace B; Scott, Norma Etta Strong (3-29-1922-1974-7-8 Paul Washington); Scott, Wallace B (2-6-1911-1975-4-2 Riverside) h/o Leona M; Sgt US Army WWII; Sealy, John (1833-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Selsic, Antone (?-1899 Paul Washington) h/o Aurelia; Selsic, Aurelia (?-? after 1902); Selsic, Christine [see Martin] (1891-1971 Paul Washington) w/o Wilbur Martin; Selsic, Ella DePoe (?-1902-7-11 Siletz Valley); Selsic, Irene (1891-1892-2-1 Paul Washington) d/o M & Antone; Selsic, Josephine (1888-1892-9-1 Paul Washington) d/o M & Antone; Selsic, Kafer (1882-1890-6-1 Paul Washington) child of M & Antone; Selsic, Wilbur (?-? Paul Washington) s/o M & Antone; Service, Rbt N II (1-26-1921-1963-3-7 Paul Washington) OR AMM 3 USNR WWII; Shatto, Minnie Benton Downey (1869-1954 Riverside) m/o Roy, Geo, Albert, Charley & Henry Downey; Shellhead, Charley [see Charley] (1852-1887-6-14 Paul Washington) b/o Tipton?; Shellhead, Marie Stella [see Holland] (1906-1919 Siletz Valley) d/o Tipton; Shellhead, Tipton (?-? after 1902 Siletz Valley) b/o Charley?; h/o Sophia Dick; Sheridan, Chas (?-1894-10-? Siletz Valley); Sherman, Patricia Warren (1968-1968-11-? Riverside); Short, Jos (1865-1927-4-15 Paul Washington); Sied, Roy W (1905-1972-4-1 Riverside) h/o Julia Welter; Cpl Co A MP Bn WWII; Simmons, Alice May Logan (5-14-1927-1972-7-4 Riverside) w/o Harding; Simmons, Augusta M Smith (8-28-1900-1976-3-3 Paul Washington) w/o Frederick Hoxie; Simmons, Baby (8-21-1930-1930-8-23 Paul Washington) child of A M Smith & Frederick Hoxie; Simmons, Edw (?) (?-1899-6-2 Logsden) half b/o Frederick Hoxie; Simmons, Edwina Ann "Tinker" [see Brown] (1940-1968 Paul Washington) w/o Ben Brown II; Simmons, Ella Brown (8-15-1912-1963-7-19 Paul Washington) w/o Calvin I; Simmons, Ezra Ernest (12-20-1900-1944-4-25 Paul Washington) s/o Lizzie Smith & Hoxie Augustus; Simmons, Frederick Hoxie "Fritz" (4-11-1898-1969-8-26 Paul Washington) h/o A M Smith; pfc OR HQ & MP Co 2 Div WWI; Simmons, Grace Elizabeth (8-9-1932-1934-3-9 Paul Washington) d/o Minnie R Bellinger & Lester; Simmons, Harry (11-?-1936-1936-118 Paul Washington) s/o of M R Bellinger & Lester; Simmons, Hoxie Augustus (7-20-1872-1963-8-10 Kings Valley; Paul Washington) h/o Lizzie Smith; Simmons, Lizzie Smith (8-22-1879-1952-5-16 Paul Washington) w/o Hoxie Augustus; Simmons, Mae Agnes (?-1945-8-8 Paul Washington) d/o Sophie & Jos; Simmons, Minnie R Bellinger (7-23-1907-1936-11-8 Paul Washington) w/o Lester; Simmons, Sharon Rose (2-12-1946-1948-3-23 Paul Washington) d/o Clarinda & Edwin; Simmons, Thms (?-1896-11-17 Logsden) f/o Edw; Simpson, Billy [see Billy] (?-? Siletz Valley); Siwash, Charley [see Coquille & Johnson] (1886-1912 Logsden) s/o Coquille; Siwash, Harney [see Harney] (?-? Logsden) h/o Margaret; f/o Grand Chief Geo; Sixes, Wm I [see Bill] (?-1894-11-1 Siletz Valley); Skelly, Julia (1810-1905-1-23 Paul Washington) grandmo of Rachel & Oscar Brown; Skelly, Mary (1815-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Smith, Ann [see Fairchild] (1849-1939 Paul Washington) 4th w/o Baldwin Fairchild; Smith, Arthur (8-1-1896-1902-8-18 Paul Washington); Smith, Arthur (1896-1902 Fr Felix List Burials); Smith, Augusta M [see Simmons] (1900-1976 Paul Washington) w/o Frederick Hoxie Simmons; Smith, Clark (?-1900-5-9 Siletz Valley) attended Carlisle Indian School; Smith, Elizabeth [see Simmons] (1879-1952 Paul Washington) w/o Hoxie Augustus Simmons; Smith, Irene Elizabeth Dowd (7-17-1895-1973-10-25 Paul Washington); Smith, Kenneth Jas (12-21-1957-1968-10-1 Riverside) s/o Sharon & Jas; Smith, Louis M II (3-30-1906-1908-2-15 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Louisa & Louis M I?; Smith, Mary Louisa (?-1904-2-? Logsden) w/o Louis M; Smith, Mary Louisa (1804-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Smith, Oliver (12-?-1903-1923-5-25 Paul Washington); Smith, Mildred Rachel [see Kobielski] (1900-1960 Riverside) w/o Gideon Eugene Kobielski; Smith, Thms (1855-1900-6-3 Riverside) h/o Lucy Watts; Smith, Wm (1834-1919-6-20 Alsea; Paul Washington); Siletz Reservation policeman; Solomon, Franklin (1858-1900-4-1 Logsden) f/o Mildred; Solomon (Salamon), Franklin (1858-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Solomon, Mildred (?-1904-5-12 Logsden) d/o Franklin; Sommers, Twins (?-? males; Logsden) s/o Clavin Sommers; Southwell, -- (86 yr Riverside); Southwell, -- (9-22-1925-1925-6-22 Riverside) child of Thelma & Clinton; Southwell, Clyde G (9-10-1894-1975-8-27 Riverside) s/o Ella & Wm J; pvt US Army WWI; Southwell, Ella Harrington (1867-1929-11-22 Riverside) w/o Wm J; Southwell, Harriet [see Bowman] (?-? Riverside) w/o Walter G Bowman; Southwell, Wm Howard I (1840-1926-2-? Riverside) Southwell, Wm Howard II (6-?-1924-1924-7-7 Riverside) s/o Saina & Howard; Southwell, Wm J "Billy" (7-15-1866-1953-8-3 Riverside) h/o Ella Harrington; Spencer, Curtis J (1900-1928-6-13 Paul Washington) s/o Ella Alpine?; Spencer, DePoe (?-? after 1902); Spencer, Ella Alpine (1858-1934-2-26 Paul Washington) m/o Curtis Jh & Rbt?; Spencer, Ralph (1899-1919-8-5 died Bremerton, WA Naval Hospital; Paul Washington); s/o Ella Alpine; 1st Cl Seaman US Navy WWI; Spencer, Rbt (1894-1923 Paul Washington) s/o Ella Alpine?; Sroufe, Elmer L (6-3-1902-1971-1-31 Riverside); Stannard, Betty Lou [see Laub] (1929-1976 Riverside) w/o Albert Laub; Stanton, Geo (?-1896-10-5 Siletz Valley) h/o Sarah Jackson; Stanton, Sarah Jackson (1821-? Siletz Valley) w/o Geo; Starr, Gertrude I [see Storm] (1901-1967 Riverside) w/o Larry Storm; Stempel, Nicholas (1873-1933-12-1 Riverside) h/o Mary; Storm, Gertrude I Starr (1901-1967 Riverside) w/o Larry; Streets, Carrie Bensell Siletz Weaver; Paul Washington) (6-7-1898-1976-3-18 Paul Washington) (1) w/o Hawley Edgar Catfish? (2) w/o Dorsey Streets; Strickler, Randall J (6-10-1955-1975-6-10 Paul Washington) s/o Shirley & Rich; Stromer, Jacob "Jake" (1828-1908-5-1 Siletz Valley); Strong, Almeda Mae (11-15-1926-1945-1-17 Paul Washington) d/o Mamie Mabel McDonald & Norman; Strong, Byron Willis (8-18-1924-1961-8-12 Paul Washington) s/o M M McDonald & Norman?; pvt OR Btry F 81 AABN PH WWII; Strong, Gayle Nadine (8-6-1951-1951-8-9 Paul Washington) d/o Wilma & Stanley Wm I; Strong, Ira (?-1921-12-22) s/o M M McDonald & Norman?; Strong, Mamie Mabel McDonald (4-5-1891-1973-4-11 Paul Washington) m/o Stanley Wm I; w/o Norman; Strong, Strong, Norma Etta [see Scott] (1922-1974 Paul Washington); s/o Wm; Strong, Norman (1864-1899 Paul Washington) s/o Wm; Strong, Norman Randall I (8-7-1888-1942-7-5 Paul Washington) s/o Norman; Strong, Norman Randall II (4-6-1920-1942-9-5 Paul Washington) pvt OR 58 Inf WWII; s/o Norman Randall I; Strong, Stanley Wm II (5-15-1950-1955-12-23 Paul Washington) s/o Wilma & Stanley Wm I; Strong, Verna Elsie [see Goodell] (1910-1974 Paul Washington) w/o Andrew Jay Goodell; Strong, Yvonne Joyce (5-9-1941-1941-6-16 Paul Washington) d/o Wilma & Stanley Wm I?; Sutton, Charley (1839-1922-4-13 Paul Washington) f/o Newton W?; Sutton, Newton W (1891-1932-8-12 Paul Washington) s/o Charley?; Szelaskiewicz, Metcalf (?-? after 1902); Taylor, Emma [see John] (30 yr Riverside) w/o David John; Tecumseh, Anna (1814-1908 Logsden) w/o Tyee; Tecumseh, Tyee (?-? Logsden) h/o Anna; Tenas, Charley [see Charley] (?-? Logsden); Tenas, Tyee [see Tom & Tyee] (?-? Logsden); Tice, "Heavy" (?-? Riverside; Thompson, Agnes Newberry (6-15-1878-1965-2-21 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Chief Coquille; Thompson, Blanche (9-2-1907-1909-8-7 Paul Washington); Thompson, Coquille (Coquelle) (1-30-1839-1946-1-4 Paul Washington) f/o Coquille Gene I; Thompson, Coquille Gene I "Chief or Tom" (3-28-1905-1974-6-4 Paul Washington) h/o Emma; Thompson, Coquille Gene II "Snooks" (3-25-1940-1964-3-29 Paul Washington) s/o Emma & Coquille Gene I; Thompson, Elizabeth (1854-1894 Fr Felix List Burials); Thompson, Emma (1863-1908-10-28 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Coquille Gene I; Thompson, Emma (1861-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Thompson, Felix Washington (1895-1896 Fr Felix List Burials); Thompson, Geo E (1914-1933) s/o Chief Coquille?; Thompson, Jas II (?-1899-2-3 Siletz Valley) s/o Jas I?; Tole, Elizabeth [see Blacketer & Harney] (1870-1958 Riverside) d/o Elizabeth & Jas; w/o (1) Chief Geo Harney (2) Jas Blacketer; Tom, Christine May (5-1-1923-1938-8-28 Paul Washington) d/o Aurilla & Abram; Tom, Eleanor Bernice (12-31-1920-1938-7-21 Paul Washington) d/o Aurilla & Abram; Tom, Ella Arlene (6-10-1924-1925-7-1); Tom, Emma (1873-1893-4-20 Paul Washington) w/o Wm; Tom, Jim I (?-? Siletz Valley) f/o Jas; Tom, Joshua (Old Joshua?) (?-? Siletz Valley); Tom, Lonnie (?-? Paul Washington) f/0 Abram; Tom, Lucy [see Watts] (1862-1946 Paul Washington) w/o Jas Watts; Tom, Tyee Tenas [see Tenas & Tyee] (?-? Logsden); Tom, Wm (?-1895-12-24 Siletz Valley); Tomelo, Thms (1832-1862 Siletz Valley); Tompson, Sina (?-1898-5-1 Paul Washington); Tompson, Walker (?-1899-5-9 Paul Washington; Tompson, Washington (?-1896-4-10 Paul Washington); Towner, Clara (2-?-1880-1904-1-19 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Wm I; Towner, Jas Lawrence (?-1927-2-3 Paul Washington) s/o Clara & Wm I?; Towner, Julia (4-4-1915-1973 Paul Washington) w/o Leslie Gilbert; Towner, Leslie Gilbert (12-14-1900-1973 Paul Washington) h/o Julia; Towner, Louisa [see Carson] (1871-1893 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Franklin Willard Carson I; Towner, Melinda Collins (1887-1908-1-25 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Wm I; Towner, Wm I (4-11-1872-1959-10-7 Paul Washington) h/o (1) Clara (2) Melinda Collins; Towner, Wm II (4-16-1899-1900-2-20 Paul Washington) s/o Clara & Wm I; Tronson, Elmer Louis (12-25-1936-1941-7-4 Paul Washington) s/o Jack; Tronson, Eva [see Jackson] (1909-1945 Paul Washington); Tronson, Henry (?-? Siletz Valley); Tronson, Jack (3-16-1902-1972-5-28 Paul Washington) s/o Olive James & Rbt; f/o Elmer Louis; Tronson, Lena Chapman (1-1-1876-1962-1-24 Paul Washington); stepdau of John Adams; Tronson, Nellie (1899-1919-7-13 Paul Washington); Tronson, Olive James [see James] (1878-1930-10-17 Paul Washington) w/o Rbt; Tronson, Rbt (2-2-1868-1947-6-3 Paul Washington) h/o Olive James; Tronson, Rbt Jas (3-26-1944-1945-8-7 Paul Washington) s/o Ethel & Adolph; Tronson, Ruth Gertrude (10-21-1905-1925-4-10 Paul Washington); Tronson, Sharon Arlene (10-12-1941-1951-10-29 Paul Washington); Tyee, Geo Harney [see Harney] (?-? Logsden); uncle to Geo Harney; Tyee, Joe [see Klamath] (92 yr Riverside); Tyee, John [see John] (?-1904 Logsden) h/o Mary Mack; Tyee, Johanna (1827-1897 Fr Felix List Burials); Tyee, Lillie [see Ponzee] (1858-1932 Paul Washington) w/o John Ponzee; Tyee, Mary Mack (?-1897-11-24 Logsden) w/o Tyee John; Tyee, Tecumseh [see Tecumseh] (?-? Logsden) h/o Anna Tecumseh; Tyee, Tenas Tom [see Tenas & Tom] (?-? Logsden); Umatata, Leo (2-2-1896-1957-7-3 Paul Washington) s/o Mary & Umatata Bill?; Pvt OR 53 Spruce Sq WWI; Umatata, Mary (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Umatata Bill?; Umatata, Rosa (1890-1898 Riverside) d/o Mary & Umatata Bill?; Umatata (Matate), Rosa (1890-1898 Fr Felix List Burials; Umatata, Wm "Bill" [see Bill] (1848-1933-1-18 Paul Washington) h/o Mary; Umatata, Wm Foster (1890-1899 Riverside) s/o Mary & Umatata Bill?; Umatata (Matate), Wm Foster (1890-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); Valet (Veniat), Agnes (1875-1896 Fr Felix List Burials); Valet, Edna M "Kathy" (1913-1971 Riverside) w/o Thms R; Valet, Thms R (3-11-1913-1978-4-11 Riverside) h/o Edna M; Wainyo, Baby Boy (?-? Siletz Valley) s/o John Wainyo; Wallace, Jas W (?-1910-6-12 Siletz Valley); Wallace, Jim (?-1911-6-14 Siletz Valley) same as Jas W?; Wallace, John (?-1902-7-11 Siletz Valley); Ward, Frederick (1910-1962 Paul Washington); Warner, Jas II? (?-1918 Paul Washington) s/o Jas I; Warner, Jas I? (1818-1909 Siletz Valley) f/o Jas II?; Werner, Mary [see Rooney] (1843-1928 Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Stewart Rooney; Warren, Ada Mildred Case (5-31-1913-1973-10-21 Paul Washington) w/o Wm; Warren, Patricia (1968-1968 Riverside); Waltman, Frieda L [see Miller] (1926-1974 Riverside) w/o Ross Miller; Washington (Wash), Andrew (12-15-1896-1919-5-16 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I; pvt OR 308 Inf 77 Div WWI; Washington, Caroline (1890-1903-7-9 Paul Washington) d/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Washington, Caroline (1890-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Washington, Dewey (12-15-1897-1954-2-5 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie & Isaac I?; Washington, Emily Charley (?-1927-1-5 Paul Washington) 1st w/o Isaac I; Washington, Geo I (2-22-1937-1938-4-21 Paul Washington) s/o Mary Brown & Jos; Washington, Geo II (?-1925-9-6 Paul Washington) s/o M Brown & Jos?; Washington, Gilbert Owen (4-1-1931-1953-8-27 Paul Washington); Washington, Hattie II (5-21-1903-1936 Paul Washington) d/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Washington, Hattie I (?-? Paul Washington) 2nd w/o Isaac I; Washington, Isaac I (1862-1932-3-19 Paul Washington); Washington, Isaac II (9-11-1904-1955-2-24 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Washington, John (?-? Siletz Valley); Washington, Jos (6-23-1902-1963-7-12 Paul Washington) h/o M Brown; Washington, Katie Ludson (1910-1942-1-21 Paul Washington) w/o Dewey; Washington, Mabel Fairchild (1907-1933-2-19 Paul Washington); Washington, Madina (?-1937-10-? Paul Washington); Washington, Margaret (?-? Siletz Valley); Washington, Mary Brown (1825-1919-12-18 Paul Washington) w/o Jos; Washington, Paul I (2-9-1894-1918-9-28 Paul Washington) s/o Hattie I & Isaac I; Pfc Co G 361 Inf 91 Div WWI, killed in action; Washington, Paul II (4-7-1930-1930-9-25 Paul Washington) s/o Katie & Dewey; Washington, Percy "Pius Person?" (1899-1904? Siletz Valley); Washington, Pius Person (Percy?) (1899-1904 Fr Felix List Burials); Washington, Timothy (?-? Siletz Valley); Washington, Wm "Willie" (1866-1888-2-2 Siletz Valley); Washington, Wilverna Dorene (4-17-1941-1970-7-20 Paul Washington) d/o M Brown & Jos; Watson, John (?-1900-3-21 Siletz Valley) s/o Mary Wilbur; Watson, Lucy Wilbur (?-1902 Siletz Valley); Watson, Mary [see Wilbur] (1867-1907 Paul Washington); Watson, Nancy (?-1898-1-? Siletz Valley) d/o Lucy Wilbur?; Watts, Aga (1893-1902-5-6 Siletz Valley) s/o Lucy Tom & Jas?; Watts, Darvon J "Darwin" (8-30-1896-1942-10-25 Paul Washington) s/o L Tom & Jas?; Cpl OR 363 Inf 91 Div WWI; Watts, Ellen Harding (1870-? Paul Washington); Watts, Ellen Nora [see Brown] (1869-1955 Paul Washington); Watts, Jas (1857-1928-6-12 Paul Washington) h/o L Tom; f/o Darvon Jas; Watts, Lucy Tom (11-8-1862-1946-8-19 Paul Washington) w/o Jas; Watts, Titus Ellen (1891-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); West, Ellen (1892-1899 Fr Felix List Burials); West, Jack II (1856-1956 Paul Washington) s/o Nettie Jim & Jack West I?; West, Josephine (?-? Logsden) d/o N Jim & Jack I; West, Nettie Jim [see Jim] (1868-1939-5-24 Paul Washington) w/o Jack; West, Stella (1892-1900 Fr Felix List Burials) d/o N Jim & Jack I?; White, Amelia (?-1901 Logsden); White, Bede (?-1900-11-17 Logsden) w/o Jas; White, Bertha [see Wilbur] (?-? Lower Siletz); White, Captain [see Captain] (?-1898-10-23 Logsden) h/o (1) Nelly (2) Polly; White, Chester (?-1899-8-12 Logsden) s/o Nelly & Captain; White, Clarinda (?-?-8-12 Logsden) d/o Bede & Jas; White, Claybourne (1844-1908-7-31 Logsden) f/o Captain & Jas?; White, Emma [see Orton] (?-1901 Logsden) w/o Edw Orton; White, Grover (1896-? Logsden) s/o Nelly & Captain; White, Hazel (1898-1916 Logsden) d/o Bede & Jas; White, Jas (?-1902-4-15 Logsden) h/o Bede; White, Nelly (?-? Logsden) 1st w/o Captain; White, Paul (1886-1903-3-21 Logsden) s/o Bede & Jas; White, Polly "Molly" (?-1899-4-6 Logsden) 2nd w/o Captain; White, Wm Martin (?-? Logsden) h/o Neely; Wigle, Solomon (?-1911-5-1 Logsden) h/o Theresa; Wittenstrom, Frederick (1851-1916-9-9 Logsden); Wilbur, Bertha White (?-? Lower Siletz); Wilbur, Geo (1856-1923-10-25 Lower Siletz) s/o Jane; Wilbur, Jane (1835-1910-3-27 Lower Siletz) m/o Geo; Wilbur, Lucy [see Watson] (?-1902 Siletz Valley); Wilbur, Mary Watson (1867-1907-11-22 Paul Washington); Wilbur, Sarah Sophronia [see Charley] (1892-1964) w/o Edw Franklin Charley; Wilbur, Thms (1883-1900-5-17 Paul Washington); Wilbur (Wilburt), Thms (1883-1898 Fr Felix List Burials); Williams, Agatha Brown (5-1-1901-1976-7-18 Paul Washington) w/o Matthew I; Williams, Andrew (12-11-1902-1930-1-8 Paul Washington) s/o Calousa Davenport & John W; Williams, Baby Boy (11-13-1955-1955-11-13 Paul Washington) s/o Verdi & Jos; Williams, Barney (1838-1902-1-30 Paul Washington) h/o Mary? Williams, Barney (1836-1902 Fr Felix List Burials); Williams, Calousa Davenport (1865-1930-1-21 Paul Washington) w/o John W; Williams, Claude (?-1902 Fr Felix List Burials); Williams, Edgar Geo (10-3-1924-1977-4-23 Paul Washington) s/o A Brown & Matthew I; Pfc US Army WWII; William, Emma (?-1895-4-26 Paul Washington); Williams, Eugene "Gene" I (9-24-1935-1977-12-28 Paul Washington) h/o Carol; William, John W (?-? Paul Washington) h/o Calousa Davenport; Williams, Jos (5-19-1920-1972-6-24 Paul Washington) h/o Verdi; SI US Navy; Williams, Mary (1848-1902-2-7 Paul Washington) w/o Barney?; Williams, Matthew "Skinner" I (6-17-1896-1977-1-6 Paul Washington) h/o Agatha Brown; Williams, Nora (1892-1902 Fr Felix List Burials); Williams, Olivia (?-1903 Fr Felix List Burials); Williams, Patricia Ann (3-5-1941-1943-5-18 Paul Washington) d/o A Brown & Matthew I; Williams, Thecla (?-1900 Fr Felix List Burials); Williams, Sixes [see Bill & Sixes] (?-1894 Siletz Valley); Williams, Wm "Willie" (2-25-1922-1948-2-24 Paul Washington) Pfc US Army WWII; Wilson, Harry (?-? Logsden) h/o Ida; Wilson, Louisa [see Gilliam] (1853-1909 Paul Washington) w/o Moses Gilliam; Wilson, Mary (?-1896-4-22 Paul Washington) m/o Whitney Samuels (Lucy & Julia?); Winkler, Andrew (?-1942-10-7 Siletz Valley) s/o Annie C Logan & John J?; Winkler, Annie C Logan (1869-1953-2-5 Paul Washington) w/o John J; Winkler, John J "Jack" (10-15-1872-1948-10-29 Paul Washington) h/o A C Logan; s/o Joel; Winston, Edna Belle (1898-? Riverside) w/o John Roy; Winston, John Roy (1866-1962 Riverside) h/o Edna Bell; Wood, Martha Coquille (Coquelle) (1853-1931 Paul Washington) w/o Oscar; Wood, Oscar (1853-1931 Paul Washington) h/o Martha Coquille; Wood, Sarah  Ann (or Sara Saliann) (1827-1931-8-25 Paul Washington) m/o Oscar?; Woodman, John (1832-1919-6-20 Paul Washington) h/o Peggy; Woodman, Peggy (1844-1879 Paul Washington) w/o John; oldest grave on Government Hill; Woodman, Wm "Willie" P (1871-1887-12-12 Paul Washington) s/o Peggy & John?; Woods, Georgena Mabel Bensell (3-31-1917-1968-10-7 Paul Washington) w/o Raymond; Yannah (Yanner), Chas (?-? Paul Washington) h/o Mary?; Yannah, Mary (?-? Paul Washington) w/o Chas?; m/o Molly Catfish; Youngman, Paul A (5-11-1948-1968-5-2 Paul Washington) s/o June & Louis; Pfc OR Co B 5 Mar I Mar Div PH Vietnam War (1950-1975) Zibinden, Spindle (?-? Logsden).

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